Sderot: Day Six

Below is MC’s latest report on the Hamas missile attack from Gaza and the Israeli response. (Previously: Day 1, Day 2, Days 3 and 4, Day 5.)

Sderot: Day Six

by MC

I had hope for today. It was all very quiet until about 4:00pm; then the missiles started, but again not in the volumes of previous days.

We had a visitor from Jerusalem this afternoon. He reported a very tense situation which could explode into a very violent confrontation. Many more Jews are prepared to take the law into their own hands, and the rioting Arabs will reap a whirlwind. Most Israeli men (and many women) have military experience; Arabs have not.

There is a difference this time around, it is almost a determination to see it through. Hamas needs to be put down, Hamas must understand that whatever their quarrel is with the Palestinian Authority, Israel is no political poodle.

Biden is weak and pathetic, but that cuts both ways, because for all the pro-Palestine rhetoric in the Democrat party, only Israel can save his face (and his derriere) over Iran.

The USA now lacks air superiority over the Gulf. The Iranian gunboats, purchased with US taxpayer’s money courtesy of the Obama money pallets, can swarm any selected target, including a fleet carrier.

Hamas is an Iranian proxy, and the White House needs to get with it. Israel is the little Satan, but who is the big Satan? Who comes next?

I do not know who President Biden thinks the Iranian nukes will be aimed at, but their capability to build a MIRV should not be underestimated — it only takes one.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

10 thoughts on “Sderot: Day Six

  1. It was once a requirement for all jews to serve in the military for two years. Male AND Female. That is why Israel always wins because the muslim filth are uneducated satan worshipers. Obamas family

  2. Nothing warms my heart more than watching 2,000 lbs JDAMS blowing up some islamic savages.

  3. Satan wants to rid the world of the Jew so he can call YAH a liar. He has found in Iran, Turkey, and Russia willing puppets. He had the Qur’an written as his bible to provide a ‘divine’ motivation to the people who would do his dirty work. He has now become so self-absorbed that he thinks that the writings of the prophet Ezekiel are allegories.
    Stay tuned, the allegories are still in the swamp and they are hungry and want lunch.

  4. MC notes that many Israeli men and women having had their required experiences (many of course were voluntary) in the army will force the Arabs who are attacking Jews in Israel to “reap the whirlwind” because of their military training. I was disappointed, sad, a bit angry, etc. etc. that the Arabs seemed to be the ones on the offensive in Lod and apparently other cities. For the record I wanted no fighting in the streets, towns, cities of Israel, but if there had to be I was hoping the Israeli citizenry would prevail. And prevail by a lot. Perhaps MC can explain what happened in what sounds like he is categorizing as a first phase in the Israeli streets, cities, etc.
    Thanks, Mike from Brooklyn

    • My visitor was fron Jerusalem, I have no info from Lod where is appears to be very bad.

      The government is coming down very hard on vigilante groups and trying to keep the lid on the situation – but there is real anger this time, the Arabs play these games all the time expecting restraint and self control from Israelis. It is like teasing a large dog roped to a post, hoping that the rope is strong and the post secure.

      But there comes a point where the situation can explode…..

      • Thank you, MC! God bless you and the Israeli people. Please keep on reporting.

    • Hopefully, a time will come soon enough when Israelis, sick and tired of being told by their government and by foreign antisemites to lay low and show restraint, will finally take matters into their hands and start “neutralizing” (to use the word “in-vogue”) muslim thugs that seem to think they have a clear path to harrassing, molesting and killing Jews throughout Israel and specially the arab-occupied territories of Judea and Samaria. A couple hundred of such “neutralizations” will finally bring the muslim scumbags to realize that their wet-dreams of raping all Jews and then killing them is beyond their reach. And who knows, maybe peace will be achieved then, when muslims leave Israel and move to other muslim friendly territories like Germany, France or Dearborn.

      • now that idiot joe biden is calling for cease fire between the muslim devils and the JEws.

  5. When I was thirteen back in 1990, I had trouble with our village “skinheads” in the small town of Sarstedt near Hannover, Germany, because I’ve provoked one of them at school. They didn’t do me any harm besides pouring beer on my head. But my friend Thomas, who was with me then, was so shocked, that he decided that we should learn Karate from now on. Looking back, I’m so thankful about that harmless incident back then. Because I found my love in martial arts and I’m a black belt.
    What I want to say is, that, as we all know, the times have deteriorated so much, that now we have to be either armed or trained somehow. Thank you, Leftists, for destroying everything, especially the future of our children and grandchildren.
    Please you all take care of yourself and your beloved ones. God bless Israel, the United States, and all the freedom-loving people like you!

    And especially thank you, dear Baron, for your tremendous work. I have so much respect for what you and your wonderful wife Dymphna (God bless her) built up. Please keep on or keep it up, Sir!

  6. Iran/China/Turkey/Russia are the future winners and gatherers in the Mid East. Unless something shockingly drastic happens – like Iran firing a nuke warhead at Tel Aviv, but detonates over Damascus by mistake.
    With this Xiden govt running the WH, there is no doubt the US will speedily turn its back on Israel leaving it to hang out too dry.
    The Iranians and its proxies have nothing to lose, but Israel has everything to lose.

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