Panic in the World

In the early days of the “pandemic” — I don’t remember exactly when, but I recall seeing articles about it at the time — someone leaked internal German government documents that discussed in the most cynical fashion possible strategies for frightening the populace in order to induce them to accede to the state’s directives.

The relevant documents are sometimes referred to as the “panic papers”. In the following video, a speaker highlights relevant quotes from a document that proposes ways to achieve “the desired shock effect”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   A hint for this, perhaps, can be found
00:04   in the Interior Ministry’s strategy paper,
00:07   which was published in March under the title: “How to get Covid-19 under control”.
00:13   If we look at the text here, we find:
00:17   “Let’s not talk about case mortality; the death rates are so small
00:21   and they affect only one risk group, namely the elderly.
00:24   This could seem far too harmless; that way we don’t create fear and there is no shock effect
00:29   on the people in Germany. What do we have to do to achieve the desired shock effect?”
00:33   Then three examples are given
00:36   First: We have to awaken people’s primal fear.
00:40   It’s best to tell them how bad it is to die by asphyxiation.
00:43   Second: Children kill their parents and their grandparents.
00:48   Terrible for all sides.
00:51   And thirdly: Subsequent damage.
00:54   Subsequent damage so far — we can’t really say anything about that,
00:57   since it’s far too early, and there may also be isolated cases,
01:00   but then it hangs like a sword of Damocles over anyone
01:04   who has ever had an infection. This is a great way to scare people.
01:07   Yep, a strategy paper of the Federal Ministry of the Interior
01:11   Now we know that we are in good hands, don’t we, ladies and gentlemen?

5 thoughts on “Panic in the World

  1. What we have here in the UK is the SPI-B, the Scientific Pandemics Insight Group on Behaviours.
    And this lot were advising our government rats on how to terrify the populace.
    Though all mention of this SPI-B gang has disappeared from view, I doubt that they have been disbanded and stopped their Machiavellian machinations.
    The past two years has exposed the widespread evil that infests the world such that people can no longer deny it exists and is real.

  2. The people in charge are using typical east german stasi propaganda do get the job done, and they have been extremely successful.

  3. The primal fear they are creating is of government after being infected with information.

  4. From memory:
    A former Stasi Boss:

    “… Unsere Macht ist die Angst der anderen”
    (our power is the fear of the others)

    The Stasi spirit is alive and well, imported into Germany by Merkel & Co.

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