Terror in Munich: Commentary — Believe Nothing, Episode 2

The following essay is a follow-up by Tatjana Festerling to her earlier piece published last Saturday. Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for translating it and adding endnotes.

Terror in Munich: Commentary — Believe nothing, Episode 2

by Tatjana Festerling
24 July 2016

Original German language source: tatjanafesterling.de
Translated by Rembrandt Clancy

How is it that on the deck of the parking lot, the alleged 18-year-old can be heard speaking for several minutes with a resident; and yet, helicopters, purportedly 16 of them, are circling around in the airspace above the danger zone? How is it that nothing of that can be seen or heard on the film; instead, this dialogue between the “lone perpetrator”, allegedly deranged through psychological depression, and the excavator driver,[1] is of astonishingly good sound quality despite the considerable distance between them? Yet it is filmed with a cell phone — completely without static noise? There are no police vehicle lights whatsoever, no helicopter and no task forces can be seen or heard in the centre of the danger zone; in that case, may we therefore ask: where were the roughly 3,000 tactical police units? Where were the sharpshooters of the SEK and the GSG-9? [2] If this allegedly lone perpetrator was so dangerous, why was he not put out of commission by snipers — there, where he was so completely alone as if on a salver? And why did this alleged “Amokläufer” [person who runs amok] not shoot at the residents? Why instead did he utter the lines which will later supply the alleged motive for the deed — quite insouciantly, as if he had learned them by heart?

In general, one may well ask, how did ONE “youth” with ONE Glock 17 manage to mobilise around 3,000 tactical police? How many will be activated then, when there are TWO persons “running amok” — 6,000? Why did Obama comment as the operation was still ongoing? Is it perhaps because information about an Islamic terrorist attack had long since been received by his secret service? Or did the special forces likewise know about three additional perpetrators for whom they were searching in the main train station, in the subway station and in a getaway car? Is it true that the border between Bavaria and Thuringia was still being checked during the night and that there were kilometres-long traffic jams on the Autobahn?

Then again, where are the long weapons which eyewitnesses had mentioned in the beginning? Why were people running OUT of the shopping centre, when there was shooting OUTSIDE? What characteristic features did the wounds of the seriously and lightly injured persons show? A 9mm Glock delivers a completely different wound profile than a long weapon, although the type of the long weapons has yet to be clarified. Why did the ominous “Loretta” — whom CNN quoted early on in continuous loop even during the attack — expressly emphasise that she herself is a Muslim?

These questions point to research considerations which an Arabic-speaker with experience in terrorism has put together.[3] He says: the Munich massacre is a complete cover-up. The Facebook site of the alleged “lone perpetrator” — whose name he cites in Arabic — gives information about his family or clan background and shows that he is NOT Iranian and therefore also NOT a Shiite, but is a Syrian Islamist who is clearly pro-Turkey. The profile photo shows the image of a youth; in reality, the terrorist or “Amokläufer”, renamed “David” in the German media, is much older and has a record with Interpol. Alarabiya.net confirms this.[4] He supports his research with many links pointing to Facebook profiles of Syrian rebels or their supporters. Most interesting, however, is the author’s highly political thesis at the end, which describes a possible scenario for the future relationships among Germany, Turkey and the EU. Perhaps someone will translate the text into German so as to make it available to more people as a counter-thesis to the official version and hence contribute to clarifying this more than remarkable story of the “Iranian lone perpetrator”.

The Munich Massacre Is A Compete Cover-up — Link to the Article (in English)

Translator’s Endnotes:

1.   excavator driver: In the 1:48 minute video which provides the backdrop for Frau Festerling’s commentary, the Munich “resident” in conversation with the man on the top deck of a car park has been identified as an excavator driver (n-tv Sunday, 24 July 2016). The n-tv liveticker record of the events on the day of the Munich shooting, Friday 22 July, reads as follows:

+++ 22:38 Excavation driver wanted to stop the Amokläufer [a person who runs amok] with a beer bottle+++
the man, who in the barely two minute action video verbally abuses the Amokläufer, had, according to his own testimony, attempted to stop the perpetrator with a beer bottle. “Welt” quoted the 57 year old excavator driver as saying, “Had I had a gun, then I would not have thrown a bottle, but would have immediately shot him in the head, this complete idiot”.

2.   SEK: Sondereinsatzkommando (Special Weapons and Tactics)

GSG-9: and Bundesantiterroreinheit (German Federal Anti-Terrorist Unit)]?

3.   Arabic speaking person with experience in terrorism has put together”: The reference here is to a blog article by Walid Shoebat, who was a Muslim before converting to Christianity. Mr. Shoebat provides his own biography on his blog.
4.   Alarabiya.net: This was the link to the site of the alleged perpetrator, Ali Daud Sonboly/Sunbuli, which is his real name in Arabic according to Walid Shoebat’s analysis. Alarabiya.net was taken down even as this translation was being prepared (25 July 2016).

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18 thoughts on “Terror in Munich: Commentary — Believe Nothing, Episode 2

  1. Yes.

    {Bracket his take on prophecy and such if you must] but Walid S. does possess finely honed intelligence skills. Should be listened to. Think several services do.

  2. This is the most paradoxical attack among the recent ones. I read Shoebat analysis two days ago and tried to find out more but even the identity of (the only known) perpetrators remains unresolved.
    -Searching the web, I noticed there is such family name in Iran and that was a surprise because this Arabic imported word, sonbol, is seldom used in conversation; only in slang may refer to baby male organ. I actually laughed when I first read it. Those with such family name where not anywhere close to Turkish regions.
    -Ali David Sonboly does not seem to be name of someone from Iran because there is no such thing as middle name here and Alidavid (or Alidavoud) is not a recognised joined name; if it was joined name that should be “Alidavoud” not “Ali Davoud” similar to “Alireza” and not “Ali Reza”. To be honest, this looks quite Arabic to my eyes. Anyone who can access google can verify the “Alireza” example.

    The theory of more than one shooter seems to be correct as it was the case in Orlando too, and I feel sympathy with what Frau Festerling wants to convey, however there is not much clue available to me to be sure.

    • Iran has an Arab minority living in the south west of the country. Perhaps the family originated there.

    • “…may refer to a baby male organ”

      This just gets stranger and stranger. Reading that, I recall a picture I saw yesterday of the terrorist in a school photo of some kind — it was clear he had some hormonal issues, and was possibly suffering from Klinefelter syndrome, which typically exhibits male breasts, wide hips, and unusually small genitalia… Just a very wierd observation, I wish I could upload the photo…

      • Hey, Morton, I love your moniker. I suspect we’re using the same language of origin for our names. Mine is a bit more self-deprecating . . . “through the (redacted)”. ?

          • Hi DerikUk — the name came to me while reading about the slaughter of Pym Fortune in 2002 or 2003… I don’t speak Dutch, but the phrase “mord en doodslag” translated online as “death and manslaghter” – thus my Nom de Guerre was born. He was killed by a multi-culti maniac who hated him for calling a halt to Muslim immigration. His nation really exterminated him. His murderer claimed he did it to stop Fortune from “victimizing Muslims”… My head almost exploded while reading the accounts. I wish mord en doodslag for our genocidal enemy.

            Is the “uk” in your name Old Blighty?

          • You have a good nose for the stuff. 🙂

            A lot of these words have shared roots in the ur-languages of Europe and, probably, beyond. As for “moord en doodslag” – apart from its legalistic meaning, it is also an idiomatic phrase that approximates “murder and mayhem”. [I can read Dutch, but I’ll never be able to speak it like a native.]

  3. There’s an article by the deputy editor for foreign news in Der Spiegel (can’t post links, will do so later),
    In it he says global geo-politics have empowered ‘nationalist populists’, Putin-loving, anti-Muslim, anti-EU and “they are fighting to bring down the West from within”.
    He also says people have turned from the “classic” media and believe lies and rumours instead.

    He doesn’t mention jihad.

    Such is the quagmire multikulti and the EU have led Europe into, with its fantasy religion of peace narrative and mass, uncontrolled immigration to attempt to create EUrabia and EurIslam.

    The cognitive-dissonance is on an industrial scale and the jihadist violence has only just begun, for there is well worn and documented path of how Islam operates as a colonial and parasitical organism, that seeks to consume its host.

    Alternative media like GoV are where increasingly one looks for perspective and context…..and while “classic” media journalists continue to vilify resistance to jihad and Islam and authorities obfuscate and suppress news, create hate-speech guidelines that say “rational argument” often hides hatred,
    alternative media like GoV will continue to have the edge, because the truth
    is on its side.

    The Telegraph editorial the other day said Germany is in denial over Islam, terrorism and immigration….no kidding.

    • So, according to the Deputy Editor of Der Spiegel, it is Putin-loving Muslim-haters who menace the existence of the West?

      Can anyone recommend him a competent psychiatrist? There must be some good ones in Germany.

  4. The fact that there is a cover up here couldn’t be more obvious if aliens had landed and started shooting people.

  5. Leftist media lies. It’s just that simple. 96% to 100% of all terrorist attacks on the Earth are by moslems. All else is lies. Don’t get too caught up in trying to understand what the media is saying and whether it’s true or not, that’s the tar baby that will trap you into inaction and inability. Lies are jihad.

  6. Train daily in martial arts and firearms combat. If you want to live, that is.

  7. 3000 tactical police units, helicopters, and yet he escaped, undetected, and committed suicide 1 kilometer away? Suspicious.

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