To Defeat Putin, You Must Go Without

I wrote yesterday about the plans that the architects of the New World Order have for us. According to the latest word handed down from on high by the World Economic Forum, those plans include the demand that ordinary citizens endure severe privation and hardship in order to defeat the evil Vladimir Putin, and also save the planet.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick:

They take everything from us…

WEF decrees total renunciation: We should freeze, cycle and dawdle against Putin

The vexatious sanctions against Russia are hitting the civilian population all over Europe hard, and people are suffering from an unprecedented wave of inflation. The World Economic Forum around “Great Reset” architect Klaus Schwab has now presented its unworldly and disturbing solution: people should simply do without everything if possible. That saves them money — and hurts Russia the most.

Globalists want collapse and make regulations

Wochenblick has already broken down the way globalist circles would benefit from the impending collapse across Europe in order to force us even further into dependency on them. But apparently the rulers of the world are so sure of victory that they no longer make any secret of their intentions. It is no longer enough to stink for sustainability and against evil rogue states — a recommendation that German authorities have long been making. According to Schwab & Co., cold apartments, rusting cars and human capital walking on foot are the order of the day.

At least that’s what a new WEF video suggests. The think tank, under whose wing the powerful of this world like to blather about their radical transformation, falls back on the proven method of educating people with short 80-second clips. The title of the latest work: “Nine ways Europeans can reduce their energy consumption, save money and help Ukraine”. This compilation alone shows clearly: They want to sell us radical renunciation as a “good thing” that should save us, our fellow human beings and the planet.

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Unworldly recommendations beyond all reality of life

The WEF also refers to the “Energy Action Plan” of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The OECD subsidiary organization was considered the driving force behind the “Agenda 2030” resolution, which wants to change the world in the interests of the Global Elite under the guise of “sustainability”. In the past, it was often notable for grossly incorrect forecasts. The head of the Agency, which has strategic oil reserves with which it can intervene in the price level on the energy market, is the Turkish Fatih Birol, who is considered an important reference point for German climate and energy policy.

The plan recommends, for example, that people turn their heaters, air conditioners and boilers down. Private car journeys are portrayed as the greatest evil: people should rather work from home, share their vehicles with neighbors and drive slowly on the freeway — and not at all on weekends. The best thing is to do a short walk, use bicycles and public transport, longer distances by train. No consideration is given to the reality of life for many people in rural areas. Why should they? After all, they, too, need to be forced into the monitored “smart cities” of the future.

Total renunciation to oppose evil Russia

It is sold to people, among other things, with their personal savings: “With these nine steps, households affected by expensive energy could save up to €500 a year.” The fact that this cannot compensate for the partial quadrupling of electricity prices as a result of the globalist business games is studiously concealed. And, of course, you also protect “the climate”.

But it gets particularly bizarre with the assertion that natural gas is secured for private households and that Russia receives less money from the energy business. Because two-thirds of the gas requirement relates to large-scale industry — a prioritization of private households would therefore at best mean that people have an open gas tap at home — but still cannot afford it due to idle plants and mass unemployment.

Lithuania as a role model: Morgenthau plan for Russia?

But because you have to stick to your narrative, the WEF also links to an article on its homepage. There it is then explained what can be learned from Lithuania. A few years ago, it opted for liquid gas terminals and now regularly gets environmentally harmful, expensive US fracking gas delivered in giant tankers. The WEF is also presented in a historically visionary way: a map of Lithuania in the 15th century is shared, when its then huge territory stretched over large parts of what is now Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Explaining that the Globalist Forum is making the comparison, “Lithuania itself is evidence that the hubs of economic influence can change dramatically over time.” However, Klaus Schwab has already pointed out that he would prefer to abolish nation states and their governments in favour of a World Dictatorship because he considers them inefficient. Should the citizens be attuned here to a redrawing of the map in the east? Already in the case of Germany, there were once plans to divide up its territory after a war and reduce it to a feudal agrarian nation…

Afterword from the translator:

The globalists are now pretty open about their plans because they feel very safe. Megalomania and the feeling of being the greatest and that no one can touch them drives these people to make their sick [ordure] public. Hitler did this, too, and also Stalin. The red bosses in the GDR made their sick [ordure] public. They won’t write “we’re going to wipe out half of humanity”; these criminals describe it differently, but from that you can gauge what they’re planning and how they want to proceed. Knowledge is power. Of course, this also requires the use of one’s own intellect, something that has been sadly — and deliberately — neglected by the vast majority of the people.

Only yesterday, Olaf Scholz said: “You don’t need to take the people so seriously.” And that’s just one example of many in which it’s openly revealed what they intend to do.

6 thoughts on “To Defeat Putin, You Must Go Without

  1. These WEF people are truly evil, the most amazing thing is, the people cannot see this insanity coming, or if they do, look like deer in the headlights. Weak men make hard times. Just wait until they get a load of the dictatorships or rule of Kings again since they did nothing to stop the marxist’s in their drive t utopia, and are they going to get it good and hard.

  2. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

    Devon Stack from Blackpilled talked about this, how the Royal family of England has more in common with the sultans of Arabia or the kings of the East – and since they are not necessarily on the level of the “average British”, they make decisions which have negative consequences on the average John Smith, but no negative consequences for them…

    If a British Middle class family gets a house cleaning lady from Romania for half the price, the well off family gets better off, and the Romanian gets somewhat better off, and the average British gets nothing. The Romanians, not being local, can sleep 15 of them in 3 bedroom apartment, and work 16 hours a day because they don’t have anything better to do anyway – far away from home.

    In the Czech Republic, judging by the media, “we” take it for granted that the Ukrainian migrants are here to stay. As soon as they came, the government rolled out “Czech language lessons” etc. Well, the heavy industry in the Protectorate was complaining for years, that they don’t have enough people to fill all the low paid factory jobs in the Czech Republic. All “money smart” Czechs have gone to work in the west, for double triple the salary in Czech, and it feels – so now its 200 young Ukrainians to come and help, non EU citizens, they will work cheap I am sure.

    And so it goes. The “Western Management” is hooked on cheap workforce from the East. And they don’t particularly care about the life of the workers, short working hours, holidays, or the thousands of cars that jam big cities in rushhours – it’s all hindrance to them. For all they are concerned, all workers can take train and a bicycle, or – like in China today, they can sleep at their work station.

    • Yes, sleeping at work because travel times are so long there is no time to sleep at home. Australia’s mass migration to major cities has done the same here. Up to 4 hours per day driving to and from work on top of an 8 hour day and working to 67 years of age. Just slavery.

      • How else are all your imported 3rd World orcs going to stay housed and fed unless you Aussies step up to the plate and put in the extra hours to feed them!

        And someone’s got to feed the cops too so they’ll have the strength to beat you when you dare to protest your slavery…

  3. “Freeze, cycle, and dawdle”…I had a good laugh at that.

    Freeze, cycle and dawdle for the New World Tyrants.

    I can’t stand the obsession with climate change, and I was very much for the environmental movement in the beginning all those years back. (My whole county is obsessed with climate change. Ugh!).
    I admire the activists that have tried to stop deforestation in the Amazon, but they just end up getting assassinated. If we don’t even make headway with that, and no one cares then why should I listen to the tyrants who want to reduce us basically to serfs?

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