General Piquemal: “Shariah Law is Being Installed Everywhere”

Christian Piquemal is a French patriot, a retired four-star general, and the former commander of the Foreign Legion. He has been active in the resistance to Islamization, and was arrested for taking part in the anti-immigration demonstration in Calais back in 2016. (See the follow-up post from early this year).

Gen. Piquemal gave a talk last month at an anti-Islamization rally in France. Below is the first part of his speech (part 2 is coming later).

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …militants, I salute you with friendship, consideration,
00:04   and respect. I congratulate you
00:08   for being here today and for having answered
00:12   with motivation and enthusiasm the call
00:16   of Alain Barniner, the organizer of this day, who
00:20   worked for quite a while, with enthusiasm
00:25   and total engagement, in order for this meeting
00:29   to be an excellent success; also I would like to salute him and thank him
00:33   for inviting me and
00:37   for the quality of the speakers before and after me.
00:41   I thank them for being present. So today
00:45   I address you in an difficult context,
00:49   in a declining France, and with the year 2017
00:53   marked by crucial events for France,
00:57   which, as you know, are the presidential and legislative elections.
01:02   The ensuing results, as you know, are
01:06   far cry from being the answer for the hopes of patriots.
01:10   They will critically impact the sovereignty of the people,
01:14   the identity of France and the future of our country
01:18   for five years to come. It is as
01:22   a simple citizen, the president of the Circle of Patriotic Citizens
01:26   that I am talking to you. I love
01:31   France, our homeland, the land of our ancestors,
01:35   the one where most of us were born.
01:39   You know, the “patrie” [homeland] is the land of our fathers,
01:43   the land which saw millions of French of all eras,
01:47   all generations, suffer, shed their blood,
01:51   their tears, and, for some, die heroically
01:55   to win and keep the freedom
02:00   and identity of France. Also this patriotism
02:04   a visceral one, must lead us to feel
02:08   love and pride for France, and to do everything
02:12   possible to keep her free and independent. For me,
02:16   I am an apolitical patriot. And
02:20   I am not member of any political party. My only party is France.
02:24   This beloved France that we cherish so much!
02:28   The France of Clovis, of Charlemagne, of Roland Le Preux, [from the Song of Roland] as mentioned before,
02:32   of Saint Louis, of Joan of Arc, [unintelligible]
02:36   of Chevalier Bayard, Descartes, of Pascal, of Napoleon,
02:41   of Pasteur, of Pierre and Marie Curie,
02:45   of the Poilus of 1914-18 [French WW1 infantrymen], of Marshal Foch, of Clemenceau,
02:49   to mention only the most famous.
02:53   At the beginning of this year a friend asked me
02:57   “How do you see the future of France?” He was worried
03:01   to see her collapse and decline in an ineluctable way,
03:05   and to note that she was already disappearing little by little
03:09   before falling, perhaps,
03:14   In the confrontation and conflict. Is it about
03:18   a splinter of decadence? A splinter, you know, is temporary.
03:22   The decadence is permanent. It’s up to us
03:26   to do everything possible to stop it. Also
03:30   like many of you, at our modest level , we have been
03:34   waging with the Circle for almost two years
03:39   a fight against the degeneration of our country,
03:43   against the increasing insecurity, against the migratory flood
03:47   and the lost of our identity.
03:51   On several occasions the Circle played
03:55   the role of whistleblower: In Calais, as you know,
03:59   in February 2016 during the rally and also during the movement
04:03   of angry police officers in October and November 2016.
04:08   Also during the presidential electoral campaign
04:12   2017, with an open letter on scandalous comments
04:16   By Emmanuel Macron in Algiers, and also
04:20   a complaint about anomalies and election fraud.
04:24   Our finding is simple:
04:28   for decades France hasn’t been doing well.
04:32   In fact, she is getting worse and worse.
04:36   By dint of accepting everything, of tolerating everything,
04:40   of admitting everything in the name of the holiest of the holy Human Rights, of secularism,
04:44   of repentance, of coexistence,
04:49   France let her guard down. She tolerated
04:53   lawless zones on her soil. She allowed uncontrolled
04:57   Immigration — because it is uncontrollable, you know it — with
05:01   Schengen, which is a sieve. Today
05:05   they carry out killings in France in the name of Allah.
05:09   The odious assassination of Laura and Morane in Marseille
05:13   is the most direct testimony of that.
05:18   What was their crime? Not being Muslim.
05:22   In addition to that, the assassin was an illegal Maghreban
05:26   arrested eight times since 2005 and never deported.
05:30   Not a single government official came to the funeral!
05:34   Our lives don’t matter. We are pariahs…
05:38   The lazy, the envious, the criminals:
05:43   those who represent France. Representatives
05:47   of Big Finance, Rothschildian stooges,
05:51   thinking they are important other people’s money and our miseries,
05:55   the powerful in their anti-French ferocity.
05:59   The little Nero under their tutelage is playing the big boss.
06:03   But we, the sovereign people, have
06:08   only a single ruler: it’s our beloved France.
06:12   The Republic became this obscene schemer
06:16   that is prostituting our lives; we are pariahs,
06:20   whatever Macron-Nero thinks about it.
06:24   Despite our never-ending humiliations, and our growing poverty,
06:28   Those who are nothing,
06:33   even [unintelligible] money, swimming in luxury and immorality
06:37   constitute this sinful oligarchy.
06:41   Let’s not therefore invert the roles! You know,
06:45   as a Frenchman and the president of the Circle of Patriotic Citizens,
06:49   I became loyally attached
06:53   to the role of — as I told you —whistleblower.
06:57   The case of Calais put a spotlight
07:02   on the injustice of French democracy.
07:06   The unacceptable and scandalous rejection of my appeal
07:10   before the State Council on September 23rd proved
07:14   the despicable porosity of the godless and lawless power
07:18   of justice that follows the politicians’ orders.
07:22   Today, because of the lack of political courage,
07:26   because of submission and of renouncing power [by the surrender of the government],
07:30   delinquency and terrorism are prospering everywhere.
07:35   The opening of the borders to populations who refuse to integrate,
07:39   and to a third world ideology, is destroying step by step
07:43   our thousand year-old nation. For the last three years in France,
07:47   in the world, it has primarily been Islam that is striking.
07:51   Nobody is killing in the name of the Holy Spirit,
07:55   of Christ, of Yahweh, of Buddha. The killings are being conducted
08:00   in the name of Allah, while yelling “Allahu Akhbar”, and virtually only him.
08:04   So we need to draw our conclusions.
08:08   Shariah Law is being installed everywhere, and little by little in our country
08:12   it takes the place of the Republic.
08:16   In 1990 it was already old news. Completely aware
08:20   of the danger, the conservative opposition
08:24   declared to Parliament that “Islam
08:28   doesn’t seem to conform to our social foundations, and seems
08:33   incompatible with French law.”
08:37   It concluded, hear, hear, that it was “urgent and necessary
08:41   to apply zero-immigration”. Additionally
08:45   they [the conservative opposition]refused all attempts at multiculturalism and asked
08:49   for strict assimilation to the French Republic.
08:53   It concluded: “It is the job of Islam, and
08:58   of Islam alone, to adapt in order to be compatible
09:02   with our rules.”

21 thoughts on “General Piquemal: “Shariah Law is Being Installed Everywhere”

  1. Okay okay but France needs something else that talk now ! We need to act, like in 1940, in the “maquis”, ie hidden, and thus efficient. All these old generals paid by the enemy (the State) are all and fine, but they cannot lead the fight since they did nothing again the islamization of the country ! The younger generations need to act and to join us, whether in France or elsewhere in Europe. It’s a guerilla warfare, nothing else will work to have the muslims leave Europe.

    • Those old generals you denigrate have decades of experience in logistics, and military strategy, but above all, in organizing large groups of willing fighters into an effective fighting unit.

      Don’t throw away your old generals just yet.

      • They all worked for the enemy, ie the french state which islamized France, do you realize that or not at all ? Do you think Pétain was a french patriot ? He said he was against the nazis, but in reality he wasn’t ! Same thing with these old generals, who are paid by the enemy and who never opposed the islamization of France, on the contrary, they let the enemy prosper, and now that they are old they wake up. Too late, you’re a traitor general, and you don’t even know it.

        • I get your point. But, when employed by the state, and a state can make or break a military man’s career if he chooses to ‘buck the system’, what options does the military man who is patriotic have?

          A question for you in that regard: Does the General who recognizes the state he works for as becoming tyrannical, choose career suicide by resigning, bucking the system or refusing to implement the policies of the tyrannical state or, does he bide his time hoping against hope that the government who pays his salary and retirement fund is replaced with something more attuned to his own patriotic ideals by the voting public who inevitably get to choose the government?

          You and I only get to see a General who is paid to perform the state’s military duties. We never get to see what that General is actually thinking about the duties he is tasked to perform by the state.

          There are traitors everywhere and in every walk of life, and when crunch time comes, as it most surely will, to expose those who have actively worked against the people for the state, then you will know them all by their recorded actions, but again I tell you, do not dismiss your Generals because of what you currently perceive that they may have not done just to suit your own still comfortable ideals!

          Time in human affairs changes many things and people, especially those who are important to military strategy.

  2. Sick , sick , sick , what is happening in France and Europe, make physically sick , My beloved Europe us disappearing, beacuse brainless people allowed this dirty politicians destroyed Our culture, Our Homelands , and Our European values , they sold Europe to Islam , it’s just disgusting, I feel very sorry for young generations to come ..


      [Please, in future, don’t use all-caps. That’s considered SHOUTING. And people scroll past such comments without reading them. — BB]

      • “The pagans are in force,
        While of our Franks it seems there are too few.
        Therefore, companion Roland, sound your horn!
        King Charles will hear, the army will turn back.”
        Roland replies, “That would be mad, insane!
        For I would lose renown throughout sweet France.”

  3. Half Past France (1973)
    lyrics/music by John Cale

    I suppose I’m glad I’m on this train
    And it’s long
    Somewhere between Dunkirk and Paris
    Most people here are still asleep
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    Things are much different here than Norway
    Not so cold
    Wonder when we’ll be in Dundee
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    He’s no fool
    Wish I’d get to see my son again

    From here on it’s got to be
    A simple case of them or me
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    I’m not afraid now of the dark anymore
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    • John Cale is a brilliant musician, yet so few people know of him. His song “Big White Cloud” nearly moves me to tears. Every track on his collaborative, commemorative album with Lou Reed “Songs for Drella” is superb. “Drella” was their nickname for Andy Warhol: an amalgam of Dracula and Cinderella. “Forever changed” is one of the best songs I know.

  4. The only thing missing from the Colonel’s speech is the call to arms. He has outlined the rot that is destroying France, but stops short at calling those who have done this what they should be called.

    • IMHO if the General had an actual ‘call to arms’ the power structure would find a way to have him indicted,tried and convicted of some sort of crime against the state or a specific group. They (those at the top) have a way of using the power of the state to suppress any dissent, and punish true patriots. This brave man like so many others must be very careful, there is no ‘free speech’ in many countries.

      • Exactly, he’d have to go into hiding before making such a call. He was arrested merely for speaking out against the lack of border control, you can bet the state are watching him precisely because of his background.

      • Patriots have made a call to arms throughout the ages. What stopped this General in making his call to arms would be the swiftness of today’s police agencies in arresting the public dissenter and rebel.

        We will see and hear more of this General in the not too distant future.

        The tyrannical state can’t lock up all its citizenry when the right time arrives.

  5. One has to feel sorry for the people of France. Let us all hope that people like General Piquemal can turn the tide.

  6. The ‘unintelligible’ name at around 2:50 is ‘Duguesclin’ who was constable of France fighting against the English during the ‘Hundred Years War’. He was a Breton and is considered a traitor by many modern Bretons.

  7. The decline of France the General is depicting is the same we observe in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, the Netherlands. The situation of Western Europe is getting worse year after year. From our point of view we work hard to combat the Leftist lunatics who conduct our peoples until here.

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