Tatjana Festerling: “I Don’t Believe in a Political Solution Any Longer”

The German anti-Islamization activist Tatjana Festerling has appeared in this space a number of times in the past, first when she spoke at PEGIDA rallies, and then later when she launched Fortress Europe.

The following interview with Ms. Festerling was recorded in Poland. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation (both Polish and German), and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Where is the world going?
00:04   In the second half of the 20th century, countries in Western Europe started opening their borders
00:08   to immigrants who were arriving on our continent in search of a better life.
00:12   Economic growth fostered mass immigration,
00:16   Miracle years of the [German] Republic
and the labor force was sought by countries like
00:20   Germany, which was just experiencing its economical miracle.
00:24   On a wave of economic immigration millions of Muslims came to Europe.
00:28   However, a large part of that population, despite the change of residence,
00:32   didn’t integrate with the populations of the European countries.
00:36   However, tense situations began to appear where
00:40   in different places in Europe Muslim enclaves were created, which resembled
00:44   Third-world countries. Some Muslims took to
00:48   Swedes lose control over their country. See more in the documentary from Norwegian TV
the totalitarian ideology of Wahhabism — sponsored by the rich countries
00:54   of the Persian Gulf — and began to introduce into Europe
01:00   Non-violent and united against religious wars on German soil. Pegida.
rules that are derived from Shariah Law. Average Europeans who don’t accept
01:04   the changes of identity of their continent and the Islamization of Europe,
01:08   New Year’s Eve 2015. The night that changed Germany.
began opposing the policy of Islamization. The protests by Europeans are increased by
01:12   the criminality of Muslim gangs who commit crimes and terrorist attacks
01:16   against the native inhabitants of Europe.
01:20   Since 2014 rallies of thousands of people began taking to the streets
01:24   of German cities, protesting against the Islamization
01:28   Festerling: Bachmann behaves exactly like Merkel
of Germany and of the Western world. One of the personalities
01:32   leading those protests is Tatjana Festerling, who agreed to give us an interview.
01:40   How does the average German see the multicultural policies
01:44   of mass immigration and the policies of Frau Merkel?
01:48   I think that average Germans, especially those who live in the West,
01:52   have been confronted with a brutal reality.
01:57   Frau Merkel… the official polls in our media
02:01   try to make us believe that the acceptance rates
02:05   of Frau Merkel’s policies are higher than ever,
02:09   but my friends from Eastern Germany tell me
02:13   that it is just like at the end of the existence of DDR:
02:17   state propaganda; but the people in Germany,
02:21   who experience every day that Islamization
02:25   on the streets,
02:29   who have to accept massive limitations on freedom, for example
02:33   one cannot send one’s daughter to a public swimming pool any longer.
02:37   Children are attacked in school.
02:41   We have a strong rise in levels of criminality and crimes.
02:45   They are seeing Frau Merkel more than
02:49   critically. Take the call “Merkel has to go”:
02:53   If only more people would dare, then
02:58   surely the greater part of Germans would be shouting it.
03:01   Merkel, Hit the Road
03:02   It’s also a fact that in the meantime Frau Merkel has put forward policies that totally contradict
03:06   all parliamentary and democratic basic laws.
03:14   Well, she built in Germany a kind of shadow cabinet
03:18   that means she has meetings in a fireplace room with the prime ministers
03:22   of our country and is plotting decisions and rulings
03:26   there in the background, meaning, she basically
03:30   totally ignored and removed the parliamentary route, the debate in
03:34   our country, in our Bundestag, in Parliament.
03:38   Her political failure also shows, of course,
03:42   when she says very clearly on German TV
03:46   that SHE CAN’T AND DOESN’T WANT TO secure German borders,
03:50   but then she arrives with her eternal “Yes, we can!” mantra.
03:54   Well, I’m going to say more: there’s not only
03:58   a feeling of disappointment about the politics of Frau Merkel, but she became,
04:02   in the meantime, a hated personality in Germany. And incidentally, it’s also interesting
04:06   that she didn’t attend the half finals of the [soccer] game,
04:10   was is it half finals where Germany played? Anyway, she was not there:
04:14   so, she didn’t even come to the match of German representation
04:18   in France, because she has to be in fear
04:22   of thousands of people booing her,
04:26   because she became this hated personality.
04:30   Tatjana, I often hear opinions from
04:34   people living in Germany, who are native Germans, or people who
04:38   have relatives in Germany, that
04:42   negative comments concerning multiculti, Islamization, are censored
04:46   on the internet, or people are punished
04:47   Germans fight with hate speech: police enter the homes of the suspects.
04:50   with high fines for expressing aversion towards the immigrants.
04:55   Yes, it’s exactly as you were told.
04:59   It’s very interesting to see, that for example in the major media,
05:03   whether it’s our public TV or large newspapers
05:07   — the classical newspapers : Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Welt,
05:11   Die Zeit; earlier, under every article
05:15   we had a comment section; often today, especially when
05:19   the article talks about the refugees crisis
05:23   — as it’s still being called —
05:27   the comment section isn’t open any more, because
05:31   they completely want to prevent any critical debate about the subject in Germany. It’s a system,
05:39   and it works and it becomes more and more rigid;
05:43   United against war
and it goes so far that for example often, when I was a speaker for Pegida
05:47   at even really large rallies, even when
05:51   you used in a sentence a metaphor for a revolution, for example [the word]
05:55   “pitchfork” [in German “manure fork”— suggesting “drain the swamp”] was used,
05:59   and even if it’s formulated in subjunctive [i.e. hypothetical],
06:03   complaints will be filed against you
06:07   from all sides, all the time,
06:11   even the Association of German Journalists will file charges against you,
06:15   the Association of German Newspaper Publishers. So it’s really a large lobby
06:19   organization that in the meantime, say the opposition
06:23   attempts to gag you. Additionally, for example, our minister of justice
06:27   assembled an army of spies,
06:30   really Stasi-like.
06:36   Strong anti-immigration hate. The minister of Justice says, “Enough”.
This is a lady who is the chairman of a very left leaning
06:40   foundation. And, for example, Facebook rummages
06:44   Berlin police are tough with a hater. He’s risking up to three years in prison.
through every critical comment,
06:48   and for the sixth time in the row I am in the “Facebook jail” for 30 days,
06:52   probably because I published a picture that shows me in a uniform
06:56   with a Bulgarian flag on my arm,
07:00   and I wrote about my trip to the Bulgarian border.
07:04   The picture had 900 likes, and it was deleted, it was
07:08   reported; so freedom of thought, of opinion, in Germany
07:12   is being trampled, and those are fascist features.
07:16   Those are characteristics of a dictatorship in Germany.
07:20   Almost half of the German population thinks that the press is lying
Tatjana, what are the roots of these politics? Well, when looking for reasons
07:24   I think the explanation cannot be simple.
07:28   I think we need to dig a little deeper into our history, and I believe
07:32   also, by the way, that the reasons will be also found in our psyche.
07:36   I consider Germans a deeply neurotic nation.
07:40   We are a…
07:44   we fell for a new “anti-ideology”,
07:48   which was also forced upon us; we went though collective brainwashing. Additionally
07:56   we have our past, that past,
08:00   those twelve years of the Nazi rule;
08:04   we have never really processed it.
08:09   The economic miracle came; all that was repressed, and then
08:13   we were— we are until today — daily pelted with
08:17   those old pictures; it means there’s a guilt feeling,
08:21   guilt complex kept alive totally on purpose,
08:25   in order to take away the identity of the people
08:29   and their self-confidence, and in order to
08:33   manipulate them with replacement-religions, with replacement-ideologies.
08:41   What is the solution to this situation in your opinion? Because we can see
08:45   what is going on. You are talking about very sad things. Where
08:49   do you see a chance of exiting the situation into which
08:53   Europe has fallen, the civilizational crisis? Let’s put it this way:
08:57   the light at the end of the tunnel for me is,
09:01   if Europe is to survive, the Europe that we know, the Europe
09:05   of our values, the free Europe,
09:09   basically the classical European identity,
09:13   The Independence March ended … in Warsaw. … The organizers estimate that up to 100,000 people listened to the speeches…
— YOU ARE our light [at the end of the tunnel], you in Eastern Europe
09:17   — especially right here in Poland,
09:21   The Independence March through Warsaw
the way I experience it now, as an outsider— with your strong identity.
09:25   I once heard that if a guy from Antifa
09:30   were to come here and say “Poland is s***”, he would be sent flying
09:34   Across the room. “POLAND IS HOLY!” You would NEVER
09:38   hear a sentence like that in Germany. Ours is a broken nation, and this guilt, which also exists
09:46   in other West European countries; the Dutch, the French, for example,
09:50   are guilty because of colonization.
09:54   So everyone has his guilty baggage to carry,
09:58   and I have to say honestly: I don’t believe in
10:02   a political solution any longer. Because there are enough arguments
10:06   on the table so that the reason was understood long ago.
10:10   And by that I mean that those Western European nations
10:14   are collectively neurotic and nothing can change any longer
10:18   through argument and reason, and
10:22   also politically: the radical switch we would need
10:26   is no longer possible. I believe we will have to suffer.
10:30   Stop the multiculti. My homeland remains German!
A good friend from France, an intellectual,
10:35   said to me recently: “You Germans, you at least still have
10:39   the chance for partition yet again.” And I see
10:43   it this way as well. And it’s very bitter to have to say it, but
10:47   we need again something like an Iron Curtain… without
10:51   socialism… —Tatjana, if you ever have to leave
10:55   Germany, you can always emigrate to Poland. Ha-ha, thank you very much!
10:59   Sorry, I have a personal question:
11:03   isn’t your maiden name Polish?
11:07   Szymański, yes.
11:11   Yes, Exactly. I have roots here.
11:15   Thank you very much. Thank you.

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74 thoughts on “Tatjana Festerling: “I Don’t Believe in a Political Solution Any Longer”

  1. The situation in Germany doesn’t sound too good. If anyone has their finger on the pulse of Germany and Europe’s means to escape bloodshed, it would be this lady.

  2. German guilt? For the Holocaust? Then why let in hundreds of thousands of barbarians who want to finish what Hitler started?

    • My thought exactly and why the explanation falls short. The Nazi guilt isn’t nearly enough for real leverage other than in pure rhethoric. I believe it’s much more a renewed power grab of those forever collectivists. They simply find any way the zeitgeist provides to shame you for existing at all if you don’t want to join them. This is also the way in which they and the Muslims are so much alike, even if it sounds as anachronistic as can be given the opposing stands on women, gays etc.

      • Right on the money, K. It’s all about shaming Germans and induce guilt so they are easy to manipulate. It’s true they really did not deal well with the aftermath of the Nazi era (see film Nasty Girl), but those generations are way past. And Germany has bent over backwards with reparations which are ongoing.

        This is all about guilt-tripping, which is a favorite tactic of all bullies. Like I read somewhere, DDR has taken over the rest of Germany.

    • Book, Peter Thiel, THE DIVERSITY MYTH. What is multiculturalism really about?

      This book specifically addresses how this works in the U.S. I have noticed that the same Leftist issues and solutions are presented in all the more prosperous western countries regardless of the very different histories of these countries.

      The same suit or dress cannot possibly fit every single person who enters a store…or, as I also see it, whatever the left says is the issue is never the issue, it is only the distractor.

      I have only seen that this book is out there tonight but it may be helpful.

      Free speech restrictions can only help get your same old leaders stay in power.

      • Have you all forgotten Joschka Fischer, former foreign secretary of Germany under Schröder?

        He said that there are too many Germans and therefore as many foreigners as possible have to be moved into Germany so that Germany will cease to exist and of course will never be a threat to the world again, you know like in WW I or WW II.

        • There is a valid point here. Too much of modern history focuses on our collective time in power. The Colonial Empires and the Great War, itself broken into two major parts.

          We learn about the Crusades but not about the islamic invasions and occupations of Europe.
          We learn about the Germanic tribes destroying the Roman Empire but are seldom told that the Empire existed in two parts at the time. We are certainly not told about the destruction of the Byzantine Empire or who did it.

          We learn about slavery of blacks, but nothing about islamic slave markets or moslem slave raids around the coasts of Europe. The Barbary pirates are a forgotten shipping menace too.

          Too much of our history is now anti-Western, it’s a very one-sided look at what actually happened.

      • Alex Lund:
        Have been away from my desk a while.

        Have researched Joschka Fischer some. Have not yet found that bit about calling for German population replacement, but I have been reminded that many western…ah…intellectuals…and their institutions have perhaps been insane for decades now.

        Fischer himself by 1973 was one of many very violent pacifists. More recently he would support going to war on Serbia.

        I may be one of those dismally practical individuals who is not equipped to readily understand these…ah…intellectuals, without input and interpretive suggestions from a helpful psychiatrist. Violent pacifism indeed!

        • No decent psychiatrist is going to attempt to analyze a nation or a political class, of course, but many have written and sometimes spoken on you tube about some of the things that they have learned from their clinical practices. Perhaps we can take some of these ideas and try to apply them.

          Guilt could be one. Children are self centered and can therefore believe that everything that happens does so because of themselves. This extreme self centeredness is a necessary step in a childs growing process, but it should not be carried into adulthood. We see every day that it is indeed carried over into adulthood.

          Bits and pieces.

  3. Outstanding interview with courageous, highly intelligent, insightful leader giving the best explanation of the German madness. Thanks so much to GoV. Germany led Europe to destruction twice in the last century and now it’ s doing so from the other end in this century. Merkel the worst European leader since Hitler. How tragic.

    • Merkel the worst European leader since Hitler.

      Too right!!! Difficult to imagine but impossible to deny.

      Merkel’s “open door” policy—more like Fjordman’s, “a candy store with the busted lock“—will most likely precipitate a European “Muslim holocaust” which might have been totally avoidable in the absence of such deluded, diversity-based Multicultural dogma.

      Far worse is the almost unavoidable prospect of watching these same irrational EU “immigration” policies remain in effect long enough until jihadist atrocities finally transcend whatever limits of global patience there are such that an ultimate “tipping point” is reached.

      The end result will be that several hundred million Muslims are NEEDLESSLY vaporized in nuclear plasma. All because of their collective silence, abject refusal to protest, or simple avoidance of self-imposed consequences (related to widely-accepted, unprotested, and immutable Islamic doctrine).

      It is this acquiescence that (tacitly or overtly) will permit jihadist elements to trespass into the realm of such abhorrent and repulsive mass-slaughter to where simply annihilation becomes an imminently reasonable alternative.

      Appeasing and spineless Western politicians like BHO and Angela Merkel will have much of this blood upon their hands. While not as much as Islam’s intransigent, apocalyptic, and genocidal “leadership”, these same Liberal and Socialist jellyfish will bear a not-insignificant share of blame for the looming “Muslim holocaust”.

      May all of them rot in everlasting, incendiary, tortuous perdition for their shameless collusion in this utterly avoidable catastrophe.

  4. I believe she does not understand how cowers the Germans are.
    They will vote again for merely the criminal .

  5. I used to support Germans and other Europeans in moving on from holocaust guilt, but that was too simple. If they really felt guilty about the holocaust, they wouldn’t be so anti-Israel now. The German government, German NGOs and German individuals, as well as mainstream political parties, are not real friends of Israel in the sincere, spontaneous way we can see in America (although that is changing here, too).

    So when a European uses holocaust guilt as one reason for why Germans don’t defend their interests, I don’t believe it, there is something else going on. I’d guess it’s not guilt, it’s more that they want to be free of judgment, and want to continue to hate Jews and Israel with a good conscience. There are exceptions, of course. My solution to this is mystical: when Germans and Europeans own their anti-semitism, using “I” statements, and treat Israel fairly anyway, their problems will be well on their way to being solved.

    • You’re living on a different planet.

      If this Muslim immigration continues there will not be a Europe left in a decade and all those Jews in Europe will be slaughtered not by the Europeans you so detest but your friends the Muslims whom you carefully neglected to mention that are behind the dramatic rise in anti-semitism.

      In France and Sweden the Jews are being driven out by Muslims. Even in England there are areas where Jews dare not travel. In time Jews will be driven out of England as well. But hey they brought it on themselves by repeatedly siding with Muslims and fools like Macron and Merkel in the name of expedient politics not realizing they were slitting their own throats.

      • I’ll explain more clearly. The Muslim and African migration problem can be solved very easily. The problem is an emotional block. It comes from immaturity. Most Europeans would rather project, find someone to blame, rather than take responsibility for deporting illegals and refusing to accept boats of illegals.

        The Jewish thing is very relevant. Israel is absolutely none of their business, but Europeans in general are obsessing, because blaming others for being racist occupiers alleviates the stress from being passive.

        I don’t hate Europeans at all. Aside from the genocidal anti-semitism that has infested so much of White Nationalism and the alt-right, I’m right there with them. Just as I support Jewish nationalism, I support White Nationalism, German nationalism, and all ethno-nationalism, as long as it doesn’t overstate its case and devolve into support for genocide, as we see with the “Palestinians,” for instance.

        Why are we still discussing the holocaust, and why is it necessary? Because current Europeans have learned nothing. It’s true today’s Europeans haven’t killed any Jews, but given the same conditions, they would do the exact same thing as their grandparents. This is the only holocaust guilt that is relevant to me.

        So I’ll say it more clearly, and it’s not mystical but psychological. When Europeans own their anti-semitism, this will be a marker for the emotional skills they need to defend their interests. The affirmation that will work here is, “I hate Jews and wish they would disappear, I resent seeing Jews in my everyday life and in the news, but Israel is none of my business and I will stop interfering with it.”

        • We’re still discussing the holocaust because Jewish groups wont let it go. New shrines to this event go up all the time in Europe and across the Western world, it’s like a damn religion and you’re excommunicated if you don’t go along with it.

          How about you sit up and take note that prominent Jewish organisations in Europe support mass immigration into Europe and that these groups compare “alt-right” attempts to oppose it as akin to persecution of the Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.

          This is a [intensifier] huge elephant in the room. I’m sick of Israelis complaining about treatment of jews in Europe and claiming it’s a continuation of European anti-semitism when both they and their co-religionists have no problem with mass african and moslem immigration into Europe.
          Compare too the plans to expel large numbers of black people from Israel and send them into Europe.

        • ketzel,

          I like your affirmation
          “I hate Jews and wish they would disappear, I resent seeing Jews in my everyday life and in the news, but Israel is none of my business and I will stop interfering with it.”

          I have a few comments on that.

          The logical consequence is, the US and any other countries stop foreign aid to Israel, which fosters a co-dependent relaionship: we give you money and get to stick our nose in your internal affairs.

          Also, the US maintains a strict military separation from Israel. No buffer zone forces and no military hardware grants. Of course, I support contracts with Israel for technology development, as long as both sides receive full value.

          And the US should continue to veto UN resolutions against Israel, on the grounds that such resolutions are part of the war against Western civilization, and an Israel weakened through such means is an avenue to attack the US.

          Dual citizenship between Israel and the US should be abolished. If a person accepts Israeli citizenship, uses an Israeli passport, or serves in the Israeli armed forces in any capacity as an Israeli, that person should have his US citizenship revoked. Any citizen should owe primary allegiance to only one country. If to the US, fine. If to Israel, fine. Just not to both.

          Let me say something about collaborating with anti-Semites. There are people super-critical of Jewish influence in the US and the West. Fine. They have good reasons. But, there are people with a blind hatred for Jews. It colors their every perspective. In fact, it serves as a way for them to put all responsibility on Jews. THESE people will not change their reactions to Jews through reasoning, and are not to be trusted. They can be collaborated with, but only at arms length and only through clearly-defined and limited agreements. I’m sure Israel approaches its collaboration with Saudi Arabia in this manner.

        • Why are we still discussing the holocaust, and why is it necessary? Because current Europeans have learned nothing. It’s true today’s Europeans haven’t killed any Jews, but given the same conditions, they would do the exact same thing as their grandparents. This is the only holocaust guilt that is relevant to me.

          Exceptionally well-said!

          The tacit Antisemitism that is manifest in EU admission of a million-or-more genocidal Muslims is undeniable.

  6. We are run by a political class of perverts with a penchant for children. It reaches into the centre of the Vatican. The Pope’s No2 has just been arrested for kiddy-fiddling. Merkel is simply a Commie bringing in her GDR methods to the West. She is a “Sleeper’ and part of a scheme called collapsible Communism and we in the West have been suckers. I hate and despise the Left. They thrive on misery and denial/ Examine the Frankfurt School. They moved to Californi and were offended because people enjoyed life. Socialism is about envy of others. Happiness makes the Sociopath insecure so they must remove it from others. A politics of envy “I cannot have, so you cannot have it!” Despicable!

    Millions have died. That is why they masturbate over Islam and the misery brought in by barbarians stuck in Prehistory. We are being punished because we are clever and lovers of Humanity. Islamism and Socialism are mental illnesses that belong in the psycho wards. I would detain any individual or group that continued to espouse this garbage. How many more billions must die to salve their feeding habit and taste for misery?

    I no longer care about speaking out! Or being called an “Islamophobe or racist Nazi”. There is nothing unnatural and phobic about fearing these revolting cruel bots. They think themselves so superior and clever, when in fact they are anything but-just stupid, incompetent, and vicious. If there were ever an excuse to cleanse society of these people, they are it. Communism is a disgusting and human hating paranoid code for losers.

    • “They think themselves so superior and clever, when in fact they are anything but-just stupid, incompetent, and vicious. ”

      I wish that were the case.

      The fact seems to be, the plan for the leftist march through Western institutions, and the Muslim Brotherhood/Islamic war plan for destroying Western confidence in itself, are both going swimmingly.

      We underestimate the left, and particularly the Muslims, at our own great peril. These are sophisticated, complex manipulators of politics and personalities. They have a well-thought-out plan for taking over the West, and the plan is overwhelmingly successful so far. The response of Western security institutions like the CIA, FBI etc has been to filter out all mention of Islamic canonical law and requirements.

      The alt-right has been criticized for embracing Alinsky tactics, which I’m not super-thrilled about myself. But at least it recognizes that there needs to be some sophisticated, not-entirely-respectable approach to taking back our civilization and people.

      • I don’t think Muslims are that sophisticated or adept at manipulation. If Western leaders act like utter morons, like pathetic naifs, then how smart does a Muslim have to be? Anything he does will work.

        It’s like that wonderful American comedian who made a big to do about wrestling women. It was hilarious and good fun but the parallels between that and the Muslim takeover of the West are obvious. And not so funny.

    • War is politics by other means then? Von Clausewitz.

      This was (to myself, at least) the unspoken but indisputable message that Tatjana Festerling was transmitting when she said, “… I don’t believe in a political solution any longer.

      As you noted: “How many more billions must die to salve their feeding habit and taste for misery?”

      Between Islam and Socialism, some 500 million people have perished. How high will the mountain of skulls have to be before ordinary folk rise up and declare, “Enough of this codswallop!”

      PS: Permit me to raucously echo Bimsy’s applause.

  7. It seems that throughout history, and even today when we are all supposedly so enlightened, human affairs regularly degenerate into mob rule. There are terrible herd-instincts which arise, a collective primitive howl in which individual voices of conscience and reason are lost, and mindless, savage and implacable hatreds turn on each other.

    Politics is for the sane and settled times, when disagreements are abstract and formal.

    Now is the time of madness, when killing and horror must sate themselves, before the terrible primitive nature of human beings can be put growling back into its cage once more. Then, still shuddering in horror, the survivors will welcome the Peace, and strive to rebuild civilisation from the ruins.

    We are a tragic species, and ultimately futile, driven as we are by this ungovernable urge to savagery.

    Even the Christ only claims to offer salvation to spiritually exceptional individuals: Vast swathes of our irredeemably lost fellow-beings must return to the savagery and utter extinction of their beastly inheritance, that trails them eternally through the jungle of our DNA, with an unshakable and ruthless instinct for murder.

    I have been among the fortunate, born into one of our history’s more settled periods – at least in the West. But, even during that time, local outbreaks of murderous savagery were abiding reminders of what horrors our species was capable of perpetrating.

    This period was only a brief respite from our species’ great failing.

    But now we can only look on in dismay at the breakdown that proceeds apace on all sides, threatening once more to engulf all that has made life endurable and worthwhile.

    If I were one of the spiritually strong, I could pray, and secure my salvation from the coming worldly wreck. As it is, I fear that my good and pleasant life is but an illusion, from which at any moment I could be rudely awakened – – –

    The vertiginous sense of an approaching cataclysm makes our every step more insecure, and our slipping grasp of the crumbling pillars of our existence leaves us unsupported on the shattered earth.

    Every second this inevitable fate is delayed is nothing short of a miracle. Yet the very next second looms over it like a vision of Hell: This shuddering reluctance to meet our end is akin to the accelerated intensity of experience, whose urgency typically slows down the onset of disaster – as when falling off our bike, and describing impossible cycles in the unsupporting air, we admire with relief how gradual the progress of our gravitational doom appears, which is, in reality, so soon to shatter the reverie of our shocked senses, as the Earth comes up again and the burden of ourself smacks down this dreaming flight!

    Life – when you think of it – was always just the mental trick of seeming to decelerate our demise. Of course, no trick of the mind or sleight of administrative decree can put off the evil day forever.

    Whether one chooses Faith or Fatalism, with which to face this crisis. probably makes little difference. It must be suffered, just the same.

    • Vast numbers of humans do not have an urge for savagery. That is an urge found in and nurtured by stupid, selfish, juvenile, talentless, envious, twisted souls. They can’t fit in and choose total rejection of their fellow citizens and every other normal thing.

      Mankind’s great challenge has been to stay vigilant, control or eliminate such people, and not succumb to fairy tales about economics, politics, and human nature. Today in the West there is neither vigilance, strength, nor realism, only the most pathetic embrace of lies and fairy tales and subservience to electoral and leadership scum.

      It is not any innate savagery that is our problem but willful blindness, cowardice, servility, parasitism (socialism), stupidity, and a taste for novelty and magical thinking.

      • Given the right – that is the wrong – circumstances, the breakdown of the rational consensus upon which civilised life depends is inevitable. The circumstances precipitating the disaster of mindless mob-rule and anarchy are precisely the ‘stupid, selfish, juvenile, talentless, envious, twisted souls’ you name. Once the number of these reaches a critical proportion of the demographic, a horde of irrational, savage and primitive forces will inevitably break loose. It happens in all societies and at frequent periods in history.

        We are basically animals, I’m afraid, and once the ‘policeman’ of the disciplined intelligence loses authority over the masses, then baying, mindless barbarism ensues. The pendulum may swing wildly towards group-think and the establishment by force of cruel totalitarianisms of the Left or of the Right – or, in our time, a fanatical Islamic theocracy – but this is all the same scenario of a savage and ruthless contest between implacable and irreconcilable differences, for which politics has no way of mediating.

        Thus the defenders of rational order, faced with those who would tear down the hard-won edifice of civil life, must ultimately resort to the same savagery that has been unleashed upon themselves! So this will be that most terrible of wars: a civil war, most probably a Europe-wide one. In America also we see the rise of dangerous disunities in society. There are no depths of mindless savagery into which such antipathies will not sink.

        Observe the historical record. If such savagery is not innate to humanity and to the tribal loyalties that re-emerge during crises, whence does it arise? It is no abstract quality, but the all-too-real primitive inheritance that will emerge whenever our civilised veneer is stripped away, to unleash ancient evil.

        You can huff and puff all you like, but people are signally failing to rise to the challenge which you accurately characterise as yet again facing our civilisation. Politics has proven useless in the face of it, as Ms Festerling so lucidly perceives. I agree with her that it is precisely the forces of misrule and irrationality which are unleashing uncontrollable anarchy upon our world.

        It was always the existence of that barbaric anarchy that spurred the rise of civilisation in the first place, because of course we are part Angel as well as part Devil, in our flawed nature. But the road back to the realm of the Angels is long and hard indeed once the Devilish side of the species has been allowed to ride roughshod over our better nature.

        This degeneracy constantly threatens us: Once again the vigilance of good men is proving futile, or has lapsed critically. I am forced to believe that ours is a profoundly tragic creation. I fear your blithe view of our fundamental nature is not borne out by history. There is no guarantee that goodness will survive in such a world.

        • Thank you for your thoughtful response. I don’t know that we disagree on all that much. I think of people in my life who were nothing but the most decent and placcid people. To speak of their innate savage nature seems ludicrous.

          There are always people who are part of nature’s aristocracy but they are comparatively few and the art of good government in any age has been to reign in those who are not so much savage as stupid, impetuous, and lazy. Solzhenitsyn spoke of all of us oscillating above and below a certain mean standard of behavior, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always willing to stay close to that mean. Then there are some who simply fall too deeply into depravity from which depths there is no return. It seems more accurate to me to say that it is the falling away from that mean of basic decency that is the correct view rather than the positing of an innately savage nature in every human that can easily be awakened.

          Christians might say that Satan gains converts and the rest follows from that.

          Be that as it may, society will inevitably fall into the hands of such evil people if decent people are not vigilant and energized, which in our time they are not. The ballot box could cure Western woes in the space of five years if properly used by intelligent, insightful men but intelligent, insightful men are too few and the mass of voters are only too willing to return morons and traitors to office so long as they can get their free stuff, restrictive work rules, and month-long summer hols.

          I don’t know what I’m being blithe about. You see catastrophe developing from mistakes by defenders of the rational order in not controlling savage men. I see catastrophe developing from failure to control stupid, greedy, lazy, uncivilized people. The catastrophe is the same even if I don’t see humans as universally possessed of a savage nature. Either viewpoint still is consistent with ending up in deep kimche and the solutions are the same: Equivalent savagery — consciously adopted — until our enemies wish they had never been born.

          • I’m afraid I can’t agree with your approach.

            Civilizations commonly come and go. A universal trend seems to be that an up-and-coming civilization, like the Roman Republic, becomes a victim of its own success and ultimately grows self-destructive and unresponsive to its own citizens.

            It’s also common that as territories expand, governments become more intrusive and more expense.

            I see the problem in structural, not in spiritual, terms. The two approaches are not incompatible, but in fact complementary. For example, under Obama and the Republican establishment, trade was opened up to the cheapest and most labor-exploitative countries, effecting the bankrupting and ruin of the middle and working class and replacing the citizens with low-skill, cheap, replaceable migrants. Of course, the small farmer, craftsman, laborer and small entrepreneur were the bedrock of American (and religious) values.

            So, the way to continue traditional American values is to set up the economic and legal structure to protect, rather than replace, the bedrock American citizen.

          • It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to benefit from such deep and honest thinking as can so often be found here!

            Not to labour (overmuch) my point about the ‘savage breast’ of mankind, but: Our worse nature is generally soothed and sophisticated when our affairs proceed in an orderly fashion, and civilised norms will then inculcate and maintain the cultural creation known as a human being. Without this miracle of advanced acculturation we would most assuredly remain merely a part of ruthless nature, ‘red in tooth and claw.’

            It is no slander to your decent and deeply cultured friends, or to your goodself, if I observe that, when civilised norms are under attack and collapsing all around us, a time may come when such decency is simply overwhelmed by the baying mob, or an invading army off the leash. Even if such decent people survive – with their memory of better times intact at heart – then they will be forced to stain their hands – or at least their souls – with some very appalling filth.

            From the outset of the 2nd World War we realised that we would be obliged – as Churchill observed – to divest ourselves of ‘- – – the disadvantages of being the gentleman’ if we were to win a contest with an enemy who took pride in the frightful efficiency of his barbarism.

            The character of the effective warrior – as opposed to the soldier as gendarme or keeper of the peace – is and must be fundamentally barbaric. This is so by definition (but that’s only i.m.h.o. since I’m very conscious I’m speaking to a Colonel) since as the opposite of peace is war, so the barbarism of War cannot be carried on according to the arts of Peace. The Nazi menace forced us to recognise the awful truth that the logic of war dictates total war – and victory at all costs.

            It is in this sense that, ultimately, when human affairs have so degenerated that ‘jaw-jaw’ cannot put off the Day of Rage and it’s ‘War, war!’ –

            ‘That day is a day of wrath, a day of tribulation and distress, a day of calamity and misery, a day of darkness and obscurity, a day of clouds and whirlwinds, a day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high bulwarks.’

            – and then our warriors become our main bulwarks.

            And if our warriors fall, then it is down to us, the ordinary people, to fight hand-to-hand in the streets with our enemy.

            Since even a forlorn cause, if it is a noble one, is worth defending to the last, then the innate savagery of the cornered defenders can be seen as indeed a noble savagery.

            I write this in light of your own fine, defiant phrase, ‘Equivalent savagery — consciously adopted — until our enemies wish they had never been born.’

            Of course this equivalence of savagery will have to spring from the same primitive source as leaps in the heart of our enemy. You cannot be a fierce savage capable of meeting savagery on its own terms merely by taking thought. In this regard I still demur from your reluctance to admit that human nature, at its ancient root, is a fierce and snarling animal. I sympathise with such reluctance – it is a terrible realisation.

            The difference is that this return to savagery is forced upon those being threatened, while it is actually those who threaten who are deliberate in their savagery. However, this nice distinction tends to blur as both sides sink into mutual murder – – – .

            It is the tragic character and moral failure of the human race (I contend) that we are forever condemned to repeat those primitive convulsions we prided ourselves on being so civilised we could no longer succumb to.

            Make no mistake: While bombs and other lethal projectiles fly from our European and American factories to fall on cities in the Middle East, out of our own or other powers’ aeroplanes, so – whatever our justification for these acts – the tide of bloody hatred washes up on our own home shores, and, in turn, provokes in the hearts of more and more of our ordinary, decent people, in the West, an ever deepening hatred that has a truly primitive intensity.

            If this primitive hatred is ever unleashed, there will be nothing deliberative about it, of that I am certain. It will be the unbidden expression of the ruling survival instinct which was bred into our DNA through aeons of the harshest experiences. There will be rival mobs fighting each other on the streets, if leadership is not forthcoming to direct and control these passions to a more certain end.

            We’re being attacked at home, now – our backs are to the wall already, and there is nowhere for the fearful to run. Only one emotion can sustain us in such a situation. It would be wise of our governors to harness the emotions of their own people, not attempt to suppress them.

            Unfortunately, whatever we do or don’t do in this crisis is fraught with great uncertainty and incalculable risk. Rage, hatred and recrimination of tribal intensity are swirling through our streets, and the teetering brinkmanship of international relations threatens a perfect global storm once more.

            This world might soon not be a place where decent and rational people can feel at home. Many of us will come to wish we had never been born, if the species descends once again into the maelstrom – and will find little consolation in our enemy’s identical sufferings.

            I suppose from a worldly point of view we must hope that not too many have lost their instinct for outrage and hatred and implacable resistance.

            From a moral or spiritual view, the prospect of mass murder in defence of civilisation will seem like a sick joke.

            But the human race has been f****d for a very long time, and nothing whatever can be done about that.

            Certainly, the decent Christians who carried on being nice and inoffensive to their Moslem neighbours are no longer around to comfort us with their optimistic message.

          • RonaldB, I agree that imperial overstretch can be expensive. In practice, the U.S. imperial stretch has involved an ever-greater intrusive government. And a more dishonest one. Whatever we are doing and have done in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Libya and are doing on Russia’s and N. Korea’s borders is anything has not be put before the American people in any way a cursory and contemptuous way. Contempt for the people and huge expense are vital ingredients for intrusion and oppression. Merkel has a similar problem. Her immigration policies are unsupportable so she has no choice but repression.

            I think the decision to move tens of thousands of factories to the shores of a communist dictatorship was taken in the time of Nixon, and certainly that transfer took off in the Clinton years. Many policies could have been put in place at those times and since to make sure that the relationship was an equitable one (accurage currency valuation, no extortion of intellectual property) and that the American manufacturers had no incentive to move overseas (a completely absurd development that a government clerk typist would have known to prevent). Forget equity. Keeping manufacturing here was absolutely the single most important thing to effect and the Uniparty failed utterly. Not in enriching themselves, I’m sure. Doubtless fortunes were made from this betrayal.

            So I applaud your solutions. Trump spoke to millions of us who have had a visceral understanding that there is no obligation for the U.S. to be everybody’s bitch. Needless to say, that sorry objective, to be everybody’s bitch, was Job No. 1 for the American political class. Yay Trump.

            I do not want non-Muslim Americans to be displaced however. To avoid that nothing less than implacable population transfer is what is necessary. This is a separate and more important problem even than the political betrayal of Americans in the economic realm.

          • Yes, Mr. Davies, this is an extraordinary website with an amazing swirl of enlightened discussion.

            You are correct in your views on the savagery of war. In my view, the effects of modern weapons are often more savage than the mentality that decided to use them then and there. The military arts are and should be more methodical in their exercise. Resort to cruelty achieves nothing. Overwhelming firepower will break the will of the enemy in short order, not this dinking around that has so characterized U.S. campaigns from Vietnam onward (the nation-building parts thereof).

            The ISIS animals deserve to die hideous deaths and there is always that component in every war, no doubt. Where you see true barbarism is when the police move in. A grisly description of this is at pp. 125-26 of The Red Terror in Russia 1918-1923. Melgounov wrote a whole book about that. It’s full of the human depravity you discuss. Also, when the prison camp administrators and medical experimenters. Everything I just said. Ignore it when considering Japanese behavior in WWII.

            By the way, I hasten to point out that my rank of Colonel is purely fanciful and self-awarded. I left active duty in 1970 as a 1LT. My name of Bunny is also appropriate for a very unserious person indeed.

            I fear that that is exactly what has happened — too many have lost their instinct for outrage and hatred and implacable resistance. This profound passivity is simply astonishing. It’s like there was some wasp’s sting that has immobilized our host civilization or, as the Bible says (I think) men have reached a stage where they simply cannot see. Solzhenitsyn’s “petrified armor around people’s minds“. Has this ever been seen on such a scale in all of history?

            Should that spirit of outrage ever come alive in the Western breast, I think, rather, that “[f]rom a moral or spiritual view, the . . . mass [killing] in defence of civilisation” is an absolute necessity. This will make some people queasy but mass murder’s what’s in store for non-Muslims if the present madness is allowed to continue. The Islamic quasi-religion seems like an appalling, Satanic way of connecting the human will to the lizard brain.

            Economic collapse will sharpen Western sensibilities and destroy this asinine impulse to “share.” Zero sum existence here we come.

  8. The Nazi-period can`t really explain what is happening in Germany today.
    Because it also happens in other countries who had nothing to do with Fascism.

    But of course in Germany and Austria to refer to Nazims is a good way to silence or defame any critical voices.

  9. @ketzel
    A guilt complex is something different then a real, open and honest acknowledgement of one’s faults.

    Of course one can find both under the individuals in the population.
    But on the level of the nation itself the guilt complex dominates.
    Also because of a political instrumentalization.

  10. Germany brought destruction three times , wars that become international and involved many nations and many deaths.After unification Germany started again to dominate and manipulate , this time from a strong economic position.
    I knew once this monster of nation is unified , the troubles will start.
    And here it is all over again.
    In the final hour , Europe would have to end this country and divid it in very small states , each controlled by different nations.Only by eliminating this constant threat, Europe will be sane and safe.
    I see that some of the small German states will be moslem , however well controlled they may submit by force.

    • Germany was starved by Britain after 1 and then torn to pieces by Versailles, then bombed to bits by the allies during 2. You are dreaming Morgenthau dreams; wake up to the power of the Comintern.

      • Yes. It’s not well known that Germany was blockaded by Britain after Germany surrendered in World War I. You can see pictures of starving German babies that don’t look that different from starving Indian babies, courtesy of British imperialism, starving Irish babies, courtesy of British imperialism, and starving Iraqi children, courtesy of Bush 41 and Bill Clinton, not to mention Saddam Hussein, who would not be expected to care.

        There were quotes from Germany, though, noting the remarkable complaisance of the population, even as Hitler pursued his plans to destroy Germany because in his drug-crazed mind, Germany had failed him.

        But Germany has a malady common to modern super-states. The government is too large and too wealthy and too complex to notice the average citizen. The bureaucrats and the dictator easily handle potential glitches by outlawing any dissent…although the mechanisms of power are complex and remote enough that the rulers are not essentially threatened. But, why be subjected to avoidable inconvenience?

        The canard about German guilt is a red herring. True, the Germans like to wallow in their guilt (my father was a refugee from Austria and Germany) but in my opinion, the moaning about their guilt is an additional excuse for their essential powerlessness.

        Germany needs to break up into smaller countries, as do most countries in the world. The reason would not be to limit German power, but to shrink the governments so they once again are not too large to focus on the individual citizen. Also, smaller countries limit the damage of dictators like Merkel or the de facto dictator of Sweden. No matter how badly Sweden deteriorates, and it is pretty bad, it does not necessarily affect Norway and Denmark as long as secure borders are maintained.

        • Well, Denmark is OK in that respect, but Norway has a very long, lonely border with Sweden.

          Interesting, what you said about Germany needing to be broken into smaller countries; I’ve often thought that Canada and the States were prime examples of countries which desperately need to be broken up. Which brings us to Europe and the EU….

    • Breaking Germany into smaller competing independent states is not a bad idea. It seems like they always bring destruction, when they united.

    • In how many years did we start three wars?

      Just look at history.
      Yes, I know that Clemenveau was afraid of Germany because of the wars of 1870 and 1914 but how many times did Napoleon invade Germany and that in a shorter timeframe. Or think of Louis the 14th?

      I know there is a list circulating on the Internet that shows how many wars were started by the various countries and Germany/Prussia was with (I think) 8-9% pretty low.

  11. Poland will stand resolute. It knows what loss of freedom really is. Soft dictatorships don”t sell in East Europe. The Poles have a powerful sense of the danger of Islam. Something the bookish French and Germans lack. I predict the English monarchy may fall if Charles misbehaves about the place of Muslims. He will be warned by the street riots if he becomes to chummy with the muslims.

    • Elizabeth is already happy about the Muslim penetration of Britain. She is happy to see her white subjects overrun by Africans and Muslims. When has she said anything or done something except review troops and drive around in her cars?

      She abandoned her people to the third world. Not one peep of protest.

      • Betsy 2 supposed to be a “defender of the faith”. I guess her oath did not specify which faith is that…

        • The faith was understood. It’s the English state-owned version of Christianity started by Henry VIII. The off-shoot of that state religion here in America was the Church of Virginia, but for a good many generations, any colonial clergy chosen to be head of the Church of Virginia had to return to England for his investiture.

          Eventually, the English Methodists migrated over here and were diligent missionaries, venturing into the wilds of the western part of the state as “circuit preachers”. They rode from church to church while the Anglicans stuck to the coast where it was safer. They’re still there, urban churches mostly. I used to call the diocesan headquarters “The Winter Palace”.

          Anyway, it is said that when Charles ascends the throne, he will change it to “Defender of the Faiths. Poor Charlie; he ain’t bonny no more.

        • Ha. Everything down the memory hole. Tabula rasa and nothing less. Can these worthies not see 15 years into the future?

          Ms. Festerling does not believe in a political solution. Neither do I. Z Man, I believe, said that democracy doesn’t solve political problems. It just pulls the train off the cliff. Clever people have observed that (1) we won’t be able to vote ourselves out of our involuntary predicament and (2) only illiberal methods will solve the problems created by liberalism. Personally, I think everything, and I mean everything, hangs on what the army will do.

          A sad denouement to all that Enlightenment, industrial revolution, and enlargement of the franchise stuff but right now the West is the apotheosis of excess. The pendulum has swung too far where morons can’t distinguish between a Presbyterian and a cannibal.

          Some Western women consider that their lives are over if a beastly man hold a door open for them but turn a blind eye to a religion that forbids them to go shopping without the permission of a male relative. And they vote and spawn.

          There are many lessons to be learned from the past including rigid ethnocentrism, outlawry, and acceptance of self help. The Normans relied on collective responsibility to solve the problem of unexplained deaths of Normans in the forests. The nearest village was assessed a tax called a murdrum from which we get our word “murder.” The solution to Islam is, of course, repatriation and segregation. In the meantime, imams whose mosquizens stray from observance of the law must be expelled forthwith. Family members within two generations the same.

          But the eloi among us will mewl about the rights of citizenship (evidenced by papers issued by bureaucrats) that, it turns out, were never intended to apply to overwhelming masses of hostile foreigners. (Note the female’s posh, accentless expression. A homey! It says so right there in her passport.)

          Well, Napoleon sorted out some important problems with his “whiff of grapeshot.” France ended up with Napoleon, it’s true, but it’s what was for dinner after they refused to act like civilized, rational people. We are likely setting ourselves up for something similar.

          • Much of what you say here I concur with, Col. Bunny – at least I sympathise with the tenor of your latest remarks. Perhaps I had misconstrued your ‘direction of attack’ when last I replied?

            I have myself been thinking much recently of the failure of politicking, of Bonaparte’s salvation of the best of the Revolution by executing robust military measures against the Jacobins, and of the possible blessing if martial law were to be imposed, for a period of at least 5 years, upon these ever-more-dangerously perturbed British Isles.

            Certainly, such a period of the suspension of all the futile and indeed counter-productive wrangling at Westminster might have a calming effect, and allow wiser heads to prevail, and the country to be run in a rational manner.

            But equally this measure would be just as likely to provoke such unbridled anger from the Left as might even draw fellow-travelling socialist nations into the fray in their support, thus internationalising our domestic dispute, and thereby further complicating our already perilous situation to an incalculable degree.

            We have reached a stage in our affairs – it seems to me – where every step is as uncertain and nerve-wracking as walking through a minefield.

            If we reach safety it will be a miracle, for all we can do ourselves in such dire straits to ensure a positive outcome.

            Even the advent of a ‘Great Man,’ as the leader for these terrible times, might all-too-easily prove to be the wrong sort of Great Man, eventually leaving us worse than when he found us.

            The processes of History inspire as little confidence in their outcome as would the deadly gamble of Russian roulette. Carnage is disconcertingly often the result.

          • [W]hiff of grapeshot.

            Flipping priceless! You may not be aware of how often I’ve used this exact same allusion with respect to precisely solving this same problem.

            For all of his cross-dressing, immediate resort to the use of high explosives, falling anvils, and clear-cut presentations of oppositional defiant disorder symptoms, I sincerely believe that Bugs Bunny—who was specifically intended to represent the “average American Joe”—would wholeheartedly approve.

            Oh, if only Mel Blanc, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, and Carl Stalling (please read Stalling’s incredible bio) were still around right now to mercilessly poke and prod Islam—including its Liberal and Socialist camp followers—with their hilarious brand of incisive parody and viciously skewering ridicule.

            See: Ali Baba Bunny

            Just the emir’s midget camel going, “pocketa-pocketa-queep” at the cartoon’s very beginning is enough to assure even the most doubting Thomas that much hilarity will ensue.

          • Mr. Davies, no offense was taken.

            It’s bizarre to discuss such matters as the abandonment of trust in the status quo. One should not lightly turn to authoritarian solutions but Sam Francis’s anarcho-tyranny is a reality. The government WILL NOT keep order and complete scum have no fear if the police. Our vaunted Second Amendment right is somewhat illusory. Yes, you can carry and own but the self defense laws embody a too-fine a balance between the interests of the criminal and of the law-abiding citizen. Shoot at great risk.

            The outlaw and the citizen, really. (It’s the same stupidity respecting the foreigner: today there’s hardly any distinction between the native and the invader. )

            The tyranny part is where the elite reserve their full fury for citizens who protest the elite betrayal. To hell with the citizen and woe to those who despise the elites.

            So in the face of the unimaginable – elite betrayal irrespective of all the wonderful forms of law, justice, and regular elections – it’s a sucker’s game to cling to the empty forms. The unimaginable cuts both ways – upsetting the apple cart completely and risking all on the hope that out of anarchy and breakdown some measure of justice and ruler integrity will manifest itself. It’s impossible to predict the outcome but the status quo is utterly repulsive. Our elites are contemptible scum. Sell outs and buffoons virtually to a man.

          • Mr. Radish, I remember being 10 years old in London having come from S.W. Africa. There was a theater that played non-stop cartoons. I have seen few things as magical as that since. Seeing phosphorescence at night behind a yacht in the Atlantic when the wind picked up was close. Or when a whale leisurely swam from the horizon and dived right under the boat.

            Isaac Bashevis Singer said the world crawls with wickedness but it is also full of wonders. Something like that. There is little that is wondrous in public life now, which is full of lies and silliness. I doubt we are the first of our kind who will relearn the joys of small things. While we sort out a new arrangement.

        • I guess her oath did not specify which faith is that…

          Prince (“I’ll just live inside your trousers”) Chuckles has made those matters abundantly clear.

          • Ridicule! If only it was allowed, it could do more destructive work than all our bombs and bullets.

            But then again: The response of shameless, impenetrable and paranoid fanaticism would be to blow themselves up in the middle of the comedian’s hilariously witty act.

            You are not dealing with normal human beings. Nothing normal works against them.

            No laughing matter, I’m afraid. What a pity!

  12. Forgive me for repeating myself but maybe I can repeat myself a bit differently.

    The various countries of Europe and North America have very different histories. The only thing that they have in commen in the present unpleasantness is affleunce and perhaps deficit spending. The guilt games and leftist parties in all these nations are very alike. Any national sins they may be said to have are not the issue.

    The only issue is power, and how it may be obtained by people who do not intend to let it be known what they will do with power.

    Thats my two cents worth more for now.

    • Here’s a theory to consider:

      Behind abortion, Agenda 21, “climate change,” environmentalism, hostility to fossil fuels (and nuclear energy), open borders, abandonment of law, ZPG, globalism, multiculturalism, and euthanasia is the leftist contempt for man himself — the left dreams of a gigantic depopulation of the world, a global Morgenthau Plan.

      That is the power that the left wants, the goal of all it’s AntiFa activity, craven enabling of primitives, and prosecutorial and police repression.

      Coming soon to a theater near you. Leftist population policies.

      • I wouldn’t lump abortion in there, Colonel. It’s one of those issues on which decent and conscientious people, of whatever gender, may sincerely disagree, and should not try to impose their views on others.

        • I hear you on that, Mark. It’s a grisly business in my view and too much caught up in the pathologies of feminism. I’ll say no more, however, as my list of attitudes includes many other attitudes that are hostile to human life. It’s not just about abortion (and you didn’t say it is).

          Abortion is included in my list above because I have observed that certain people who are simply fanatical on that issue also embrace many of the other items on my list.

          I’m suggesting that the left might properly be better understood as anti-human. Totalitarian leftism in the last century obliterated millions of humans as though they were insects. Leftist multiculturalism has nothing decent about it. It is INdecent and there is one and only one consequence of it — destruction and death.

          PS — as witness AntiFa and the governments that crush free speech and deprive dissidents of their livelihoods and even children, there is no shortage of people on the left who are willing to impose their views on others. It’s who they are.

          • We certainly need a reset. It has reached the stage when the system will have to be shocked out of the cascading degeneracy which is poisoning it.

            Regrettably, the shock to this already severely compromised system might well kill it anyway.

            But what alternatives are there but radical and dangerous ones? Mere amelioration would be hopeless when the condition is already critical.

            We need a lot of unearned luck – or the Grace of God.

    • Col. Bunny:

      Depopulation of the world may be close to the other two cents I chose not to offer above.

      The history of many of our utopians is awkward. The French revolution, the Russian revolution, the National Socialist takeover in Germany, the Chinese revolution and the Cuban revolution all had awkward things in commen. They all had big ideals and they all soon switched to plan b. The idealists plan b was always the same. We will make the world a better place by killing all the people who we do not like.

      I do not want an ideal world. I like the adequate world we have been given.

      • Forgive me, but a bit more, to clarify. An adequate world is perfect for those who are willing to adapt.

        A perfect world surely mean a world in which none need learn to adapt because everything is ideal. Ideal by whose standards?

        A world of people who have no reason to learn to adapt will rapidly become a terrible place.

      • In some of my reading about the Bolsheviks I’ve been struck by the idealism of the early adherents. It was naive to hope for a better world because of an ideology, an untried one at that.

        Many of these people woke up sooner or later, especially when the arrests and the terror began. Solzhenitsyn described how incompetent Bolsheviks were appointed to manage the water supply but took to pursuing “wreckers” who “caused” their difficulties. No institution remained to resist plan b when it appeared. Much like now with globalism, multiculturalism, Immigration, and strong central governments. Utter madness is only weakly opposed.

        The best is the enemy of the good in many ways I believe you’re saying.

  13. The unspoken but indisputable message that Tatjana Festerling was transmitting, although cloaked in, “I don’t believe in a political solution any longer” is, “Violent measures are the only ones with any hope of working.” For the public expression of which she would be thrown directly into jail, and not just Facebook’s paltry electronic Coventry.

    In this respect, Festerling is correct. So much of Europe (Sweden, France and Britain in particular) are sliding past the proverbial “tipping point”, even as I type these very words. Too soon, their only options will be demographic displacement and living under sharia law, or a mass uprising against government and “immigrants” alike.

    Of particular note is how crucial it remains for these events to begin immediately. Soon enough, all across Europe, members of the military will be court-martialed—either for resisting orders to act against their indigenous populations or for expressing anti-immigration sentiments themselves. Particularly once their own children start getting gang-raped by groomers or slaughtered at some public gathering.

    Once this propagandistic lid has been clamped down upon these respective militaries, there will be little hope of help from any of them. By that time, the powers-that-be will have guaranteed loss of income or employment, termination of whatever social benefits, and even losing custody of one’s own children as the penalty for opposing “diversity”, “immigration”, and “Multiculturalist” dogma.

    Witness recent attempts to form an EU “army”. This multinational force will have far less in the way of any compunction about oppressing a specific country’s own native population. If anything, Brussels will open recruitment to the “immigrants” and (much as with America’s CitizenPath program) lard this collective military’s ranks with those who hate all native Europeans on sight.

    Finally, it gives me great pleasure to say that this thread contains more concentrated intelligence than I’ve seen at Gates of Vienna for some time now. Be it citations of Von Clausewitz or gems like “…only illiberal methods will solve the problems created by liberalism”, the number of divergent, yet coherent and civilly stated views—specifically those of a constructive and pertinent nature—gives me great heart. Thank you all.

    PS: Col. B. Bunny, you’ve done a yeoman’s job of keeping this thread on the rails and moving at full steam ahead. Then again, I would expect nothing less of someone who holds Bugs Bunny Esq. in such high esteem (as do I).

    • You are too kind, Mr. Radish. I speak of regression, shall I say, with trepidation. I’ve practiced law in the federal bureaucracy and as a criminal defense lawyer. The latter experience was a privilege to have as I saw honorable prosecutors and judges at the state and federal level do their best to make the justice system work.

      However, on the immensely important issues of the security of the law abiding, the protection of them from foreigners, integrity of the electoral process, press truthfulness, and the restoration of the original Constitution it is clear that there has been a catastrophic breakdown with almost no defensive reaction. There is no more integrity in the historical relationship between rulers and ruled such that the citizen is at the mercy of total government and on track for inundation, dispossession, or worse. This is our stark reality. Inundation by our inferiors is unavoidable. Unavoidable. With leftist subversion, treason, and violence at historic highs.

      It’s not certain who said it but it’s more true than ever before: you may not be interested in war but war is interested in you. We cannot go on like we are. We cannot endure the leadership of the Boehners, McConnells, McCains, Grahams, Waterses, Pelosis, Schumers, Warrens, Sanderses, Clintons, Bushes, and, yes, Trumps, though I still think he might come through.

      I’m pleased you note the “Bugs” part of my handle. There is something that is quintessentially American about him. I probably have the crazy part of him in spades.

      The “illiberal methods” idea is not my own, alas. I read it in some comment somewhere. Possibly on the website of the Journal of the American Sun Bathing Society.

      We will not vote our way out of this and the highest and best thinking of Western elites has given us a combination of Salvador Dali, Steven King, Jerry Springer, and Hironymus Bosch.

      Thank you again.

  14. Col. Bugs Bunny!! Priceless.

    I’ve been very slow picking up on that!

    • I’ve been very slow picking up on that!

      It happens to the best of us. Then again, I cannot expect everyone else to be the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies fanatic that I am.

      Now, do your penance and hie thee off to watch, “Ali Baba Bunny“. As I noted earlier, imagine the satirical mayhem these brilliant (and relatively unrestrained) artists could have wrought upon modern day Islam. As in, if ever there was a more inviting target …

  15. One more thing;

    Tatjiana Festerling; “It’s also a fact that in th meantime Frau Merkelhas put forward policies that totally contradict all parliamentary and democratic basic laws. Well, she built in Germany a kind of shadow cabinet that means she has meetings in a fireplace room with the prime ministers of our country and is plotting decisions and rulings there in the background,meaning, she basically ignored and removed and removed the parliamentary route, the debate in our country, in our Bundestag….”

    We may see a pattern here. Recall Recip Erdogen in Turkey, recall Barack Obama with his pen and phone, recall the Netherlands and Sweden where all minor parties unite to keep the largest parties out of any powerful offices….

    I claimed that the idealist utopian(and globalist I see) are playing the same game in all prosperous or semi prosperous countries. It IS there to see.

  16. Am I the only one to notice that Frau Festerling seems to be on the verge of tears? I see the face of a desperate, suffering woman. I see someone who seems to mourn the death of a dear acquaintance.

    I can sympathize. More and more, I also feel that way. I see my country change day by day. For the worse.

    Our navy…. has right now a frigate off the Libyan coast. A couple of days ago, it picked up 118 “refugees” 30 miles from the coast… after which it turned them over to “a FRONTEX ship”… which is on its way to the ITALIAN coast a couple of hundreds of kilometers to the NORTH.

    Italy has communicated over the past days that it cannot go on like this, by which a SENSIBLE person would understand “STOP the flow”.

    What’s the EU’s answer?????? Juncker announces a “plan” to help Italy so that they can keep ‘processing’ the invasion.

    This is insanity plain and simple. Our “elites” REALLY are dedicated to the destruction of our continent.

    • This is insanity plain and simple. Our “elites” REALLY are dedicated to the destruction of our continent.

      P’raps it’s now a bit more clear regarding why the French revolutionaries responded in such a “cutting” manner to their own elites of that time.

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