Mostly Peaceful Muslims Riot in Norrköping

As I reported yesterday, Rasmus Paludan’s planned burning of a Koran in the Swedish city of Linköping inspired an anticipatory riot by the culture-enrichers of that city. The ferocity of the rioters induced the police to withdraw from the location of the event, and the notorious Koran-burner was unable to make an appearance.

Mr. Paludan staged another event today in the heavily enriched Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, where he was able to burn a Koran. Later he moved on to Örebro, and riots ensued in both places. For the latest information, see LN’s reports in the comments section of last night’s post.

Last night the violence spread from Linköping to the nearby city of Norrköping. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Koran riots spread to Norrköping — Tram attacked

Thursday’s Koran riots, which began in Linköping, spread in the evening to the neighboring town of Norrköping, where Ramus [sic] Paludan had received permission for a general gathering. In Norrköping, cars were set on fire and some 100 masked persons were at the scene.

On Thursday afternoon, Linköping was shaken by a violent riot that broke out in the city district of Skäggetorp, when Ramsus [sic] Paludan was going to burn a Koran at a general gathering. A police car was set on fire, police uniforms were stolen by the rioters, and police withdrew from the scene.

On Thursday evening, the violence spread to the neighboring city of Norrköping, where Paludan had received permission for a similar gathering. Police report that a number of cars were set on fire in the neighborhoods of Hageby and Navestad.

Rescue services were subjected to rock-throwing, and fireworks were shot at cars in the area. One person was arrested.

We have received information that some 100 masked people are at the location, says police press spokesperson Johnny Gustafsson to Aftonbladet.

In connection with the riot, a number of people have broken into a business in Guldringen and stolen computer equipment.

Swedish State Television reports that Östgötatrafiken closed several tram stops in Norrköping, due to the violent riot.

Östgötatrafiken reports that a tram was attacked on the way to Kvarnberget, and a car was set on fire when the tram tried to pass.

“We have chosen not to send in replacement busses due to the risk of rock-throwing,” says Christer Ringman at Östgötatrafiken’s traffic management to SVT.

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  1. Koran [16:04:2022] “Fitna is worse than stealing; so when the unbelievers burn Korans, break into a business in Guldringen and steal computer equipment”.

  2. Just imagine what would happen if five or so people would announce to burn a Koran in five different parts of the city at the same time – without knowing of each others action…

  3. The police command forbade the police to intervene against the violence

    Published 16 April 2022 in Fria Tider

    The scandalous images of criminal immigrants publicly humiliating police have been cabled across the world today. Now the effort is being criticized from all sides and individual police officers are writing op-eds about how they have been reluctantly forced by management to back down and let the criminals take over the city.

    After the failed handling of Rasmus Paludan’s Koran burning, the police management is now receiving criticism from researchers as well as the public and individual police officers.

    Norrköpings Tidningar has published an article by an intervention police officer who was first involved in an understaffed operation in Skäggetorp in Linköping, where a stone-throwing crowd managed to overpower the police and drive them out of the area.

    However, reinforcements quickly arrived from surrounding districts.

    “After an hour or so, we are about a hundred police officers. Every single one of us is ready to go into Skäggetorp to reclaim the land the community has lost. But the management does not dare,” writes the police, who are very frustrated with the decision.

    “I want the citizens of Linköping and especially of Skäggetorp to know that every single police officer was ready to go back in. Every police officer wanted to go back in. I want the leadership in the police to know that their decision was up to the walls wrong.”

    Police researcher and police officer Stefan Holgersson tells DN that much of what Sweden has been good at when it comes to handling riots has now disappeared from the Swedish police as a result of the agency’s well-known structural problems.

    – It is insane that the current development is allowed and that politicians say they have full confidence in the police leadership.

    According to Holgersson, the shortcomings affect both the police’s ability to intervene and the judgements linked to situations where it is important for police officers to act physically.

    Tomas Stjernfeldt, vice-president of the police union, agrees that the efforts have been a failure.

    – Of course it is a failure when we have quite a few injured colleagues. It’s about freedom of expression issues that we have not been able to maintain, we have areas in society where we have not been able to secure the public, says Tomas Stjernfeldt to Aftonbladet.

    On Twitter, several police officers write their views on the incident. An area police officer with drug crimes as his area of expertise writes that the police need more violent tools to deal with riots, which do not involve deadly violence.

    “I would have liked to see paintball guns with pepper and paint so you can tag the worst and also be able to operate at a distance. Preferably with paint that can’t be washed off the skin,” the police wrote on Twitter.

    According to the police, the use of firearms is prohibited to arrest someone for, for example, blue light sabotage or violent rioting.

    “Those crimes are not listed in the firearms code. PS. If the suspect has half a kilo of amphetamines on him, however, there is legal support,” writes the regional police and links to the legislation.

    However, the police were forced to use firearms in self-defence several times during the riots, something that is always permitted.

    There has also been criticism from liberals and the media, with the Bonniers liberal evening paper Expressen saying – as usual with liberals – that the police should have restricted freedom of expression.

    “Cowardly police chief’s decision is behind violent riots” is the headline of an article in which editor-in-chief Fredrik Sjöshult writes:

    “However, cowardly police chiefs should not have given permission to Paludan’s rallies on the basis of the second chapter of the Public Order Act.”

    But curtailing freedom of speech in response to the troublemakers’ actions is seen by few police officers as a reasonable solution, judging by the reactions on social media. Nor does researcher Stefan Holgersson.

    – Even if you think the person who is putting their message forward is a fool, you have to stick to the principle, as long as it’s not criminal. Otherwise you end up on a slippery slope where the police or some other actor will decide which opinions are the right ones, he tells DN.

    • It’s completely beyond me how any police Dept. will not allow police to actually do their jobs.

      Paintball guns sound good to me!

      You mean they can’t even use those?

      Why don’t they just hire a bunch of 5 year olds who can run around pretending to shoot with their fingers!?


    • For all I know, deer- and moose hunting are favorite past times in Sweden. So why not let the Swedes step in for support of police? I am sure that moose- ammo could do the job.

  4. image

    Paludan’s election rally in Landskrona moved to rest area outside Malmö

    Published 16 April 2022 in Fria Tider

    Stram kurs and its party leader Rasmus Paludan first received permission to conduct a new Koran burning in Landskrona today. But now the police have moved the permit to a rest area near Paludan’s home country of Denmark, where no young people can come without a car.
    – Unfortunately, the police authorities do not dare to allow this public gathering anymore. For several days I have had written permission to hold this public gathering from 5 to 8 pm at the sports ground in Landskrona, but now it will be somewhere else in western Skåne, he says.

    Where Paludan may hold his demonstration is uncertain. With three hours until the demonstration is supposed to begin, the police had not yet told where the permit will be given. When the police eventually announced the permit, it turned out to be for a rest area at the Öresund Bridge where no young people can go without a car.

    – This is sabotage against Stram Kurs Sweden’s election campaign. We want to meet voters in Sweden and tell them about our policies ahead of the elections to parliament in September,” says Paludan, arguing that it is impossible if the police only allow him to speak in places where there are no people.

    He believes that the Skåne police are damaging democracy with their decision.
    – They are simply capitulating to thugs and criminals.

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