Movin’ Along

I’m about to depart Schloss Bodissey to visit relatives in another part of the Commonwealth. I’ll be gone for a couple of days.

There will be no news feed until after I get back. And, unfortunately, moderation of comments will be on hold as well. Time was, when Dymphna was still with us, there was somebody to approve comments (and reprove the reprobates) while I was travelling. Alas, those days are gone…

See you later, folks.

6 thoughts on “Movin’ Along

  1. Dymphna can’t approve comments. But her presence is felt. [a little wave, skyward…] And welcome home, Baron, whenever you get back. 🙂

  2. You always have the coolest, most perfect black/white photos (a picture is worth a thousand words) accompanying your more personal posts. I always wonder, where does he get those wonderful vintage photos?

    • I’ve figured out different ways to find stuff I want by careful use of Google image search. The trick is to put a year in. So if I want a decent photo of, say, a vintage Buick, I search for “Buick 1928” or something similar. That filters out a lot of recent photos of Buicks.

      The same applies to much older images from the days before photography. When Covid started I went looking for “plague doctor 1665” to see what I could find.

      The worst situation is when a keyword refers to something that gamers use a lot. A lot of mythological characters have been appropriated for RPG, so you can forget about finding any good antique engravings of them — the gamer sites dominate the results.

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