Interview With Rasmus Paludan

As you all know by now, Sweden had a rather unsettled Easter weekend, thanks to the presence of Rasmus Paludan and his plans to burn Korans in a number of locations. He was scheduled to appear in five different places, but due to the pre-emptive violence of “Swedish” culture-enrichers, he was only able to make two of those appearances.

The New Swedes who took offense at Mr. Paludan gathered en masse to throw stones at police and set fire to police vehicles. They stole uniforms and police equipment, and even hijacked police cars and drove them around before torching them. The attacks on police officers were particularly vicious, and it’s only by the grace of God that none of the injuries sustained by the police were fatal.

In the following interview conducted by Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation, Rasmus Paludan discusses the reasons for his actions, and how the Islamic response fits into the larger picture:

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6 thoughts on “Interview With Rasmus Paludan

  1. SD top: “Understand and have full respect” for police refusal to hold an election rally critical of Islam

    Published 23 April 2022 in Samnytt

    On Saturday, Rasmus Paludan announced that, despite the Police Authority’s decision to refuse the election rally, he wants to burn Korans in Borås’ problem area Norrby. Andreas Exner, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, is in the area and tells the local media that he both “understands and fully respects” that the authorities are restricting the constitutionally protected rights to hold demonstrations critical of Islam.

    On Friday, the police authority in the West region announced that it would deny Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan a demonstration permit on 29 April in Norrby – an area that has been marked by clan warfare, as Samnytt has previously highlighted.

    Emelie Kullmyr, head of command at the police in Region West, commented on the authority’s decision by reviewing Paludan’s rhetoric, which she says cannot be allowed. This is because he has the wrong views, which she says create chaos.

    – Rasmus Paludan’s rhetoric is about creating disorder and chaos. We need to help each other to break down that rhetoric, said Emelie Kullmyr.

    Welcomes curbs on free speech
    Andreas Exner (SD) is a local councillor in Borås and on Saturday he was in Norrby to follow developments. In an interview with Borås Tidning on the spot, Exner said that he was pleased with the situation in the area after the police restricted both freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

    – I think that this has been under orderly forms and we see that the entire civil society has joined up so that people behave and that Rasmus Paludan simply does not get his way so it pleases me to see this existence that is right now, says Exner (SD) to BT.

    When asked how Exner (SD) sees the police have denied Paludan permission for the election rally, he replies:

    – I understand the decision because here it is a question of the safety and security of the citizens of Borås. With that, there may also be a question of vandalism. On the other scale we have a question of freedom of expression so it is a very difficult balancing act so I have full respect for the police’s decision.

    Muslims in Borås thank the police
    Alongside Exner (SD), Muslims in Borås are also happy about the existence of restricted freedom of expression. At the venue, Muslims are handing out roses to the police as thanks for the authority’s refusal of permission for the election rally.

    “Many thanks for refusing Paludan’s application for a permit,” reads one of the notes, writes BT.

    Police to remove Paludan
    The police have announced that they will not allow Paludan, who is a Swedish citizen, to be in Borås. If he appears in the area, he will be “escorted away”, writes BT.

    • Re: “Emelie Kullmyr, head of command at the police in Region West, commented on the authority’s decision by reviewing Paludan’s rhetoric, which she says cannot be allowed. This is because he has the wrong views, which she says create chaos.”

      The quote, perhaps apocryphal but attributed to Voltaire, states: “If you want to know who rules over you, find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.”

      By this standard, the Muslims and their sympathizers have already imposed sharia (Islamic) law upon Sweden and the Swedes. Some of those sympathizers are dupes within Sweden, but higher up the food chain, they are at the European Union in Brussels, Belgium, as well.

      It is very hard indeed not to conclude that powerful people and interests are protecting the Muslims, which begs the questions: Who are these interests and why are they doing this? What do they hope to gain?

      It seems apparent, at least to this reader/observer, that the Muslims serve a very useful purpose to the globalist elites and their aims, especially because of the basic hostility of Muslims towards western civilization and Christianity.

      It’s not unlike an old and decrepit building being demolished to make way for a shiny and new structure to be built where the old one once stood. In other words, before something else can be built where Old Europe now stands, what remains must be reduced to rubble. Since the Muslims are serving as a spearhead of that effort, they are accorded official protection and privilege over native Swedes, Germans, et al.

  2. Muslim party Nyans: Koran burners should be jailed

    Published inNews 23 April 2022

    On Saturday, the Muslim party Nyans and other Islamist organisations are mobilising in a demonstration in central Stockholm against Koran burning and Swedish authorities allegedly kidnapping Muslim children. It is argued that criticism of Islam is racism and that Koran-burners should be jailed.

    The demonstration against Koran burning at Mynttorget in Stockholm was organised by the Muslim party Nyan’s leader Mikail Yüksel from Turkey.

    READ ALSO: Paludan on police’s NO to Islam-critical election rally: “Terrified”

    In the invitation, the party writes that “Sweden is a fantastic multicultural country” and burning the Koran is racism.

    • Re: “It is argued that criticism of Islam is racism and that Koran-burners should be jailed.”

      How can the would-be Koran burners be guilty of racism when Islam isn’t a race?

      Their choice of words illustrates the degree to which Muslims understand the post-modern leftist vocabulary of victimization and are now using that vocabulary to fight for their interests.

  3. @ Michael Copeland

    Re: “Did Sweden’s p0lice have their Islam training from Tony Blair or David Cameron? Rasmus Paludan’s strategy excellently shows up the real Islam.
    Police learning curve needed urgently. ”

    An unknown but likely to be substantial percentage of the police are willing to do as their masters command, not withstanding the damage to their country – as long as their paychecks don’t bounce. And even those who want to do the right thing by their country and countrymen, are over-matched. They have neither the mindset nor the training nor the weapons and gear to handle the problem.

    If things get much worse, handling the soldiers of Allah will in fact take other soldiers, namely the Swedish military. Although he has been muzzled and this silent lately, a few years back the CO of the Swedish Army issued a statement saying that Sweden was already experiencing low-intensity warfare which was likely to escalate – and that natives of the country should take steps to defend and protect themselves.

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