They Have Plans For Us

When I wrote last week about the financial crisis and the Great Reset, I said:

None of the above is the raving of a tinfoil-hat paranoid. It has all been written up, more or less the same as I summarized, in articles and treatises and papers put out by the World Economic Forum and the other institutions that are planning our globalized future. None of it is hidden. It’s not secret. But it’s TLDR for most people, so they pay no attention.

The following report talks about Klaus Schwab’s most recent book, which is an example of the blatant out-in-the-open plans our future overlords have for us. They probably rely on the fact that almost nobody outside of their totalitarian technocrat community reads their stuff.

The sheep just never look up.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

“Insane!”: Schwab’s new book “The Great Narrative” is torn in two

It was published in English on December 28 last year and has been available in German since February 21: The second part of Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset” is called “The Great Narrative” and has the dubious subtitle “For a better future”. The latest work by the founder of the World Economic Forum is not well received by readers.

The big narrative est [sic!] is a guide for anyone who wants to better understand how the world has evolved since the beginning of the pandemic and what solutions can make it more resilient, fairer and more sustainable..

This is how the 293-page book by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret is described on Amazon. However, users find completely different words for it. The 1-star ratings outweigh the others in both the German and the English version. German readers state:

“Insane! Does he believe he is “God”? Orwell sends greetings: he says protection, peace and freedom. He means control, slavery and paternalism.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“Severely sick! A lone man who has gathered a kind of elite cult around him is trying to transform all of humanity according to his ideal! Mankind should do everything possible to ensure that this nightmare does not become a reality!”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“A dangerous pamphlet that promotes totalitarian socialism with pretended global problems such as climate change. Pooh!”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The ratings for the English version are hardly more forgiving. Here is what UK readers write:

“If you’ve enjoyed the past two years of psychoterrorism, biofascism, community destruction and the fabricated health crisis, then you’re in luck — Uncle Klaus and his psychopathic friends have a lot more up their sleeve. Not content with causing mass deaths through lockdown and experimental gene treatments, they plan to further destroy our societies and freedoms, so that they can “build better again” with their boots at our throats. It seems that we will own nothing (who will then own everything, Klaus?) and our financial system will be transformed into what is essentially a high tech surveillance and control network overseen by a group of men that should be charged with crimes against humanity and be in prison. Read this and let it chill you to the bone — and then start fighting for your life and your freedom.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“Imagine a man calling 6.5 billion people “useless eaters” and you have Klaus Schwab. His money has bought almost every politician on earth to try to push humanity into its “great reset” which is “great” for him but not so great for you. In fact, he dreams of completely eradicating the “useless eaters.” Feels all warm and cozy inside, doesn’t it? You might expect that to come at least from a model of genetic excellence, but Klaus is flabby, unattractive, and not very intelligent — his only distinguishing feature was being born wealthy. Read this to get a glimpse of how much his personal privilege has given him to believe he has already become your supreme overlord. Don’t read it for anything of value, he has no idea what that looks like.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A review written in English from Germany draws worrying parallels

“Couldn’t wait. It’s finally here: Part II of “Mein Kampf” of our time. Read it so that nobody can say later: I didn’t know anything. I wasn’t told. — Yet, you were — Here it is. Very obviously. The plan for all of us. Whether we like it or not. But who chose these people to decide our future??”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In terms of content, as expected, there is little that is new or useful in the alleged instructions for a “better” world. A reader from the US summarizes:

“There were many contributors to this book, but most were from the US or UK; People who are unlikely to have skipped too many meals in their lives. A key concern of the World Economic Forum is climate change. Ideas for reducing rising global temperatures have been offered as follows: “Refreeze” the Arctic, divert some of the water beneath the glaciers, spray the sky to prevent dangerous rays from entering the atmosphere, and finally add some to the ground that it can absorb the CO2 faster. Does that sound reasonable to you? They aim to distribute wealth so that the underprivileged benefit and the rich don’t get as rich. They avoid terms like socialism, communism and fascism. Biology is used to create meat for human consumption. It’s already in the works. Non-compliance will not be allowed — for this Mr. Halevi (in Israel) works on the “hackability” of the human brain. They strive for a one-world monetary system. As in Volume 1, the term stakeholder appears in contrast to shareholders. Those who adhere to the goals of the forum receive money; those who believe in the old way (businesses based on consumer demand and profitability) will lose. The word inclusivity comes up because people who are more difficult to get along with because of religious beliefs (or other opposing beliefs) have lower Economic Social Governance (ESG) ratings. A company is forced to hire people it would rather not hire in order to get credit money from the bosses.”

It’s brave new world that Klaus Schwab is planning for us, isn’t it?

Afterword from the translator:

“One wonders that there can be found a man courageous enough to occupy the post. It is a matter of meditation. Having given it a few minutes I come to the conclusion in the serenity of my heart and the peace of my conscience that he must be either an extreme megalomaniac or an utterly unconscious being.” —Joseph Conrad

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  1. WEF always avoids details about what happens to those in the middle, the not rich and not poor. It’s also “their ” fault that there are so many eaters because they bred them as cheap labour for their factories, servants etc. Like here in Melbourne we have had mass migration from third world countries and have close to 20% population neither works or pays tax. Our migrants from Asia only pay tax if they are employed by companies so only small proportion contributes to the infrastructure required for 6 million people. They are “technically poor” but have more money than I do. Will they get more money from the WEF? and I get none? System is rorted now.

  2. It amazes me that men who try to play God always end up in hell, it is too bad they take millions with them on their journey to improve man.

  3. One shouldn’t be surprised that the sheeple haven’t noticed the blatent designs of Dr Evil and his band of henchmen. Most sheeple can barely be bothered to read anything that isn’t 140 characters or less, let alone a weighty, two-volume tome detailing how they are to be butchered.

    After all, their grandparents couldn’t be bothered either to read the single volume scribblings of a certain Austrian corporal detailing how they were to be butchered.

    The more things change the more they stay the same…

  4. This is just the crescendo.

    Even though it is war (on humanity), it has been taking place in such extreme slow motion, over decades or even centuries, that people are still not able to perceive it, let alone fathom it. This war itself is indeed “TLDR for most people”.

  5. I just watched a story about two Russian oligarchs where they and their families were found dead. Looks suicide but what are the odds. I don’t think they were the first. Having said that for reference I would suspect Klaus Schwab and George Soros must be on a do not kill list or are of value to more than we think.

    • Dr Evil and his sidekick Soros likely are unable to be touched even by Russian assassins due to their associates being able to reply in kind. That kind of wealth is capable of corrupting anyone who guards those who could pull off an assassination. A mutually assured destruction clause as it were.

      The only real threat is a determined lone wolf who doesn’t care about surviving such an attempt. The camera crew that killed Ahmed Shah Massoud in Afghanistan prior to 9-11 is illustrative of the degree of dedication and resolve needed. The skill set required and the amount of resources needed to get close enough to such elites to eliminate them is exceedingly rare. Those with the motive and determination likely lack the resources needed to get close enough. Probably would be easier to gas Davos. Shame it couldn’t just be nuked from orbit.

      • Either that, or make your own 80,000 lbs MOAB and rent a Russian AN-124 and drop it on Soro’s house with all his cronies inside. Or you would be amazed at how much a drone can carry to accidently drop a shaped charge on his armored limo, or a 100 lbs or more IED in his driveway. It is only lack of imagination and will to carry it out that is keeping Soros and his ilk breathing.

        • Such evil villians as Soros don’t just have one house but multiple mansions in multiple countries. Any scheme would first and foremost require a lot of intelligence to determine patterns of life and just precisely where in the world the target is residing at a given moment. Granted, a command-detonated IED or EFP would be a relatively simple way of ensuring Hell gets a new tenant but this would take a tremendous amount of surveillance simultaneously on multiple mansions to determine if the target is even present. And a failed or even successful attempt would cause the rest of the two-legged vermin to scurry into their bunkers or otherwise become much more difficult targets.

          • Burn enough of Soro’s homes to the ground until he only has a few left fixes that problem. Look at how easy the bloody orcs in Iraq had a field day with us troops, the cannon fodder, especially the damn army who made those poor soldiers use the same routes at the same time of day and they wondered why they got blown up all the time, and the occifers with complete lack of imagination, had zero self reflection nor any sense of responsibility by sending those cannon fodder out so they could punch their tickets until the next promotion. We would tell them, of course they wouldn’t listen because they knew better and wondered why they got messed up, to sit at a location and fake radio traffic so they wouldn’t get killed or maimed. Tragic.
            As for Soro’s and the bloody rest of them, there are people who like Santa, are making a list and checking them twice to see who is naughty and who is nice, because the hammer, at some point, will fall. The hard ruthless men will take over from all these weak, feckless so called leaders at some point.

        • (Facial Recognition + Autonomous Suicide Drone + Small Boom)x20 = Problem Solved and drones are illegal after that license or not. If they could be camouflaged they could just sit and wait as long as they didn’t run out of juice


    Paludan comes to Sweden this weekend –
    will burn “a lot” of Korans

    Published 29 April 2022 at 17.26

    Yesterday, the police rejected Rasmus Paludan’s applications for a permit to hold election rallies for his party Stram Kurs Sweden this weekend. Rasmus Paludan had applied for permits for public gatherings in Stockholm, Uppsala and Örebro, among other places.

    But now Paludan announces that he will come to Sweden this weekend anyway.

    – I will be in Sweden on Saturday anyway. And there I will burn a lot of Korans at various mosques around Sweden. And it will be great fun, says Paludan in a statement that he posted on Instagram.

    No election rallies or other public gatherings will be arranged, Paludan says. However, the plans to burn Korans have been set in stone.

    Burning Korans is, according to the prosecutor’s decision, not illegal and no permission from the police is required to do so.

    Paludan plans to burn Korans in Örebro on Saturday and in Stockholm and Uppsala on Sunday.

  7. Scumbags like Schwab, Soros, Hitler, etc. believe themselves intellectuals, as in madmen believe themselves “enlightened”. They write these heave tomes deliberately, because in their enlightened madness, they understand human nature better than most. Not only do they know there is a nearly unlimited supply of bastards and bitches willing to carry out their insanity, they know the masses do not read heavy tomes about politics. So, you can announce quite clearly your plans to murder everyone not on board with your sewage, and most will be unaware until a car full of these killer clowns show up to either send you to the gulag, or simply shoot you in the back of the head, and dispose of the body. Humans, educated or well read, or not, are willing do things like this to avoid the same fate themselves, and because lies are easily digested when you know the alternative. We are not the angels many of us believe we are, and we are closer to the savagery of the jungle than most of us know. Schwab et al, are simply well dressed, well fed, well taken care of , comfortable, rats.

  8. So let’s Schwab the deck with Roman’s Chapters One and Two, and then rinse it off with Revelation 5 through 18.

    • Well my friend, you can wait for God to met out justice, the rest of us will arrange the meeting according to our own timetable.

  9. BTW, has anyone stopped to consider the effects of asphalt pavement? Asphalt radiates from 15% up to 25% of the heat that it absorbs from sunshine. We had rain in Joshua Tree before paved over Lost Angles became the heat island that it is now. Just watch the rain storms skirt through the Mojave and Tehachapi valleys on their way to Lost Wages.

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