The following essay by our Israeli correspondent MC serves as an appropriate companion to H. Numan’s piece posted earlier tonight. It’s good to have persepctives from abroad on what’s happening here in the Nation Formerly Known as the United States of America.

American Socialism is like playing Russian Roulette with an automatic pistol: there are just too many individualists and too many pistols for a quiet transition to the average socialist utopia.

We have loaded the Biden bullet into the magazine of our 1911 pattern Colt along with a few blanks, and we put it to our collective temple thinking that the blanks are benign.

So here we are, all set. What chance do we have of surviving?

The USA is on the brink of a full-scale Fascist bullet in the bonce, but through ignorance and misdirection, they are unaware that even the blanks are dangerous. One can, if one is stupid enough, play Russian roulette with a revolver and get away with it most of the time, but a semi-automatic pistol is going to kill you every time you pull the trigger (sic), blank or ball.

I lived under socialism for decades; I saw it creep and corrode society until it destroyed the mechanisms that allowed the poor to prosper and the intelligent to be fulfilled.

It starts with education, the process of giving men and woman an asset that they can sell in the employment marketplace, an asset that does not go away, and can be sold and resold on a daily basis.

I profited enormously by being selected for an academic education, and from being groomed as a manager of men, as an intellectual capable of self-learning. But that door, the one that I came through, was eventually slammed shut by socialists, socialists who wanted the utopian equality of outcomes rather than the achievable equality of opportunity.

My paternal grandfather was a coalminer from Yorkshire (the other one, the Jewish one, was a Stoker in the Royal Navy). The miner was a convener of the ILP (Independent Labour Party); whereas the ‘Labour’ party was a country club for rich gentlemen who could not make it in the Liberal or Tory parties of the time, the ILP wanted to get real actual working men and women into Parliament. Arthur, my grandfather, believed in education, and he got his four sons and one of his two daughters through to ‘school certificate’ (high school graduation). My father’s education was interrupted by the War, but his younger brother went on to get a bachelor’s degree, unheard of at the time.

Socialism, with its roots in 19th-century romanticism, cannot admit to being wrong. Pragmatically, we all have different IQs and abilities, but within the socialist romance we are all born equal. Romance is a genre where outcomes follow predictable and desirable courses and the heroes and heroines all live happily ever after, but in politics, romanticism is dangerous, and the outcomes can be dire.

‘Equality’ is always a hard and elusive master. The romantics pictured a happy state led by an elite (themselves) of ‘virtuous’ administrators. A lovely comfortable picture — for cows and sheep!

Joseph, he of the ‘technicolor’ dreamcoat, was set apart by his father who recognized his potential. But his brothers just saw what they perceived as his, Joseph’s, arrogance. So they sold him into Egyptian slavery, they squandered their greatest family asset through petty jealousy.

But Joseph was blessed by Yahovah, and as such, he would have succeeded in any situation. His brothers would have prospered greatly if they had been a little less self-obsessed.

Imagine, if the brothers had revered Joseph instead of despising him, then Egypt would have come begging to them for food rather than their having to go to Egypt.

I lived in South Africa during the final years of Apartheid. It was an eye opener. Whilst apartheid stifled growth, it preserved identities and allowed cultural interaction at a level that was ‘defined’ by the idea that high walls made good neighbours; Africans were allowed to defecate in the gutter, whites were not. Apartheid has inbuilt elements of paternalism and socialism; as well as preserving cultural integrity, it gave a defined role to the Afrikaner (Boer = farmer).

The British banned slavery in the Cape Colony in the early 1800s. This ban was not managed well; it sent an economic shockwave through the mainly Afrikaner rural communities, thus provoking the Great Trek northwards, bringing the Afrikaner into collision with the Angoni peoples (Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa) who were migrating southwards at the time. The Cape Colony had been settled by the Dutch in the 1490s; the Great Trek happened in 1836, so the Afrikaners had been settled in the area for some 350 years, longer than any of the southwards-migrating African tribes (who now rule as a communist government placed there by European and US white liberals — ANC included, because they are considered to be the ‘indigenous’ people and the Afrikaner as the incomer).

After the Boer War in the early 1900s, the British Governor tried to expunge the Afrikaner culture and language from the then-Union of South Africa, leading to mass starvation and even more hostility.

The Afrikaner Nationalists won the vote from the Unionists in 1947 and imposed the ‘Apartheid’ system of cultural separation, which ensured the survival of the Afrikaner people by creating a special ‘safety net’ for them (Afrikaners also suffered the consequences of many years of inbreeding, and there were many who were basically unemployable).

The Liberals in the Republic of South Africa and elsewhere handed power to the (relative) immigrants purely based on skin colour, so now we find Afrikaners still under genocidal pressure — Social Engineering always has unintended consequences.

The huge elephant in the South African room is that the economy of South Africa was and is totally dependent on those Afrikaners, those same people that the communists want to erase from history.

This is a much-repeated tale when communism or socialism takes over. The history of the USSR is one long struggle to make the socialist religion work, trying to persuade the farmers to hand over their produce for zero return. They ended up executing the competent farmers (kulaks) and then hoping for an agricultural miracle. It was the cost of having to constantly buy grain on the world market that ruined their planned Socialist Utopia.

When Man believes that he can control ‘nature’, including human nature, he finds that that ‘nature’ pushes back. Human-centered (political) religion wants human gods who can control nature and implement utopia. They may even be very well-meaning; Hitler sincerely though Jews were responsible for the Communism that had already shown the world its terrible fangs. The Holodomor (1932/33), which exterminated many millions in the Ukraine, actually had a precursor in 1919 when Lenin sent Stalin to Tsaritsyn (Stalingrad/Volgagrad) to get grain for Moscow. The Bolshevik Coup was falling apart because the workers were starving — still no bread!

Stalin went to extremes of brutality and murder to get farmers to part with their grain, without payment. It had been decided that the (political) needs of Muscovites came before the financial needs of the farmers.

As a short-term measure, grain was squeezed out of the Tsaritsyn environs, but, of course, the long-term damage was done. Commercial farming is a skill. Interfere with the farmers and food production drops dramatically. (AOC, take note.)

Adolf would have known this. Quite correctly, he saw Marxist Communism as a failed theory that produced political and social mayhem, and he saw Jews (Trotsky & co.) as responsible, and feared that they would also stymie his statist form of that same collectivism. His answer was industrialized murder, and a ‘Hunger Plan’ (der Hungerplan) to recreate the Holodomor in Poland and eastwards.

Hitler and his crew would also have lived through the ‘Turnip Winter’ of 1916, and would have been well aware of the political consquences and perils of food shortages and of sending farmers (and their horses) to the front. But they, the Nazis, still felt that they needed to inflict their almost identical political religion on all Europeans.

Most of the anglophone world still has some freedom of religion, with a big exception: the political religions are out of control once more, particularly Islam and Socialism. Islam because it is considered racist to criticize, and Socialism because it is not perceived as ‘religious’ and therefore slides under the radar. Indeed, secularists of all sorts seek to impose their own religious viewpoint on everybody, even to the extent of debarring others, particularly Christians, from holding office. They seek to achieve in the USA what the Nazis did to Jews in Germany:

The rise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat. We recommend you: encourage the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to dedicate resources to deradicalization programs aimed at hate groups, including, but not limited to, white nationalists; increase monitoring of such groups, including the online environment, and take action to address increased hate crimes toward minority faith communities; and shift rhetoric to label violent white nationalist extremists as terrorists.

Is secularism just another religious alternative? What gives them the right to use a racist hate expression such as “white nationalist extremists” whilst condemning that kind of speech from everybody else? Our problems with violence have been mainly leftist/secularist in nature: BLM, Antifa and Islamism. Quite appropriate then that Democratic secularists should accuse their victims of what they themselves support in true Alinsky fashion.

I tend to see the secularists as just another religious sect with its own set of dogmas and rituals, but which deny the existence of non-human god(s), but cannot prove it. The problem with secularists is that they either have to appropriate somebody else’s morality or else become amoral and assume that the ends justify the means. It does not escape me that the mass murderers of the 20th century all espoused and enforced the many aspects of secularism.

President Biden is going to have his work cut out to gain credibility. He will have to drag the burden of consequences of the last few months into his administration over the next few years. His election as POTUS lacks credibility; whether the election was rigged or not, the perception of a huge portion of citizens is that the Democrat Party robbed them of a free and fair election.

Actions have consequences. To remain in power, President Biden is going to have to demonstrate to angry Americans that he is legitimate, but as more and more truths of election fraud trickle into the public arena, he must live with the consequences, whichever way public opinion may swing.

If we look at Venezuela as a model, and if indeed we assume that elections there were rigged in much the same way (maybe fraudulent software was enough, and there and less need for actual ballot manipulation in the nefarious early morning hours). Sleepy Joe is going to have to pay through the nose to keep power. Too many debts, too many villains to be paid off, and too many palms need to be crossed and itchy fingers greased.

To cheat is to open doors to blackmailers, and blackmailers need to be paid off. Has Sleepy Joe got what it takes?

The more HE indulges in the same old, same old, the deeper the USA will sink into the same Venezuelan mire, and the more resources will have to be expended on suppressing and coercing the people who pulled off the fraud.

There will probably not be a civil war. Whilst the opposition growls and bears its teeth, it is unclear at the moment whether it is the posturing of a rottweiler or a Chihuahua. “People with full bellies don’t make revolutions.”

Secession is a possibility, and President Biden is no Lincoln, but more likely than secession is a simmering hatred between Flyover America and Urban America. Here we return to food production, for flyover America produces food, and urban America does not. Stalin sent his thugs into the rural farming areas to enforce government theft of grain to feed the cities. But the peasants then were not armed and could not effectively fight back, although they tried.

I suspect Biden and his Democrat thieves have stolen one election too many. History tells us that JFK may have stolen the 1960 election — but if he did, he did not prosper from it, and what goes round comes around.

So we have the gun at our temple. We know the position of the Biden bullet in the magazine, and like the great and the good in 1933 Germany, we think we can control the outcome of giving dictatorial powers to the strutting groping little wannabe.

We pull the trigger, and we find the hard way that blanks, too, are lethal at close range, but we also find that we also have no brain left to process this information anyway, so it does not matter.

Only Pinochet has ever stopped the leftwards rush into tyranny. Do any of us have the position and the guts to do the same as he did? And then to face the almost universal condemnation that comes as a consequence?

I am not an American citizen, but this could be America’s finest hour. Yet who would want the job of shepherding a bickering gaggle of alt-right ‘cats’ against an established and disciplined group of leftist thugs and their ‘journalist’ lackeys?

In 1775 the mainly English-born patriots fought off Hanoverian-born King George’s German mercenary army to save the country from the King’s desire to re-establish the divine right of kings in the colonies. To do this they had to avoid pitched battles and shoot from cover, exploiting the accuracy of their long rifles over the inaccurate short range weight of lead from Black Bess muskets in volley fire.

What can be used this time around?

Americans can either ‘unite’ behind Biden and follow the Venezuela pathway to poverty, or unite behind a yet-to-be-revealed alt-right leader and fight back, or just die quietly household by household as the SWAT teams come to call.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

39 thoughts on “M1911

  1. Even SWAT teams have families and children that can be forfeit for their actions. If they don’t then those that sent them likely do.

    Regardless, resorting to state sanctioned violence is probably the stupidest move that they could possibly make, because it would legitimize responding in kind by a whole lot of patriots just itching for the excuse to do so. But then again, no one ever accused leftists of not being stupid, or not full of hubris, which is almost as bad as stupidity in the long run.

    • Can I justify attacking SWAT teams through their families?

      That is the dilemma, for in doing so I am compromising the journey in order to achieve the destination.

      I agree that embracing the ‘Dark Side’ in order to anahilate the bad guys is very tempting (It is what Pinochet did), and rational, could I personally live with the conseqential guilt – don’t think so.

      It is this very dilemma, this need to be ruthless which give the Obamas, Clintons and Bidens their advantage, for them there is no morality but what they make themselves.

      I believe that God judges those who help themselves, I believe that we are better than just being evolved animals and that we should behave as such.

      The Constitution should have filtered out these bully boys, but unfortunately the Constitution relied on the dissemination of information by a free and honest press which no longer exists.

      All that is left then is the tyranny, and God’s judgement of those tyrants. We wait and see….

      • Marquis of Queensbury rules are well and good for civilized people who follow the rule of law. If the objective is to win then no advantage to victory even if it might be immoral or underhanded can be disregarded.

        Even among combatants their can be tacit agreements that certain tactics are of the table such as chemical weapons not being used by us or the Nazis against one another. Our biggest advantage over the police state thugs is that we know where they and their families live and there is no way to guard against such retaliations should force ever be initiated by them against us. Our MAD agreement as it were against the police state.

        The organs of the state need to know with certainty that if they choose to start persecuting and targeting citizens in their own homes at the behest of an out of control oligarchy disguised as an elected government then those they target will bring the violence to them in the most painful and personal ways possible. One shouldn’t revel in it; that’s psychopathic. But one should understand the necessity of such actions and their use as a tool to be used should it ever become necessary. Even police thugs are humans on some miniscule level, and the certain knowledge that the raids they are ordered to conduct against their neighbors will put their own families at risk of retaliation might be enough to dissuade them from carrying out such unlawful orders in the first place.

        • I suppose I would rather assasinate the goons that ordered in the SWAT teams, I profoundly dislike making war on children, even the children of the bad guys.

          In WW1, the Germans made the decision to bomb and shell civilian populations in France and UK, Hamas is currently doing the very same to us in Sderot, once started, these things are very difficult to stop.

          • MC, That is why you Israeli’s take unnecessary casualties when dealing with the muslims, too afraid to hurt their children(South Lebanon fiasco). When you wipe out entire villages of muslims, it is a message they respect and understand, thus no more problems(temporary) from the next village. It is why you always fight fire with napalm, because overkill is highly under rated. Spare me the high moral ground, there isn’t any in combat, that high so called moral ground is reserved for people who want to be buried in it, for there is no substitute for total Victory.

          • To G (unfortunately I found no reply button below his comment)

            Do I understand you correctly, that the Nazis were too soft?

          • To Alex, the naxi’s did no different than everybody else, the Russians were far worse. As to my own combat experiences, I did what was necessary to get home alive along with my men under my charge, I have zero regrets and sleep like a baby for things I did that you would find extremely distasteful and horrifying.

        • It will be worse than just SWAT families getting swatted. My cousin’s tent maker’s Ouija board mentions teachers at the commie schools and media whores as also being tragically impacted. Let’s hope such atrocities may be avoided!

    • How many times have we read, SWAT (or LE) have families?

      FedGov flies in assassins from outside the killing zones, and local patriots know not who they are or where the paid assassins live.

      You know by now that TPTB have read these pages, and this comment, and will adjust accordingly.

  2. MC, There is one other path to the future that you haven’t mentioned. We who acknowledge YAH as the Lord most high and God almighty and know that our citizenship is in heaven and this planet is nothing more than a boardinghouse that we are living in until our home is completed and ready, can stand as witness to the frauds that Biden & Co. have perpetrated. We know that Biden and his ilk have publicly declared we Christians to be domestic terrorists, most likely because we will not bow the knee to anyone other than Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This makes us, just like the good old days of Rome, traitors for not worshipping Caesar, and seditionists for declaring a God besides the self-appointed Kyrios that Caesar presumes himself to be. The wholesale worship of Moloch as promulgated by Planned Parenthood as per Biden’s Executive Orders and proposed legislation has resulted in God giving us His cold shoulder, arctic cold as far south as Houston and Tallahassee but with no rain, cattle dying of frostbite anybody?
    This socialist dream that is the product of group self-delusion will quickly become a nightmare as YAH’s wrath at the wanton destruction of newly born human life that He has created. Thankfully, my household and I have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior so we are His body and His bride and will be taken home to be with Him before the wrath that is waiting in the wings is poured out. Read Chapter Three of the Book of Revelation to hear what Jesus has to say to today’s Laodicean church, politically correct, respected, and well-established. I hear the train coming, and never in my worst nightmares did I ever envision the end of days being like this, but here they are.

    BTW, do you know why so many Muslims are risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea to get to the European promised land? It’s because there’s no profit(prophet) in Mohammed

    • Ahhh, the God Wads.

      When I was in the mob, back in the day, up to my nipples in genocidal islam inbred’s, I sure would have been grateful if God had grabbed his Holy Combat Rifle and started busting righteous caps in moolie kiesters.
      Guess what?
      No God, no righteous wrath; just me, my mates, and our FAL’s.
      God hasn’t lifted a finger; praying hard enough to make water run up hill does not make water run up hill, nor does it do anything to thin out the communist-fascist scumbags.
      It falls to us.
      Quit wasting time praying.
      It is time to act.

      • you know nothing about our Creator God who watches over us and loves us even when we sing. He is not a puppetmaster, [insults redacted].

      • Kojo:I look at some of the things our U.S solders have been arrested for over the past 30 years and just shake my head.I spent one and a half years in Vietnam as a Infantry officer.Some of the things we did wasn’t nice but it enabled us to stay alive.If you haven’t been there,don’t judge the people that have.Best wishes to you brother

  3. MC, Good essay, except for the Americans with full bellies won’t fight part. White, hard working, straight, males have been demonized, vilified, blamed for all the current and past ills of the world, demoted and not hired nor promoted, and now being persecuted for being white and the people whose ancestors built the US to what it is today. White folks especially in the middle of the country will only put up with so much abuse before whitey says enough is enough and does what he does best when he gets really angry, conquer and kill. When biden and company push for their gun registration and confiscation program to make people comply, that is where the fun and rein deer games will begin, especially when they stream into everyone’s homes on the tvs and cell phones SWAT raids where they show they had no choice but to shoot the guy because he didn’t open his door fast enough. Then you will see the 2 per centers go hunting and no one who does these raids or orders them will be safe nor their families or homes, it will quickly turn into a nasty bloodbath, especially when you throw race, religion and politics into the mix that will make the Balkans war look like a walk in the park. Then let us not even get into what happens when whitey shuts off the power to these major commiecrat run cities and no more food shipments get in. Could you imagine what would happen if you cut off power for 6-8 months on just the NYC and the surrounding areas? 80 million Americans are really bloody angry and KNOW that the election was stolen from them, thus disenfranchising them and making them arm up to the extent it should scare the hell out of all politicians, especially those who have been in office past their used by dates, that and the left keep poking the bear because so far they have been able to get away with it, until the bear awakes and does what a very angry bear does best when provoked, much to the horror of the collective, dumbed down Marxist left who truly and actually believe nothing bad will happen, well until it does. The cold harsh, brutal bottom line is thus, we ain’t voting our way out of this mess any longer, that time has come and passed, we will have to shoot our way out and millions are just waiting for the chance to do so. The Republic is dead, long live the Republic!

  4. “Jews were responsible for the Communism”.
    In Hungary, 1919, they were. In their attempt to establish the Hungarian Soviet Republic they only had one non Jewish leader (“to have someone signing the execution papers on Saturdays”, – as the bitter joke of the time said)
    Even now the leftist, globalist opposition has its members record number of Jews in Hungary. Their elite is comprised of around +90% of non-religious, internationalist Jews, while they only represent less than 1% of the Hungarian population. They are working toward open borders (with lots of Muslim migrants) and LGBTQ(P) rights and education for kindergartens. While their doing their bit, the religious (thought to be right wing) Jewish population is quiet. When a left wing Communist calls his opposition “anti-Semite” as his final and only argument, the whole set Jewish organizations (including the “right”) are barking together, like a well trained choir. The strong tribal reflexes maybe some time ago were the key to survival for the Jewish people, but now it will be their downfall. Otherwise a smart bunch, together they can really act brainless…

    • The communist ‘Jew’ is a huge problem – but at what stage does an Atheist lose his/her Judaism?

      The Jews in Israel will not even kill feral cats that infest the dustbins.

      Essentially I agree with you, somehow, lapsed Jews find socialist activism very attractive – maybe it has something to do with the idea of Mitsvot the doing of ‘good’ deeds in the community – taken to extremes as part of a virtue signal and/or guilt trip.

      Religious Jews are ‘conservative’ only in the non-political sense of wishing to remain separated and unchanged, they tend not to be political except when they raise their voices to demand special treatment. The proportional representation system in Israel means that the religious parties have far mor influence than their numbers justify if they hold the balance of power

    • 80% of the Bolshevik leaders WERE Jews… as were a lot of the henchmen, like Genrikh Yagoda, who was responsible for at least as many people dying as Hitler.
      Hitler knew he had to protect himself from the East.
      You do what you have to do.

  5. “Only Pinochet has ever stopped the leftwards rush into tyranny. Do any of us have the position and the guts to do the same as he did? And then to face the almost universal condemnation that comes as a consequence?”

    Regarding the condemnation for fighting the tyranny of the left, it’s disheartening to see so many American pundits, ostensibly on the right, who condemn Eastern European leaders like Viktor Orban. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    • Hi Paul

      There is in the UK what we call ‘soft conservatives’, these are people who always try to walk a centrist political line, so to them, ardent rightists are embarassing and must be treated with distain.

      They dislike Trump, they dislike Orban and the Visigrad 4, what they do not understand is that, as the ‘centre’ constantly lurches to the left, and that they are moving with it.

      They think they are giving a rational view, but what they are really doing is enabling the divide, hindering the real conservatives and undermining their political stance, it is no good being the political voice of reason in the cattle truck going to the death camp…..

      Whilst I hate what Pinochet had to do, I do not condemn him, he did his duty.

  6. I wish I knew more about (relatively) recent Chilean history, from an objective source, if one exists. As I understand it, the socialist Allende was elected democratically, and was not, so far as I’m aware, responsible for internment without trial, torture and murder of his opponents.

    Pinochet, who took power in a coup, was responsible for all of these. Are people not entitled to make their own democratic choices, however misguided in some people’s eyes?

    • Hitler too was democratically elected.

      I agree it is difficult to find the truth of what happened, the one I read was written by Roger Scruton in Salisbury review somewhere around 88-89 when they tried to aarrest Pinochet in London.

      It is easier to find what Allende was doing, supported from Cuba as he was, try this one:-


    • Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others… We (the USA) started with a republic to safeguard individual rights from the excesses of democracy, but over time all forms of government are subverted and so now we wind up with a kleptocratic oligarchy running the show pretty much openly and without shame.

      I like to think at some level citizens should get the government they deserve; nice and hard and in the anus with no preparation, but this also punishes those who are not ignorant or evil.

      Sometimes it is preferable to do a little evil to protect the greater good. If someone had managed to kill Hugo Chavez, or Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Mugabe, Pol Pot, etc, before they had advanced too much into their homicidal reigns of terror, and the financiers behind them too for good measure, how much better off would the world be for that little measure of evil?

      • You could have stopped at “all the others”. Democracy is the worst, period, end, full stop.
        A more-or-less fair monarchy, or an ineffective tyranny, is still better than democracy, which is nothing more nor less than mob rule.. A republic is the best way that man has yet found.

        • The quote originally was from Churchill. Probably one of the wisest politicians of modern history. And a warrior to boot. Anyone that personally put their hide on the line has earned my respect.

          Republics are good, but only are effective as long as there is an educated and moral populace.

    • Pinochet saw what Allende, who was supported by the Cubans and Russians, was going to do, the same as they did in Cuba and ole Pinochet wasn’t going to have none of it, so, thank God he got rid of those bloody communists by any means necessary and the world was better for it. Now look at bloody Britain, the bloody socialists took over and like good sheep you Brits are(for the most part) you bloody LET them! Now you are going to have to have a Pinochet type leader do in Britain what the General did in Chile to save you
      sheep ready for the slaughter Brits.

    • It happened right before your very eyes and you cheered for it, now you are going to get it good and hard for your inability to see the left for what they always have been, totalitarians screaming to get out.

      • Last time I looked, Boris Johnson was leader of the Conservative party. The former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a socialist; he lost the last election.

        • Ole Boris is conservative in name only, he is as socialist as any commie of the labor party, he is also cucked to his commie feminaxi girlfriend who has run of the place and makes policy. Hence the green insanity pushed by the former conservative party. You need the Queen marching her army to that den of scum and villainy called parliment and frog march them to the Tower of London where they put in an express lane and let the Queen have direct rule with a Pinochet enforcer. Democracy is dead and you ain’t going to vote your way out now.

    • Absolutely they’re socialists. As Andrew Wilkow says, “Socialism is for the people; not the socialist.” The socialists, if they’re successful always eat well (has Maduro missed a meal in the last 10 years?) dress well (Mao’s peasant soldier uniforms were tailored in London by tailors to the Court of St. James) live well (Presidential Palace in Cuba). It was in its inception, and will be until its demise, a grift to transfer power (wealth) from the many to the few. Mostly ne’er-do-wells who really can’t stand the thought of an honest job.

  7. G and MC and Moon is a Harsh Mistress have it for the win. Wars, especially civil wars, are won by the most vicious and brutal, not the timid and moral. We had to kill and fry a lot of Japanese and Germans to make them stop attacking us, and that’s the way it is. They would certainly have gladly done the same to us. I’m not moralizing here, just pointing out that war, any kind of war, is monstrous business. Conduct it to destroy the enemy, his support, and his will to fight, or be destroyed, and that’s it. Why do you think there are so many anti-war folks out there? It’s a life and death fight, and fair is just a word.

  8. In the popular series Yellowstone, patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has many great ‘lines’. One of his best? “Either evil wins or you kill it. To kill it you need to be meaner than it is, but still love your family and enjoy the sunrise.” I suspect we are not yet prepared to be ‘mean enough’. I also suspect that day will come.

  9. Omni ignotum pro magnifico EST.

    Everything new, is magnificent!

    Said a satirical Roman thousands of years ago.!

  10. Satanic Marxists are out to create hell on earth.
    The utopia fairy tales are just smoke and mirrors to fool the dullards.
    There is nothing equal in nature and there will never be equality of results for all.
    Look up comrade Karl’s dramas and poems to see what he really had in mind.
    Yes, it is a hard read but you must know the enemy in order to prepare for the Zimbabwe/Venezuela/Cuba hybrid hellhole dystopia that is coming to the FUSA.
    (Former USA)

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