Death to the Crusaders!

The remnant of the Islamic State is calling for mujahideen in Europe to take advantage of the crisis in Ukraine by mounting terror attacks against targets in Europe.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung:

Also in Europe: ISIS announces a “blessed campaign”

After the death of their former leader Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashemi Al-Quraishi, the jihadist militia Islamic State threatened retaliation. “Trusting in God, we announce a blessed campaign to take revenge,” said the ISIS militia in an audio message on Sunday. The new ISIS spokesman Abu Omar al-Muhajir also called on ISIS supporters to carry out attacks in Europe again.

ISIS supporters should seize the “opportunity” when “the Crusaders fight each other,” al-Muhajir said, referring to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

According to the US government, Al-Quraishi blew himself up during a US operation in northwestern Syria in February. In March, ISIS confirmed his death and that of their former spokesman, Abu Hamza Al-Quraishi. Abu Hassan al-Hashemi al-Quraishi was appointed as the new leader.

Thousands of fighters still active

In 2014, ISIS conquered large regions of Iraq and Syria. After the military victory of a US-led international coalition over the so-called caliphate set up by ISIS in 2016, the militia remained active in the region. A UN report last year concluded that there are still around 10,000 active ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria.

The terrorist attack in Vienna on November 2, 2020, which left four dead, was the last major ISIS-related attack to date.

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  1. I do hope those bloody muslim sub human savages attack left and right, the more the merrier, for then the European man will finally awake from this insanity of diversity at any price and the fight back finally begins with a resolve and vengeance.

  2. No guts to fight,no hope of ever reclaiming our lands.If this continues I hope you realise you`ve just ruined the lives of millions of Whites ,their children and the future of Europe. I have never voted for these scum traitors in all of my 62 years. Only the BNP ever had my vote. My local shops have now no White proprietors. They have been replaced by Indians and Pakistankis.The only place I shop at is Morrisons for all my stuff. Voting ourselves out of this wont work.Its how much blood that will spill who decides our victory or defeat.I will close this with by saying my Grandfather would have joined the KRIEGSMARINE if he knew what the traitors would do to Britain.

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