The Grand Mufti: Airbrushed Out of German History

In the following video from Munich, Michael Stürzenberger interviews a woman who is protesting in front of the German museum of information about the Nazi period (NS-Dokumentationszentrum München). She carries a sign with a photo and text about the pact between the Nazis and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Her protest was prompted by the fact that there is nothing in the museum about the alliance between Hitler and the Mufti, nor about the Islamic support for and participation in the European Holocaust of the Jews.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Why are you here? I want to inform the
00:04   citizens of Munich that the real Nazis
00:08   worked together with the Muslims. There is silence about this.
00:12   Well, here we have the Grand Mufti
00:16   of Jerusalem with Adolf Hitler. They made a pact with each other.
00:20   Yes. The Mufti even got a mansion in Berlin
00:24   until 1945.
00:28   This Mufti lived in Berlin in a lovely mansion. Do you know what is there today?
00:32   No? It’s the Palace of the German President. Really?
00:37   He has a handsome predecessor, our President.
00:41   And our citizens should be informed about this.
00:45   This exhibition does not show it? Nothing to see, I didn’t see anything.
00:49   So the pact between the Nazis and Islam is kept secret? Yes.
00:53   They created a huge division
00:57   in Bosnia with this Mufti.
01:01   That’s the guy.
01:05   I think 25,000 Muslim ‘volunteers’
01:09   fought enthusiastically for the Nazis,
01:13   helping them to murder the Jews. But
01:18   strangely, this is kept secret.
01:22   And I’m also disturbed by the fact that nothing is said about the 17 million
01:26   (German) refugees, caused by the Nazis.
01:30   1945. Nothing about it – not a word?!
01:34   The only thing reported is what we did to the Jews,
01:38   but this too was against human rights. You have lost your home? Yes!
01:42   You were chased from your home? The ones who had worked this soil for centuries
01:46   had to leave their home overnight. Nothing is said about this.
01:51   Are you a refugee too? I am from the Sudetenland.
01:55   Not a refugee, “driven out of my home by force.”
01:59   That’s a difference. And do you know about this time,
02:03   the injustices during the forced displacement?
02:07   Especially also in Czechia?
02:11   Sudetenland? Yes of course….(inaudible)
02:15   they threw Germans off the bridges.
02:19   Germans, the …(unclear)
02:23   and then there is the Brno Death March.
02:27   And there is complete silence about this. And it should be mentioned.
02:32   Do you suspect all this is politically motivated?
02:36   It all comes from the Left. We are always
02:40   presented as “Nazis”. In Munich there is this leftist
02:44   groupthink dictatorship that defames
02:48   all right-populists, for example those who enlighten about Islam,
02:52   who do not conform to leftist thought, are now banned from pubs.
02:56   What do you think about this? Unbelievable this,
03:00   for me this is no longer democracy. Is this a continuation
03:04   of the DDR (East German regime)? Even worse than in the DDR.
03:08   So, show it again: Hitler sits peacefully with the Grand Mufti.
03:12   They also confirmed how similar the both ideologies are (Nazism and Islam).
03:17   And they admired each other.
03:21   They say the Mufti even had blue eyes,
03:25   and Hitler liked this, apparently.
03:29   And it’s also interesting that the Nazis claimed
03:33   to be of the Left. Leftist movement, Socialism.
03:37   National Socialism. Today that, too, is completely ignored
03:41   and kept quiet. There once was a great historical discussion about it.
03:45   And as soon as you explain Islam you are called a “Nazi”.
03:49   It’s standing things on their head, fully idiotic, just the exact opposite.
03:53   Those who support and propagate Islam are, in fact, the Nazis.
03:57   And that is what’s happening now. All Muslims are being promoted.
04:01   They get the red carpet treatment,
04:05   and I think we need to inform people better.
04:10   So, Munich becomes again capital of the movement, again the Left Groupthink dictatorship.
04:14   And again: the Pact with Islam.
04:18   Are you seeing yourself in the tradition of the resistance, that is, White Rose, Stauffenberg…
04:22   Sophie Scholl? Yes, of course, we must now really enlighten people
04:26   about the lies
04:30   and media manipulations,
04:34   even worse than under the Nazis, because now the technique
04:38   is much better. The Nazis only had the “Wochenschau” (weekly information program),
04:42   and now we are manipulated daily
04:46   via TV… Mass indoctrination, yes? Yes.
04:51   By the Left, who sit in every kind of media and in politics.
04:55   I read that 70% (of the Left) are in there.
04:59   And how do people react here, to your activity?
05:03   Yes. Some English people,
05:07   they also find it interesting.
05:11   But they tell me they are not “surprised”
05:15   when I tell them about the co-operation between Hitler and this
05:19   Mufti. What are they? Not surprised.
05:23   I believe that. But many don’t know it; it is kept secret.
05:27   One has to protect and pay court to Islam, wherever possible.
05:31   And now I think we really must attack this,
05:36   and we must enlighten the burghers of Munich, a kind of counter-movement.
05:40   A new counter-movement. I wish you lots of success.
05:44   Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “The Grand Mufti: Airbrushed Out of German History

  1. I am currently half way through the second volume of Shai ben-Tekoa’s “Phantom Nation.” which sets out clearly the role of Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in support of Hitler and the Nazi party and that Hitler made available to him a confiscated mansion in Berlin for his use. How has this information been kept from the public?

  2. …implicated as a leader of the 1920 Nebi Musa riots.
    …1921, appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem
    …1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine
    …fled palestine 1937, evading an arrest warrant
    …finally establishing himself in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany
    …collaborated with both Italy and Germany by making propagandistic radio broadcasts and by helping the Nazis recruit Bosnian Muslims for the Waffen-SS
    …opposed the 1947 UN Partition Plan

  3. Thank you Oz-Rita, for translating a compelling interview with information routinely suppressed by governments, news agencies and leftist academics. See also “The Turban and the Swastika” on youtube.

  4. Haj Amin founded Al Fatah/PLO with two ‘Lieutenants’ named Arafat and Abbas, they are still carrying on Hitler’s work today, still supported by ‘socialists’ all over the world.

    So to all those supporters of BSD against Israel, you know what you are don’t you; so we wish you happy goosestepping!

  5. I’ve been made aware of this not that long ago, I believe it was through Pamela Geller. I posted it to the Mensa Belgium Facebook group. Nobody much commented, except for one idiot who said that “even if it were true, it would be best not to publicize it to not further stigmatize and ostracize muslims, who already have enough of a hard time as it is”. Not nearly enough of a hard time as far as I’m concerned.

    • Of course, the fact that Israelis (Jews) have had an even harder time as a direct result, is of no consequence…..

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