Tatjana Festerling: Islam is the Weapon of Mass Destruction That is Used Against Us

Last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a visit to Prague, where she pow-wowed with government officials and was met with vigorous protests by Czech citizens.

While Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka was busy meeting with her and selling his country out to the EU, Tatjana Festerling of Festung Europa was speaking in another part of town to a gathering of Czech patriots. Below is a video of her speech, which was given in German and has been subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling (Vlad has edited out the interpolated translation into Czech):


00:16   Hello, Prague.
00:24   Thank you for the invitation to speak here.
00:28   I am German, my friends you see here with the flags
00:33   are Germans.
00:45   We are here as representatives of millions of Germans
00:49   who declared angrily, “Merkel is not our
00:53   Chancellor, she does not speak nor act in our name.”
01:17   We reject this irresponsible woman
01:21   and her politics totally.
01:38   (Crowd: Merkel must go!) This woman
01:42   endangers the cohesion, the security, the peace;
01:46   she endangers the future of Europe.
02:03   If this woman is suicidal, then
02:07   she should please shoot or hang herself,
02:11   or take poison, but not pull down a great continent,
02:15   home of culture, literature, science,
02:19   technology and art with her.
02:44   This Mrs. Merkel turns out
02:48   only empty phrases. For years we have not
02:52   heard one intelligent sentence from her, not one higher thought,
02:56   no utterance of depth.
03:13   With her “holding hands” method,
03:17   the famous Merkel trick,
03:21   and her mantra of “we can do it”, she tries to
03:25   sedate a whole nation,
03:42   MERKEL, do write the following behind your ears:
03:46   “We don’t want your crazy ideas; we CAN’T do it!”
04:02   We call her
04:06   “Muslim Merkel”. What a sign,
04:10   when citizens speak so disrespectfully and disparagingly
04:15   about the head of their country.
04:31   Merkel invited Islam and with it
04:35   terrorism into Europe, and with that
04:39   to Germany and Europe.
04:51   But she couldn’t care less, of course. Merkel
04:56   herself is not in danger. With hundreds of
05:00   Bodyguards, in armored limousines and special
05:04   Airplanes, she leads a protected life.
05:24   And Merkel does not have a daughter
05:29   whose genitalia are grabbed by ‘ficki-ficki’ refugees,
05:33   or who is raped by them.
05:53   Meanwhile Merkel has established a caste system
05:57   in Europe: the protected against
06:01   the unprotected.
06:09   We are the unprotected ones,
06:13   the people who, as worker bees, must provide the taxes
06:17   so that our EU feudalists can
06:22   throw them out the windows.
06:38   Western Germany
06:42   is lost, the big state of
06:46   North Rhine-Westphalia alone is a complete caliphate.
06:50   I was born there, I could cry!
07:11   Nothing is left of my once thriving, lively
07:15   hometown.
07:23   It is, by the way,
07:27   a town in that state in which on New Year’s Eve
07:32   in Cologne, 1276 women
07:36   were sexually attacked by refugee Muslims,
07:40   and raped. That was a gigantic
07:44   Sex terrorist attack.
08:09   These Muslims also shot rockets
08:13   at the Dom, one of THE Christian symbols
08:17   of Germany.
08:25   The interior minister tried to
08:29   hide all that and gave orders to his police to lie.
08:38   German politicians
08:42   have long since submitted to Islam,
08:50   and the billions
08:54   which we have to pay to Erdogan
08:58   could be called the “dhimmi tax”, that is the tax
09:02   which non-believers and Christians have to pay to be allowed to live.
09:27   The deal between EU and Turkey was
09:31   developed by Soros and negotiated by Merkel.
09:35   It is Soros who, behind the scenes, devises destructive
09:39   world politics and controls the puppets in politics.
10:04   Merkel sold her soul to Soros.
10:08   She is the devil who became chancellor,
10:12   who afflicts you today.
10:24   Friends, take up the pitchfork
10:28   and chase the old one out of your country.
10:49   You Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles, French,
10:53   Belgians, Italians, Spaniards, please start it off,
11:09   then the Germans will come on board. Only by our total
11:13   rejection can we deprive this EU octopus of food,
11:18   and so force them to their knees — peacefully, of course.
11:34   People, what are we still afraid of!?
11:38   What more do we want to suffer, endure, bear?
11:51   Look into the faces of the
11:55   people from World War 2, in every face
11:59   we see the same horror, the same
12:03   desperation, the same suffering.
12:15   These are the same broken souls
12:19   whether you look into Czech, Slovak, Polish,
12:24   Russian or German faces,
12:36   the horror knows no borders,
12:40   nor nationalities.
12:48   Once again it’s Europe, OUR continent,
12:52   That finds itself in the middle of a war. Mass immigration
12:56   is a weapon against Europe, and Islam is
13:01   the weapon of mass destruction that is used against us.
13:21   We must realise
13:25   this is a question of “to be or not to be”.
13:30   It’s about survival.
13:38   And therefore,
13:42   viva the revolution, viva the European revolution!
14:02   And if you want to do something, then support our friends at
14:06   the Bulgarian border. You see the sign on my arm
14:11   the volunteer citizen patrols there; they need
14:15   every European man
14:27   You can meet them on the 3rd of October
14:31   in Dresden.
14:39   We invite you cordially to our event
14:44   on the day of unity of ALL
14:48   Citizens’ movements, and simultaneously a large
14:52   “Merkel must go” demonstration.
15:17   It starts at 3pm at the “Blue Wonder” [bridge over the Elbe]
15:21   in Dresden, and even Merkel is expected to attend
15:25   the celebrations of our day of German Unity. Come all
15:29   to Dresden with your flags, and let them experience a Blue Wonder.
15:54   Thank you, and may God protect Europe.

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  1. Merkel, Blair, Cameron, Hollande, Corbyn, Obama, Clinton and the entire establishment political parties of the West are people just like 90% of government school teachers in the US, who hate their own country, detest Western Civilization, Christianity and Judaism and want them destroyed.

    Festerling, Tommy Robinson, Wilders, Paul Weston, Elisabeth Sabadistch Wolff and many others who have graced these pages at GoV are my heroes. There evil people in the world, but there are saints also.

  2. Europeans taught by the EU to see things in continental terms are beginning to see things in racial terms. Isn’t that what they call irony?

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