West Side Story, Swedish Style

Most gang violence in Modern Multicultural Sweden that does not include rape involves enricher-on-enricher attacks. Knives, machetes, guns, AK-47s, hand grenades — the lethality of the gangs’ arsenals increases in direct proportion to the density of cultural enrichment in the no-go zones.

The following incident in the southern Swedish city of Linköping is a case in point. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Gang shooting in Linkoping— Two youths injured

August 5, 2021

Around 7 pm, on Thursday evening, a gun battle broke out in the immigrant-dense, problem area of Berga in Linköping. When police arrived at the scene, they found two young men with gunshot wounds who were then taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The shooting took place near the Berga town center. Four or five shots were reportedly fired in rapid succession, and after a short pause, more shots. The condition of the two wounded youths is listed as critical.

Police have closed off the scene and are classifying the incident as attempted murder. A large number of people reported witnessing the incident. They will now be interviewed by police concerning their observations.

Nobody has yet been arrested for the act, and police at this time do not wish to comment on whether they have any suspects.

Several crime and problem areas in Linköping

Residents in the area with whom media have spoken report that insecurity has dramatically increased in the last ten years. Shootings are now an everyday occurrence, and as recently as May of this year, a person was shot to death in the area in a similar incident. In August, a person was shot in the head in the same area.

Immigrant-dense Berga is struggling with major problems of criminality and anti-social behavior and has occasionally been on the police list of “vulnerable areas”, similar to the Ryd area. An area that is still found on the list and judged to be even more crime and problem-heavy is Skäggetorp, which is listed as “especially vulnerable”.

Last year police decided to install extra camera surveillance, deploying drones in the area with a focus on the center, where Thursday’s shooting took place. However, the operation was stopped in January, and there are no drone images that can help police in the current investigation.

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  1. It seems that many immigrant areas have a problem with crime. It is really sad that the refugees fled war zones just to be afflicted by criminal Swedes.

    • Broken up that they’re only wounded, of course.

      Sounds like a new career opportunity with unlimited growth potential; teaching young orclings from various Orcistans how to use the sights on their assorted small arms. I did say “growth potential”. Even if lethality was significantly improved, European elites and their useful idiots are still importing new orcs faster than they can be killed by one another.

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