Culture-Enrichers Trash a Store in Essen and Send a Store Detective to the Hospital

Last Saturday it was “youths” from Afghanistan tearing up an asylum residence in a small Bavarian town. Today it’s “youths” from Syria tearing up a store at a mall in Essen, and sending a store detective to the hospital.

I was going to grab the photo of the wreckage of the store, but then I thought, “Why bother?”

We’ve been posting a lot of those lately — scenes of mayhem, carnage, debris, and property damage caused by high-spirited young migrants who express their gratitude to their adopted country by destroying their residential facilities. We might as well just create a “symbolfoto” of desolation and chaos and use it for every post.

Or you can see today’s iteration at Vlad Tepes , where Egri Nök posted this report in a slightly different form:

Germany: Syrian “Youths” Trash Store, Attack Detective

Essen — As Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung reports, Sunday evening, seven Syrian “youths” vandalized a store in the mall at the Essen train station.

Two detectives of the Tchibo store noticed that outside the store a group of “youths” were harassing a woman.

They told the youths to behave. Hearing this, the youths bolted into the store and tore out shelves to attack the detectives with. One detective had to be taken to hospital.

Two plainclothes policemen who were patrolling the train station came to help and called for reinforcements. In the end, two dozen police officers were needed to overpower the adolescents.

The seven young Syrians, who are between 13 and 18 years old, were released from custody later the same day. One of them was carrying a knife on him. Federal Police are investigating charges of damage of property, battery, grievous battery, and breaching the peace of the land.

The Tchibo sales ladies received psychological help.

17 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Trash a Store in Essen and Send a Store Detective to the Hospital

  1. Twenty four cops to deal with seven “youts”? Were the cops armed? Why were there not seven ambulances called as well to haul their carcasses to the morgue?

    If these rapefugees had tried the same stunt in Syria, harassing a Syrian woman, there would be some seriously injured youths and a blood feud or two. But alas, we are too civilized to deal with savages in the manner in which they are accustomed to being dealt with.

  2. All released from custody the same day? That’s all we really need to know to understand the situation in Germany. But, as time goes by, they are going to have a harder time recruting Germans to be host families for these youth.

    • The German police and courts don’t want to deal with the refugees. They are crude, young, extremely violent, and aren’t afraid of European authority in the least. They also pretend they don’t understand the little German they do understand, so any official dealings with them has to involve an official interpreter.

      There are really only two ways of effectively dealing with them: return them to their home countries, or incarcerate them permanently. The German government will not contemplate either alternative, but puts it on the police to keep a lid on the bubbling mess and the newspapers to not print the real news.

      • Really pitiful, and I just can’t imagine that the German authorities have so many truthful language interpreters on call for all these unusual languages.

  3. We have an ancient joke in Bohemia: It is called a “Fair gipsy fight”

    “How old are you?”

    “I’m 14.”

    “Ok, there is 14 of us also, so let’s fight!”

    • Yeah the Hungarian gypsies are the same! We trying to “integrate” then for the last 600 years, without any success. I think our patience will run out soon. You guys in the Czech Republic, producing some great weapons, my favorite is the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow. You also have some good weapon laws… Not as good as the USA, but a good start.

      • I don’t want to be rude, but we recognize gypsies in the Czech Republic by their ‘Hungarian’ names. Some say that they came to Bohemia only recently – some 200 years ago, from Hungary. Well, I guess you are just further down the Danube, and thus closer to India 😉

        PS: The Czech Republic has long tradition in weapons making. It was us, after all, who got to name small handy firearm a “pistol” – as early as 1420. And we haven’t stopped making pistols since. But to be honest, I just shoot crossbows. I live in a forest and crossbows are silent – and it is a bit more satisfying to see the arrow fly its course.

      • As you are on gypsies, here is an amazing feat of (probably) Romanian gypsies:

        Swedish postal services noticed unexplainable thefts of smartphones, tablets … Solution: the thieves drove a car just behind the truck rolling on the highway from Stockholm to Gothenburg, two guys climbed through the hatch in the roof, opened the backdoor of the truck — the rest should be clear from the video.

        • Cultural enrichment. The reality shows are boring and repetitive. The guys were probly just upset that they were not welcomed by flowers by the childishly gullible, pre-programmed peeps of Sweden.

        • nice video, and a nice adrenalin feat, seems just about right – we are often amazed how some gipsies go into incredible lenghts and hard labour just to steal a copper wire or something. There were cases in the Czech Republic where the Gipsies dug a meter deep trench to get one cable worth maybe one tenth of the labour needed to dig the trench. It is a sport to them.

          I personaly know a few real gipsies back home, they are nice people, but they are kind of ‘financialy stupid’. They tend to borrow money at the bank, then they lose a house after they ‘forget to pay back’. If it was up to me, they should be regarded as irresponsible children, even before the law, and the world would be a better place. But that would be ‘Apartheid’ and that is not politically correct.

          I’m of course talking about my gipsy friends, not the gangs which also exist and they can cause real trouble. But fortunately the Gipsies in my town are the child like violin playing kind, proud to be Gipsies and not some unidentified ‘Roma’.

          PS: I just drove from Stockholm to Malmo over night, next time I’ll keep watch for those PostNord lorries 😉

  4. War has ended in Syria.
    So, no need for shelter abroad.
    Give them one way ticket.

    And we all know that Germany has no government, because of immigrants and ‘fakefugies’

  5. You could use Picasso’s Guernica as a symbol of carnage by these savages, but that has become an epitome of high culture, so maybe not.

  6. Essen was destroyed during the war. They rebuilt it for this? Shoulda left it as rubble. My father was RAF and was actually shot down and landed in a tree in Essen. He ended up being a POW in Germany for almost 2 years? For what?

    • For what ? For this stupidity and evil politicians, who wants to destroy this magnificent country and culture and Whole Europe in the same time , it’s heartbreaking what we see how all this countries going right to toilet in the speedway..

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