French Generals: If Nothing is Done, Civil War Will Come

On April 21 an open letter signed by twenty retired French generals was published. It warns about the imminent danger to the Republic if action is not taken to reverse the establishment of areas of France that are no longer governed by French law.

The first of the signatories is none other than General Christian Piquemal, the former commander of the Foreign Legion. Longtime readers will remember Gen. Piquemal from back in 2016, when he was arrested after speaking at a PEGIDA rally in Calais. Some sort of pressure was brought to bear against him — I suspect threats against family members — and he was forced to recant his remarks. However, he didn’t retire permanently from the Counterjihad scene, and spoke out again in 2017.

See these previous posts about Gen. Piquemal:

Last week’s open letter has been published at a number of French-language websites; the version below was translated from a copy posted at Valeurs Actuelles.

The original is in the grandiloquent formal style that the French reserve for important and solemn occasions. A machine translation doesn’t do justice to it, so I’ve been waiting for a manual translation by a native speaker. The translator remarked that “A machine translation would have produced two big contresens and a rather flat style.”

We owe Nathalie a debt of gratitude for undertaking this major translation:

Mr. President,
Ladies and gentlemen of the government,
Ladies and gentlemen of the Parliament,

The hour is one of great peril: France is in the greatest danger and she is assailed on all sides by a number of mortal threats. We, who, though retired, shall ever remain soldiers sworn to our duty to France, cannot remain indifferent to the fate of our beautiful country.

Our tricolour flags aren’t mere pieces of cloth, they symbolise the tradition of those who, across the ages, and whatever their faiths and colour of their skin, have served France and given their lives for her. On those flags are written in letters of gold these words: “Honour and Fatherland”[1]. Our honour today lies in the denunciation of the crumbling disintegration of our motherland.

— A disintegration whose only goal, via a certain anti-racism, is to create on our soil a discontent, even a hatred between communities. Today, some speak of racialism, indigenism[3], de-colonial[4] theories; but through those words we know them: racial war is the ultimate aim of those hateful fanatics. They hold our nation in utter contempt; they loathe her culture, her traditions and want to see her crumble to dust by annihilating her Past and her History. That is why they are so keen, through the destruction of statues, on besmirching great soldiers and statesmen of old, by analysing words that were written centuries ago.

— A disintegration of the land itself, where Islamists and the hordes from the Projects[5] carve out their own territories where our Constitution is disregarded and alien dogmas hold sway. Yet each and every Frenchman, whatever his belief or non-belief, should be able to call every inch of the territory home; there cannot and must not be any town, any neighbourhood where the law of the land no longer applies.

— A disintegration, for hatred triumphs over fraternity when, as the French people, wearing yellow jackets, demonstrate in the streets to express their despair, the authorities wield the forces of law enforcement as auxilliary forces and scapegoats.

This when hooded agents provocateurs smash shops and sometimes threaten these same police forces. Even though the latter are acting under the orders, sometimes contradictory, of you who give those directives.

The menace grows more formidable, and violence grows stronger with each passing day. Who could have predicted ten years ago that a teacher would one day be beheaded as he left work? But we, who serve the Nation, who have always been ready to lay down our lives for her, as our duty demanded of us as soldiers, cannot possibly remain idle spectators when faced with such acts.

It is thus the duty of those who govern our country to gird their loins and eradicate those perils. To do so often requires nothing more than enforcing existing laws, without pusillanimity. Do not forget that, like us, an overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens are angered by your shilly-shallying and your guilty silences.

As Cardinal Mercier, Primate of Belgium stated: “When prudence reigns supreme, courage lies supine.”[2] Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to stop dithering; the hour is grave; the work to be done is herculean: do not play for time, and know that we are ready to support those in government who would take into consideration the safeguarding of our nation.

If, on the other hand, nothing is done, if things are allowed to continue unhindered, laxity will continue to spread inexorably throughout society, resulting ultimately in an eruption and the intervention of our comrades still on active duty, in a dangerous mission to protect the values of our civilisation and to protect our compatriots on the national territory.

The time for tergiversation has passed. If nothing is done, tomorrow civil war will put an end to this ever-increasing chaos, and the responsibility for the thousands who will die will be laid at your feet.


  • Général de Corps d’Armée (ER) Christian PIQUEMAL (Légion Étrangère)
  • général de Corps d’Armée (2S) Gilles BARRIE (Infanterie)
  • général de Division (2S) François GAUBERT ancien Gouverneur militaire de Lille
  • général de Division (2S) Emmanuel de RICHOUFFTZ (Infanterie)
  • général de Division (2S) Michel JOSLIN DE NORAY (Troupes de Marine)
  • général de Brigade (2S) André COUSTOU (Infanterie)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Philippe DESROUSSEAUX de MEDRANO (Train)
  • général de Brigade Aérienne (2S) Antoine MARTINEZ (Armée de l’air)
  • général de Brigade Aérienne (2S) Daniel GROSMAIRE (Armée de l’air)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Robert JEANNEROD (Cavalerie)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Pierre Dominique AIGUEPERSE (Infanterie)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Roland DUBOIS (Transmissions)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Dominique DELAWARDE (Infanterie)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Jean Claude GROLIER (Artillerie)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Norbert de CACQUERAY (Direction Générale de l’Armement)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Roger PRIGENT (ALAT)
  • général de Brigade (2S) Alfred LEBRETON (CAT)
  • médecin Général (2S) Guy DURAND (Service de Santé des Armées)
  • contre-amiral (2S) Gérard BALASTRE (Marine Nationale).


1.   “Honneur et Patrie”
2.   “Quand la prudence est partout, le courage n’est nulle part.” The word-for-word translation is: “When prudence is everywhere, courage is nowhere.”
3.   There’s no good synonym in English for indigénisme.
4.   The enemies of civilisation do love their ugly words. I suppose it means to remove anything that’s remotely European.
5.   English: sink estates, French: banlieues.

16 thoughts on “French Generals: If Nothing is Done, Civil War Will Come

  1. The military threw down the gauntlet and the politicians are now in panic mode, for if they move against the Generals, it gives them the excuse to take over, bloody brilliant!~

  2. “A disintegration of the land itself, where Islamists and the hordes from the Projects[5] carve out their own territories where our Constitution is disregarded and alien dogmas hold sway.”

    Sounds just like the US:

    A disintegration of the land itself, where Islamists in places like Minnesotastan and the hordes from BLM and antifa carve out their own territories (CHOP and CHAZ) where our Constitution is disregarded by the Democrat imposters in government and illegal aliens crossing our southern border at will, waving not US flags, but flags of Mexico and Guatemala, hold sway.

  3. ‘When prudence reigns supreme, courage lies supine.”Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to stop dithering; the hour is grave; the work to be done is herculean…”‘

    This is what needs to be heard from politicians on the right in the U.S., for the situation here is nearly as grave.

    Sadly, as was seen last night in the halls of Congress, those politicians don’t even have the courage to remove useless, kabuki theater face masks.

  4. French Generals: If Nothing is Done, Civil War Will Come”

    Rarely self-inflicted bitter and deadly situation like that in France, Sweden and Britain, as well as other countries, seldom have been solved by prudence, discernment, wisdom, and accumulated knowledge from past experiences of life.

    If those creatures who we call humans were discreet and heady and not selfish, they would not have let things to get so bad and unsolvable without bloodshed.

    Human being are strange and behave strangely, weirdly to the point of being their own enemy, and when someone makes them aware of their stupidity , they fly into your face in a rage. Very strange. How they cannot see the problem when you see it, is unbelievable. Beyond belief or understanding

    UN, EU and other international institutions, and NGOs were established and I remember when we were in grade 9 , how proud we were of our politicians, and how assuring these institutions were to keep peace.

    Today all these establishments are catalysts for establishing seeds for civil wars in every single western country. Inevitable.

    The reason dishonesty, selfishness, dishonorable politicians, who import invaders to get votes and sacrifice the nation and the sheeple for getting elected.

    When someone is elected and wants members of his/her party join the executive cabinet, he said, ” If you don’t obey my orders in serving islam, and building mosques, and doing everything to help establish shariah, then don’t bother apply.”

    no honor, no morals, no conscience. Hence no law. then destruction.

    • Jail these military Generals and it gives the military the excuse they need, watch to see if the Legion gets deployed mainland, that is when things get fun.

      • From the very islam oriented and owned BBC News: “The French armed forces begin to prepare for the return of a great conflict. The entire French military capability on a scale that has not been tested in decades”

  5. What a neighbour told my sister in Rambouillet, the small town where an Arab from Tunisia slaughtered an employee of the police station last week (Rambouillet is a town with little to no infestation and access to old parts of France (walks in woods, old farms, château): “We will end up with having to set up militias to protect ourselves..”
    You think?
    The rot is everywhere, and no where is safe.
    They pounce on every one who is on their own or is perceived as easy prey: children, young teenagers, old women, frail old men, young women who are too drunk to resist kidnapping off the streets.
    Posted today on a British forum: Pubs have reopened in Soviet-UK, and patrons enjoying a pint outside are being pelted by Pakistani men (musselmen, of course) who drive by in cars and throw eggs at them.
    This is low-level warfare.
    The whole of the Western World is tipping on the edge.

  6. an old saying..MONEY BUYS WHORES..and the likes of BILL GATES,GEORGE SOROS AND OTHERS ,who should have been arrested long ago and Hanged ..HAS NOT HAPPENED..IF it doesn’t soon, you will have lost your country,BACK in the 90’s when the women were taking your WW2 weapons to protect the children,I KNEW then, america,france and europe were headed back to war again,THIS TIME WITH THEIR WHORES running the government..THROW the women and men who act like women out of the government and then take back control,, or FACE A WAR AND MASS DEATH….

  7. A few interesting points about this.

    First I believe this story is being actively suppressed in the US media. This story (it’s about France! And Macron!) which is a natural for this isn’t covered. Google News search shows that none of the major Euro press covered it initially either. When the story turned from the letter to the prosecution several have picked it up, but still nothing like it merits. (RT and The Guardian have, but not the Times of London or other Euro MSM). Google may be playing games with the story too.

    So, that says that TPTB are scared of this getting out. Because there is no other reaction than any red-blooded American (or other European) can have except: it’s about damn time.

    Another point that is being obscured even in the Guardian – it’s reported that 18 people are being prosecuted. The original French source said that besides the 20 Generals another 1,000 soldiers and officials signed the letter. So, it’s not a small club of old crabby men, it’s a large number of people.

    Imagine, if you will, that in 2018 twenty former US Generals including Wesley Clark, William McKrystal, and Patreaus signed a letter that to Trump that his policies were leading the USA towards Civil War. And that is was co-signed by another 1,000 former military men.

    We would *still* be hearing about it weekly on every MSM news outlet in America.

    So, I reject the idea that this story is not newsworthy, even given the lackadaisical coverage of Europe in the American press. This story terrifies them, and they are actively working to keep it under wraps. I bet there were several rounds of “Journ-O-List” emails where the agreed to this.

    • The word is already out, the traitors in office are crapping their pants because they KNOW their end is near and there will be nowhere to run. They are not safe, their families are not safe, their bank accounts are not safe. The TPTB also see the writing on the wall, and they of course will over react thus sealing their fates in the backlash to follow. Oh such exciting times ahead, the Great Purge is almost here, let it rain!

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