General Piquemal on Emmanuel Macron: “A sorcerer’s apprentice who appointed himself the Grand Inquisitor of France”

The following video is the second excerpt from a talk by General Christian Piquemal that was given last month at an anti-Islamization rally in France (part one is here; earlier posts about the general are here and here).

Gen. Piquemal is a retired four-star general and the former commander of the Foreign Legion. He is a staunch opponent of the Islamization of France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

09:07   In 1992 the government
09:11   unfortunately turned its coat,
09:15   in order to submit to Schengen with the opening of the borders
09:19   and raging multiculturalism.
09:23   More than thirty years of suicidal immigration policies
09:28   put France in danger of disappearing.
09:32   Today the statistics show it:
09:36   70% of citizens don’t want any immigration whatsoever,
09:40   and they refuse the Islamization of their country. But they are
09:44   being controlled — and who knows it better than you? — while wisdom
09:48   would suggest listening to them. For almost four months
09:52   the new government, just like the old one,
09:57   has been a threat to the respect of the Constitution and the identity
10:01   of France. The responsibility of
10:05   the head of the state, the indivisibility, security,
10:09   and the integrity of our territory are being threatened.
10:13   But what do you expect from a sorcerer’s apprentice
10:17   who — while in Algiers — appointed himself the Grand Inquisitor of France
10:21   and of his people during his campaign.
10:25   calling for the violence against the patriots in Marseille with his slogan
10:30   filled with anti-French hatred: “Get them out of here!”
10:34   wrote the psychopath, losing all self-control.
10:38   Monsieur le President! How could you
10:42   show such ignorance about French work and achievements in Algeria?!
10:46   Achievements which you dared to qualify as “crimes against humanity”!
10:50   Then you play down such ineptitude
10:54   “crimes against Ummah”, which doesn’t mean anything at all.
10:58   How a brilliant Enarque [graduate of the prestigious National School of Administration] could be
11:02   this illiterate in history!? Since, you negated French culture
11:06   and mistook Guyana for an island.
11:10   My conclusion therefore is that geography isn’t one of your strengths either.
11:15   By the way, Mister President:
11:19   what exactly are your strengths?! The courage of a chameleon?
11:23   A narcissistic self-centredness? A self-absorbed megalomania?
11:27   and a capacity to say everything and its opposite [allusion to Hegelian dialectics]
11:31   with the force, conviction and self-assurance of a carnival barker?
11:35   But it’s not all. One thing is sure
11:39   Emmanuel Macron has problem with the military.
11:44   Shown clearly in summer during the paroxysmal crisis
11:48   with the resignation of the Chief Army Chief of Staff
11:52   Pierre de Villiers, this defiance
11:56   clearly springs from fear, expressed during
12:00   the presidential speech in the L’Hôtel de Brienne on July 13th:
12:04   “I am your chief! The commitments that I undertake
12:08   before the citizens, before the army,
12:13   I can keep, and I need
12:17   neither pressure nor comment about it.”
12:21   He interestingly continues to need to demonstrate that
12:25   the civil authority he incarnates has to make the military
12:29   march silently in lockstep.
12:33   He reiterated it by the demotion
12:37   of the hierarchy inflicted on one particular member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
12:42   of the Elysée [French presidential palace], Admiral Bernard Rogel, who loses his place
12:46   in the protocol of Elysée: which isn’t just
12:50   symbolic, but additionally marks defiance
12:54   of the army and the military. To demonstrate to everyone
12:58   that these soldiers, with whom the president rubs shoulders every day,
13:02   were in too high a position in his eyes; he will humiliate
13:06   the army once again, and all the soldiers.
13:10   Today we have a discredited army, uncontrolled borders
13:14   a president who is uncontrollable himself,
13:19   but suffering from an obsessive need to control;
13:23   who reduces every day our fundamental liberties and our right
13:27   to defend ourselves and to live. Today
13:31   France is nothing more than suffering all the way to the horizon.
13:35   Its demise has been organized, as was her guardianship.
13:39   Inequality is accelerating; the brutality of the system
13:43   is growing; the lies of the government
13:47   become more and more obvious, beginning with this parody of elections.
13:51   I am convinced: if we were voting by raised hands, as our ancestors did,
13:55   and not behind the curtain of the voting booth
13:59   — the object of all the constitutional manipulations —
14:04   we certainly wouldn’t have seen the confirmation of this presidential usurpation.

10 thoughts on “General Piquemal on Emmanuel Macron: “A sorcerer’s apprentice who appointed himself the Grand Inquisitor of France”

  1. I guess he doesn’t think much of the new French President. Bring back the guillotine I say, there will be much use for it in the times coming.

      • Moon, I have no problem with your prediction so long as the ‘right people’ i.e. those who have forever been doing this to us and have managed to escape their deserved fate, time after time, are finally dealt with.

        If that is not done, the current ‘upset’ will be repeated again and again into the future.

  2. I am still waiting for one or any US General to take a stand and speak out so frankly as does Piquemal. The warriors have been dumped, the sellouts are in place, and the death of Western Civilization continues apace.

    • If he were Italian, I probably wouldn’t have let in your soubriquet for Maron. But I’ve got to admit that “Manny Macaroni” is funny indeed.

  3. “But what do you expect from a sorcerer’s apprentice who — while in Algiers — appointed himself the Grand Inquisitor of France”

    What a wonderfully sweeping condemnation–from Goethe’s hapless novice to Dostoyesky’s spirit of nihilism (or one of the Church’s greatest villains), i.e., a clown capable of great destruction. Stephen King could write a novel.

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