Sderot: Day Five

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this update with the latest on the situation in Sderot.

Sderot: Day 5

by MC

It is Shabbat and quiet. There are still a few projectiles flying around, but the tempo has decreased dramatically. News station that operate on Shabbat are reporting street incidents between Arab rioters and Israeli vigilante groups.

Arabs in Israel are split between Christian (Maronite) and Muslim, with the Muslims in the majority, but some of those Muslims are Druse, who tend to be more pro-Israel. The street fighting is worrying, but on the whole Israeli Arabs are better off in Israel than in any of the surrounding states and they know it. The have full and complete Israeli citizenship, enhanced by a form of positive discrimination in higher education (there are many in the universities who believe in equality of outcome).

Islam tends to endow its victims with a paucity of ‘spirit’. The curiosity is that Jews and Christians who have been despised minorities in Arab lands continue to display this paucity of spirit. The generations of Jews who fled North Africa in the early fifties brought with them the Dhimmi attitude, which is only now dissipating in the third generation.

One of the major unheralded achievements of Israel has been the absorption of millions of desperate immigrants, first those fleeing from Czarist Russia, followed by refugees from Nazi Germany, then from the Muslim world after the war of Independence (1948), and finally from the USSR. Recently we have seen those who are fleeing the growing wokist anti-Semitism in Europe and the USA.

That latest batch includes me and my family, of course. Those who survived the Germans were the ones who got out early. There is a constant undertow of anti-Semitism from the Left in the UK, and as the so-called ‘Conservative’ party moves slowly to the political left, increasing Muslim anti-Semitism goes unchecked.

But all these immigrants to Israel had/have things in common: their Jewish identity, and a desire to become part of Israel. There are no ‘economic’ migrants to Israel. Nobody comes to exploit and asset-strip; they come here for safety. Perhaps the biggest problems have been with Russians pretending to be Jews and the Yemenites who, through no fault of their own, were exploited by the socialist government of Ben Gurion.

Much of the Arab/Israeli problem is the result of the British preference for Arab/Muslim over Jew, and thus huge Muslim immigration in the late ’20s, ’30s and ’40s (Biden beware). In 1922 Britain wanted a colony, but instead they got a Mandate (thanks to the USA) to build a Jewish homeland. Britain allowed unrestricted Muslim entry, but strictly controlled Jewish resettlement. Of the ‘refugees’ who fled during the War of Independence, a huge majority had only recently been brought in by the British for war work. They have lived ever since courtesy of UNRWA and the taxpayers of the USA and Europe.

It is still quiet. We had a ‘sever adom’ two hours ago; I just hope all is winding down now. Maybe, just maybe Hamas is licking its wounds after massive losses underground yesterday. There is a very good video on Power Line — it explains the geo-political situation very well.

Addendum: We have had about five ‘sever adom’ shouts today so far (5:30pm) — the big difference is that they are coming over one or two at a time, and Iron Dome is taking them out with no problem.

This is very different to the 30 or 40 two days ago. So all is (relatively) quiet.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

14 thoughts on “Sderot: Day Five

  1. Thank you, MC, for your on-the-ground reporting from Sderot and for your references to history.

    In Los Angeles, today, there is a large demonstration at the Federal Building, the preferred location for aggrieved ethnic minorities, of people who apparently believe that firing rockets into Israel is a good thing. Many demonstrators wear keffiyehs and some women wear black burqas. Demonstrators wave their flags (not an American flag in sight) and display signs accusing Israel or this or that atrocity.

    LAPD has a heavy presence and has blocked off Wilshire Blvd., to ensure that the demonstration does not get out of hand.

    Perhaps, there will be a counter-demonstration on Sunday, by people who believe that firing rockets into Israel is not a good thing.

    • Lapd is likely there to protect the moslems and their sympathizers, me think.

  2. I really cannot believe what he said about the Conservative Party in the UK being for muslims. It’s the Labour party who loves those muslim terrorists and defends them even when they are raping their children.

    • For two decade the UK Conservative party has been slowly creeping leftwards, but on matters to do with Jews its policies (apart from during the Maggie era) have been softly pro-Palestinian. May tried very hard to destroy Brexit but appear not to. The modern Conservative party is just not what it was 40 years ago when I was a member. The real conservatives left to join UKIP and other fringe parties.

      Nobody said the Conservative party was for Muslims, but it has got Muslims in ministerial positions and is yet to deport the original Rotherham child rapists that were sentenced to prison and then deportation.

      For those who can understand it:-

      • But they managed to imprison Tommy Robinson on very dubious grounds – TR was the guy who exposed the Rotherham Rape gang.

        Teresa May formed a committee to investigate child abuse in the House – 25 years ago. But the relevant problem is NOW.

        The UK Conservatives are now no different from any other ‘woke’ party but perhaps with more philandering, tussel headed style.

        • Hence why the native Brits ain’t going to vote their way out of this mess, they will have to shoot their way out.

    • The Conservative government at first sat on a report on the Muslim “grooming gangs” and when they did finally release it, it was a dishonest whitewash. They are little better than Labour.
      In addition – Tory leaders have repeatedly lied that Jihadi terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam. None of our established political parties will tell the truth about Islam. There has been no backing for the teacher at Batley Grammar School, for instance – from any of them.

    • The problem is that the vast majority of illegals in our country are muslims and the conservatives, during their 11 years in control have allowed more muslims into our country than even the last Labour party did during its 13 years of dictatorial government.
      And the conservatives have dinner nothing to curb immigration let alone start to deport the illegals already here.

  3. The problem is we advertise the free lunches and stress the native population with colonies of legals and illegals. Of course they come. How the hell can one of these articles with a strict’ lie cheat steal oppress kill the infidel and eventually drive him from his land’ integrate? What’s the plan? Why the friendly tribe bit.

  4. And by the way, May 14th was the 73rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Jewish State of Israel by David Bed-Gurion. I had forgotten but Hamas remembered as it served up the birthday cake with oversized candles, I mean rockets, and a rather nasty way of remembering someone’s birthday.
    So… happy 73rd birthday to you!!

  5. I’m surprised by your statement in para 7, that the majority of “Palestinians” who left in 1947-8 had recently been brought in by the British for war work. Not doubting your word, but I thought some were imported by the Ottomans (from Algeria, Bosnia etc), and rather more came after the early Zionists made the land bloom and prosper (sounds like a firm of lawyers!), creating job opportunities. If your info is correct, it should be much more widely known.

    • There is a book by Joan Peters that goes into all of this, it is the only unbiased history I know of, she was a NYT Journalist who wanted to prove how despicable the Israelis were, and discovered that, once again, it is the Narrative that is wrong. UNRWA rules required ‘refugees’ to have been in mandate Palestine for two years, so many just went back to their former homes, they spoke the language, walked the walk and fought the fight.

      There were about 500,000 ‘refgees’ who have not yet been absorbed, but the around 480,00 Jews kicked out of Muslim lands in the wake of the war of independance have been well absorbed into Israeli society.

      Sderot was a tent city, Moroccans we dumpted here and told to get on with it, they did!

  6. Good luck MC! I wanted to live in Israel when I was younger and join a kibbutz, even though I am a gentile. I hope Israel doles it out to the oiks that caused all the damage.

    • Thanks ‘Bish’ (I am ex-navy!) there were many/are many secular Kibbutzim, the problem for a gentile was/is always getting Residency. On the whole non-Jews do not get Citizenship unless legally resident for 5 years.

      This is problematic; there is a group of Africaaner Christians who earnestly desire to resettle in Israel, they would be an asset to all of us. But unless they prove Jewish heritage, or get refugee status (not impossible) then they can only visit.

      Unfortunately ‘Christians’ as a group have a bad reputation in Israel, they either support the Palestinians, or they target children and young teens. The word ‘missionary’ is an epithet in Israel.

      Those who come to Israel seeking to ‘convert’ Jews should think very hard, they are muddying the waters for those who sincerely want to live in the land of Shalom. If Chritianity and Judaism would both purge themselves of the traditions and works of ‘men’ they would find that they are the same thing.

      The plight of Afrikaaners in South Africa is dire – but nobody is going to help them – totally non – ‘woke’.

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