Honor Killing in Vienna

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Vienna: “Good that she’s dead” — Afghan stabs his little sister in Sharia Killing

by Egri Nök

Vienna: A teenager only 14 years old was stabbed to death this morning on her way to school by her own brother in an act of Sharia justice.

Two original translations:

1. Kronen Zeitung, Austria:

Confessed Honor Killing: “Good that she’s dead”

Chilling Statement

September 18, 2017

No trace of regret at the first interrogation of the 18-year-old who stabbed his 14-year-old sister to death early Monday morning. On the contrary: The Afghan seems proud of the honor killing of his family member. “It is good that she is dead,” were his first words after the confession to police.

The perpetrator, who is only 18 years old, turned himself in to the police the before noon this same day. In his opinion, it was “good” that his sister is dead now. “She stained our family’s honor,” was his first reason for the deed. The young Afghan does not seem to care at all that a prison sentence awaits him now.

Victim sought help in a crisis accommodation

The first investigations brought sad details to light: The 14-year-old had recently been seeking shelter in a crisis center of the youth welfare office. Only last week she had moved away from home, because she felt cornered and “pressured”.

The young Afghan had personally asked for shelter in a crisis center. It had been about not being allowed to “go out” and “meet girlfriends”, Petra Mandl recounts to MA11. She had felt “locked in the apartment” and apparently, was repeatedly given an elder sister as a “minder”.

“The attack was completely unexpected”

The spokeswoman pointed out that the parents agreed to the placing and showed cooperation. “The mother even brought clothes”. The 14-year-old had never said that she were scared of her family or felt physically threatened. So there did not seem to be any issue in letting her go to school on her own. The youth welfare office had not had any contact with the elder brother, who apparently was living with the family. “The attack was not foreseeable for us, and came completely unexpected.”

Bled to death from knife stab wounds

So, early Monday morning, the 14-year-old went to school on her own. The 18-year-old ambushed her on the route and pursued her into a patio in Puchsbaumgasse. The girl bled to death at the scene from numerous stab wounds. “Had we known that there was a danger, we would not have let her go out on her own,” the municipal official insists.

The 14-year-old had already contacted the youth welfare office the previous summer and had temporarily moved to the crisis accommodation, but then she had returned to her family. It appears the pressure had increased again recently.

Note how in this next article, the author attempts to spin it as an issue of patriarchy and “male control over a woman’s sexuality” (of a 14-year-old girl who was just going to school?), and puts it into a context of domestic violence and women killed by ex-partners. Perhaps the readers had more culture-specific observations to offer, or why would Die Presse have to close the comment section?

2. Die Presse, Austria

Vienna: Brother stabbed his 14-year-old sister

An 18-year-old Afghan confessed to having stabbed his 14-year-old sister in Wien-Favoriten in the open street. The case sparked a debate on “honor killings”.

By Manfred Seeh
September 18, 2017

Vienna. Early Monday morning, an apartment complex in Puchsbaumgasse in Wien-Favoriten: Residents hear piercing cries for help and call the police. Officers race to the scene. But the paramedics are no longer able to help: A 14-year-old youth from Afghanistan dies at the scene from her grave injuries. The immediate resuscitation efforts remain unsuccessful.

Half an hour after the bloody crime, the 18-year-old brother of the victim turns himself in. He walks into a police station and (according to Vienna police) makes a confession.

Even though the motive remains unclear initially, it immediately sparked a debate on social media whether it might have been a so-called “honor killing”. This is what a murder is called when the victim has, in the family’s opinion, offended the family honor; for example by (alleged) sexual actions which, according to the opinion of specific patriarchal classes in society, violate the male control over a woman’s sexuality.

According to police spokesman Harald Sörös, the 18-year-old “waylaid” his sister. The teenager initially managed to flee into the greened patio of the apartment complex. But the perpetrator outran her, and, according to the paramedics’ estimates, stabbed her around 13 or 14 times. Due to the heavy stab wounds in her neck and chest, the victim quickly lost blood massively, which led to her death within a short time span.

Similar case solved

The deed is reminiscent of a crime that was just solved in early September. A 20-year-old, whose parents are migrants, was arrested in his apartment in Vienna-Liesing. Investigations had been ongoing for almost a year. A hint led police to the man’s traces. He admitted that he had stabbed a 15-year-old, as he had assumed that his sister had offended the family honor — by having a relationship with that 15-year-old. The victim survived six stab wounds with the knife, so it remained attempted murder. Later, it surfaced that the perpetrator had confused the 15-year-old with his 19-year-old brother — and that the sister didn’t have a relationship in the first place.

According to UNO studies, the number of so-called honor killings lies in the thousands worldwide each year. There are no exact numbers. Many crimes are not recognized as such — while at the same time, sometimes, murders out of jealousy are mistakenly seen as honor killings.

The organization Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser points out that in Austria, every fifth woman from age 15 on is impacted by physical or sexual violence. Each year, an estimated 20 to 25 women are killed by their own partner or ex-partner. Therefore, there was an urgent need for violence prevention measures (for example: mandatory requirements for violent men). The criminal statistics assesses acquaintance, relationship, and housing situation. According to this, in the previous year, 20 Austrian women were killed by someone with whom they had been living “in a family relationship in the household”.

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  1. European authorities face a much-needed learning curve. They urgently need to grasp the ruthlessness of this Bronze Age tribal mindset (https://gatesofvienna.net/2014/10/the-mindset-need/).

    In USA the teenage Rifqa Bary, convert to Christianity, was very nearly sent back by a well-meaning but ignorant judiciary to her murder-threatening father. Thanks to Pamela Geller and other concerned and INFORMED parties she was protected.

  2. So now, not only will the state have to pay for body guards for Islamaphobe journalists who receive death threats for regularly writing and making videos agsinst the danger they see, but Austria and Germany will now also need to pay for guarding any potential honor killing victims.?

  3. The European officials need to start realizing that they are dealing with a barbaric culture. Europe might have changed since the year 1000 AD, but the Muslim world has not.

  4. Interesting also that the well-meaning (?) attorney, a woman, no longer represents this – for want of a better word that will not get me in trouble – young man.

    One wonders whether he wants nothing to do with a kafir woman.

    What a sick society ours has turned into.

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