Tommy Robinson in Sunderland: The Koranic Basis for Sex Slavery

Update: A reader has kindly sent a transcript of Tommy’s words. Thank you very much!

In the following video from Sunderland, Tommy Robinson does a magnificent job of explaining why sex slavery is intrinsic to Islam. As Matthew Bracken says, “If this is Tommy’s new tactic — reading Koran verses aloud at venues where he can’t be cut off (e.g. Piers Morgan) —it’s very effective.”

At first I wasn’t going to post this clip, because the sound quality is so poor, and it doesn’t appear to have any closed captioning. However, it’s just too important to pass up.

The video really needs to be subtitled (in English), and I don’t have time to do it. Besides, my command of the Lutonian language isn’t what it should be. So here’s what I propose: readers who can make out everything Tommy says, and have the time to do it, please send a TIMED transcript (or partial transcript), with times listed every 3-5 seconds. Vlad and I will do the rest.

Now listen to Tommy explain what everyone in Britain needs to know about Islam:

Matt Bracken also says: “Tommy is putting himself in Islam’s crosshairs, holding nothing back.”

Matt sends these relevant references, some of which Tommy used in his talk:

Oh Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives
to whom thou hast paid their dowries; and those
slaves whom thy right hand possess out of the
prisoners whom Allah has assigned to thee.
Quran 33:50

So enormous, so dreadful, so irredeemable did the
(slave) trade’s wickedness appear that my own
mind was completely made up for abolition.
— William Wilberforce

All married women are forbidden unto thee save
those captives whom thy right hand possess.
This is a decree of Allah for thee.
— Quran 4:24

You may choose to look the other way, but you
can never say again that you did not know.
— William Wilberforce

Slavery is part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad,
and jihad will remain as long as there is Islam.
— Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, Saudi religious leader

Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.
— George Santayana

13 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson in Sunderland: The Koranic Basis for Sex Slavery

  1. i have read koran as arabic language .it is full of hate,terror and abuse and fraud ;it is totaliarian finally

      • Islamic governmental country has a systematic terror and threatening plan to restrict and disable none muslims in the islamic country!.i will not die as part of that disgusting dirty hateful system!.you are still lucky that Muslims hasn’t lawful system for terror and still not to disable your freedom!.

  2. People in the UK are too frightened to put their heads above the parapet. If it isn’t islamic or leftist violence, then they are suppressed by their own Government’s hate speech laws. The UK has become a police state. As for Tommy, he is a very brave man whose days are probably numbered.

    • islam will attack you finally.don’t postpone that are still in free land!.carry and show comics of islamic holy character everywhere you are.

    • Well, many are turning up to hear him speak and to watch him on the internet. Maybe those who keep their heads below that parapet are just waiting for the right moment?

      The way things are going, we’ll soon find out.

  3. Gotta’ love Tommy. Great speech with the flavor of every
    man & his casual Stone Island patch.

  4. 4-verily, we created man in the best stature.
    5-then we reduced him to lowest of the low.
    6-save those who believe and do righteous deeds.then they shall have a reward without end.(surah 95)
    it is not complicated to see how much dirt koran is.
    the surah 95 is talking about racist ;it is completely obvious.first mentioning human is best creature ;and every one think best creature deserves respect and love ;but at last line quran explains the best creatures are just people who believe in Allah.all other people are the lowest of low and surely are pointless .
    Islam is abusing minds.

  5. Tommy better have armed security, theo van gogh? Pim fortuyn?

    The uk goverment need to be overthrown, its very very clear,

    whats it going to take to spark millions into the streets?

    Many in uk are already sheep, been brainwashed by marxist propaganda for many years being spread through traitor newspaper and traitor media, all designed to pacify the herd, these journalist must be hunted down and brought to book!

    Unbrainwashed Brits, whats left of them??? Maybe 30% of the population, of that only 5% who are able fit to fight, stilll a large number.

    Would the british army turn on and fire on there own people?? Under orders??

    I imagine a lot of members in uk armed forces must be waking up to these traitor media and political traitors who sold us all out to islam.

    What will be the end game??

    I can see in near future, meaning, “any day now”, just one more spark or 2 will set off major major bedlumb in the uk.

    I can see retaliation coming at last, muslims being murdered and mosques being burned, and massive riots against traitor cops, who using nazi hate speech laws to silence and control us. These laws must be recinded immediatly.

    Who is responsible for instigating such laws??? Its against free speech, totally totalitarian, police state.

    U can say what you want, think what u want, we fought already world wars to retain our freedom.

    Now we must fight again,

    this time not only against people who, like suicide bombers, have been brainwashed into believing the false utopian lies of socialism, left liberals, plus our own elected traitor leaders!, plus muslims, 1.5 billion, and the marxist commie thugs antifa nazis, we must annilate these traitors terrorists once for all!!!

    I say [intemperate recommendation], we must shut down islam once and for all, or humanity is doomed into becoming a real life “mad max version IV”
    at hands of a bunch of looneys worshipping a stupid book full of [effluvium]

    • None of your vision will come to pass as long as Eastenders and the Premier League are still on.

      By the time they go off the air, native Brits will be a tiny minority in their own country.

  6. If the loony Left and greedy Rightwing globalists can tell us that Islam is peaceable and feminist, then what lies can’t they sell?
    As a woman, I’m horrified at the primitive 7th century misogyny now being unleashed on the women of the West, but the sheer lying is the bigger issue. There is no point to democracy when the elites can censor truth and promote falsehoods to delude the voters. Telling the truth about hateful Islam is not an act of hatred. Exposing hatred is never hatred. Exposing incitements to violence is not an incitement to violence. Enough with the Orwellian doublespeak! Stand up for truth! If the powers-that-be can silence criticism of Islam, then they can imprison the whole world in self-serving totalitarian fictions. Truth Now!

    • You’re in good company, Alice. Sir Isaiah Berlin, who was smarter than most of us put together (and knew something about hatred, as a Jew and a gay man) said that bigotry against bigots is not bigoted.

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