Rasmus Paludan Strikes Again

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In case anyone had any doubts, today’s events in the Swedish city of Linköping have clearly demonstrated who it is that rules in Sweden. Hint: It ain’t the Swedes.

Long-time readers will remember Rasmus Paludan, the founder and leader of the Danish party Stram Kurs (Hard Line). Mr. Paludan is notorious for upsetting Muslims with Koran burnings and other provocative actions in both Denmark and Sweden. He had arranged to burn a Koran in Linköping today, but unfortunately was prevented from doing so by mostly peaceful protesters of the Islamic persuasion.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Muslim riot in Linköping

April 14, 2022

A violent riot has broken out in Linköping in connection with a Koran burning organised by the Danish Islam critic Rasmus Paludan. Stones were thrown at police officers, police cars were smashed and set on fire, and the police have been forced to retreat.

Paludan had received permission for a public gathering in the form of a Koran burning at 3:30pm on Thursday, in the Skäggetorp district of Linköping.

Fifteen minutes before the Koran burning was due to begin, the police reported “individuals at the scene wearing masks and throwing stones at the police.”

At 3:34pm, the police announced that the situation had degenerated into what they describe as a violent riot.

Footage from the scene shows men standing on the roofs of police cars shouting “Allahu Akhbar”, “Abo” and the like.

Police cars were damaged, including one destroyed in a fire, but there are no reports of injuries so far.

“I didn’t see a single whole police car. There are queues at every intersection nearby,” a witness told Aftonbladet.

“Don’t want to confront”

At 3:56pm, the police were forced to regroup and withdraw from the centre of Skäggetorp.

“We do not want to confront and get into violent situations,” says Åsa Willsund, police spokesperson, to Expressen.

At 4:52pm, the situation was “still frozen”, according to the police, and the authorized gathering had not yet been able to start.

It is currently difficult to get into the centre of Skäggetorp by car. The police have considerable resources in place.

Update: Additional news was appended to the article early this evening:

Spread to Norrköping

In Norrköping, too, there are alarms about a number of fires in various places. The plan was for Paludan to hold a rally there at 6.30pm. Rockets are being fired at cars and stones thrown at the rescue services. One person has been arrested for rioting.

“Masked persons are moving around the scene,” the police write in their incident report.

Norrköpings Tidningar’s reporter on the scene notes that the situation is “getting completely out of hand.” According to the newspaper, hundreds of people are already taking part in the riots in Norrköping.

“There’s a long night ahead of us,” says police spokesperson Åsa Willsund to Corren.

Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson condemns both the riots and Rasmus Paludan on Twitter:

“Regardless of what you think about the right-wing extremist hate message that Paludan stands for, it is unacceptable to react with this serious violence. It is good that the police acted decisively to deal with the perpetrators and maintain order. I hope that the injured police officers will recover quickly”, writes Morgan Johansson, and continues:

“Those behind the violent riots are not representative of the people living in the area. The vast majority of people living in the affected areas just want peace and quiet and to live their lives. As for the right-wing provocateur, this is exactly the kind of reaction he wants to see. The aim is to turn people against each other. I call on all good forces to remain calm and not to be provoked. The government is monitoring events as they unfold.”

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  1. “Footage from the scene shows men standing on the roofs of police cars shouting “Allahu Akhbar”, “Abo” and the like.”

    Sorry I don’t know Swedish. What does “Abo” mean?

  2. “… the authorized gathering had not yet been able to start.”
    Thuggery pays.
    Back in October 2020 Swedish police banned all anti-Islam demonstrations because of the violence brought on by Muslims – that is, caving in to intimidation. Perhaps this ban has since been found to be unconstitutional.
    The police may not want to “confront” the opposition, but that is what has to happen to make Swedish law prevail, with the army’s help if necessary. There is no alternative except capitulation.
    See “Islam’s Violent Assault on Democracy”:

    • Yes; and it goes to show that in the West the goal has always been to use Islam for subverting the law.

  3. Paludan is a genius because he makes the Muslims prematurely demonstrate the real face of Islam.

  4. .
    Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson, the hideous man from Höganäs, condemns both the riots and Rasmus Paludan on Twitter:

    “Regardless of what one thinks about the right-wing hate message that Paludan stands for, it is unacceptable to react with this serious violence.

    It is good that the police acted decisively to deal with the perpetrators and maintain order. I hope that the injured police officers can recover quickly”, writes Morgan Johansson and continues:

    “Those behind the violent riots are not representative of the people living in the area.

    The vast majority of people living in the affected areas just want to live their lives in peace and quiet and collect their benefits.

    As for the right-wing provocateur, this is exactly the kind of reaction he wants to see. The aim is to turn people against each other. I call on all good forces to remain calm and not to allow themselves to be provoked.

    The government is monitoring events as they unfold.”


    Today Good Friday, new lustifications are planned in Örebro…and Rinkeby.

  5. One tolerates an attack of the piles, but not a “cult” that wants you dead or enslaved.
    You don’t bow to those that want want you harm for fear that they’ll harm you, it’s the dumbest, most suicidal thing you can do as an individual or Society.
    But as we can clearly see, these thugs roam the street with the malign selfimportance of those whose bigotries and actions are backed by the State.
    In a Nutshell, Sweden and Europe has sold their people out to Slavers and Warlords to “buy” peace.
    Well done

  6. Published today at 08.51

    After the violent riots in Linköping and Norrköping yesterday, police in Stockholm and Örebro are now preparing for similar events.

    “We have a deployed resource, should there be a disturbance we will disband the public gathering, but we will not cancel before,” says Anna Westberg, who is the police press spokesperson in the Stockholm region.

    Yesterday’s unrest was triggered by the fact that Islamophobic right-wing extremist Rasmus Paludan was given permission to hold a public gathering, where he intended to burn copies of the Koran.

    Cars on fire and police officers in hospital – two arrested after violent riots

    The basis of our journalism is credibility and impartiality. Swedish Radio is independent of political, religious, economic, public and private interests.
    Read more about how we do our work.

  7. “The aim is to turn people against each other”, said Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson.
    Memo to Danish Ministry:
    Islam INSTRUCTS muslims to be “against” kafirs:
    “..between us and you enmity and hatred forever…” , says Koran 60:4,
    “the kafir is ever an enemy to you”, 4:101.

    As commenter “Do not believe them” explains above, Rasmus Paludan’s genius is to expose this.

    See “Islam’s Agenda: Muslims Speak”:


    The reactions to the chaos in Östergötland

    Published April 15, 2022 at 10.30

    DOMESTIC. Yesterday’s immigrant chaos in Linköping and Norrköping provokes reactions both locally and in the country as a whole. In Norrköping, the chairman of the municipal board, Olle Vikmång (S), condemns both Rasmus Paludan and the rioters, while others claim that the unrest is an influence operation by Vladimir Putin.

    – It is a completely irrational and violent behavior that is directed at both the general public and blue light staff. But I also get angry at the basic provocation, that someone takes the right to use the freedom of expression we have to provoke and create discord, says Olle Vikmång (S) to Norrköpings Tidningar.

    However, the Danish-Swedish counter-jihadist Rasmus Paludan denies responsibility for the events. He was not even there.

    – They started before I even came, so I have not done anything wrong. I have not even been to Linköping or Norrköping, he says to Östgöta Correspondenten.

    Several liberal voices on Twitter speculated that it could be Russia that staged the immigrant chaos, much like when Swedish authorities spread speculation that Russia had cut down a TV mast in southern Sweden a few years ago. But the speculation was also opposed, including by Member of Parliament Hanif Bali (M).

    Two men in their 30s have been arrested on suspicion of violence against an official and violent rioting, the police state. The three policemen who were taken to hospital are said to be slightly injured.

    Foreign media mainly toned down the reporting, but in social media the news also spread internationally.

  9. Violence has erupted in Rinkeby in western Stockholm after Danish-Swedish right-wing extremist Rasmus Paludan set fire to a Koran at the scene on Friday.

    One police officer has been injured, according to Stockholm police.
    A preliminary investigation into a violent riot has been launched after people threw stones after the demonstration was held.

    Rasmus Paludan had received prior permission from the police to give a speech and burn a Koran in Rinkeby on Good Friday.

    Initially, the situation at the site was described as calm and there was a counter-demonstration with about a hundred people. Some carried placards with messages such as “Get out of my town” and “Hate against the people”.

    Several also tried to override Paludan with prayers and singing, according to Expressen’s reporter at the scene.

    Paludan carried out his Koran burning in several rounds – and when he left the second time, the situation became more turbulent. Stones began to be thrown at the police, who then decided to ban access to the area.

    In pictures from the scene, Rasmus Paludan can be seen being escorted by police to a car which then drives away from the scene while police officers in the background are met by stone throwing.

    At 2pm, the police announce that the rally has been disbanded.

    – There has been a lot of stone throwing at the scene. A police officer has been injured, it is said to be in the leg, I have no more information about the state of injury, says Daniel Wikdahl.

    According to Wikdahl, seven to eight people have been arrested and are suspected of violent rioting or assault. One person is also suspected of violating the knife law.

  10. Up to eight people have been arrested in the area for violent rioting, assault and violation of the knife law.

    The police say they have a large resource at the scene and say that it seems to be calming down now.
    olice officer injured in new Koran chaos in Rinkeby

    Published 15 April 2022 at 15.55

    A major police operation is underway in Rinkeby where counter-jihadist Rasmus Paludan burned a copy of the Koran.

    Immigrants have thrown stones and a police officer has been injured. However, the disturbances are not of the nature that occurred yesterday in Linköping and Norrköping, judging from pictures published by SVT.

    – A colleague has been injured in the leg, but we do not know the circumstances, says police spokesman Daniel Wikdahl to Aftonbladet.

  11. Paludan in Rinkeby – knifeman arrested

    Home 15 April 2022 at 15.11

    On Good Friday, Rasmus Paludan held another Islam-critical rally in Sweden, this time in immigrant-dense Rinkeby. The demonstration had to be interrupted several times due to stone throwing and police have arrested a man armed with a kitchen knife.

    It was shortly after 11 o’clock in the morning that Stram Kurs party leader Rasmus Paludan started his square meeting with both speeches and Koran burning in Rinkeby.

    Paludan told spectators at the venue that Islam is not compatible with Western societies.

    – Islam cannot harmonise with a developed democratic society. Nor is there any example in world history of Islam harmonising with a developed democratic society. It has never happened ever and it will never happen because it is absolutely impossible,” Paludan said.

    The demonstration was interrupted
    The police interrupted the rally when there was still an hour to go. During the demonstration, stones and bottles were thrown at Paludan.

    One police officer was injured and seven people were arrested on suspicion of, among other things, violent disorder. Police have also arrested a man on suspicion of violating the knife law after he carried a kitchen knife to the demonstration. This is reported by TV4 Nyheterna.

    Paludan will hold another demonstration in Örebro’s problem area Vivalla at 5 pm on Good Friday.

    See below INTERVIEW:
    Paludan on the Koran attacks – “The state does not have a monopoly on violence


    INTERVIEW: Paludan on the Koran attacks – “The state does not have a monopoly on violence”
    15 April 2022 at 10.27

    On Maundy Thursday, violent riots broke out in Linköping and Norrköping shortly before Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan was to hold a square rally critical of Islam with Koran burning. Although the police had taken the height with riot gear, people were forced to flee the area for the meeting. Samnytt has interviewed Paludan to hear more about his views on the violence and the ongoing tour in Sweden.
    Several video clips from the immigrant-dense Skäggetorp district of Linköping are circulating on social media, showing police officers fleeing the area while masked immigrant gangs loot radio cars. A police car was set on fire and immigrants are seen jumping on car roofs and stripping cars of equipment and uniforms.
    The police authority commented on their retreat from Skäggetorp, saying that they did not want to get into violence with the immigrant gangs.

    – We have moved on. Right now we are not in any confrontation. We do not want to confront and get into violent situations, said Åsa Willsund, the police’s press spokesperson to Expressen.
    Paludan: “Criminals think the police are running like dogs”
    On Friday morning, Samnytt spoke to Rasmus Paludan to hear more about his ongoing tour in Sweden and how he views the riots in Linköping and Norrköping. When we reach him, he is preparing to travel to the so-called particularly vulnerable area of Rinkeby in northwest Stockholm where he will demonstrate against Islam and burn the Koran.
    How do you view the violence that broke out?

    – First of all, I never came to either Skäggetorp or Navestad, but it shows that the Swedish state does not have a monopoly on violence in these places and hasn’t had one for a long time. Those in power in these areas have decided that there is no freedom of speech there.
    The police fled from Skäggetorp where your meeting was to be held.

    – I think that was a very wrong decision. There is no point in having a service weapon if you don’t have the will to use the gun. The police must stand firm when things like this happen or it sends a signal to criminals that criminals are in power. But if the police fire warning shots, then criminals might think this was a bit much and maybe we should back off a bit.

    – But now criminals will think that the police are running like dogs or something like that. They think “then we can do that next time too because the police will back off”.
    Why do you think some residents resort to violence in this way?

    – It’s obvious that many residents in these places don’t understand what democracy is. It’s a foreign thing and even if you explain it, they won’t accept or respect it. They don’t think freedom of speech should be there because it is the truth of religion.

    – You can’t say anything that goes against their religion because that’s their culture and rules. It is difficult for them to function in a society where there is freedom of speech because this is the opposite.
    We also saw that the police were attacked after the Koran burning in Rosengård. Why do you think it so easily leads to aggressive riots?

    – They probably assume that if you do this, it’s the abuser’s veto. To a certain extent, that is how it turned out, because the police have not approved any Koran burning in Rosengård. It has never happened.

    – But it will be difficult if they decide this all over the country. The police can say, “wherever people get angry, you are not allowed to have a public gathering and burn the Koran”, but then the Swedish people understand that it is a total capitulation. It will be difficult to say that throughout the country, so let’s continue.
    In the media you are painted as right-wing extremist. Morgan Johansson (S) wrote that you have a “right-wing hate message”. How do you view the term right-wing extremist and the fact that you are spreading hate?

    – I am not right-wing extremist at all. I’m not extreme either. Extremes are people who act with violence or threats and I don’t do that at all. I am a patriot and a libertarian. I don’t think you can call libertarians right-wing extremists. They are economically to the right, but I think libertarianism is about loving freedom and less government. Patriot just means that I love the Danish and Swedish people.
    We have also asked followers on social media what they would like to ask you. The most common questions are what is your purpose in burning the Koran and degrading Muslims?

    – I don’t degrade Muslims. I may be degrading Islam but I think Islam is such a nasty idea that should be degraded. Some Muslims would probably agree with me if they knew what Islam is. It seems that I know a lot more about Islam than many Muslims do.

    – My purpose is to show that I think Islam is a very stupid idea and I also want to show people who think they can decide if I can burn my own book. These people can’t decide that because you are allowed to do that in Sweden. You can criticise an idea in Sweden and that is what Islam is – Islam is an idea. If you think Islam is bad, then you can criticise and degrade that idea as much as you like.
    Some say that your demonstrations will be costly for Swedish taxpayers and that police personnel will take the hit. How do you see such arguments?

    – I am not the one who exposes Swedish police to violence and I am not the one who burns cars. Swedish politicians have decided for 40 years that people who burn cars and attack police officers can stay in Sweden. The Swedish people have elected politicians who have decided this. I am trying to convince the Swedish people that it was a bad decision.
    More Koran burnings planned for Easter
    Paludan says he has several demonstrations planned for the Easter weekend. On Good Friday, he will demonstrate in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby between 11 am and 3 pm, and then in Örebro’s problem area Vivalla between 5 pm and 8 pm. On Easter Eve, Paludan will visit Landskrona in Skåne. Furthermore, Paludan wants to return to Linköping on Sunday to complete the interrupted demonstration that was planned to be held in Skäggetorp on Maundy Thursday.


  12. Shouting Muslims in Örebro

    Published 15 April 2022 at 20.03

    Violence continued in Örebro on Friday night after earlier unrest in Rinkeby.

    The riot fence has been broken, stones thrown at police, police cars burned and a police car was hijacked by protesters who drove around in it and then set it on fire, writes Nerikes Allehanda. Police have fired warning shots.

    Nine police officers have been injured in the fracas, none of them seriously. However, one policeman is reported to have had a stone thrown at his head.
    The police tried to disperse people with the help of police cars and have fired warning shots at the demonstrators before the police were forced to evacuate a police bus, reports P4 Örebro. The immigrants then took over the vehicle and drove it around.
    – Counter-demonstrators took over the police bus and drove it, says P4 Örebro’s David Forsell from the scene as the police withdrew.

    – It is a serious situation that we are doing our utmost to handle, Diana Qudhaib, the police’s press spokesperson, told TT at around 7 pm.

    Earlier on Good Friday, a violent riot broke out in Rinkeby in western Stockholm and eight people were arrested. However, no serious injuries occurred there, but one police officer injured his leg.

    In total, four police cars were burned by protesters, who also threw firecrackers and stones at the police and their vehicles.

    By 8.10pm the situation had calmed down and from hundreds at the scene almost everyone had left the area.

  13. Let the muslim savages riot, the more the merrier, for then even the most dain bramaged useful idiot can see that islm is incompatible with the west and must be stamped out to the last bloody savage 3rd worlder.

    • Everyone will see, and then what? Where are the Swedes who took to the streets and demanded an end to Muslim unrest?

      • You have to continue to push the bloody Swedes to the point they will eventually act. Once they do, they won’t stop until the 3rd worlders are all gone and the feminaxi’s put in their place.

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