Sderot: Day Two

Below is MC’s report on the second day of the Hamas missile attack on Sderot (and points north). Previously: Day One.

Sderot: Day Two

by MC

It was a noisy night. Early this morning we had three volleys come in, the first of about a dozen missiles which all missed, and a second volley where Iron Dome took out those on course to hit the city.

Sderot is one of the best-protected of Israeli cities, last time I went down to the site last week; there were three Iron Dome Launchers.

They (Hamas) have dared to fire missiles at Tel Aviv — the left-wing bubble. So now it gets serious, one cannot befoul the sacred socialist ground of secular Israel without consequences.

Politically it is all up in the air — we await government action, but government is in flux. The politicians don’t want Bibi Netanyahu to be Prime Minister, even though his party got the largest chunk of the vote. I assume that the next step will be the concentrating of forces around Gaza. The buildup to another limited invasion which will kick the can down the road.

The New York Times is distorting things, as usual. Although the excuse is supposedly about Muslims paying rent to Jews in East Jerusalem, it is really about the supposed ‘election’ in the Palestinian Authority areas which the PA cancelled when they realized they were going to lose. Cancelling the election means that Hamas has to make a show of force, and here we are.

Because the Biden administration is weak, and limited by the innate anti-Semitism of a woke Democratic party, Hamas can attack Israel to demonstrate its worthiness to lead the Palestinian cause. Some people find it very difficult to understand that it only takes one bully to make a war. The victim is then forced to defend or surrender/appease.

Israel cannot surrender and cannot appease. Nobody wants six million Jewish refugees, and there is no point in doing a deal with any Muslim because they are not bound by deals with infidels.

So Hamas picks the soft target, and hopes that world public opinion will keep Israel on a short leash. Ireland is already playing the game, and I am sure others will soon follow.

In the meantime we find Hamas firing an anti-tank missile at a military Jeep across the border, killing one person and injuring two more. This would be a war crime — except that those killed are Jews, so it does not matter to the deep state swamp monsters.

Can one imagine Cuba sending missiles over to Florida? What would President Trump do? What would ‘President’ Biden do?

With that thought, I leave you to wonder what our esteemed leaders will do. Politically, Israelis don’t want another Cast Lead or Pillar of Cloud compromise. This dog must be put down.

Hamas headquarters is under a hospital. Shame, that. Their choice, their war crime…

Note on the photo above: This shows a hit on a brand new apartment block — about 40 missiles came over; three landed as far as I can make out. This is a new tactic to swarm Iron Dome. There were seven casualties in the apartment block, including a small boy who is critical.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

3 thoughts on “Sderot: Day Two

  1. There is no such damn thing as war crimes, there is only war, period! The fact you Jews never fight these GD savages to total victory really chaps my backside to no end. Line up your artillery and mow the bloody lawn, use some willie pete to make it really interesting. It is too bad you can use some old battleships with 15-16 inch guns lobbing volkswagens to really scare the allah(devil) out of them. Once the urban renewal of Gaza is complete, open up the worlds greatest beach resort.

  2. I remember sending contributions for pizzas for the Israeli forces during the, I think, last conflict with the muslims. It may have been a publicity stunt but it was a way to show whose side I’d take in any war with muslims.
    I’d do the same again.

    • In 2012 some of the reserves arrived without the logistics backup, and did not get food for 3 days, the people of Sderot mobilised to get Pizzas down there. In Cast Lead, a few years latter we pre-empted the situation and several of the synagoges and the amutars did runs down the Gaza envelope with food and cool drinks. Hands of Mercy, which organized it then is no longer in Sderot, their director. a USMC vet had a fatal heart attack a few years ago. I am unaware of anything yet organized for the soldiers.

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