Sderot: Day Eleven

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends a new report that includes new material on yesterday’s missile attack on Sderot. (Previously: Day 1, Day 2, Days 3 and 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 10.)

Sderot: The two photos above show damage caused by Palestinian missiles on May 19, 2021.

Sderot: Day Eleven

by MC

Quiet so far. I have to go to Ashdod today. Like the Baron I have eye trouble, but mine is glaucoma, and the consultant has to decide how to treat it.

Last night’s missile attack was the closest yet. I walked down there this morning and took some photos, old-fashioned Olympus in hand…

There were about three (maybe more) missiles, and some Iron Dome intercepts, but from what I can make out, two landed.

The nearest hit the road about a yard away from a parked car. Two ambulances took away local people. I assume they were suffering from shock; it was all very loud.

The electricity went out, but dinner was on the gas stove, so that was OK, and we were only about two hours without power.

In the photos you can see the scarring in the road and the shrapnel damage to the cars around.

I would emphasise that this is a residential area of a small city (a small town by UK standards), and that Hamas is so beloved of Sleepy Joe and his Democrat friends. The House voted to continue to allow unrestricted financial support for Hamas by third parties (Sweden, Norway the EU and Qatar).

So you see pictures here of an acceptable war crime. It is acceptable to the Left because they are the ‘Fourth Reich’ and the immolation of Jews, any Jews, is acceptable. Joe is no Adolf; he is more like a Goering, a cruel bumptious useful idiot.

Tyranny is as tyranny does, so we have censorship, we have travel restriction via a reisepass:

We have political prisoners from 6th January, political murders, sanctioned shooting of dissenters (Jan 6th), crippling tax hikes and ‘Strength through Joy’ for the chosen few.

I wonder what today will be like. We have roads closed all around. Getting to the hospital may be difficult, because Ashdod is under fire, too.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

8 thoughts on “Sderot: Day Eleven

  1. When Trump cut off the free jihad money to those GD savages the intifada died down and you didn’t hear a damn peep from those sub human muslims. As soon as OBiden opened the money spigot the shooting starts.

  2. “…pictures here of an acceptable war crime.” (?) Couple of Pipe Bombs (that’s all those “Rockets” really are) Couple of Cars damaged, Couple of Old Folks (or snowflakes) “Shocked”. “Shocked, I say.”

    In the U.S this is considered Vandalism.

    Now, compare this to the Military Bombs, Shells and Rockets being used to Obliterate entire Blocks (residents and all) by the Zionist ‘military’ (That still has not gone “House-to-House” in pursuit of the accused Rocket -Firers.

    [miscellaneous Jew-hatred redacted]

    • Yes, that is 50% of the truth……

      It is the bits that you leave out that gives the lie to your comment.

    • You, “Gryphon” spectacular [epithet], are exactly the textbook case of why Israel is wrong. Israel is wrong in that it should fulfill the dreams of yours and your ilk. Israel should, as per you, “obliterate entire blocks (residential and all)”. You are already castigating Israel of doing something which it actually is not doing at all. Israel is already being demonized in every public forum, digital, diplomatic and mainstream media, like this [epithet] above shows, of doing so. That’s why it’s urgent that Israel just goes ahead and carpet bombs all of Gaza city Dresden-style, like the allies did to the German cities back in 1944-45. Gaza is an entitity at war with Israel. Gaza is an evil terror-state that wants its children murdered. Gaza can fire a round of 4000 random misiles against Israel and it should do so unmolested, as per the antisemitic Europeans, United Nations and Democrat caucus in the US Congress. Israel is already labeled as a “child murderer” everywhere. So the stigma is already there. Israel must make good on the MSM and assorted antisemites lies. Israel must level Gaza city and Khan Yunis and set them in ruins. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the way to destroy its enemies once and for all. It’s the way to show the blood-thirsty muslim who can be as blood-thirsty as they are. It’s the way to show might among cowardly muslims, who by the way only understand this message. It’s the way to force the civilian population in Gaza (if there really is one) to show the boot to its bloody cache of cruel rulers and get rid of them. It’s the way to motivate hundreds of thousands of unruly muslims to flee Gaza out to muslim-loving cities and countries like Germany, Malmo, Britain and Dearborn. Or muslims are only allowed to flee into Europe and Canada if they leave Syria or Somalia? Let the “refugee-welcome” crowds in California and NYC receive tens of thousands of sickening, primitive, antisemitic Gaza muslims to increase the ranks of the antisimetic hordes already there. They deserve them.

    • Gryphon, War crime you say? LOL It’s called warfare, as it always has been since time immortal. I only fault the Israeli’s for not going far enough and end this bloody islamic scourge once and for and make gaza abloody parking lot. There is no peace without total Victory and only then it lasts about 25 years before the new generation wants a go and forgets what happened to their fathers.

  3. Why are American tax dollars going to support terror regimes? Answer: the DemoNazi Party is a terrorist regime. They seized power through a fraudulent election with international conspirators.

    God bless Israel and America.

  4. I just learned that the Palis have prevailed . They always declare victory when an opponent ceases fire. Read Leon Uris’s Hadsch.

  5. The even more disgusting aspect of the Gazan animals launching Ayyash 120-250 rocket artillery barrages on civilians, the elderly, women and children is reading, listening and watching the animals who defend their fellow death cult cowards. If you think a 122mm rocket is a pipe bomb then you’ve just qualified yourself as an [epithet] to boot. Such are the people who defend the animals that are supplied by the enemy of the American people, the Islamic Republic of Iran who daily chant “death to America, death to Israel. Whose proxy army is attacking the Jewish people and their businesses right now on our own American streets while their allies in the US Congress give them aid and comfort while only showing condemnation towards the men whose families are under daily Grad rocket artillery barrage in Israel.

    We also know that this is only a prelude for the Ezekiel 38-39 war about to be unleashed on Israel and most likely the United States of America as well. But it will also mark the end of those armies on Israel’s northern mountains just as it was described [Ezekiel 38.18-23, Revelation 6.12-17]. It will also mark the end of the Deep State Harlot who are now hiding behind a few divisions of troops since January 6. Because they have already declared their war against the American people and their Constitutional Republic. It will also herald the beginning of the false peace, the first 3-1/2 years of Daniel’s 70th Week [Revelation 8.1, 17.12]. But then hey, you’re merely doing what the living God of Israel told you to do [Ezekiel 38.4,10,17, 39.1-5]

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