The Ummah Threatens Sweden

Well, Rasmus Paludan certainly got the attention of the “Muslim world”.

After last weekend’s events in Sweden, in which Mr. Paludan managed to burn two Korans, the governments of Iraq and Iran have summoned Swedish diplomats to lodge a formal protest. The important sentence in the following news report is this one: “The threats formulated against Sweden are expressed not only in the name of the specific countries but of the entire Muslim world.”

The situation reminds me of the Danish Motoon crisis in early 2006 (hard to believe it’s been more than sixteen years). On that occasion Scandinavian embassies in foreign countries were torched. Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian — it didn’t matter. It seemed that all horn-helmets were considered fair game for the soldiers of Allah.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Muslim countries threaten Sweden: “Serious repercussions”

Summon Swedish ambassadors. Call for ban on burning Korans

The Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan’s Islam-critical demonstrations over the Easter weekend are now being noted at the highest diplomatic level in several Muslim countries.

In Iraq and Iran Swedish diplomats have been summoned to their respective foreign ministries to receive protests against the fact that in Sweden it is allowed to criticize Islam by, for example, burning copies of the Koran.

An embassy consul at the Swedish mission in Baghdad has been threatened by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry with “serious repercussions” for Sweden if we do not introduce restrictions on freedom of assembly, expression and opinion in order to stop provocative criticism of Islam.

Similar summonses of Swedish diplomats for formal protests have reportedly also taken place in Iran. The threats formulated against Sweden are expressed not only in the name of the specific countries but of the entire Muslim world.

The Iraqi and Iranian authorities, on the other hand, are said to have had no comment on the riots staged by Muslims in Sweden, including the burning of police vehicles, which took place in several places in reaction to Paludan’s Koran-burning.

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8 thoughts on “The Ummah Threatens Sweden

  1. ““serious repercussions” for Sweden if we do not introduce restrictions on freedom of assembly, expression and opinion in order to stop provocative criticism of Islam.”

    — Geewillikers, could this have been the commie plan with Islam all along?!

  2. Surely the response to threats from muslims about burning that book, is to burn more copies of that book.
    And tell them the burnings will stop when the threats stop.

  3. “Women in their 40s and 60s throw stones at us, their own children do the same”

    Monday 18 Apr 2022E-post1267

    In a post on Facebook, a police officer who took part in the operations in Rinkeby and Örebro on Good Friday testifies about the riots. According to him, police in Rinkeby were attacked by both children and the elderly, and in Örebro police were met with organised violence, with stones being driven at rioters in cars.

    “I usually refrain from posting things on Facebook when it comes to my profession as a police officer. However, I choose to make an exception this time” writes Södertälje police officer Jonas Packalen in the introduction of the post that has gone viral with over 17 thousand shares at the time of writing.

    According to Packalen, during this morning’s riot in Rinkeby, the police were met by, among other things, “women, in their 40s and 60s (who) throw stones at us, their own children do the same. How the hell do you handle a situation like that? Hit a 12-year-old with a baton?”.

    But the violent riot in Rinkeby paled in comparison to the ensuing riots in central Örebro.

    “Total chaos and total disaster. Several hundred people attacking the police. Most injured colleagues with broken bones, broken jaws, I myself was hit by probably 10-20 stones on my back, arms, legs and head” writes Packalen.

    According to the Packalen, “people are hit by stones in cars. Stones and objects in abundance. Stones that are chopped up and smashed to make them sharp. In other words, objects that can cause life-threatening injuries. Totally sick. In other words, we’re talking about attempted murder.”

    Packalen also describes how he is attacked when he is alone in the police bus.

    “I can’t drive forward because there is debris and fences in front of the bus, nor can I back up because my colleagues are behind the bus. Several colleagues fire warning shots – with hardly any reaction. One person even runs in front of colleagues and shouts ‘shoot me, shoot me’. Totally absurd and surreal.”

    • Nothing that a nice good whiff of grapeshot can’t cure. We used to have kids throws stones at us in Iraq on certain routes in country, it stopped when we mowed the lawn.

  4. Rasmus Paludan.

    Paludan runs in Swedish elections
    Published 20 April 2022 at 14.30 in Fria Tider

    Danish-Swedish Islam critic Rasmus Paludan will run in the Swedish parliamentary elections this autumn, Aftonbladet reports.

    Rasmus Paludan’s Koran-burnings caused violent immigrant riots in several Swedish cities over the Easter weekend.

    On Wednesday morning, he is due to submit a candidate statement to the Electoral Authority.

    – I can confirm that Rasmus Paludan is running in the election for the party Stram kurs, says Maria Ekman, press secretary at the Election Authority, to Aftonbladet.

    Stram kurs is the name of Paludan’s Danish party, which failed by a margin of 0.2 percentage points to be elected to parliament in the 2019 elections.
    In this year’s Swedish elections, it is not unlikely that he can get 0.2% – to get in he needs 4%..

  5. Malmö police report Paludan for incitement against ethnic groups
    Published 20 April 2022 at 20.08 in Fria Tider

    The Malmö police have reported Rasmus Paludan for an opinion crime after the Danish Islam critic’s Koran burnings, which led to widespread immigrant riots during Easter.

    Koran burning has previously been investigated as incitement against the public, following a demonstration critical of Islam in the summer of 2020. But the prosecutor then dropped the preliminary investigation and concluded that the act was not criminal.

    – We think it would have been good to have another trial, because we understand that this offends. At the same time, we have a strong freedom of speech that needs to be balanced against this,” says Jimmy Arkenheim, head of the Malmö local police. to SVT Nyheter Skåne.

    The police now hope that their report will lead to Paludan being held accountable for incitement against the people in a court of law.

    – When we have looked at the background to the origin and purpose of the law, we think that this should be looked at again. Then it is possible that the same thing will be found again,” says Jimmy Arkenheim.

    • Seems that little Jimmie needs a visit by some Vikings to explain the error of his thinking and ways.

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