Sderot: Day Seven

Hamas is still launching missiles into Israel from Gaza, but the frequency seems to be decreasing. Below is a brief report from MC. (Previously: Day 1, Day 2, Days 3 and 4, Day 5, Day 6)

Sderot: Day Seven

by MC

All quiet on the Gaza front.

Is it exhaustion?

Is it logistics?

Who knows…

Meanwhile it is Shavuot (Pentecost). There is the occasional bang, but they mostly seem to be outgoing.

There is talk of a ceasefire — we shall see.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

12 thoughts on “Sderot: Day Seven

    • There are vsritions depending upon which ‘shabbat’ one uses as the start point of the ‘Counting of the Omer’ Then the Rabbis get their hands on it and agree amongst themselve which day they want it to be, and their word is law…..

    • Rabinic pharisaic) judaism always uses the 16th day of the 1st month (the 1st day after the shabat of the 1st day of unleavened bread) as the start to the count of fifty. Any observant person will note that you cannot always get 7 ‘natural’ shabats this way. They may also count the 7th day of unleavened bread as one of the shabats. If one uses the ‘natural’ shabat method, it works out that the count of 7 shabats always ends on a ‘Saturday’ after sunset when the 50th day begins. Thus, ending on ‘Sunday’ at sunset.

  1. AT 7:00 pm the missiles started again, with 2 salvoes of 3, one salvo of which landed about 300 yards down the road.

    It is nowhere near as intense bu it is all still happening.

  2. Thank you for your updates. Could it be that the Pallies are running out of missiles and are awaiting further delivery from the Iranians? Also, I am aware that things have been quiet on the northern borders. Are Hezbollah biding their time or awaiting Iranian instructions?

  3. So Sad to hear the ‘european’ Invaders of Palestine crying when the People who they Abuse, Enslave, Steal Land From, and Murder try and Fight Back.

    Live by the Bomb and the Rocket, Die by the Bomb and the Rocket.

    • Nice try – but I am Sephadi not Ashkenazi…..

      Suggest you try reading a relevant history book before you comment.

    • Land is never stolen muzzy lover, it is conquered and those who conquer it get to keep what they kill. There is a whole long list of those who conquered and keep the Levant long before the savages of islam crawled out of the desert. So if you side with those of islam, perish with them as well, the day is almost at hand.

  4. No more bloody cease fires, FINISH it once and for all time! There is only total Victory.

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