Religion vs Religion

In his latest essay, our Israeli correspondent MC wades into the deepest swamps of the Culture Wars.

Religion vs Religion

by MC

Perhaps my love of America and all things American has its roots in the regular supply of US comics sent to my brother and me by various relatives in the ’50s and ’60s, and amongst which was the occasional edition of MAD magazine.

Much of MAD was over my young head, but Spy vs Spy was always amusing and sticks in my mind, especially their pointed snouts clamped together when investigating a box (trap) from opposite sides.

However, Religion vs (political) Religion is not so amusing, nor is it confined to ink and paper, for the successful side of Western culture is defined by its (Christian) religion, and its demise is defined by the political religions which seek to destroy Christianity and all that goes with it.

The Christian revolution (I am not a Christian but I believe in the Bible) occurred when the Bible was translated into local languages and printed for all to read, and the Church was dragged out of its roots of feudalism (slavery) into what became democracy and even republicanism.

An important part of this process was the separation of Church and State; the Church having been responsible for many abuses that had held the communities of Europe in thrall for over a thousand years.

The feudal system over which the Church held suzerainty was a typical product of tyranny: a small elite, the aristocracy, owning most of the people as serfs, to do with as they please, and a tiny middle class of tradesmen to manufacture those things consumed by their betters. This was just a slight variation on the ‘warlord’ culture that has run most of the world from time immemorial and to this day in some places.

In the UK the feudal system was broken first by the Black Death, which killed off some 30% of the workforce. The subsequent competition for labour destroyed the idea of ‘ownership’ of people. Secondly, and as a consequence of this pandemic, a growing equality of opportunity was provided by increasing access to quality education. Ex-slaves and serfs used their newfound freedom to better themselves.

Under the feudal system, the church provided education and the higher-IQ peasant children were syphoned off into the cloisters. To a great extent this provided the stability required as potential peasant leaders were ‘kidnapped’ into religion (Janissaries, anybody?). Heresy invited a death penalty and life was cheap. In feudal times the Church was very much a political religion, and the Pope reigned over all the monarchs of Europe.

All this emerging freedom from under the tyranny of political religion, however, took hundreds of years to get to the idea of individual liberty. The cultural and economic impacts were minimised by being spread over such a genteel timescale. My paternal grandfather was a boy coalminer at age 12, but his sons went to grammar schools, receiving a quality education, and his youngest son even got a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

But do not think that the ‘elites’ did not fight back. Their main ploy was to create another politicized version of the feudal system that the church had failed to sustain. This took the form of ‘socialism’ where the elite claimed to be working in the best interests of the ‘working class’ by controlling all aspects of their lives. This was yet another political religion, of which we have now seen quite a few forms. Each causes its own mayhem, because there is no separation between political religion and state, and thus there is nothing to stop the killing when it inevitably starts.

Islam has been the most persistent of the political religions, emerging from the Arabian desert. With its roots in Ba’al worship (the Kaaba stone comes from Moab, the centre of Ba’al worship), this warlord culture swept through the Middle East and overflowed into Europe.

Europe held — just — until, wracked and weakened by wars induced by socialisms (political religions) it failed to recognize the tyranny behind a mere ‘religion’ and succumbed.

This failure to recognise the threat of a ‘religion’ happened because adherents of socialism assumed that supposed non-political religions were the opiate of the people, rather than their stimulant, and that in Islam they were dealing with benign religious sheeple and not a violent political entity.

Socialism, and in particular Communism, is a political religion that crept into acceptability in a Christian culture that had lost its roots. The ‘war to end all wars’ was the last fling of the old feudalism. Bismarck’s socialism had increased the cost of German output. To Bethmann-Hollweg, the German Chancellor after Bismarck, Russia’s emerging economy was very alarming. Russia could produce goods cheaper than Germany could (while Germany was rapidly outstripping England industrially, for different, but related, reasons).

The horror of a war where young men were forced to walk into concentrated machine gun and artillery fire was unacceptable. Instead of blaming elitist generals and politicians, many blamed ‘God’ and joined leftist, mainly atheist, parties (dominated by those same elites).

Thus weakened countries began to absorb socialist (religious) values. Particularly damaging in the context of this essay was the idea of absolute equality.

The problem is that ‘equality’ is a utopian idea which has no in vivo reality. Put simply, it is a massive square peg trying to hammer its way into a non-existent and supposedly round hole. Nature (Creation) is not fair, and it is in no way equal.

Bethmann-Hollweg’s failures gave rise directly to Hitler and his Nazi political religion. Nazism is a child of Marxism, but instead of an emphasis on class and equality, there is an emphasis on racial purity. Each political religion wants to create a ‘new man’; there is simply a (violent) dispute on how to get there.

The path to tyranny is paved with the best of intentions. The new man was meant to have a better life, but to create the new man, many had to die. For the Nazis it was the Untermenschen, for the Bolsheviks it was the bourgeoisie, and for the Muslims it was the infidel. I am all of those!

So to the present Islamic political religion, which although based upon some Judeo-Christian concepts, perverted them into the traditional pagan ‘warlord culture’ shape. This culture almost died, but then Henry Ford built the model T, and the West fell in love. Islam controlled the world’s oil supply, and the world wanted wheels; for (Islamic) petrol-powered model-T liberty.

With petrodollars sloshing around by the tankful, Islam could once more bring jihad into our lives.

Petrodollars also proved to be the key to elitist hearts, minds and pockets, and thus Islam was invited to join the accepted monotheistic religious club. But socialism regards ‘religion’ as a tool, just another “opiate of the people”, so it identified Islam as a way of dividing and thus ruling, while also recognising a commonality with Islam’s feudal roots.

In the belief that Islam was just another ‘opiate’ it was imported and inflicted on the population, with dire threats of ‘racism’ and hate crime prosecutions for objectors.

But Islam, whilst pretending to be an acceptable ‘monotheistic’ religion, is actually a political religion, well-financed and with a powerful but violent message, a message to which elitist socialism turns a blind eye: anti-Semitism, misogyny, disdaining mass education but promoting brainwashing, and importantly, with a proven ability to destroy and engulf Christianity.

In the modern day, alone out of all major religions, Bible-based Christianity brought out the best in mankind. Christianity does not reduce man to a one-kind-fits-all ‘equality’ model. Properly done, it promotes free will and the associated individual accountability, the idea that even if we are not held accountable for our actions, good or bad, on this earth, then we will be judged in the afterlife and punished or rewarded appropriately.

Mainstream Christianity did not survive the elitist-driven world wars of the 20th century. People needed to blame somebody or something for the hurt, the extreme hurt of the survivors and of the bereaved. Both had been severely damage by a great deception, and it was just easier to blame something abstract, like God. Thus mainstream Christianity morphed into a social gospel to try and mitigate the physical woes of its children rather than their spiritual PTSD, which everybody ignored.

The idea of a ‘new man’ is very attractive, and the modern Democrat party elite has picked up on it. If elected, they, too, can hope to change Mr. Babbitt (of Sinclair Lewis fame) into a new ‘Mr America’ very similar in nature to the ‘new men’ of Hitler and Stalin.

Unfortunately, too many real Americans prefer MAGA hats to pussy hats, let alone the Phrygian cap so beloved of new men and their revolutions.

The ‘New Man’ is, unfortunately, a very old concept. He is the slave, the peasant, the serf and the peon of the elites and their political religions. When Ms. Pelosi tears up a Document of State, she is telling America that, as far as she is concerned, democracy is dead, and that to wear a MAGA hat is to be destined for the new gulag.

The freedom to wear a MAGA hat is very fragile. If the recent impeachment (coup d’état) had worked, (which it nearly did thanks to Romney and his fellow RINOs), that freedom would have no longer been protected. Conformity to the wishes of the Os, the HRCs and the Nancy boys (and girls) would have become compulsory.

To me, ALL religion has to be questioned. It is a prime principle in the Jewish and Christian scripture to use our God-given free will to test everything, to be a Berean as such.

But as with MAGA hats, the freedom to be oneself is both unique, and dying, being crushed to death by political religions. There is truth, i.e. what was created (by whom or what you are free to surmise), and there is religion, which is man’s opinion of what actually happened. The truth is obscure, but man’s opinions are abundant. They only become problematic when religionists turn to the sword. Islam, Communism and Nazism all turned to the sword in their time and started murdering those who did not agree with them or were considered apostate in some way. We in this modern world need to ask if ‘Alabamicide’ is significant as well.

What is Alabamicide? It is the trail of corpses that seem to be connected to a family of prominent Democratic politicians, for whom the laws of the land just do not seem to apply any more.

It is this that is at the heart of the problem: political religions do not believe in one law for all. They believe that there are the rulers who are above the law, and that the party members (the useful idiots) are there to do the wet work, to whom only party law applies as defined by said rulers. The hoi-polloi, who have to do what their masters/owners say (and turn a blind eye to what they actually do), have only those rights as dictated by the current whim of their betters.

There are three types of people in this world: wolves, sheep and shepherds. Wolves exploit the sheep, but the shepherds defend them.

The Law for the Wolves

by Rudyard Kipling (1865—1936)

“NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.

As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Wash daily from nose tip to tail tip; drink deeply, but never too deep;
And remember the night is for hunting and forget not the day is for sleep.

The jackal may follow the tiger, but, cub, when thy whiskers are grown,
Remember the wolf is a hunter — go forth and get food of thy own.

Keep peace with the lords of the jungle, the tiger, the panther, the bear;
And trouble not Hathi the Silent, and mock not the boar in his lair.

When pack meets with pack in the jungle, and neither will go from the trail,
Lie down till the leaders have spoken; it may be fair words shall prevail.

When ye fight with a wolf of the pack ye must fight him alone and afar,
Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

30 thoughts on “Religion vs Religion

  1. hmmm.Sound funny when non Christian trying argue and deliberate on the behalf of Christianity..
    Leta Us Catholics ,Orthodox , Christian etc..speak for our self..
    We don’t need or appoint Jewish intermediator to present our view..
    I wouldn’t mind to hear from you what Jew scholar or Rabbi has to say on behalf of Judaism..
    The rest is old cliche ..Good Israeli people vs Evil in the rest of the World..
    We Christians have enough of this nonsense..Regards

    • Judaism is the base of Christianity. Why throw the baby out with the bath water? You mistake certain “Jews” for the ordinary Jew in the street that is no different to any other western Europeans. Look up Sabbatean Frankism. Christ was not joking. “Frankism” is an inverted form of Judaism and the excellent Mosaic system upon which even Christianity is based. They are a cult and a very small one.

      • With respect,there never was a such thinks like author suggest ” some Judeo-Christian concepts”..
        Historical confabulation created ,to serve certain agenda..
        From our Catholic point o view,we notice there is attempt made to Judeaisation of Christianity..Old Law yoke, place to muzzle Evangely..broth by the Son of God Lord Jesus Christ and his followers..Christianity was also never based on “Judaism”..
        You guys have excellent talent for interpretations and deceptions..
        But your old tricks doesn’t work anymore..There is bad historical time coming for you..
        There never was a “Mosaic System ” in Europe ether..
        Until now we have in Europe Latin Culture.. based and created by Christianity..
        Perhaps in UK is different..You always have other than Continent sens of Reality..particularly now..Will see how will it serve you..

    • Might I suggest actually reading the essay and not jumping to conclusions after the first few paragraphs, history is history and it only changes when tyrants want to hide their evil doings. I don’t think I mentioned Israel or Judaism once in the whole essay.

      “for there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus” (1Tim 2v5) . So was Jesus a Jew? or is this an old cliche too?

      • Jesus was and IS a Holly Trinity..Mighty God Himself..Messiah..
        Hi can be whatever hi want to be..a Jew as well..
        Jew are also a “children of God” and they can achieve a Salvation as anybody else..
        I wouldn’t undermine a History role in our daily life ..because “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”
        We Catholic use a Vulgate..
        Yes it is Old Cliche used by Old Serpent ..

        • So you believe in the triune godhead of Genesis 6.4 then because possibly every religious cult affiliated with the Papacy of Rome does? Nowhere within the Word of God, the 66 books of the Bible describes the Lamb of the Father, the 2nd Adam who is the Jewish Messiah, and yes he still is the Jewish Messiah, describe him as the Father, the Almighty One, the Lord of Spirits. The adherents of the Roman Universal Church of Rome follow the doctrines, traditions of the Serpent whose (1) fallen angels mingled themselves with the (2) daughters of Adam who then produced (3) Nephilim offspring. That’s the “trinity” being venerated by the whole world since those fallen Elohim descended onto Mt. Hermon north of the Golan. I do know you Catholic adhere only to the Catechisms of your ‘Mother Church’, also known as the ‘Queen of Heaven’ which are all pseudonyms for (2) a daughter of Adam.

          The Jewish Messiah was sent to gather his father’s people who are the body-bride Israel only. He is their Passover Lamb, the propitiatory sacrifice for the atonement from sin and was sent by his Father to fulfill that Everlasting Covenant with the Son’s of Adam, which he did. Yet Catholics know absolutely nothing which the Word of God has said. Instead they can recite only the Catechisms of the Vatican. The “Jew” is the one who attained salvation for the entire world and it was his own people who fulfilled the slaying of the Passover Lamb just as they had been instructed to do at the first Passover in Egypt as described in the Book of Exodus. Yet the Catholic worships on the sun worship day of the Roman Emperor Constantine 1 on his venerated day of sun worship, the first day of the week. Even replacing the Father’s appointed day of Passover on the Seventh Day for the Easter of Ezekiel 8.16 on the sun worship day. All is hatred towards the Living God, our Father in Heaven and against his son, the Jewish Messiah who is the Passover Lamb of God that takes sin from the world.

          Which to all of the Seed of the Woman (Israel) is indeed good news. To the Seed of the Serpent the Word of God as it is written is anathema and heresy because it doesn’t agree with the official Catechisms that teach the Queen of Heaven as being one of the three “persons” of its triune godhead. Which is why I too am not a Catholic Christian but believe in with all my heart and all my strength the Bible which is the Word of God (Rev.19.13). May its’ peace be upon you all.

    • Maria, Oh for the love of Black Pete! That is not what MC said at all! Read it again my dear Polish friend. In case you haven’t noticed, we are all in this together, whether you are Polish, German or Israeli. The fight is not with each other, but our enemies of islam and those that enable it to flourish at the risk of everyone else. Western Civilization depends upon.

      • No..we are NOT in “this together”..and there will NOT be a Gate of Vienna again !
        We learn valuable lessons since..and we will NOT repeat the same mistakes..You can NOT be trust ever and never..That’s what we teach our children from theirs first step..We paid awesome price of Blood..Countless life lost.Yalta was your Waterloo ..and turning point on Historical Clock.
        We watch and wait..Islam will do what always does..we wont be a part of it..
        ..”Western Civilization depends upon”..we have no interest in “Western Civilization” prevail..What’s left in the “west” is decay,perversion,deprevetion,degeneration….Nothing to value..Culture of Death !

      • I/m are know what’s this stay away and DON’T patronized me ! have and show here, some basic human decency..your Germans Herrenvolk reign is OVER !!

    • ..”Europe held — just — until, wracked and weakened by wars induced by socialisms “..
      Bul…t ! What Europe “?..
      West Europe wracked it self like always in own History by… GREED !! and LUST ..
      East no more want to be a part of it ! and be a West everlasting Colony..
      Historical Time of West is over ! Nowhere to friends ,no allies ,no natural resources..
      New American political class start to understand this shift..
      Old axes Paris-Berlin will be replace by North-South axes Baltic-Black-Adriatic Sea..
      Putin Russia will never last forever..
      USA makes presently smart strategical geopolitical shift..
      Future belong to East..and rules of Wall Street & City are over..
      ps. I like to compliment American Christianity ..
      You our Brother in Christ prove yourself ..There is a LOT of Humanity left in the USA ,thanks to you !
      Humanity and proudnes to be a God Children..
      Something what can’t be find in West Europe anymore..

  2. Excellent essay ! Well worth the read. Just one small thing my Israeli friend, it is not Alabamicide, it is called Arkancide( Arkansas)or Clintoncide if you are referring to the bloody Clintons.

      • Nothing to forgive my friend, all is well and good in the world and your great insight as to what an Israeli’s perspective is greatly appreciated. Again, great essay!

      • It had to start in a backwater that would allow what was being built to be finished without interference or interruption. The tales about Sam Walton’s beginnings along with Tyson’s chickens is in the same vein with the Mena Airport being a backwoods landing strip for operations that needed to be under the DEA’s radar, if you will. It is common, and public, knowledge that the Clintonistas helped to build China into what it is today, and if you want a preview of what the Demo(n)cratic party wants for this country just take a look at present day China.
        Madame Hillaryous was also in love with the Palestinians early on and did much to thwart the work that Bush Sr. had already put in place even though as an oil man he was comfortable with the Saudis.
        The elimination of their enemies and threats by targeted murders is still ongoing, and one would or could assume that their agenda has the full support of the Elite who don’t mind their dirty work being done for them. The most recent one was a whistle blower who was on his way to Sacramento.

  3. Jesus Christ is a Jew, of the tribe of Judah and the House of David (Daoud) and will return to claim that throne which is rightfully His. Compare Matthew’s genealogy with Luke’s genealogy and then go look of Moses’ decision regarding the Daughters of Zelohaphad in the Book of Numbers.
    If you study the Torah and the Gospels carefully you will find that Jesus did not say anything that had not already been said from Mount Sinai in the Arabian Desert. It was as though instead of thundering from a mountaintop Jesus (the Word of God made flesh, John 1:9) sat among us and patiently taught us as a Father would teach his children or an older brother would teach a younger brother. One example of this is Leviticus 19:18 which states, “Vengeance is Mine sayest the Lord, I will repay; you(,) love your neighbor as yourself.” When the Pharisees questioned Jesus during Holy Week as the “Lamb of God” was being ‘examined’ for any spot or blemish, Jesus answered the Pharisees with the Shemat, “Hear O Irasel, the Lord you God is One, you shall love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength,” as being the greatest commandment and then Leviticus 19:18b saying, “The second is as the first, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Thus depends the Law and the Prophets.”
    So Christianity isn’t really anything new or different, even though the Romish and liberal churches have done their worst to make Christianity seem as something new. Rather, it is the fulfillment of what YAH promised Moses and the Israelites after they had left Egypt. What has occurred since has been the Pit of Hell doing its worst to set at naught all that YAH has intended. That most all prophecy was fulfilled to the letter in the life and times of Jesus Christ bespeaks YAH’s supreme authority over the worst that hell could muster. What we are seeing now is hell’s last gasp as it endeavors to establish its rule over the entire planet, in government, religion, and the economy. Hell has plenty of useful idiots to carry out its plans, the Clintonistas and Wall Street Robber Barons, and George Soros being the most visible of them. Don’t worry, they will throw their gold out into the streets as they watch their lord being confined to 1,000 years in solitary.
    This place ain’t home, heaven is. It’s eternal, this place will wax old as a garment and be rolled up, and all that remain therein will die like gnats. The New Jerusalem will come down from heaven as the place for His Bride that Jesus has been working on for the past 2,000 year at least.
    Okay MC, I had to say it. Nothing personal. I have been doing my homework as well. The Mexican Beer infection (pun intended) is our Two Minute Warning, as in football when there are only two minutes of play time left on the clock. My prayer is that you and all of the folk standing at the Gates of Vienna will take heed.

    • ..”This place ain’t home, heaven is. It’s eternal, this place will wax old as a garment and be rolled up, and all that remain therein will die like gnats. “..
      Amen ! my Brother..Amen!
      History repeating it self ..nothing to be afraid of..Eternal Life ahead..
      Some are already in the present of Mighty and Loving Father..

      • Yes, this is our ‘home away from home’ (giggle) but here is where we decide our future. We can choose faith or works. Faith along in what Jesus Christ has done for us will join us to and with Him. Works, sacraments, etc. do nothing to address our spiritual condition apart from Christ, which ain’t pretty and will land us in the company of the ultimate worker-be, Satan; who is rather busy at work right now preparing his one whirled government.

      • Sorry, heaven is not home ! The Garden in Eden is home. People want to go to “heaven” but it is not where we were created to be. People spend so much time trying to get to heaven and forget that we were placed here on earth to walk in the cool of the evening with YAH.
        In the resurrection all those souls in heaven will be re-united with their now new immortal bodies, rewarded for what gold, silver and precious stone of good deed have been done a; to live on earth, void of the knowledge of good and evil.

  4. Sorry. It seems to me the root of the problem in Abrahamic religions. When God, making a covenant, gives the land on which other people live to the descendants of Abraham.
    Therefore, with such enthusiasm, Islam appropriated the old man Abraham.
    ” Koran 3:64 to 3:68, especially 3:67″

    Christ does not say anything on this subject, but even vice versa. Therefore, I have a good attitude towards this person. Although under the banners with his face, the Russian Orthodox Church made my ancestors slaves.
    “Christ endured and told you to,” said the priests to the peasants when the aristocrats traded their children for thoroughbred puppies.

    Of course, there are positive aspects in the Bible, for example, “The Parable of the Prodigal Son” – which teaches forgiveness.
    But Abrahamism … This is the idea of ​​supremacy. Sorry, something needs to be done with this.

    • Denigrating Abraham to a mean expropriator who used a god to back up his desire for land is a reductionist approach of little value. Abraham and his people also do have the right to live and be safe from evil people and deities that surround them.

      • Controversial thesis. Where Abrahamic monotheism took place – nothing left of other beliefs and philosophical systems – uprooted with roots.
        Sorry. I regard Abrahamism as a malicious virus.

        • You are welcome.

          Just a note:
          Please look-up Koran 5:20-26 and also 17:1-6. It is clearly mentioned in 5:21 that Allah have assigned the disputed land to Jews.

  5. This essay is [not something I value] as are all religio-social-philosophical commentaries on the human condition. Just [disparaging dismissal]. The underlying Great World Sickness which is the soil from which ruling elites and victimized masses are formed is seldom seen, understood or dealth with. We are born with some degree of cosmic consciousness, some ability if left undamaged to Walk in Beauty, as understood by the Navajos and other native Americans.
    Universal parental mismanagement and now forced schooling produce learned helplessness: Well, child, you don’t like what is being done to you to civilize you? You do not like being made miserable? Well, there is nothing you can do about it. And the majority are thus turned into sheep. But that is not all. The upbringing and mismanagement of children also destroys the ability to Walk in Beauty, to feel simple pleasure, to love all of nature, to love and feel gratitude for the magic of life, to feel more often than not the joy of life. No…we destroy the ability to Walk in Beauty, to live with the joy of life. Result: We seek substitute pleasures. The elites, those born with advantages but having high energy, cunning and sociopathic traits. Their substitue gratifications are to have power, wealth and status. The sheep would also desire wealth, power and status but they know they are helpless to have it and they develop their own substitutes for the lost joy of life. The list is too long to write down here…but to mention a few of the most common…alcoholism, drugging, lying, cheating, crime, gossip, sadism, abuse of power, bullying, narcissistic vanity pursuits, etc. etc.
    And these substitue gratifications are like addictions…one must have another fix and then another and another… And with the loss of the ability to Walk in Beauty comes the descent into concern for survival…with the further development of the need to forge a group identity…my clan against your tribe against yours…my nation against yours…my race against yours…etc. etc. And always We are good and You are bad…and we the good ones have the right and duty to rob, enslave and kill you bad ones who are out to do harm to us good ones. All of this rot stemming from destroying the ability to Walk in Beauty in children and who then grow up to perpetuate The Great World Sickness. Those who have the ability to Walk in Beauty, to be close to cosmic consciousness, who love life and are in awe of the majesty and wonder of creation have little or no wish to oppress, victimize or do any harm to others.
    These last types should be the shepherds but they are not. Their guidance is refused, ignored, persecuted. Nothing has changed since Luke 13:34

    • Have to disagree, Abuelo. I’ve not always agreed with MC’s conclusions, but his posts are always well and coherently argued; more so than your reply, imho.

  6. PS Daoud is the Arabic, Dovid is the Hebrew. I got hauled over the coals for that one by my wife’s family in reference to her great uncle from Bagdhad – When Grandfather (the older brother) left home in the 1890’s his younger brother was known as Daoud, but on making aliyah in the 1920’s he became Dovid, but we did not know this! big ooops!

    • Thank you for the correcting info. I had a room mate when I was in college who was an Eretz Israeli and had served in the Yom Kippur War as an Intelligence Officer. His first name was Daoud which he said was Hebrew for David. I never knew about Dovid as the actual Jewish/Hebrew form of the name.

  7. On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs By LtCol. Dave Grossman (retired), author of “On Killing.” Visit his killology website. You can see it quoted on the 2014 movie of Chris Kyle in American Sniper. It’s the sheepdog protecting the sheep who’s helping the good shepherd. Because there’s only one shepherd for the sheep is there not? Very good of you to note. Also very good that you note Spy vs. Spy by Mad (Alfred Enigma Neuman) magazine. Black Spy vs. White Spy perhaps alluding to chapter thirteen in the Art of War by Sun Tzu as translated (authored) by a French Jesuit in 1782. There is no spoon. This great delusion in the world that governments and governing are separated from religion. That’s a complete farce. Yet believe in it most will.

    It’s the Jewish Messiah who is the King of kings and Lord of lords. His kingdom will reign for the seventh millennia over the Son’s of Adam who he is one of on his Father’s Holy Mountain Zion in Jerusalem. To those born from above (Matthew 3.16-17, John 3.3) whose names are written within the Lamb’s Book of Life, their “home” will be the new Jerusalem which has twelve gates for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Israel’s twelve tribes as listed in the Book of Revelation, Chapter Seven, not the “church” who follows after the false prophet of Rome who are of the unbiblical belief that they’ll be living in Heaven.

    Maybe you’re one of the mixed multitude who has been grafted in (Romans 11.16-21) to any one of Israel’s twelve tribes. Or maybe you’re one of those being described by the Jewish Messiah in Matthew Seven, verses sixteen and seventeen. Then woe is to you, eh? Boastful Christians who know and understand little of what the Word of God (Revelation 19.13) is really teaching them. I’ve written in dialogue with many of you but you prefer the teachings of men and the doctrines of devils over his Word. But then I too used to only believe in such false teachings. Today though I never miss being lied to. The truth really does set you free.

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