The Cultural Enrichment of Europe From Sardinia to Potsdam

Below are two reports on the depredations of culture-enrichers in two very different parts of Europe.

The first story is from Sardinia, and concerns a young man who was murdered while trying to protect his mother. The perpetrator was his mother’s Pakistani ex-partner. One might be tempted to pass judgment on the woman’s taste in boyfriends, but the Pakistani had already carried out a summary judgment against her by stabbing her and almost killing her.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second report concerns a young lady who was sexually assaulted twice in a single evening in a park in Potsdam by two dark-skinned “youths”. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

On a meadow in Potsdam: foreigners raped 20-year-old

According to current knowledge, there was a sexual offense against a young woman on a freely accessible meadow in front of the building of the Landesinvestitionsbank (State Investment Bank) on the night between Saturday and Sunday. The 20-year-old was there alone on the meadow between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. when, according to her, an unknown man approached her from the direction of the main train station. This man is said to have approached the woman, held her and then raped her. Then the perpetrator fled in an unknown direction. Only shortly afterwards, another man appeared who, according to the woman, also intended to perform sexual acts on her. Before this, however, the young woman was able to flee and run into the station building, from where she first informed people of trust. Only on Sunday afternoon did the police learn of the facts through a relative. A criminal complaint was filed, evidence was taken, witnesses were heard and investigations were initiated at the scene of the crime.

The young woman stated that she had drunk alcohol the night before. An initial survey resulted in the following descriptions of the perpetrators:

First perpetrator

  • he spoke German with an accent
  • around 20-25 years old
  • dark, short hair
  • slim
  • taller than 165cm (5’5″)

The second perpetrator who approached the woman was described as:

  • Speaking German with an accent
  • bigger and stronger than the first perpetrator
  • had a beard that runs down the sides
  • Wore jeans

The criminal investigation department is looking for clues and witnesses and asks:

Who made observations on the night from Saturday to Sunday in the area of the meadow in front of the Landesinvestitionsbank that could be related to this? Who can provide other relevant information? Any clue, no matter how small, could be important. Witnesses are asked to contact the Potsdam Police Department at 0331-55080.

Afterword from the translator:

I’m sorry to have to say this, but how oblivious to almost daily occurrences like this do you have to be, as a young woman, to go ALONE at night into a park? Two options: First, she’s one of the academented and ideological retarded “Refugees Welcome” crowd. Second, she’s just plain stupid. Could be either or both, the way Germany is going.

Video transcript:

00:00   After escaping for several hours, Masih Shahid, the 29-year-old Pakistani citizen
00:04   who murdered Mirko Farci, a 19-year-old boy from Tortolì, has been caught.
00:08   The boy was murdered during the night in his house, located in Via Monsignor Virgilio in Tortolì,
00:14   while trying to defend his own mother, Paola Piras, aged 50 from her ex-partner’s attack.
00:19   First the perpetrator seriously injured the woman’s abdomen with a knife,
00:22   and then he killed the boy.
00:25   The man, who had fled, has been caught near the Tortolì airport by the Carabinieri who,
00:29   together with the state police and financial police, were tracking him down.
00:33   The murder took place at about 6am.
00:37   The man had been reported by the woman for stalking, and as a result the public procurator
00:42   of Lanusei had signed a restraining order that forbade him to get close to his ex-partner.
00:46   Nevertheless he broke into the woman’s house, attacked her and injured her seriously.
00:50   Her son came to her aid, but lost his life.
00:54   As soon as they called for help, the Carabinieri from the local station of Lanusei
00:58   and from the operational department of the provincial headquarters in Nuoro immediately arrived.
01:02   The woman was aided by the emergency unit and carried by ambulance
01:06   to the Lanusei hospital, hospitalized in critical condition.
01:10   For the boy it was too late, unfortunately. Having arrived at the crime scene, law enforcement
01:13   and the procurator on duty are trying to figure out how the murder exactly occurred.

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  1. I will say this about those in Sardinia, they won’t take kindly to one of their own being murdered by a outsider, especially a 3rd worlder. As for women who lay down with 3rd worlders? I have no more sympathy nor empathy to give, I am all the heck out. They get what they bloody deserve.

  2. What the hell was the woman doing out at 3-4 am in a ‘culturally enriched’ city?
    She didn’t ‘deserve it’ or anything remotely like that, but that was incredibly poor judgment. Her survival instincts are apparently impaired.

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