Rasmus Paludan’s Koran-Burning Tour of Sweden

As promised, Rasmus Paludan has returned to Sweden to burn Korans in multiple locations. Below are four videos of his activities last weekend. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading these clips.

The first video is the one described in the article below. On this occasion Mr. Paludan doesn’t have time to burn the Koran — the culture-enrichers set upon him and his associates before he can get started. Watch the youths jumping on the windshield of his car before it drives away:

The other three videos are longer, and I haven’t watched any of them all the way through yet. One of the things I noticed, however, is that Mr. Paludan is speaking Swedish, as far as my amateur ear can detect, rather than Danish. His mother is Swedish, and he seems to have a command of the language. Danes and Swedes can generally understand each other, but under most circumstances they don’t try to speak each other’s language.

In the second video, Rasmus Paludan visits Stockholm:

In the third video he burns another Koran:

In the final video, as Vlad describes it, “In order to burn a Koran you have to be in full tactical protective armour”:

The following report describes the incident in Uppsala where the first video was recorded. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Swedish state television:

[Caption below video: See in the video how a person jumped on the windshield of the car before it drove away]

Tumult when Rasmus Paludan showed up in Uppsala

May 1, 2022

The extreme-right politician Rasmus Paludan, in spite of everything, showed up in Uppsala late Sunday afternoon. But his visit to the Uppsala mosque was cut short.

“He got out of his vehicle, but was quickly met by persons who attacked the vehicle causing damage,” says Mikael Hedström, press spokesperson with Region Mitt.

Although Rasmus Paludan’s application to hold an election rally in Uppsala was rejected earlier in the week, he still showed up in Uppsala around 5pm on Sunday. Outside the Uppsala mosque, he tried to set fire to a Koran but was interrupted by several persons who came running and attacked his car.

When the tumult broke out, several police busses pulled into the location in the neighborhood of Kvarngärdet where some thirty people had gathered.

“We came to the location and were there a while. Initially, there were many emotions; it has calmed down,” says Mikael Hedström.

Spoken with Paludan

Neither Rasmus nor any other persons are believed to have been injured in the incident. However, there was damage to the car, and a report on the damage will be filed. Rasmus Paludan is not suspected of any crime.

After the incident, the police met with him away from the scene for a talk.

“We have met with him and talked. We are monitoring the continuing developments closely.”

The police continued their presence at the Uppsala mosque during the evening.

“We are there to inform visitors and create safety for residents and those who visit the mosque. At this time, we judge that the situation is calm,” said Mikael Hedström, before 6pm.

Left city

Around 7pm, police stated that Rasmus Paludan left Uppsala.

Later in the evening, Yaser Abu-Jheisheh, vice chairman of the Uppsala mosque said that several members felt let down by the police.

“I have never been in such a situation before. We had just talked to police and politicians and said that we cannot manage the events if they come. Many feel let down by the police because they did not prevent people coming here, that they didn’t stop him earlier,” he says.

“I cannot comment on that. We have done an exceptionally good job. We have had dialogue with the mosque and will investigate whether something went wrong in the communication,” says Mikael Hedström from the police.

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6 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan’s Koran-Burning Tour of Sweden

  1. I have to admire his courage and his sense of humor.
    Eloquent in several languages including English in the videos.
    He’s unflappable.


  2. It really is delicious fun watching the reaction of the muzzy orcs, it is predicable, too bad ole Paludan didn’t have an AA12 to protect himself the minute the orcs attacked him.


    Two arrested after attack on Paludan in Uppsala

    Published 2 May 2022 at 09.30in Fria Tider

    Two people have been arrested after the violent chaos that ensued when Rasmus Paludan burned a Koran outside the mosque in Uppsala on Sunday evening. One of those arrested allegedly attacked a police bus with kicks and punches.

    It was around 5pm on Monday that Islam critic Rasmus Paludan burned a Koran at the mosque in Uppsala.

    A large mob rushed out of the mosque and attacked. Before Paludan and his associates could drive away from the scene, the attackers had managed to jump onto the roof of his car, among other things.

    The car in which Rasmus Paludan fled was later towed to a garage because of the damage.

    A man was arrested for vandalism and for resisting arrest. The man was questioned about the case and released in the evening shortly before 20:00. However, suspicions against the man remain after his release, according to police.

    During the fracas, a man also attacked a police bus with kicks and punches. The man was arrested for blue light sabotage and was detained in the evening by the on-call prosecutor. Prosecutors at the Prosecution Chamber in Uppsala will take over the case on Monday morning. The man will be heard during the day and a new decision will be made by the prosecutor regarding the arrest.

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      Me old as Methusalem – heck no!

  4. Rasmus reminds me of a mischievous young man in high school. At the very least, their irreverence and transgressive behavior is to challenge a totalitarian ideology.

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