Ha! Nazi, Schmazi!

The first video below shows an interview with Sigmar Gabriel, the German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor. The interviewer is Jasmin Kosubek on her RT program “The Missing Link”.

The second video was produced by the interviewer to rebut Mr. Gabriel’s assertions that there were no members of the Nazi Party who later served in the post-war Bundestag.

Nash Montana, who translated both videos for subtitling, includes this introduction to the interview:

This is an excerpt from a show entitled “DER FEHLENDE PART”, “The Missing Link”, a conversation between Sigmar Gabriel and the very beautiful and intelligent Jasmin Kosubek. She’s been moderating The Missing Link for RT Television since 2014.

She’s the daughter of a German father and a Brazilian mother, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science in Pforzheim. From 2011 to 2014 she studied International Business and Economics with an emphasis on International Management, Economics, and Environmental Management in Hohenheim and graduated with a master’s in Science. She’s been labeled “Putin’s most beautiful face for Germany”. She’s also a topic in a book entitled Short Skirts and Independent Journalists.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Note from the translator:

At one point in the video Gabriel claims that “his” ancestors were jailed or put in concentration camps. His father was an unapologetic Nazi and never quit believing in what he did right up to his death.

This is from WIKI:

At the end of the ‘70s, Gabriel learned that his father still remained an unapologetic National Socialist. Gabriel then broke off all contact with his father. But 25 years later Sigmar Gabriel undertook another attempt to reconnect with his dad. Walter Gabriel, however, remained loyal and enthusiastic about his National Socialist ideology.

Gabriel said about his father: “My father was an incorrigible Nazi and Holocaust-denier.”

The self righteousness and the complete absence of self-awareness in Gabriel is really scary.

This is the video made by Jasmin Kosubek as a rebuttal to Mr. Gabriel:

Video transcript #1:

0:00   “THE MISSING LINK” Interview
0:03   And now we get to an entirely different topic, which is election campaigning.
0:06   We are in the final days,
0:09   the so-called pre-election hot phase.
0:12   A lot of people would say it’s boring. I think that when the goal is
0:15   the chancellor’s crown, a lot of people feel like this has already been decided,
0:18   but I assume you are of a different opinion.
0:21   I would say that especially the fight for third place is very suspenseful,
0:24   and you as well as your party colleagues, from other parties as well,
0:27   you’re of course thinking about the new opposition
0:30   in the Bundestag, and you have very explicitly said that
0:33   for the first time we’ll have Nazis in the Bundestag again.
0:36   What did you expect to happen with this statement?
0:39   And aren’t you helping exactly those
0:42   that you actually want to harm, you know, like a reaction out of spite?
0:46   I can’t just lie. And the truth is,
0:49   at the top of the AfD stand representatives
0:52   that are nothing but neo-Nazis…
0:55   But you also know that… —Young lady, now you let me talk for once.
0:58   This is an important topic. I am not saying
1:01   that the men and women who vote for the AfD are all Nazis.
1:04   But everyone that votes for them should know that
1:07   at the top there are people that are nothing other than neo-Nazis.
1:10   That’s what they themselves say, when they say that
1:13   we have to turn around 180 degrees our awareness of history.
1:16   So what do they mean with that, in regards to the Holocaust monument,
1:19   Auschwitz, the attack on other Gentile people of Europe?
1:22   What does that mean, to turn around our awareness of history 180 degrees,
1:25   except to take up the position that the criminals from back then had?
1:28   And I have to honestly say, to have
1:31   the… feeling… when I go back to the Bundestag,
1:34   that is for the first time since 1945,
1:37   the end of World War Two,
1:40   a Nazi in the Reichstag at the microphone,
1:43   that I find to be a depressing feeling.
1:46   And that is something one has to say out loud,
1:49   and also say: people, there are many reasons why one might be
1:52   dissatisfied with politics, but… this land,
1:55   became a great country under our parents and grandparents.
1:58   Many came to Germany because of the freedom,
2:01   the democracy, the social security, and the chances they have here,
2:04   we are for many people what
2:07   the United States was at the end of the 19th century.
2:10   Let us preserve this great treasure that our parents and grandparents
2:13   have given us, not somehow recklessly break it.
2:16   But you also know that
2:19   — after the time — after the Nazi time,
2:22   that there indeed were members of the NSDAP in the Bundestag,
2:25   and so I just have to ask you whether you aren’t downplaying that a bit,
2:28   when… —You say that to a Social Democrat?
2:31   You say that to a German Social Democrat?
2:34   That we are downplaying that there were NSDAP members back then?… —If you say,
2:37   when you say that now for the very first time again…
2:40   then you should know that back then they also were here already.
2:43   Well, just because people WERE in the NSDAP,
2:46   didn’t mean that they spoke as Nazis in the German Bundestag, with this ideology.
2:49   But you talk — you are talking to a Social Democrat
2:52   whose party members fought against these people.
2:55   We are — our ancestors were put
2:58   into concentration camps, into prisons, into penitentiaries.
3:01   It was Willy Brandt who in that time,
3:04   was slandered by such former Nazis,
3:07   and since then we’ve had NOBODY in the German Bundestag,
3:10   not even the old NSDAP members,
3:13   who openly propagandizes for Nazi ideas. But that…
3:16   That means you distinguish between… —I am not distinguishing but I am merely telling you
3:19   what the truth is, and the truth is that
3:22   we have people in the AfD at the top
3:25   who are riling people up! Who are walking around
3:28   with Nazi propaganda! This has never before happened in Germany.
3:31   And one cannot downplay that. And what you do right now —
3:34   don’t be upset — is a terrible downplaying.
3:37   You can’t just compare the ’60s… with a…
3:40   So what you are saying is that for you the NSDAP members
3:43   are different from the Nazis in the AfD. —In the German Bundestag,
3:46   there never was, at the microphone, neither in Bonn nor
3:50   in the German Bundestag, here at the German Reichstag in Berlin,
3:53   people who spread Nazi propaganda there.
3:56   And that, I believe, will change, again.
3:59   Not all members of the AfD, and also not all voters,
4:02   are Nazis, but one has to know
4:05   that at the top stand people who
4:08   absolutely have this stuff in their head. They want to rile the people up.
4:11   There are others like Herr Gauland who have lived their entire lives
4:14   off the State, paying into their retirement, and
4:17   now they’re agitating against the State, that’s also happening.
4:20   They’re bad enough! But there really are very sinister figures,
4:23   and they are the ones who under no circumstance want
4:26   to bring about peace in our society, and especially not in Europe,
4:29   and one has to say this loud and clear. —Don’t you think that…
4:32   I only remember that quote by Hillary Clinton,
4:35   ‘basket of deplorables’, that half of all Trump supporters
4:38   were a… in the basket of deplorables,
4:41   we’re going to blend in the translation here…
4:44   but don’t you think that you mobilize exactly that?
4:47   We have seen that in the USA that
4:50   with such statements, the people will end up saying,
4:53   ‘No, not like that, and I’m going to vote for them out of spite.’
4:56   I just believe that one should not lie. That one can’t pretend
4:59   there is no problem. And as a voter, you can’t just try to
5:02   weasel out of that responsibility. One can’t just say,
5:05   ‘I want to live in this country, the democracy, and make use
5:08   of all the possibilities,’ and then
5:12   when you feel a bit peeved, against whatever, in politics,
5:15   then vote for people who will destroy this same democracy.
5:18   In contrast to all the other states in the world,
5:21   this country has already had the experience of
5:24   how such people sneak in and are revered by society.
5:27   Never before have we experienced a campaign like this one,
5:30   one that is so brutal, and at times really physically violent,
5:33   where members of democratic parties,
5:36   when they ring the doorbell, weren’t just verbally attacked
5:39   by people, but also physically attacked.
5:42   The country is in good condition,
5:45   but we want to leave it in that state.
5:48   We don’t want the country to be riled up,
5:51   and I am rather in favor of doing two things:
5:54   We have to very clearly say what hides behind the ideology
5:57   of Höcke and others, and at the same time, of course,
6:00   we have to approach the people who have problems.
6:03   I’ve always said that we have a twofold integration responsibility
6:06   here in Germany: To integrate those that come here, refugees, OK,
6:09   but also to keep together those who are here.
6:12   To not allow the impression that for the one group
6:15   everything is being done, while for the others nothing.
6:18   I’ve always thought it a huge mistake that Angela Merkel
6:21   spoke out against the minimum pension. It would have been
6:24   important, and I would say to those cities and communities who are taking
6:27   refugees, we are not only compensating you for the money you spend
6:30   on refugees, but we add the same amount on top for the citizens,
6:33   to renovate schools, see to it that
6:36   health care is in order.
6:39   That has to be done too so that people don’t get the impression
6:42   that they’re being forgotten.
6:45   But what people can’t do, is to downplay
6:48   what the AfD in parts of their leadership is led by in the head,
6:51   but unfortunately in their souls as well; this is a dangerous
6:54   development for this country… —So therefore no policy of détente with the AfD…?
6:57   There is… with Nazis, and neo-Nazis, and rightwing populists,
7:00   there is no policy of détente, and I wouldn’t
7:03   downplay it, either, the way you are doing right now.
7:06   … Thanks…

Video transcript #2:

0:00   Nazis in the Bundestag? Sigmar Gabriel warned of them in a
0:03   T-Online interview from September 11, 2017:
0:07   “Then the very first time since the end of World War Two
0:10   we’ll have real Nazis again in the German Reichstag.”
0:14   “Real Nazis”?! Tough words from the Federal foreign minister.
0:18   To compare the AfD with war criminals from World War Two
0:22   could be interpreted as downplaying the real perpetrators of National Socialism.
0:26   Indeed, the list of people who were in the NSDAP,
0:30   and then later served in the Bundestag, is very long.
0:34   On December 14th, 2011, after an inquiry by the Left Party,
0:38   the Bundestag published names of persons with a National Socialist past who later
0:42   served in federal institutions, federal governments, and in the Bundestag.
0:46   189 persons were on the list. They were politicians in Western Germany
0:50   for the CDU, the SPD, the FDP
0:54   and one of them even for the Green Party.
0:58   Hans Filbinger was an NSDAP member
1:01   from 1937 until 1945.
1:04   In 1951 he became a member of the CDU,
1:07   and from 1966 until 1978 Filbinger even was
1:10   Minister-President for Baden-Württemberg.
1:13   Ernst Achenbach was in the NSDAP
1:16   from 1937 until 1945.
1:19   He was a legation secretary in Paris, and was concerned with
1:22   “Jewish matters”. Directly after the war
1:25   he joined the FDP, and he was their
1:28   spokesman for foreign policy until 1953.
1:31   Herbert Blankenhorn was a member of the NSDAP
1:34   from 1938 until 1945.
1:37   In 1946 he joined the CDU.
1:41   He was a German diplomat in London,
1:44   the leader of the political department of the Foreign Ministry.
1:47   In 1955 he was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit
1:50   of the Federal Republic of Germany, with star.
1:53   Karl August Fritz Schiller was a member of the NSDAP
1:56   from 1937 until 1941.
1:59   He served as a soldier in the war, and he served
2:02   for five years in the SA [Sturmabteilung — Assault Division, a.k.a. Brownshirts].
2:06   From 1946 on he was a member of the SPD, and
2:10   from 1966 until 1972 on he was the Federal Minister for the Economy.
2:13   Walter Vogel was a member of the NSDAP
2:16   from 1938 until 1945. Before that he was in the SA.
2:19   In 1938 he joined Berlin’s Reich Ministry of the Interior. [Vogel died in 1992, but after his death it came out that he was a pedophile, preferring young boys. In 2015 the scandal was called a “pedophile Waterloo”]
2:23   One year later he was promoted to Lieutenant
2:26   and was ordered to the Eastern Front.
2:29   In 1980 he joined the Green Party.
2:32   Nazis in the Bundestag are hardly imaginable today,
2:35   but in the past they were not a rarity.

25 thoughts on “Ha! Nazi, Schmazi!

  1. this is classical smokescreen for further RT propaganda.
    or, figuratively putting – truth taken hostage by lies.

    some 50+ years old faults of de-Nazification in Germany are used as political showcase,
    while forgetting to mention that de-Sovietization in Russia wasn’t conducted at all.

    in Germany, some politicians are childred of former Nazis.

    in Russia, the leading figure of establishment is
    – actual KGB officer (there is no “formers”)
    – proven national and international war criminal (Litvinenko, MH17),
    – imperial land-grabber (Transnistria, Abkhazia, North Osetia, Crimea, Donbass)
    – mafia boss (Panama/Spanish affairs)
    – patron of jihadist Chechnya kingdom
    – nuclear/rocket technology blackmailer
    – an ally of worst state terrorist regimes and groups (Assad, Hezbollah, Iran, N.Korea)
    – international espionage and corruption boss (USA 2016 election meddling)
    (and may be more because not everything is known)

    to become credible political force, AfD should distance itself from, and condemn Putin’s Russia – the same way it confronts jihadism.

      • To keep eyes open on certain things.

        There is multiple and consistent evidence that Trump and some of his former or/and present near circle (Flynn, Manafort, Tillerson) were recruited, assisted or/and blackmailed by Putin.

        Trump is clearly an imitation politician, a mannequin who delivers all sorts of nice speechwriter-made sentences today, in order to discredit himself and Amerca tomorrow, by a stupid tweet, and inability to genuinely oppose his master, Putin.

        Another such effigy is Le Pen; also Schroeder, Berlusconi, and in Britain possibly Farage.
        why? – because they all keep absolute silence on issues listed above.

        And for those simpletons who are still enchanted by the “Great White Nationalist Christian Conservative Power” in Kremlin, I would advise to check out the grade of rabid anti-American and anti-NATO propaganda delivered in Russian on their TV.

        As well as try to know/google-translate Russian dissidents and opposition journalists and bloggers, such as Kasparov, Sotnik, Babchenko, Yakovenko, Piontkovsky, and many others.

        Among these people there is consensus on, for example, why after every jihadist mass murder in the West, Russian officials immediately start repeating their mantras about “fighting terrorism together” and “only alliance with Russia will bring security”.

        as well as about recent “success” of NKorea’s missile and nuclear weapons programs.

        Just after the next round of Trump’s Russian sanctions, Kim’s specialists suddenly made progress, just in 3 months, that took for both USSR and USA dozens of years of super-costly R&D.
        So, how has it happened, – any ideas?
        There is absolutely no doubt for any sane person in the world, that NKorea is simply a screen, an impunity guarantee, for the strategic ICBM/nuclear terrorism against America, conducted by the “anonymous” Russian military mafia.
        Well, maybe Kim personally pushes the button by his little finger, but no more than that.

        One should be aware that present-day Russia is simply another (NB – nuclear-capable) instance of neo-Archaics and neo-Nihilism, and another challenge to the free world.

          • Russia wasn’t de-Sovietized.

            Thank you so much, RonaldB.

            There is no way to encapsulate (in fewer words than yours) just how much harm has been done—and continues to be committed—against Western civilization.

            The need to have tried (and executed) vast numbers of USSR, Cold War-era, mass-murderers simply transcends all accounting or imagination.

            These slimebags merely shrugged out of their Soviet-era military uniforms and slipped into pin-striped, three piece, bankers’ suits and carried on as usual.

            I sincerely doubt that we disagree.

            Warmest regards,


        • Lol.

          You throw a bunch of noodles together and claim it’s spaghetti.

          You bring out the old mantra of “well-proven” Russian intervention in the election and collaboration with the Trump campaign. There is no such proof. The more details which are released, the flimsier the story of Russian intervention in the campaign becomes. You and the CNN commentators habitually mix up the ideas of Russian information-gathering with active Russian intervention.

          The logic in your post was too fuzzy to actually analyze, but here are some facts to consider.

          1) Wikileaks and former intelligence officials clearly state that the NSA has the capability of counterfeiting the footprints of the computers of virtually any country in the world. So, the kind of fuzzy “evidence” cited in the boilerplate statement by security agencies that Russia hacked the election is not convincing or credible;

          2) the DNC which claimed to have been hacked by Russia refused to allow the FBI to inspect their servers.

          3) detailed analysis of the hacking protocols, those which were released, find that the download times were much more consistent with downloading to a flash drive than over the internet; so, there is much more evidence it was an inside job by a person authorized to be there;

          4) Hillary had a clear path to lose the election, and took it with her eyes fully open. She is defending that course of action on her book tour. She acted as if the election was a popular vote, when it was the electoral college. She was in the wrong race, and then claimed Russian hacking was responsible. Trump jokes about hoping she runs again in 2020 because, if you go by her own statements, she will still be running as if the popular vote would win her the election.

          4) You miss the point of the videos entirely, which was that the egregious claim by the obviously pathological-liar Sigmar Gabriel that no Nazi had served in the postwar German legislature or government..the claim was so false as to be material for comedians.

          • RonaldB, you said

            “4) You miss the point of the videos entirely, which was that the egregious claim by the obviously pathological-liar Sigmar Gabriel that no Nazi had served in the postwar German legislature or government…”

            Yes. Correct. Thank you.

          • if no Russian connection, then what Mueller is investigating, why has Flynn gone, is there Trump-Manafort connection, etc.

            you may be pro Trump but by some reason – well, by reasons I specified, – the bipartisan Congress is contra, including heawyweight Republicans like Ryan and McCain.

            my post wasn’t about this concrete video.
            it was about its purpose, – which is to inflate RT credibility, hypocritically using that German stuff.
            hypocritically – because Russia wasn’t de-Sovietized.

            So, my understanding is that according to you,
            – RT is credible,
            – MH17 wasn’t downed by Russian army,
            – Putin no enemy,
            – Trump spotless, and
            – hydrogen bombs and ICBM appeared in North Korea or from nowhere or by the magic of Juche.

            please correct if I’m wrong.

          • For AY:

            “please correct if I’m wrong.”

            So much material, so little space….sigh.

            if no Russian connection, then what Mueller is investigating, why has Flynn gone, is there Trump-Manafort connection, etc.

            Mueller is investigating to serve the interests of the deep state to spear Trump and incidentally get revenge for the awkward firing of his good friend, former FBI director Comey.

            It’s obvious Mueller doesn’t have much. His heavy-handed, lockpicking raid on Manafort’s house displays for all to see that Mueller is relying on intimidation rather than real evidence. Flynn may have had improper connections with Russia, particularly since he didn’t register as a foreign agent, which he probably should have done. There is zero evidence that Trump or anyone else in the campaign knew about Flynn’s dealings. The charge that Trump colluded with Russia, engaged in secret deal-making, is zero.

            you may be pro Trump but by some reason – well, by reasons I specified, – the bipartisan Congress is contra, including heawyweight Republicans like Ryan and McCain.

            “Heavyweight” Republicans like open-borders, more foreign H1-B visas Ryan and McCain who never quite got over the fact that he defended the Savings and Loan lobbies right before the scandals?McCain, who never met an immigrant or Muslim he didn’t like, who was highly upset at the thought that Huma Abedin, whose mother is a Muslim Brotherhood fellow travel, should have to go through a standard security clearance process?

            my post wasn’t about this concrete video.
            it was about its purpose, – which is to inflate RT credibility, hypocritically using that German stuff.
            hypocritically – because Russia wasn’t de-Sovietized.

            This evidences a tenuous grasp on reality. The videos had nothing to do with RT and everything to do with documenting the lies and self-inflating pomposity of Sigmar Gabriel. Gabriel was using really stupid so-called logic to argue against AfD. Gabriel was arguing that AfD is the same as the Nazis (not true), so AfD would represent a Nazi presence in the parliament (not true), in which there had been no Nazi presence since Hitler (not true).

            It’s hard to find a moment of truth in Gabriel’s statement, except when he shut up to take a breath.

            So, my understanding is that according to you,
            – RT is credible,
            – MH17 wasn’t downed by Russian army,
            – Putin no enemy,
            – Trump spotless, and
            – hydrogen bombs and ICBM appeared in North Korea or from nowhere or by the magic of Juche.

            This is actually the funniest part of your post, since nothing in it is even remotely or faintly related to what I said.

            I do appreciate the opportunity for light moments provided by your claims.

  2. The video set is interesting because you can see upfront and close the maneuvers of an accomplished pathological liar who is a well-placed politician, Sigmar Gabriel. The hallmarks of the pathological liar are fuzzy claims with shallow logic, a grab bag of facts and claims literally pulled out of the air, an absolute refusal to ever backtrack, and using flagrant lies in the present to cover for flagrant lies in the past.

    The only way to pin down the pathological liar is through other witnesses or documents. The pathological liar never concedes your logic or facts. Needless to say, conversing with a pathological liar and conversing with a leftist has similarities that it’s difficult to overlook.

    We can see the same tendencies in the US media and its coverage of the Charlottesville disturbances. All the non-Fox (and some Fox) commentators simply assumed that the protesters opposed to the removal of the statue were anti-Semitic and Nazi, and that the protesters initiated the violence. A chain of unsupported and largely completely false assertions were strung together as facts, to derive the narrative that the violence was the result of white nationalists and Nazis attacking peaceful Antifa demonstrators. That narrative was much a lead balloon that you probably won’t see it much in display now, except for leftist black commentators, who have license to say anything they want. I specifically do not include Juan Williams in this, who is irritating, but has a genuine respect for truth.

    • Now , that should be an endorsement to take the wind out of the sails of many politicians and the media doing their dirty work , though i doubt that having their lies exposed once more will lead to much , if any , self-critique , let alone change of methods . But i sincerely hope it may help nudge undecided voters in the right direction .

  3. Aye laddie. Tis a sad state of affairs when only you AY and I can see what’s really going on. Sure it’s no wonder so many terrorists are just walking in – or whatever.

  4. for RonaldB:

    you are right I don’t care about straw men and women of German politiks and their relation to dinosaur-dung old Nazi/no-Nazi issues.

    – RT drags that in only to score political points.
    – RT is the mouthpiece of totalitarian propaganda by Russian mafia state.
    – RT’s position on issues of crucial importance coincide with your position.
    – moreover, there is seemingly not a single person commenting here, who would disagree with RT.

    just check it out, out of curiosity.
    old Goebbels can retire, because RT keeps the fire.

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