Open Letter From Active-Duty French Soldiers: “Civil unrest is simmering in France and you know it perfectly well”

Below is a second open letter from members of the French military, this time from active-duty servicemen and -women. It takes courage to sign one’s name to such a document and be willing to face the disciplinary consequences.

This letter serves as a sequel to one signed by retired generals that was published a couple of weeks ago. The text was once again posted at Valeurs Actuelles. It’s not clear how many signatories it had, but I’ve read that there were 2,000.

Once again we owe a debt of gratitude to Nathalie for the translation:

Mr President,
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ministries, members of Parliament, general officers, and to all whom it may concern

The seventh stanza of La Marseillaise[1], known as “the children’s stanza” is no longer sung, though it has much to teach us. Let it speak for itself:

“For when we enlist as soldiers, our elders will have departed
There, shall we find their dust and the traces of their virtues
We hanker less to survive them than share their resting place
We shall have the sublime pride of avenging them or joining them in death”

Our elders are combatants who have earned respect. They are, for example, those old warriors whose honour you have trampled in the past few weeks. It is those thousands upon thousands who served France, who signed a tribune full of common sense, those soldiers who gave the best years of their lives to defend our freedom, obeying your orders, to wage your wars or implement your budgetary restrictions, whose honour you have defiled even when the people of France offered them their full support. Those people who fought against all the enemies of France; you called them factious when their only crime was to love their country and weep over her all too obvious decline.

In those conditions, it behooves us who have recently entered into a military career to step into the limelight and tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

We are those whom the news outlets named the “Generation of Fire[2]“. We are military men and women, on active duty, from all ranks and forces and with the widest range of opinions, and we love our country. This is our only pride. And even as the law forbids us to express ourselves openly, nonetheless we cannot remain silent.

Afghanistan, Mali, the Central African Republic, or elsewhere, a number of us has come under enemy fire. Some have lost comrades. They have risked their skins to destroy the Islamic foe you bend over backwards to accommodate on our soil.

Most of us have taken part in Operation Sentinel[3]. We saw with our own eyes the abandoned “banlieues”[4]; we have witnessed the permissive tolerance of the authorities for crime and delinquency. We have been targeted by several religious communities who sought to use us as their own instrument and for whom France means nothing, nothing but an object of derision, something to be loathed and even hated.

We marched on the 14th of July[5] in the military parade. And for months the authorities demanded that we be wary of this well-meaning, diverse crowd, which was cheering us because we represent them; we were forbidden to wear our uniforms whilst on the streets, making us into potential victims, on a soil we are nonetheless perfectly able to defend.

Yes, our elders are right, and their whole letter is right, in its entirety. We witness the violence in our cities and in our villages. We can see communitarianism[6] becoming entrenched in the public space and in public debates. We can see the hatred of France and her history becoming the norm.

You might argue that it is not within the remit of the military to state these truths. But it is: because our situational observations are apolitical , our assessments are always professional. We have witnessed this disintegration in countries in crisis. It is a sign of a looming collapse. It forecasts chaos and violence, and contrary to what you insist on affirming in a variety of media outlets, it won’t be coming from “a military pronunciamento” but from a civil insurrection.

To quibble over the form of the tribune written by our elders instead of admitting the obvious truth of their statements, one must be a lily-livered coward. To invoke a badly-interpreted duty of confidentiality, with the sole aim of silencing French citizens, one must be deceitful. To encourage senior army officers to take a stand and make their names known to all before furiously imposing sanctions as soon as they write something other than stories of battles, one must be quite perverse.

Cowardice, deceit, perversion: this is not our vision of a hierarchy. The army is quite the reverse, a place where truth is spoken because we’ve committed our lives to it. It is this trust in the armed forces that we call for with our hearts.

And if a civil war were to break out, the armed forces would maintain order on domestic soil, because they will be asked to. It is the very definition of a civil war. No one can wish for so terrible a scenario to unfold, neither we nor our elders, but we must stress, again, that civil unrest is simmering in France and you know it perfectly well.

The cry of alarum sounded by our old veterans is an echo of more distant times.
They are the resistance fighters of 1940, whom people like you often called factious as they carried on fighting when the legalists, frozen in fear and quaking in their boots, were gambling on making a deal with the devil, to try and minimise damages.
They are the Poilus[7] of 1914, who would die for a few yards of soil, when you are abandoning, without batting an eyelid, whole neighbourhoods to the law of the jungle. They are the departed, either famous or without a name, fallen on the battlefields or after a life dedicated to serving in the armed forces.

Have all our elders, who made our country what it is, who defined her territory, defended her culture, gave or received orders in her language, have they all fought for you to let France turn into a failed state, one which is replacing the ever-increasing and obvious impotence of the state with a brutal tyranny against those of her servants who would still warn her?

Your remit is to act, Ladies and Gentlemen. And this time, we don’t mean a display of fake emotion, ready-made clichés or media exposure. This is not about your trying to remain in office and get re-elected. The stakes could not be higher: the survival of France is at stake: will our country, your country tumble into oblivion?


1.   the French national anthem
2.   la génération du feu
3.   opération Sentinelle
4.   US: The projects; UK: Sink estates
5.   Bastille Day
6.   Communautarisme: basically, an attack on all Western values and a low-level asymmetric war to wrench territories from the French and establish alien fiefdoms. All institutions are infiltrated and corrupted from within.
7.   Poilus: French soldiers of WWI, so named because they couldn’t shave.

10 thoughts on “Open Letter From Active-Duty French Soldiers: “Civil unrest is simmering in France and you know it perfectly well”

  1. For several decades Spanish marxist terrorists crossed the border to France because it was a safe-heaven where they were not actively persecuted. In those times the Spanish military and security forces were also attacked in the streets, and their killers were able to move freely in France. This only change when one of these terrorists killed a French Gendarme at a police checkpoint. I am not glad that they now get some of their own medicine, but they certainly had this coming.

    • You talk so seriously. Part of freedom is not being overly controlling. It was up to Spain to fight their war and France to preserve normality at the time in question.

  2. 120 US Generals and Admirals now have done the same thing. What I am absolutely finding fascinating is the leftist traitors and their NWO masters are now in complete panic mode. The fun and games are about to begin.

    • Dont hope too much.
      Unless they act I dont trust them. Or as we like to say: Much smoke but nothing substantiel.

      • The opening salvo has been shot across the bows of state, the state cannot arrest and charge these guys without the military going for broke and doing what they will eventually be forced to do anyway. As we say in the US, where there is smoke, there is fire.

  3. Panic mode? I doubt it. That’s why the Pentagon brass are currently undertaking a purge. Within a year only SJWs will remain among the rank and file enlisted folk.

    And if the generals ever command the troops to fire on a crowd of fellow citizens? The outcome will be totally different after a year of Biden.

    Of fun and games there will be none. The future is grim.

    • Yes! Panic mode! Because the govt cannot move against the military without the military doing what they will be forced to do anyway(Europe). As for the US? The leftist marxist abomination happening to the military can only go on for so long before it collapses and the guys who were thrown out take over again, thus righting all in the world. Anyway you cut it, war within our western nations is inevitable. So embrace the suck, nobody lives forever. The future is bright for those who embrace it. Semper Fi !

  4. France is a Marxist-Islamic pressure cooker. The lid is fixed and the fire gets hotter and hotter under the cooker — what can we expect? Most of the ingredients will get overcooked before the cooker blasts. The above letter is just a bit of steam leaving through the pressure valve making a short, whistling noise. But they will shut the valve too.

    The country will explode, and it will erase Europe.

    • It won’t erase Europe, it will define it, for nationalism on steroids is coming and the age of the strong and most ruthless will rule and the weak shall serve or perish, it is as old as time. Think Franco and Pinochet.

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