The Truth is Out There

Our Israeli correspondent MC takes a look at the way the Coronamadness dovetails with Modern Multicultural Political Correctness.

The Truth is Out There

by MC

But it is obscured and obfuscated by the liars. “Follow the science” in newspeak rhetoric means ‘you are ignorant; we are wise — just do as we tell you and don’t complain’

As a decades long anti-vaxxer, am I ignorant or have I gone through the data for myself and decided that vaccines are neither ‘safe’ nor ‘effective’?

There is much room, and evidence to doubt both, but the vaccine thugs want to remove my right to make my own decision and coerce or trick me into taking the shot. And Kerching! goes the cash register.

Unfortunately, I do not believe in germ theory. Koch and Pasteur were successful mavericks, not scientists. The science was done by Béchamp, Royal and those others bravely studying pleomorphism against the medical establishment (the ability of bacteria to change according to the terrain).

If terrain theory is correct then most ‘treat the symptoms’ medicine is naïve and dangerous — Iatrogenic mistakes were the third-largest killer in the USA pre-Covid.

If you see the mechanic maintaining your car, and trying to start is by hitting it with a sledgehammer, you tend to ask him what he is doing (Some early gasoil tractors were actually started by screwing an explosive charge into the top of the cylinder and hitting the percussion cap with a hammer — hence the folklore — the DHC Chipmunk I learned to fly on was started with a shotgun cartridge with a striker).

I think the lockdown and the masks amply justify my view. Science has shown that not only are masks and lockdowns ineffective, they are actually both potentially dangerous, yet our illustrious leaders still persist in inflicting them on us. Are they ignorant or malicious? I don’t know; I suspect the latter.

In this video, the editor of the Australian Daily Mail is instructing his employees to ridicule and belittle anti-vaxxers wherever they find them — regardless, of course, of either people’s rights to make up their own minds, or of the truths that are already out there.

The mRNA covid ‘vaccines’ change the cells in the body such that instead of producing needed proteins, they produce Covid ‘spike’ proteins. These proteins escape into the bloodstream and attach to the endothelial cells that line blood vessels (ACE2 receptors). In small blood vessels known as capillaries this makes the inner surface very rough and the body assumes, quite rightly, that the capillary is damaged, so that the body’s own healing mechanisms, the platelets, are deployed. They thus rupture on collision with the spike, and cause a microscopic blood clot. Which is exactly what they are meant to do, but not in every capillary in the muscle/organ. That’s when people start dying.

Most survivable injuries are localized, but spike proteins are randomly distributed throughout the body, and instead of a few hundred blocked capillaries, we are looking at possibly millions, all at the same time, and upon their location — brain, heart kidney, liver — depends what damage is done, and some of the damage is permanent or even fatal.

So why do newspaper editors want us to volunteer for a potentially fatal jab? Is it sheer ignorance? Is in order to protect and enhance advertising revenue? Or is it something much more sinister?.

But then, why do our ‘betters’ fail to see the disruptive, murderous effect of mass Muslim immigration?

The methodology is the same: demonize the dissenters, shame them into abiding by the lies.

For lies are the bedrock of tyranny.

So we deceive them all into thinking ‘racism’ is a (thought) crime, that ‘capitalism’ is evil, that the bourgeoisie exploit the workers, that Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who cannot be criticized. Even that jooz own the world, run the Capitol and pretend that there was a holocaust.

And that left-wing tyranny is better….

We manipulate the statistics, where the study showed statins are really 1% effective (with side effects), we can say that their ‘relative’ effectiveness is 50% (2% as compared to 1%) and even the doctors are fooled — they are also not allowed to not be fooled on pain of removal of licence.

mRNA vaccines have a relative effectiveness of 95%, they have a real effectiveness of less than 1%, as is demonstrated by the number of ‘breakthrough’ cases — put down to a so-called ‘Delta’ (Indian) variant and blamed on the unvaccinated — exactly who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Fauci?

The Home Guard?

If said Fauci is responsible for ‘gain of function’, of suppressing HCQ and ivermectin, and promoting the mass vaccination with a toxic gene therapy, then he is worse than Hitler and his Aktion T4 programme.

Fauci is making war on innocent women and children, using fear as a weapon of mass destruction, and, in our complacency, and our obsession with our smart phones and the propaganda they thrust at us, he is going to get away with it.

When language ceases to describe truth, and only describes political fantasy we know we have a problem. So the reality ‘follow the fantasy’ becomes, in political speak ‘follow the science’, because whilst the real science says for example, masks are useless against covid infection, the political science says if we deprive the people of facial non-verbal communication they all effectively become autistic (stupid).

Mathematics as a skill teaches one to assess truth. Those of us who had a traditional math education had to learn to assess what constitutes a proof, what constitutes a possibility and the logic of identifying assumptions.

Wokism assumes that WASPs (and their joo allies) are responsible for inequalities of outcomes for African Americans. Is this a valid assumption? If one has the ability to do the analysis, then the assumption gets ragged, especially in the light of ‘Asian-American’ outcomes.

But hey, the liberal Left gave up on math in 8th grade because it is ‘racist’ (or because it has a need of ‘critical thinking’ to move past the 12-times table).

Last time I looked, my math textbooks did not magically detect an African American reader and make themselves more obscure. Math is math; it does not change, and this is probably why it is problematic to a wokist.

It is not the math that is ‘racist’, but maybe the perceived necessity to achieve a basic grade in math is a part of Western education and sets a very high hurdle for an average African American. Yet there is no ‘African’ education system as such, one that we cannot acknowledge without admitting to a racial inequality — math was not a priority in tribal Africa.

In many ways, math is the basis of the Enlightenment, logic and reasoning. Ignorance of math is soon followed by superstition, and it is superstition which is at the heart of wokery. Wokists believe in ‘equality’ and especially ‘equality of outcome’. If African Americans are not good at math, then somebody must be using magic and witchcraft against them, witchcraft conjured up by ‘whites’ to keep blacks down. Nah!

Left Liberals have long been prone to superstition, only we don’t call it that anymore. Robbing the ‘rich’ to give to the poor sounds good in adventure stories and Yogi Bear movies. But the bible says: “Thou shalt not steal”. Full stop. No ifs or buts; stealing is a crime.

The problem with institutionalized theft is the collateral damage that is done to wealth creation.

The Covid virus gave rise to a whole new family of superstitions, aided and abetted by those seeking a New World Order and an end to Trumpery. The first assumption we have to contend with is if there is such a thing as a virus. Virus, the Latin word, means ‘toxin’ and they are assumed to exist as external biological pathogens because it fits the medical fashion for the body being attacked by external ‘bugs’. But instead of questioning and research, there was a damaging series of (financially motivated) knee-jerks based more on emotion rather than any effective science.

We had to mask up, wearing chemically and biologically toxic masks that did not stop viruses because the hole size was such that it was like trying to build a mosquito net with chicken wire.

With these nasty accoutrements we torture in particular the children and the elderly, inducing hypoxia and skin rashes.

Hypoxia causes insulin to stop working, so blood sugar rises, causing complications with diabetes and other autoimmune conditions.

Enfilading the covid event, like the rogue’s yarn in a nylon rope, is the Covid newspeak. As so acutely observed by the late Roger Scruton, Newspeak is employed only when defending the indefensible. Covid was a non-disease hyped up to TEOTWAWKI* proportions for political and financial gain.

Somehow a disease with a 99.8 survival rate in the most vulnerable age group, and easily and effectively treated with safe, long-established medicines, cheaply available, has to be Bernays-ised into a standing tragedy and treated with dangerous, often fatal, experimental ‘vaccines’, vaccines supposedly developed and safety-tested over the course of just a few weeks…

There is indeed something rotten in the heart of Pfizerland.

I am told there is a statue that dominates the first sighting of America for those travelling by sea to arrive in New York. It is called the “Statue of Liberty” and for many immigrants, it was indeed a symbol of their first taste of liberty.

But what is liberty? The liberal left equates it with ‘equality’, and to them, equality is about equality of outcome. The statue is of the goddess of reason, and is actually a symbol of the French Revolution and its terror, where Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood became the justification for murder and tyranny.

Equality of outcome requires discrimination. Imagine apples being selected for Mama’s apple pie, some apples are crisp, fresh and sour, some pulpy and sweet and others are plain rotten. If we allow the rotten apples into the pie filling, it taints the finished product, and this is the overarching problem with equality of outcome.

In real life, rather than the idealism of politically religious utopianism, society is brought down to the level of the lowest common denominator. If you abandon a high quality of input, then the output, across the board will drop accordingly, as the fresh crisp apples in their turn become rotten.

Unfortunately, as the French found out, liberty and equality of outcome are mutually exclusive, and when implemented, the outcome is chaotic. The problems in revolutionary France stemmed from the huge discrepancy between rich and poor. In the USA, where equality of opportunity was there right from the start (although not perfect), the problems of skin colour had to be generated. The first African ‘slaves’ were indentured for seven years and then released as was the custom in the Virginia of the time; one even became a noted Judge.

Chattel slavery came later, and was not based on skin color, but on the status of the mother. Just ask Pudd’nhead Wilson

In French, the word ‘egalité’ implies justice, i.e. equality before the law (maybe equity would be a better word in English).

Enshrined in all these lofty sentiments is an overwhelming, and sometimes bestial desire to legitimize resentment (jealousy), to take what a successful person has achieved, usually by hard work, and redistribute it, and of course, at the same time, skim off a portion for oneself and one’s comrades.

Should a son be able to sell himself as a conduit to an influential father? Why not? It is a random asset like the raw IQ that I have sold to my employers for most of my life. But what is nasty, however, is when the said father pretends to represent all that is virtuous and benevolent…

Marxism establishes its own ‘scientific’ paradigm, that of a ‘social science’ which is self-validating, and thus cannot be challenged. It is not science in the understood sense of physics, chemistry, biology and math. As Roger Scruton points out, Marxism is yet another ‘magic’ circle of a creation myth. There are many Marxist and ex-Marxist states struggling to survive the ravages of pseudo-scientific (failed) ‘planned’ economies.

Marxists assume that the special knowledge of their particular (non) creation myth entitles them to reign over the lesser humans, and if necessary, enslave them to their needs.

Since all entities in a tyranny must be political in nature, and in accord with the objectives of the tyrannical elite, there can be no independent social intercourse between the ruled classes — all must be focused on the political needs of the elite. There can be no tradition, no gifting, no hospitality, no common worship or shared endeavor outside that of the sovereign power. Facemasks and social distancing are vital — just like the position of women in Islamic society, on pain of death.

Humans can achieve a synergy in which each loves his neighbor as himself, and even more if they are prepared to listen to their enemy’s point of view as well. In many ways we learn more about ourselves from our enemies than from our friends. Cancel culture stops this synergy dead in the water, and indeed may even sink the ship.

So ‘socialism’ is, in all truth, all about defining and exposing what is selfishly considered ‘anti-social’, and then generating hatred based upon fear of what is considered anti-social. Jews in pre-war Germany thought they were Germans and contributed to the entity that was the Germany of the time; this was the social bit, but the Nazis thought that they were the worst of the non-Aryans; they were ‘intelligent’ Untermenschen and thus dangerous, to be feared, hated and excluded rather than esteemed for their merits as assets to German society.

Socialism is a contradiction because it preaches theft, hate and disdain as a solution to social division.

The world of the ‘Social Justice Warrior’ is a world of conflict; fighting for peace and social justice, with the emphasis on the fight, because without the fight, the warrior is useless. So the last thing an SJW actually wants or needs is a peaceful solution to her stated problems. A ‘social organizer’ needs to take relative tranquility and make it turbulent, or else she is not ‘organizing’ and therefore cannot justify her existence. So the social (love thy neighbor) must become anti-social (hate thy neighbour [sic]). Ideology must always triumph over reality.

We have now had fifty years of ‘affirmative action’ (racism), and like all Marxist principles, it has failed to improve the lot of those deemed in need of affirmation. Under Marxism, it was assumed that capitalism would die a natural death because it would inevitably fail. It did not; in fact it was quite the opposite and the ‘workers’ prospered. Under it. So Lenin and his cohorts had to TAKE power in a coup d’état and forcibly destroy capitalism in a long exercise that killed hundreds of millions of people and re-established Russian feudalism for yet another 80-year iteration.

The inherent oxymoron in the idea of ‘socialism’ means that socialists always have to lie to their victims; they have to promise a utopia that they cannot deliver because they rely on hate and exclusion. The ‘socialism’ we read of in the Book of Acts was based on loving thy neighbor, inclusion and a commonality of belief (in Torah). Peter did not have to kill Ananias and Saphira, the Holy Spirit did. Lenin and Stalin built their Communist society upon a basis of hate and turned their supporters into slavers and murderers. ‘Make love not War!’ (or suffer the punishment for disobedience).

Fauci knows best. There is no room for negotiation or an equitable solution, only compliance, because the ‘science’ is ‘settled’…

Take the ‘vaccine’ (and die), or be excluded from ‘society’ — nice choice, people.

Welcome to the great reset fantasy world — please wait whilst we record your coffin size.

* TEOTWAWKI — The End Of The World As We Know It.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

15 thoughts on “The Truth is Out There

  1. Sidenote:


    A weird new language has been spread all over the world since the beginning of 2020. Cult-like expressions that carry the smell of prisons, Gulags and Nazi concentration camps have been invented and pushed down our throats by the media and politics. Numerous people have pointed out, for example, that “lockdown” belongs to the prison vocabulary. Prisons and concentration camps have always had their own language. And it works the other way around too: artificial language can help create prison societies.

    Even if it was medically necessary to force the healthy population into literal house arrests, in case the word reflected the purpose of medical emergency then instead of “lockdown” there would be something like “mass-quarantine” in use. Likewise, if the intentions behind the word “restrictions” reflected a benign purpose then they would be called “protective measures”, “healthcare measures” or something like that. The idea that something is “strict” is more from the realm of pedagogy, policing and animal training than healthcare.

    Not that totalitarian euphemism is missing from Their arsenal: the “Great Reset” is, already in its name, a smokescreen like the “Great October Socialist Revolution”. Just like the “New Normal”, “Build Back Better” and so on. Bloody obvious commie camouflage.

    The globalists have always been using the language as a weapon — and it has worked. But since the Great Psyop broke out They have dramatically ramped up their efforts to reshape our world through language, too. The introduction of the PLANGUAGE has deep psychological and social effects that have resulted in changing the society for the worse.

    We must claim back the language to repair the damage.

    • Do Not Believe Them and MC, there is a military building complex here in Upland, CA on 7th Street just east of Grove Avenue that is the western headquarters for Psychological Operations, or PsyOps if you wish. I worked on the place about 40 years ago as a carpenter. The personnel were still there working out of a trailer. They let a couple of their printed sheets fall out of one of their folders and I had the opportunity to pick them up and read them prior to quickly disposing of them while I was working. What was typewritten was frightening to say the least.
      Fast forward to today’s shenanigans and it would seem that they are believing now the BS that they wrote 40 years ago. Thank you but I do not care to join them in their underland as Tim Burton had Johnny Depp say,
      “We’re all in underland.” Jah! Alles en Underland! Sieg Hell!

        • It has been more than 40 years. All I can remember was something about public perception management and basic tenets maintenance. Ronald Reagan was campaigning against Jimmy Carter and their campaign was reminiscent of Biden v. Trump, only much more polite, at least on the surface.

      • Civilian language: Framing, nudging
        Military language: Psychological Warfare

        But it is all the same.
        And right now we are all the victims of such an attack.

        But some resist. They know of tyranny and free will.

  2. This essay is hard to understand. Example:
    “Wokism assumes that WASPs (and their joo allies) are responsible for inequalities of outcomes for African Americans. Is this a valid assumption? If one has the ability to do the analysis, then the assumption gets ragged, especially in the light of ‘Asian-American’ outcomes.”

    As I understand it, assumptions are either true or false, not valid or invalid; validity applies to reasoning, whether the conclusion follows from the premises. What does it mean to “rag” an assumption? What are these ‘Asian-American’ outcomes?

  3. Interesting indeed, though the evidence is that having had the jab, I’m less likely to die if I catch Covid.

    Nice to see the Chipmunk- I have fond memories of them from my time in the Air Cadets in my teens.

    • Mark, that is totally incorrect.

      Please allude to the non existent evidence you quote.

      If Israel has “vaxxed” 90% of their population as claimed, then why are 95% of people in hospital with hospital double vaxxed and worried in the MIDDLE OF SUMMER?

      I could say much more but perhaps you should simply look up Dr Ryan Cole’s recent address to the white coat summit. Pay particular attention to not only what happens to people’s cells who take this poison, but the numbers he mentions and the increase in cancers.

    • I flew that particular Chipmunk from Plymouth airport in 1972, as part of the ‘Dartmouth squadron’, we also had a ‘Wasp’ helicopter but I never got to pilot that one.

      I have heard that the vax mitigates the disease, but I have not seen any stats on it, but I know of several people who are still suffering side effects long after taking the (Pfizer) Jab. It is a sort of Russian Roulette, the production of the spike protein was supposed to be localized at the point of the injection, but in some cases this did not happen and the spike proteins spread through the lymphatic system and into the blood stream.

      This is what happens if one makes assumptions and then cuts corners on testing. You probably took the AZ product which does not produce the spike factory in the same way as the mRNA products, it still swamps the body with spike proteins but it is RR with a 9 shot .22 rather than a 6 shot .45….

    • The difference in your chance of death is miniscule. In cooperating with the COVID totalitarians, your chance of having a life not worth living just increased.

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