Martin Schulz: I Would Kick the AfD Out

Martin Schulz is the former president of the European Parliament and the current party leader for the Social Democrats in Germany. In Sunday’s election he’ll be competing with Angela Merkel for the position of chancellor.

In the following video you’ll hear Mr. Schulz express his dissatisfaction with the democratic process. He doesn’t like the fact that members of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) may be entering the Bundestag, and states his desire to “kick them out”.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Notes from the translator:

This video is actually two clips combined into one.

The first clip is from the ZDF show KLARTEXT, recorded a week before the KLARTEXT with Merkel.

Watch how he angrily gets up after his self-righteous temper tantrum.

Schulz is proclaiming that he intends to throw out elected party officials from the government. I have no clue what sort of constitutional amendment he plans on using to legitimize this threat. He is constantly stoking the fires of hate against others who don’t think like him and his ilk. He’s extremely intolerant, and on top of it, he’s arrogant and has a short fuse. Which is all shown clearly in this brief clip. I heard somewhere that he is an alcoholic; he shouldn’t be anywhere near holding any public office.

This is all not very different from the hate fires being stoked here against Trump and the millions of people who voted for him — The Deplorables. The real disgrace, the real deplorables, aren’t those voting for the AfD, it’s those voting for arrogant *#@!%^?!! like Schulz.

The second clip is an outtake of Schulz’ arrogant laughter from this video, starting at 0:48, in answer to a question.

Video transcript:

0:07   Text: “Democrat” Martin wants to kick out AfD
0:10   “I’m going to make this short. This party of troublemakers,
0:13   they are not an alternative for Germany; they are a disgrace to our country.
0:16   And I can tell you what I would do with such people: I would kick them out.
0:19   I have kicked them out of the European Parliament…”
0:22   A real democrat, this Martin!
0:28   “I’m striving to become chancellor, Herr Storm.
0:31   That may not please you, but it is what it is.”
0:34   This man should never become chancellor.

5 thoughts on “Martin Schulz: I Would Kick the AfD Out

    • Unfortunately, kicking out the muslims will not fix the underlying problem. They just didn’t magically appear in Germany one day. Elitist scum like Herr Schulz will need to be dealt with permanently before the problem will be solved.

  1. I think that Mr Schulz is too stupid to understand that the real problem is himself and his fellow collectivists. After more than one hundred years of evidence that marxism doesn’t work, I find it amazing that people like the marxist Mr Schulz still adhere to the ideology. That alone marks him out as stupid.

  2. There’s one point that nobody ever makes about Schultz. He never finished high school. Even in the Wikipedia page they say he “attended” this and that, not “graduated” from here and there. He couldn’t graduate from anything because he doesn’t have a high school diploma. Now you know who rules us.

  3. Unfortunately, Herr Schultz is quite representative of the German people of today. If Schultz is an idiot, that goes for the volk as well. A great analysis of the germans before and after the war is to be found in Eric Voegelin’s book “Hitler and the Germans”. As important today as it was in 1964 when the lectures on wich the book is based was given.

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