Rasmus Paludan: In Five Years You Will Be Killed If You Try to Burn a Koran in Sweden

As reported over the weekend (see links to previous posts at the bottom of this one), the Danish politician Rasmus Paludan has been on a Koran-burning tour of Sweden. Mr. Paludan has Swedish citizenship as well as Danish, and has founded a Swedish branch of the Stram Kurs (“Hard Line”) party. His Koran-burning events were part of his campaign for this year’s parliamentary elections.

The esteemed culture-enrichers of Sweden’s banlieues became somewhat peeved with Mr. Paludan’s planned events. The high-spirited youngsters took to the streets in advance of his appearances, throwing rocks and bottles at police and attacking and burning police vehicles. In the culturally enriched district of Rosengård in Malmö they even torched a municipal transit bus.

Their efforts paid off: Rasmus Paludan was prevented from appearing in most of the planned locations, and was able to burn only two Korans.

Below is an interview with Rasmus Paludan. Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Interview: Paludan to Wake Up Swedes — “It’s Not Childish — It’s Serious”

April 17, 2022

After the Easter weekend’s violent Koran riots, Samnytt spoke to the Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan. Paludan gives his views on the week, the conduct of the police, the government’s attack on him, and what he wants to achieve with his Koran-burnings.

On Maundy Thursday, Rasmus Paludan began his election tour for his newly formed party Stram Kurs Sweden. The politician, who is known for Islam-critical demonstrations and Koran-burnings in both Denmark and Sweden, now has his sights set on the Swedish parliamentary elections this autumn.

Before the Easter weekend, the police authority had given Paludan the go-ahead to hold rallies in Jönköping, Linköping, Norrköping, Stockholm, Örebro and Landskrona.

Before Paludan even arrived in the immigrant-dense area of Skäggetorp in Linköping, masked gangs had begun rioting, and the leadership of the police in Östergötland took the decision to flee the scene as their presence was alleged to cause further violence. But the police tactics have not helped, and since then war-like scenes have unfolded in several places, resulting in both injured police officers and burnt police cars.

In Örebro and Landskrona, with only an hour to go, police decided to change the location of the demonstration to keep violent counter-demonstrators away.

How do you feel about the police changing your demonstration locations at the last minute?

It’s not legal. It is a constitutional violation, because this is not only a public gathering but also part of the parliamentary elections. Other parties are allowed to hold rallies wherever they want, and so should I. It is sabotage because voters should be able to come and listen.

I will complain; the police must understand that it is their duty to protect a public gathering where it is and where it should be. You can’t just move it to get away from people who are trying to destroy it. Then we don’t have freedom of assembly in Sweden. To move it so shortly before is to surrender: “We policemen can’t do our duty to protect it, so we have to move it to the forest.”

How do you think the police should work instead?

If they don’t have enough people, then it’s tear gas. If they have enough people then it’s run forward, crack down and arrest.

You were never allowed to hold your meetings in Linköping, Norrköping and Örebro because of the violence. What are you going to do about it?

I have already announced on Thursday that I will come to Linköping at 12 noon and to Norrköping at 3pm tomorrow. That is my intention, but the eastern police region says they can only process my application on Tuesday and I have replied that they can p*** in the ocean. The police have not protected my appointments that had been approved, so I will not reapply.

[Minister of Justice] Morgan Johansson (S) calls you “a thug” on TV4, and he says you are out to do harm and incite violence “as right-wing extremists always do.” How do you see it?

A thug is a person who is violent and I am not, so it is untrue and defamatory. I think you should be careful how you talk about other politicians who are running for parliament. You should be careful about slandering.

I am not a right-wing extremist and never have been. An extremist is a person who advocates threats and violence, and I have never done that. I am a libertarian patriot. Morgan Johansson is more of a right-wing extremist than I am because he likes to arrange affairs so that only certain people can speak out. He wants only people who think like him to be allowed to speak. That people engage in violence because they become angry about what I think — that can hardly be my fault.

In the media, you are painted as responsible for the violence of recent days.

The mainstream media, the lying media of Sweden, have tried to obfuscate the picture with untruths and manipulation that I am the one who created the riots. This is absurd, because I was not even present in Linköping, Norrköping, Örebro or Landskrona. I have talked about my party’s policy and that is hardly something that can be described as thuggery. It is the rioters who are in trouble.

The police have commented on the chaos of recent days by saying that they have never seen anything like it before. How do you think the public at large perceives the chaos of the last few days?

I would be very happy if Swedes were to understand that there are hundreds of thousands of people living with a view of freedom of assembly and democracy that is completely different from what Swedes think. These hundreds of thousands of people will never, ever accept freedom of speech, democracy and assembly.

We have also asked followers on social media what they would like to ask you. Here are some common questions. What’s in it for you to burn the Koran?

Hopefully I will be successful in inducing the Swedish people to wake up and understand that there are some who would like to murder and use violence if you do or say something that they do not like. Maybe we should be a little careful about who we allow into Sweden if there are so many who think someone should die because that person has a different opinion.

Some write that you are a fool and childish. That it is silly to burn the Koran as it is not about freedom of speech, but rather provocation.

I don’t think there is anything childish or silly about doing a perfectly deliberate political act that has a clear political purpose. To show how many people are reacting illegally to a legal act. It is not childish but very adult and serious.

If you don’t understand how serious it is that there are hundreds of thousands of people in Sweden who don’t want to accept the right to burn a Koran, then you have to do something. “Childish” would only be accurate if I did it to make people angry but that’s not at all what it’s about. I intend to show that there are people who don’t want Sweden.

What would the reactions have been if you had burned the Bible or the Torah in Sweden instead?

I am 100 percent sure that if I burned 100 Bibles and 100 Torahs, no Christian or Jew would threaten or attack me.

Why do you do the burnings in Sweden and not in Denmark?

It’s because it’s election time in Sweden and we want to get votes in the parliamentary elections.

What do you think Sweden will look like in five years?

It will not be possible to burn a Koran at a public gathering.

You will be killed.


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15 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan: In Five Years You Will Be Killed If You Try to Burn a Koran in Sweden

  1. I do not understand WHY you let Muslims into your country in the first place. You surely knew that they would behave this way, given their behavior in every OTHER country they invade.

    The only cure is to deport them all back to where they came from and then maybe your citizens, the ones to whom you owe a well-ruled country, could stop living in fear.

    • @ Mariadee

      Re: “I do not understand WHY you let Muslims into your country in the first place. You surely knew that they would behave this way, given their behavior in every OTHER country they invade.”

      It is tempting to blame the Swedes themselves for their predicament, but that is not an entirely accurate understanding of the situation. Sweden, like every other member of the European Union (which is a frankly globalist organization in its ideology and policies), is compelled to “accept” a certain number of immigrants each year, often labeled as “refugees” even when this categorization is not accurate.

      If you investigate the historical roots of the EU, you will discover the figure of its founder, Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalgeri (1894-1972). An Austro-Hungarian by birth, he was the biracial product of the marriage of his Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother.

      Kalergi’s later views on race, ethnicity and nationality were evidently shaped by his biracial identity, as he openly advocated for native Europeans to breed with the darker-skinned peoples of non-European civilization. He held that such people would constitute the “superior” European of the future.

      In his public statements and writings, Kalergi always claimed to be against what the National Socialists stood for, but his views on race amount to something very similar to the eugenics of the Nazis, albeit of a somewhat different flavor.

      The globalists in Europe have seized upon immigration from the Third World, including from the Middle East and North Africa, as a means of transforming Europe into something else along the lines first suggested by Kalergi almost a century ago. Deconstructing the Old Europe is seen as a necessary precondition to the formation of the New Europe, and the Muslims and other immigrants in their millions provide the means by which to accomplish that goal.

      The other chief reason Muslims are flooding into Europe is because about fifty years ago, the Sunni Arab oil kingdoms and the larger nations of Europe, such as France, reached some sort of accommodation by which the former would keep the oil flowing at reasonable prices in return for which the nations of western and northern Europe would throw open their doors to great masses of newcomers. The historian Bat Ye’or documents this paradigm-changing event in her books, should you wish to read them.

      The short answer is that Old Europe was sold out by her political and economic leaders in the interests of cheap oil and natural gas.

      Re: “The only cure is to deport them all back to where they came from and then maybe your citizens, the ones to whom you owe a well-ruled country, could stop living in fear.”

      In a sane world, that would seem to be the most-sensible option, but alas Europeans no longer live in such a world.

      President Macron of France, whose globalist sympathies are well-known and who has documented ties to the World Economic Forum, provides a case in point: Not long after being elected, he addressed the French public and said in so many words that the French people had better get used to having a lot of immigrants around, because more were on the way.

      Predictably, the results have been the chaos, violence and bloodshed which seem to follow Muslims wherever they go. The last year for which I saw the figures, over 400 churches were burned in France. Many of them in fires set by Muslim arsonists – including the blaze which nearly destroyed the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris some years ago.

      The soldiers of Allah are not there as temporary visitors; they are there to stay – by their own admission – as colonists and conquerors. If one accepts such statements at face value, then ordinary Frenchmen (and other Europeans in their own nations) are going to have to do more to reclaim their countries and birthrights than write letters to the editor or marching with placards in their hands.

      At least the French can look deep into their own past to find a model worth emulating in such times: Charles “The Hammer of the Franks” Martel, whose victory over the Moors in 732 prevented the Islamic conquest of Europe. Will other Europeans be as fortunate here in the 21st century?

    • It is far to late to deport these sub human savages, to get rid of them will take an iron will to do whatever is necessary to get rid of them, no matter how many of them you have to stack to make a decent funeral pyre that can be seen from space.

  2. Why do you let Muslims into your country in the first place? you KNOW what they do!

    • Islamization of Europe!! Everything is going according to the evil EU, Soros, Schwab , and on and on , this traitors who supposedly represents Us , just betrayed Us , big time!! Same like with this boogie VIRUS!!, betrayal, betrayal nothing else , if just Europeans wake up and fight for their countries for sake of own children and grandchildren..

    • Why did the Trojans pulled the Horse inside the gates? Why? Didn’t they know it was a gift from their mortal enemy?

  3. The Swedish nationals rioting on behalf of & together with Muslims should ask themselves this question: if it was my 10 year old sibling who was given in a so-called ‘marriage’ to a 56 year old man in the name of religion, how would I feel about that?

    If the pro Islam rioters found themselves in a Muslim country where they & others they knew were raped, tortured, imprisoned, amputated or murdered for expressing thoughts & feelings contrary to Islam, would they still be prepared to riot for Islam in Sweden?

    Would they also riot on behalf of religious zealots who have beheaded & crucified their own people because they chose to follow an alternative belief system or to leave Islam?

    These extremist left wing types protest in the name of hope not hate, yet their actions support people who routinely practice hate, child rape,vl violence, female genital mutilation & murder, to enforce Islam onto others & to bludgeon others into self censorship & silence. Their behaviour is unashamedly undemocratic.

    The misguided & ignorant Swedish left wing pro Islam extremists make themselves a laughing stock because they rush to defend the indefensible, without logic or due thought.

    The burning of the book was a symbolic act to protest against the ideas expressed within it & for good reason.

  4. Paludan’s estimation is very conservative with those five years. He would be killed right now without police protection, I guess.

  5. Rasmus Paludan’s interest in the welfare of Swedes and Sweden is no doubt partly based upon his family ties, his identity as a Scandinavian, and his lineage as part-Danish, and part-Swedish. But he is also doing what he is doing, trying to raise the alarm among his fellow Scandinavians, because he probably sees that tiny Denmark is next on the menu.

    It is but a short ferry ride from Sweden to Denmark, and now that the bridge between the two nations is complete, only a short drive by car from one nation to the other. Paludan probably knows the history of Islamic conquest and the fact that for 1,400 years, the Muslims have employed mass migration to infidel lands as a weapon, one they term the hegira. And now that Sweden seems to have fallen to the soldiers of Allah, how far behind it can Denmark be? Or for that matter, Norway and Finland as well?

    • Nothing has fallen as of yet, people are in the shadows fully awake to the danger, it is just a matter of time when they will act. As for the sheep and feminaxi’s who allowed this abomination, they too will pay the price, for they will have no say when the strong and ruthless take over.

  6. I’m personaly not a fan for burning any books, but with the Quran and any other Islamic Scriptures I could make an exception.
    Not that that would be in anyway agreat idea as long as your have a massive Muslim population living in and invading your Country on a daily bases through your traitorous Political, Ecclastical and Social “Elites”.
    You can start burning the rubbish after you cleaned house – thoroughly – and keep doing it.
    And if you don’t do it regularly, after a while your home will be so infested again that the only option left is turn burn down everything and start from scratch.
    Just saying…..

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