Who Rules in Sweden?

The following video makes it clear that those who rule in Sweden are not the Swedes.

Since Rasmus Paludan went on his Koran-burning tour of Sweden (in which, as far as I know, he was able to burn only two Korans), Muslims have taken to the streets and pelted police with stones and bottles. They have burned police cars and even hijacked police vans and driven them around.

Police withdrew from the hail of stones and left the streets to the culture-enrichers. But in multiple interviews, police officers made it clear that they did not want to retreat. They wanted to hold the line and push back against the violent thugs who were trying to kill them. The order to stand down came from above — the authorities did not want a strong stance to be made against the urban mujahideen who were wreaking havoc in Linköping, Norrköping, Rinkeby, Örebro, Landskrona, and Malmö.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   At a given signal, everything broke out, rock-throwing, and they started to attack the police.
00:05   So there were so many who from the very beginning
00:11   were camouflaged with different types of face coverings.
00:16   Everything from caps, scarves, etc. And they carried rocks with them,
00:23   and it was obvious to me that they were completely indifferent
00:27   to whether they injured the police or even if they killed them.
00:30   When I left, I was still not sure
00:36   whether I had seriously injured or dead colleagues.
00:39   Now, thank goodness, there are no life-threatening injuries.
00:42   But there are still twelve colleagues who have been injured
00:46   for doing their job. They have families at home who want to see them come home in one piece,
00:52   and this time they didn’t. Deeply unfortunate.
00:56   This is completely reprehensible.

4 thoughts on “Who Rules in Sweden?

  1. “The order to stand down came from above”

    — Says it all. Sharia is in effect.

  2. “They have burned police cars and even hijacked police vans and driven them around.”

    In Malmö they have thrown a molotov cocktail into or at a bus carrying passengers, too.

    Source & hint: use Google translator:

    BTW: Rasmus Paludan has two citizenships. He has Swedish and Danish passports. His mother is Swedish and father Danish.

  3. I ask: When will the low-ranking police officers say Screw it! and disobey orders from the upper echolons?
    And when the upper echolons hit them, they hit back, you know the bodyguards of the prime minister bring the prime minister into a muslim stronghold, throw him out and yell a few times a slogan, that will enrage the muslims and then they drive away and the prime minister will face the muslims hatred on his own.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me that when a cannister of flechette or ball bearings are shot out of a 105 into a rapid crowd of 3rd world savages of just how quickly things calm down.

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