Sometimes I get a great notion

Rasmus Paludan returned to Sweden today for another Koran-burning tour. When he set up his gig in a park in Borås, angry devotees of Mahomet attempted to get at him by swimming across the adjacent river — a contingency that police had evidently failed to plan for.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Muslims jumped in river to get at Paludan

May 12, 2022

When Rasmus Paludan held a public meeting in Borås today, several persons tried to swim across the river to get to where he was.

Rasmus Paludan showed up at the city park in Borås around 2 pm, reports P4 Sweden Radio.

He burned several Korans, and at Sandwallsplats on the other side of the Viskan [river], a large number of upset counter-demonstrators gathered, several hundred of them.

Some of them jumped in the river to swim over to the park where the Danish Koran-burner was located, writes P4 Sweden Radio.

A video of the incident shows how police took several people into custody.

According to Dagens Nyheter, ten people have been taken into custody and have been arrested, suspected of assault after the incident.

One of the men who swam across the river threw a rock at Paludan which instead hit a police officer, according to the newspaper.

Here’s a cell phone video (hat tip Elena) from the Muslim side of the river where natatory-minded culture-enrichers gather to brave the chilly water and swim across to confront the blasphemer. One person, apparently a Muslima, jumps into the river and immediately gets into distress, requiring rescue:

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13 thoughts on “Sometimes I get a great notion

  1. That’s entertainment. The Danish gentleman should offer a PPV for each event, he’d be rich.

  2. Today, I asked Google about the Koran.

    It only gave the Muslim name Quran.

    Looks like the muslim terrorists havve threatened Google.

  3. What a primitive hostile bunch of 7th. Century savages!! Yelling like in the slaughterhouse, this people really I mean really does not belong to the Western societies , it’s just unbelievable what this stupid politicians and This criminals: Soros, Schwab and Gates did to this beautiful continent..

    • Don’t forget the stupidity and passivity of “ordinary people”. That’s part of the tragedy too. It has all happened with the silent consent of the “demos”.

  4. I’ll rate that about an 8 on the triggered scale. It’s like a reverse dunk tank, only they jump in. Fascinating…

    • I’d give it a 9.
      But while quite funny it was also somewhat disturbing. The way they were screeching and howling it was almost like holding a cross up to a vampire or throwing water on a witch in the movies.

  5. I thought she was heading for The Channel but there was no French Navy to get her to the middle where she would have caught the Sharia Shuttle straight into Dover.

  6. Europa goodnight.

    I wanted to see Europe one more time before I die. Who knew that Europe would die first?

  7. “Goodnight Irene.” Sometimes I live in the country. Sometimes I live in town. Sometimes I get a great notion to jump in the river and drown.” Tragic song and title of a novel and movie by Ken Kesey.

  8. All that screeching sounded like my cats fighting off the strays from the temple.

  9. Today, Saturday, Rasmus is burning three Qurans in three new swedish cities. Look out!

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