Spain: Big Tech and the Deep State Unite to Cancel Vox

Elections are coming up in May in the Spanish province of Catalonia (Catalunya). They were originally scheduled for this month, but were postponed due to a recent surge in cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The populist anti-immigration party Vox is polling well in Catalonia, just as it is in other parts of Spain. As a result, Twitter has suspended the party’s account, and the government of Catalonia is doing all it can to enable violent leftist protesters at Vox rallies.

The two videos below feature the two top leaders of the Vox party. The first shows excerpts from a speech in Catalonia given by Santiago Abascal, the President of Vox. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video features a TV appearance by Javier Ortega Smith, the Secretary General of Vox. The hostile presenter lays a trap for Mr. Smith, which the latter unfortunately fails to address. The presenter refers to the percentage of crimes by citizens of “Spanish nationality”, as if none of them were culture-enrichers.

In Spain, as in other European countries, anyone who has been given citizenship is considered to be indistinguishable from the actual ethnic natives of the country. So when Ahmed the Swede or Mahmoud the Spaniard goes on a gropin’ and rapin’ spree, the crime statistics record his exploits as if they were those of Olaf Svensson or Juan Hidalgo.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

08:41   Let’s respect the rules, no matter how arbitrary they seem.
08:45   Please stay two meters away from the platform so I can remove the mask and speak.
08:55   A bunch of violent brats, friends of terrorists,
09:01   are not enough to prevent us from speaking publicly in the street.
09:07   I have already seen this in my region:
09:10   I have already seen how they came to rescue the people in distress.
09:14   Those terrorists were cousins of those who today, in front of the officers,
09:18   were throwing rocks at us, but if they could they would shoot at us.
09:22   Because we know them, we know how they think.
09:25   We know they are sick with hatred. And we know that that’s the main problem Catalonia has.
09:31   A problem of freedom. Because in this region many people voted for us.
09:36   Because in this region, and precisely in Gerona 18,000 people
09:41   chose the VOX ballot for the Congress of Deputies last November.
09:47   There are 18,000 Spanish people, 18,000 thousand men and women,
09:52   18,000 Catalans who have no freedom in Gerona today.
09:56   We witnessed it while we were walking along the streets of this city.
10:01   There were the insults of those few totalitarians,
10:07   and there was the shy, fearful approach of people who every day have no freedom.
10:13   But who thanked us for coming, anyway.
10:16   I am here only for this day. But my colleagues are here all day every day.
10:21   And we are here to say, that we are here to stay. Not to quit.
10:28   We are here to say that we are very aware
10:33   that those who were throwing rocks at us are 30 meters away from us right now,
10:38   with the connivance of the Department of Interior of Catalonia.
10:43   And they are trying to intimidate us, trying to prevent us from exercising our political rights.
10:50   We know what they would do if they had the chance.
10:53   Gagging us would not be sufficient.
10:56   They would use violence, regardless of the consequences.
11:00   They would if law enforcement were not here, and I thank them for their services.
11:06   And they are obeying orders logically, because I am sure that if it were up to them,
11:11   these people who came here to commit electoral crime would be kept 100 meters away from us.
11:17   But they are not allowed to do that.
11:20   Because the Department of Interior of Catalonia won’t allow this.
11:23   They can’t, because it is the Government of Catalonia
11:27   that incited violence towards the Catalans who vote for VOX.
11:31   They explicitly said it in writing, so the Electoral Council had to intervene.
11:36   It was the Government of Spain itself, through the Vice-Presidency
11:40   of the Government, who incited violence against VOX.
11:43   Encouraging harassment, intimidation against all the political actions
11:48   we have been engaged in, we who represent almost four million Spanish people.
11:53   Many more than those there, for sure. That is: the Government of Spain
11:57   and the Government of Catalonia are the inciters of and the accomplices to this violence.

Video transcript #2:

00:03   Twitter has temporarily limited your official account,
00:07   I think, my co-workers, we have a screen-cap of this tweet
00:11   that caused the temporary suspension of the…
00:15   Vox Twitter account-for breaching the rules
00:19   that prohibit conduct inciting hate, do not permit threats to cause or foment violence
00:23   against other persons for motives of race, religion, gender or nationality.
00:28   We are looking at the tweet from Santiago Abascal.
00:32   He says they are attacking freedom. And if we could see, co-workers, the tweet in question
00:37   in which you said… that “They account for approximately
00:41   0.2% and are responsible for 93% of the reported crimes.
00:45   The majority are from the Maghreb.” You are referring to the migrants. —Yes.
00:50   You say, “It is Catalunya,”— that you are watching there —
00:54   “It is Catalunya that is allowing the ubiquitous indolence and complicity
00:57   with imported delinquency. Stop Islamization.”
01:00   Our attention was called to the data which you note, without mentioning sources, that
01:04   0.2% are responsible for 93% of reported crimes — the migrants — Where did you get this data?
01:10   This is public data. This is not data that Vox invented.
01:14   From which agency? —This data is from the Interior Ministry. From the number of reported crimes.
01:18   And, believe me, the problem with social media is that they have stopped being
01:22   the way they are sold. —Why don’t you cite them? Why don’t you cite the sources?
01:25   Look, it’s on Twitter, and maybe the one who edits the tweet did not post
01:29   the complete information — maybe, you could reproach that.
01:33   Yes, but allow me, I would like you to answer me… —Why not?
01:37   There is this list of facts compiled by our documentation team, and we have…
01:42   the source is INE, The National Institute of Statistics, and it tells us the major portion
01:45   of those convicted in 2019, the last year in which I believe the data was registered,
01:49   were of Spanish nationality— 75% compared to 76% the previous year.
01:55   Among foreigners, those from European countries — EU — not from Maghreb nor from Africa,
01:59   represent the largest part of those convicted —And there is more data, if you want,
02:03   I will give you. Convicted of crimes — Spanish nationality, 39,903,
02:08   for Africa, 9,667 — As for minor offenders,
02:13   73 — 67-77.3% infractions committed by Spanish minors,
02:19   22.7% foreigners. Data from Catalan Police:
02:23   Nationality of the largest number of detentions: Spanish — 41%, Moroccan — 16%, Pakistani — 7%
02:31   Catalan Police. You say that 93% of reported crime…
02:35   Yes, but you know what happens. This is playing with statistics… if you talk to me about
02:39   global figures, about the total population, maybe the percentage is less.
02:44   But when you take out the percentage of foreigners who are in Spain,
02:50   and on this percentage of foreigners, calculate the number
02:54   of reported crimes, then the percentage changes because you are talking about global data.
03:00   No, we have this because we have also done the calculation because… in the case of sex crimes,
03:05   Allow me a question, what percentage of the population is that?
03:08   Because you said… I am sure, I am sure you want to know the data that I just mentioned.
03:13   If I say it, keep asking.
03:16   Sex crimes by migrants…They are responsible for 32.6%.
03:20   It is certain that is a high percentage because foreigners represent 10.7% of the population
03:23   in Spain. —This is what we wanted to get to… —But that has nothing to do with
03:29   the 93% you said in your tweet that caused the temporary suspension of Twitter
03:32   It’s that you have [unintelligible] data. You must begin there… you must begin by saying…
03:36   What is the number of foreigners? And then say, within this percentage of foreigners,
03:40   what is the percentage of [unintelligible]?
03:43   And you will see one thing: That by percentage, it is triple,
03:47   probably, that of the non-illegal immigrant population.
03:51   But look, there is a question which for those in Catalunya is indisputable
03:56   Immigration — OK, I say Catalunya because this refers to Catalunya.
04:00   What is indisputable… is that together with illegal immigration —
04:04   and I emphasize illegal— because normally,
04:08   much of the communication media says Vox is anti-immigration; we are against illegal immigration,
04:12   illegal migration — those who assault the borders,
04:16   those who are in the unaccompanied minors centers.
04:20   Those who are around immigration that leads to…
04:25   without doubt because nobody denies this [unintelligible],
04:29   live ready, unfortunately, unfortunately, people who end up
04:33   in delinquency, and in drugs. Go ask in the Canaries,
04:37   and the assaults they have in the Canaries. The delinquency in the streets of the Canaries.
04:41   The other day, we saw how some migrants in the Canaries assaulted and beat [unintelligible].
04:46   I was asking, are you going to file a compliant?
04:50   Yes, of course. We are going to file a complaint because you said that social media have dropped —
04:54   already in evidence — the great lie they put forward. They are not these free platforms
04:58   of thought where communication flows rapidly.
05:02   They act as authentic means of controlled censorship, who say
05:06   who can publish something and who cannot. And when they don’t like the message of the tweet,
05:12   [unintelligible] if we can listen to [unintelligible] applauded from Twitter,
05:17   terrorist threats. If we can listen to the Catalan separatists
05:21   from Twitter saying they should strike Spain and revoke the Constitution,
05:25   And Twitter doesn’t sanction them. All kinds of messages from the extreme Left,
05:29   Marxists calling for attack, from Twitter,
05:33   against the actions of Vox, against Vox sites, against Vox candidates. They are not censored.
05:37   But when Vox provides data that makes them very nervous,
05:41   because it makes them very nervous that there is an electoral campaign, and Vox is reporting
05:45   for example, we have statistics. The largest number
05:49   of Salafist mosques linked to jihadist arrests,
05:54   linked to terrorism, are in Catalunya.
05:57   And when you put this on Twitter, out comes the hand of censorship,
06:01   of these media controlled by large companies, telling you whether you can publish it or not.
06:05   It is a lie that has very short legs. And we
06:09   will continue to denounce it. If they shut down this account, we will open other accounts.
06:13   It is an attack on political liberty. And besides, we say something else, because
06:16   we have communicated to the Twitter directives — not just make sanctions. Rather they have done
06:22   an especially serious thing, because they did it on the day the election campaign began,
06:25   so that our account, which for sure, of the accounts that have the largest number of followers,
06:29   [unintelligible] they have silenced us.
06:33   This is very serious, it is an attack on democracy, an attack on freedom of expression.
06:36   —[unintelligible] if you want to give me the data from the Ministry that you say exists…
06:42   Of course,… —We [unintelligible] the data from the National Institute… so that you have them.
06:49   I repeat that the studies must be carried out, and that the statistical data be done
06:53   telling the whole truth, not speaking of absolute data,
06:57   rather relative data — first, what is the percentage of the population?
07:01   And within this population, you tell me, how much, and you will see
07:05   that the percentage of delinquency, and the percentage of rapes, and percentage of arrestees
07:10   Is percentage-wise much greater than we see in the global population.

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