Archbishop Viganò: “The New World Order Agenda Requires That Italy Should Perish”

Carlo Maria Viganò is an Italian archbishop who is the former Apostolic Nuncio to the USA. He has deviated from the Vatican party line on multiple issues, most notably on the Wuhan Coronavirus “pandemic” and related matters.

The following video shows excerpts from an interview with Archbishop Viganò in which he discusses the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, and the Great Reset.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

25:03   Monsignor Viganò, your sensible, fiery and above all courageous speeches
25:10   against the New World Order have surely brought you undesirable consequences.
25:17   Threats, media attacks.
25:21   Is that possible? —After I exposed Cardinal McCarrick’s scandals,
25:29   I had to take care of my personal safety.
25:36   My statements about the pandemic farce, which as I recall
25:43   started in May 2020, brought me name-calling and dissing back then.
25:50   They accused me of undue interference, and of spreading conspiracy theories.
25:57   Someone even asserted that those statements were written by someone else.
26:04   Someone even insinuated that I suffered from psychosis
26:09   and interpretative delusion, or that I was possessed by the devil.
26:15   Not to mention the accusations after my statements
26:21   about the Russo-Ukrainian crisis, some days ago.
26:27   I did not expect some of these — often over the top— ad hominems to come from
26:35   the Catholic Conservatism milieu, and from the so-called Right Wing.
26:46   People that I would have considered allies in standing against both the pandemic hoax
26:55   and Ukraine’s war provocation turned out to side with the opponents, in many cases.
27:03   By acknowledging the effectiveness and the moral legitimacy of the so called “vaccines”,
27:11   or considering Zelensky an innocent victim of
27:16   Putin’s expansionist ambitions.
27:21   The reality is quite different.
27:25   And they deny it and cover it up, in order to support their positions or to obey their masters.
27:33   This will bring nothing but much more motivated and rightful arguments
27:39   against the perpetrators and their accomplices.
27:45   Anyway, I thank God and Our Lady for keeping me healthy and safe, so far.
27:57   Monsignor, the Draghi administration took advantage
28:01   of the Ukrainian question to extend the state of emergency.
28:05   What are your predictions on the political, economic
28:10   and social future of our country, Italy?
28:15   I don’t know whether the Civil Protection state of emergency
28:21   can be considered an extension of the pandemic emergency.
28:27   Which a recent ruling of the Court of Pisa declared unlawful and unconstitutional.
28:35   What is very clear — if this has ever been doubted —
28:40   is that Draghi serves supranational interests.
28:45   And many other members of his Government and highest offices of the country do, as well.
28:53   Supported by almost all of Parliament.
28:59   Since he represents these lobbies, he has the task of putting the globalist agenda into action,
29:07   even if it is against the national interest and the citizens’ welfare.
29:14   Actually the agenda precisely consists of destroying
29:21   Italy’s social, economic, religious and cultural structure.
29:28   The goal is to produce that Great Reset,
29:32   whose designer and promoter, Klaus Schwab, recently visited Draghi.
29:41   I dare not make any prediction.
29:45   Because the situation is extremely unclear and unknown.
29:51   The New World Order agenda requires that Italy should perish.
29:57   That it should be invaded by millions of migrants.
30:02   It should lose its own Catholic identity.
30:06   It should erase its own traditions.
30:09   It should be undersold to foreign corporations.
30:14   They want us to be servants.
30:17   With an universal income, after they took everything from us.
30:24   They want to privatize public assets and services.
30:27   And freedom of movement will be authorized only in certain cases, which they will determine.
30:33   They want to control us in every action we take.
30:37   They want to monitor us through a perpetual Green Pass.
30:41   Which they will call a Digital ID or another appealing euphemism.
30:47   That is what they would want to do.

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  1. European lefties will face the same fate as the lefties in Iran after Khomeini came to power. I can only think, once the blade comes up to their throats, that the lefties will wonder why the muzzies didn’t appreciate all the help.

    • I think it was a high ranking USSR defector who said that the ones who truly believe in communism will after the takeover be removed (=killed).
      He was talking about the people in the West who supported and agitated for communism, like the teachers and professors at schools and universities.

  2. same people behind the plandemic are blowing on the fire in ukraine. It was all very foreseeable, just the timing was unknown, it is really incredible how the media switched from one total virus hoax to another total war hoax in a sudden. The only real thing is the artificially mass inflation they created by printing money and stopping production since 2020.

  3. How can I / we get a message to Abp. Vigano? the true leader of Catholics,. Second only to Benedict, ( on earth.)

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