Eternal Sunshine of the Jihad-Free Mind

This peculiar report from France makes me think of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In this case, the memories that patients want to erase are of Islamic terror attacks — the Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, the Nice Truck Jihad, etc.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In order to get help, Lou saw several doctors.
00:08   She took anti-anxiety medications,
00:12   Antidepressants; she pursued a psychotherapy similar to hypnosis.
00:16   To no avail.
00:20   Today she is starting a medical adventure.
00:24   She agreed to volunteer
00:28   to undergo an experimental treatment . —We might start by
00:32   taking your blood pressure and so on, and then we’ll…
00:36   A clinical research started in emergency mode in the Paris hospitals after the attacks.
00:40   And which we were exclusively authorized to record.
00:45   Eat something;
00:49   it’s really important
00:53   for the efficiency of the medication. It’s a treatment
00:57   promising results that might come from science fiction.
01:01   A treatment to cure memories.
01:09   Six sittings to modify memories imprinted
01:13   in the brain; to diminish their strength.
01:17   It’s a unique protocol worldwide, destined for use by victims of attacks.
01:21   120 people agreed to try it out.
01:26   All of them flooded by insupportable memories.
01:30   The recollection of the Bataclan for Louis.
01:38   The recollection of a truck crushing everything
01:42   in its passage, in Nice, July 14 2016,
01:46   for Emanuelle.
01:50   A war scene in front of his house
01:54   at the Café de la Bonne Bière, November 13th 2015,
01:58   for Max.
02:03   Week after week, we were able to watch the results
02:07   of this treatment, their resonance in the lives of those three patients.
02:11   A scientific experiment
02:15   with its successes and its failures, which is attempting to find a cure
02:19   for a pain, for which one cannot operate: the pain of the worst recollection of one’s life.

3 thoughts on “Eternal Sunshine of the Jihad-Free Mind

  1. If they are really working on this, it is nothing less than clinical brainwashing. How long before they take us all in and “cure” us of supporting the Counter Jihad?

  2. Media has recently reported on the use of MDMA, commonly known as the “street drug” ecstasy, as a prescriptive answer to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). The Veterans Administration and the FDA are experimenting with American GI’s who’ve returned from Middle Eastern deployments who are experiencing debilitating emotional trauma, post combat deployments. This is including both long and short term sufferers of PTSD, so it includes both young and older vets.

    The use of MDA has a fairly long history (my opinion) as an prescriptive to emotional trauma. I’ve read as far back as the 1970’s it was used in couples therapy and some medical professionals have used it as a therapy in concert with hypno-therapy for a bunch of dissociative behaivors, smoking, overeating, to murderous thoughts towards ones spouse.

    Writer author seeker of the divine, Huston Smith explained clearly in the landmark book “Cleansing the Doors of Perception” where he saw the world he desired and many of his compatriots in the LSD experiments that took place in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Simply it is so well encapsulated in that succinct little video you folks have presented today. The medical and psychological and pharmaceutical marchers are determined to introduce us to Huston Smith’s divine even if we have to go kicking and screaming. Though never in the depths of my imagination could I conjure such a dastardly plan to introduce loathsome wretches from third world hell wholes to disintegrate semi-wholesome societies by mass infliction of PTSD pestilence accompanied by rape and any kind of carnage that will strip the psychological moorings of the innocent and helpless.

    Not long ago men got on their knees when they came to the end of their proverbial rope. Now men use surrogates of the foulest sort to bring men and women boys and girls to their pharmacy of the divine apothecary that will make the lion lay down with the lamb. Make their god as pleasant and pleasing as my God. Fools! Men don’t seek the divine. The divine seeks men. His own!

    Psalm14 vs1
    follow link to
    Americas Survival “American Progressives want psychedelic medicine!

  3. Can you imagine what other uses a government might put to these drugs? Or how an abusive husband, a rapist, or a child molester might use them? Once they are produced, they will be obtainable by just about anyone, just as illegal drugs such as ketamine (date-rape drug) and other medications are possible for people to acquire.

    Yes, these drugs, if and when developed and marketed, could be very helpful for treating PTSD in its many forms, but the potential for misuse is incredibly high.

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