Trouble With a Capital “P”

After all the brouhaha on Easter weekend in Sweden, the police authorities have refused to allow Rasmus Paludan to hold any more of his public political events. As a result he has announced that he is paying another visit to Sweden, where this time he will engage in his own individual, personal activities. Among those activities he mentioned that he intends to burn a few Korans here and there.

Mr. Paludan was scheduled to arrive in Örebro tonight. I haven’t heard whether another culture-enriching ruckus has begun, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the young mujahideen of Örebro are toasting their Saturday night kebabs over the flames of brightly burning police cars and municipal transit buses.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Tonight Paludan is coming to Örebro: Will burn several Korans

April 30, 2022

The politician and opinion-maker Rasmus Paludan says that he will come to Örebro tonight. He says that he will burn several Korans during his visit to Sweden, among other places at Norra Bantorget Square in Stockholm.

Rasmus Paludan announced that he is coming to Sweden over the weekend to burn a large number of Korans at various places.

When Fria Tider called Paludan shortly after one o’clock today, he was still in Denmark, but stated that he will come to Sweden later today. He is planning to burn Korans in several locations during Saturday but won’t say where.

Paludan says that he will be in Sveaparken in Örebro around 11:30 tonight. He states that he has not decided if he will burn a Koran at that particular location.

“I don’t know. It might happen, of course, but for the most part, I’ll be there to drink beer and celebrate Valpurgis and talk to Swedes about what’s happening,” Paludan tells Fria Tider.

Tomorrow, on May 1, Paludan plans to burn a Koran in Stockholm.

“I will go a little after the Social Democrats May 1 procession, then when we get to Norra Bantorget, I had thought about burning a Koran there as well.”

Paludan emphasizes that he is not coming to organize any public gatherings, either in Örebro or Stockholm. He plans to burn the Koran on his own without holding any open gatherings or other gatherings.

“Even if I can’t organize a public gathering, I can at least burn my own book,” he says.

Paludan reports that he has asked for personal protection from the Swedish police since he judges that there is a risk he will be exposed to violence during his visit to Sweden. According to him, the police have not approved his request.

Update 11:31pm: Rasmus Paludan has posted a video on Facebook which shows the way he burns a Koran in Värnamo. The Koran-burning takes place in front of a villa where, according to information online, there is a Muslim association. Paludan says in the film that there should be a mosque at the address, but he doesn’t think the house is a mosque.

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    30 April 2022 at 21.39 from Samnytt

    On Saturday, Danish-Swedish party leader Rasmus Paludan started his new election tour for Stram Kurs Sweden with Koran burning outside mosques in Sweden. He has so far burned Korans in Värnamo and Jönköping.

    Paludan has announced that the Koran burnings will continue throughout the weekend and at 23:30 he plans to celebrate Walpurgis Eve in Sveaparken in Örebro.

    On Sunday, Paludan will hold a counter-demonstration at the Social Democrats’ May Day march in Stockholm, after which he will burn the Koran in Uppsala.


  2. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson admitted, at a press conference on Thursday, that the integration of immigrants who have entered the country over the past two decades has failed and has led to parallel societies and gang violence.

    – Integration has been too poor at the same time as we have had large-scale immigration. Society has been too weak, resources for police and social services have been too weak,” said Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

    The number of people in Sweden born abroad has doubled in the last two decades to 2 million, or one-fifth of the population, writes Reuters. Andersson’s Social Democrats have been in power for 28 of the last 40 years, including the last eight, with the main responsibility for asylum development.

    READ ALSO: Paludan denied demonstration permit in Stockholm

    Freedom of expression curtailed
    Instead of criticising his predecessors as prime minister, Andersson chose to state that: “”Segregation has gone so far that we have parallel societies in Sweden. We live in the same country but in completely different realities”.

    Earlier this month, the country was rocked by the so-called Koran riots, in which more than 100 police officers were injured and some 20 police vehicles destroyed. Both adults and children took part in the riots, which took place in several locations across the country.

    The Koran riots have also attracted international attention and Sweden is threatened with “serious repercussions” from Muslim countries if we do not introduce restrictions on freedom of assembly, expression and opinion to stop provocative criticism of Islam.

    READ ALSO: Prosecutor: ‘Horrifying to see mothers with young children throwing stones at police’

    Blames religiously motivated violence on criminals
    In the media, the debate is still on whether Swedish freedom of speech should be curtailed to better adapt society to the growing Muslim population. In reality, this has already happened as the police have decided not to give Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan permission to hold any more rallies.

    During the press conference, the Prime Minister did not want to blame Muslims for the brutal violence that threatened society during the Koran attacks. Instead, she spoke of criminals. Andersson also warned that there are forces that are “ready to go to great lengths to damage our society”. These forces, she said, are criminal gangs, Islamists and right-wing extremists.

    • Gee a Swedish politician finally admits that admitting barbarians with beliefs diametrically opposed to those Sweden into the nation isn’t working?
      Be still my heart!

      What’s next? Admitting the barbarians have to go?
      Or will they just pursue the efforts that have been proven not to work even more fervently?

  3. unless western Europe purges the filthy invaders, it will be destroyed in a few decades…….

  4. Paludan burned the Koran in Stockholm

    Published 1 May 2022 at 16.00

    It was peaceful when Danish Islam critic Rasmus Paludan held a demonstration in Sweden on May 1 and burned the Koran. At Norra bantorget in Stockholm, no counter-demonstrators were visible when he set fire to the holy scripture.

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    Paludan had applied for police permission to march from Humlegården to Norra Bantorget, which is the same route the Social Democrats’ May Day march takes.

    – He wants to create chaos, he wants to create riots. It’s up to the police to decide whether this is an appropriate time and place,” said Stockholm’s Finance Minister Anna König Jerlmyr (M).

    The police rejected the request, but there was a Koran burning anyway, at Lilla bantorget near Norra bantorget where the Social Democrats’ train ends.

    However, the demonstration was quite peaceful as there were no counter-demonstrators, according to Fria Tiders photographer at the scene.


  5. The same stupidity all over the world?

    ‘Points to right-wing extremists as biggest threat – can’t name a single example

    Published 1 May 2022 at 17.22

    The “white power” community is the biggest terrorist threat to the United States, the minister in charge, Alejandro Mayorkas, has said repeatedly. But when Mayorkas was asked to name a single concrete example of such a threat, he could not respond, Fox News reports.

    It was in a hearing in the US Congress that Republican Greg Steube put Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas up against the wall.

    Steube stated that the US government does not seem to consider the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement, the far-left AFA or illegal immigrants as threats. Instead, it points to so-called white power groups as the biggest threat to national security.

    He then put a direct question to Alejandro Mayorkas:

    – How many cases of white power and domestic terrorism have you referred to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation? Can you name a single case?

    When the Minister, instead of answering, started talking about other things, Greg Steube repeated the question several times, to no avail. Instead, Alejandro Mayorkas stated that he would come back with the information at a later date.

    In the United States, there is so much political and media demand for a right-wing threat from white people that the authorities have begun to fabricate one. One high-profile case is the group of white men who were recruited and manipulated by FBI agents to plan a kidnapping of Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. The two main defendants in the case were acquitted in April after it emerged that the FBI itself was behind the kidnapping plans.

    Säpo – Swedish Security Police- which works closely with the US authorities, identifies “violent right-wing extremism” as one of the biggest terrorist threats to Sweden. This despite the fact that there are few if any recent and concrete examples of such cases.

    • Right-wing extremists are the biggest threat to their plans/ideology perhaps?

      • Right wing extremists won’t vote the way the government wants and are likely to speak persuasively against the governments idiotic policies and run against them in elections.
        This makes them a far greater threat than murderous savages.

    • All white, straight, religious, family me, who vote right are considered right wing extremist. You can only push these men only so far before they bite back.

  6. Good on him. Sometimes he should burn the Bible and the Torah together with the Koran, in order to show how different the Islamic reaction is from the civilized one.

  7. On Sunday afternoon, Rasmus Paludan held a demonstration critical of Islam outside the Uppsala mosque. In connection with the Koran burning, Muslims rushed out of the mosque and the politician was forced to flee. In video clips from the scene, Muslims are seen jumping on the car while the police are far away.

    The incident took place around 5 pm when Stram Kurs Sweden was to hold an election rally at Sportfältsvägen 1, but it did not go very far.

    • When police fail to act, or seen to act with our enemies, that is how you get right wing death squads. Keep up the great work lefties, the more you push, the greater the backlash.

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