The State of Free Speech in Europe in 2015

Most readers are aware that Anne Marie Waters had planned to host a Mohammed cartoon exhibit in London today, but was forced to cancel the event due to the credible threat of violence against it. In response, she wrote the following essay on the significance of what did not happen today.

The State of Free Speech in Europe in 2015
by Anne Marie Waters

This is not how I expected to spend September 18th. I was supposed to be hosting an exhibition of harmless cartoons, along with others in this country and elsewhere who know the true value of freedom. Instead, I will write about it — while I still have the freedom to do at least that.

The Mohammed cartoon exhibition did not take place in London, not only because of the threat to those involved, and their families, but also because the Left went for our jugular and ensured that others would not support us. The despicable Hate Not Hope (I refuse to write that group’s name as they do), put together a complete fiction, aiming to intimidate others and discourage them from joining us. The far-Left extremists, accompanied by a Christian extremist, pretended that Tommy Robinson and I were using the cartoons to incite civil war. This was based on about ten minutes of speculation, to my memory, mostly initiated by said Christian extremist, stuck within about four hours of conversation — mostly about the Sharia Watch website. This is how low the Left is willing to stoop. Another left-wing blogger wrote that I might sue Vive Charlie; something else based on no truth whatsoever.

The cowardly National Secular Society, which is increasingly socialist rather than secularist, decided to do the bidding of Hate Not Hope and their comrades, and reject the only people trying to take a stand on the vital issue of Mohammed cartoons.

Their achievement? They punished real free speech campaigners, sent a message to those who might be minded to speak out: don’t, and more importantly sent a message to the jihadis that Britain already belongs to them, and they only have to pressure us and we will crumble and submit. Congratulations yet again owed to the bullying, destructive, and downright corrupt British political Left.

One of two things is going on here. Such people are either incredibly stupid and have no idea of the evil acts they are carrying out, while others know perfectly well what they’re doing displaying their own moral deficiency. For the stupid, here are a few points for you to digest:

The array of punishments for blasphemy and apostasy (leaving Islam) in Pakistan include the death penalty. This retribution is applied by the state and constitutes the law of the land; it is not the ranting of an extreme religious fringe that can be safely ignored by the populace.

Asia Bibi, for example, a young Christian mother is awaiting execution in that country, having been found guilty of insulting Mohammed. Her death sentence was upheld by the country’s courts.

The array of punishments for blasphemy and apostasy in Saudi Arabia includes the death penalty. This retribution is applied by the state and constitutes the law of the land; it is not the ranting of an extreme religious fringe that can be safely ignored by the populace.

Raif Badawi, for example, is a writer who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes (which will almost certainly kill him) as well as 10 years in prison for insulting Islam.

The array of punishments for blasphemy and apostasy in Iran include the death penalty. This retribution is applied by the state and constitutes the law of the land; it is not the ranting of an extreme religious fringe that can be safely ignored by the populace.

A young cartoonist, for example, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for mocking the Islamic government. The artist Atena Farghadani is currently serving a long stretch behind bars as punishment for depicting government officials as animals. She was later charged with ‘indecency’ for shaking the hand of her male lawyer.

These are facts. This is the truth, and it remains the truth regardless of how much you want to deny it. Another fact you will want to deny is that these brutal and oppressive punishments are justified and maintained by one thing and one thing only — Islam. This is an indisputable, verifiable, objective fact.

Yet another fact is that we have experienced, and are experiencing, massive and unprecedented migration from Islamic countries in to Western democracies in recent decades. This migration has had, and will continue to have, a chilling effect on two fundamental freedoms without which democracy and freedom cannot exist — the rights and freedoms of women, and the ability to speak our minds.

Here in Britain, those of us who speak out against Islam and its increasing influence in our country soon find ourselves marginalised as “racists”, “hate-mongers”, and “Islamophobes” — despite the fact that what we say is true. Being labelled a “racist” in Britain can, and does, mean job losses, public blacklisting, and can even bring criminal charges. There are numerous examples of this to be found:

  • Keith Hurdle was jailed for 12 weeks for a verbal racist diatribe on a London Underground train. While of course this behaviour is unacceptable, it provides further evidence that a person can be imprisoned for words only, while on the other hand, in the case of a non-white suspect, violent crimes can, and do, go un-investigated. The message to the public is clear: racism is not in fact a two-way street, and “colour-blind” policing is not being practised.
  • Following a few revolting Tweets about the footballer Fabrice Muamba — who had collapsed from a heart attack on the pitch — the Welsh student Liam Stacey was jailed for 56 days. Again, his behaviour was uncivilised and wrong, but the fact remains he was sent to prison for using words only, and the message to the public was repeated.
  • Jacqueline Woodhouse from Essex was jailed for 21 weeks for another racist rant on a train.
  • Six football fans were jailed for 18 months in late 2013 for apparently chanting songs which glorified the murder of Stephen Lawrence. The prosecutor in the case said that the chanting was “disturbing and upsetting”.
  • 34-year-old Emma West was jailed for shouting on a tram in south London. She was subjected to death threats.
  • Martin Smith was locked in a cell after he downloaded the theme tune of the 1980s comedy ‘Rita, Sue, and Bob Too’ to his phone. The ringtone features an Asian character saying “I can’t help being a Paki” and when a woman heard this in a shop, she made a complaint to the police. Smith was charged with “using racially aggravated threatening or insulting words or behaviour” and eventually fined.
  • Ronnie Hutton was jailed for two days in Scotland for revving his car ‘in a racist manner’.
  • Simon Ledger was arrested for singing ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ on the off-chance that Chinese people may be offended.

Across Europe, the picture is similar. If anyone dares to step out of line, there will be repercussions, and very little sympathy. When several cartoonists were butchered in Paris, vast numbers of European journalists effectively blamed the dead for their own murder. Our television stations refused to show the cartoons, or show any commitment to free expression, because they too feared being labelled “racists” or “Islamophobes”.

Because I tried to show some cartoons, I was labelled a “radical” by the BBC — comparable to a known jihadist and supporter of stoning, Haitham al Haddad. I was invited to speak on the matter on a BBC Sunday morning discussion programme, and found myself to be the sole voice in support of free expression. We need to allow this to sink in for a moment: in the eyes of Britain’s national broadcaster, openly rejecting Islamic law makes a person a radical, an outsider, a crank, an oddity.

In the Netherlands, elected MPs live under armed security, while others have fled the country. A film-maker was murdered in the streets. All have one thing in common: they were critical of Islam.

In Denmark, a group who had gathered in defence of free speech, were shot at by Muslims incensed that such an event should be permitted to take place.

This is the state of free speech in Europe in 2015.

The stupid don’t appear to see this as a problem. They must wonder: why do I, and many others, continue to speak out against Islamic blasphemy laws, despite the cost? Because free speech is the backbone of freedom, and all other freedoms depend upon it. If we are not free to speak our minds, we are not free at all. Democratic debate cannot take place without free speech, political candidates are not free to put their ideas to the people, and the people are not free to hear them. When this happens, we are stuck, we remain stagnant and no true change can occur. We become subject to the irremovable and unchangeable power of an unchallenged elite (this is why it is so popular on the Left). In other words, we become slaves.

The advancement of science and human rights occurred because of free inquiry and discussion. If we are not permitted to criticise or ridicule or question religion (in this case Islam), then we become subject to religious tyranny, and subject to the whims of clerics and their specific religious interpretation. At a time when Islamist brutality is stretching out around the world, at a time when we desperately need to appraise, question, and criticise it, we are increasingly being told that we can’t. Brutal leadership that cannot be challenged — this is totalitarianism.

Free speech is the reason that the West is the greatest and most advanced civilisation the world has ever known. The price of the loss of free speech is immeasurable, we must continue to defend it. The most important, and most attacked, aspect of free speech, however, is this — the freedom to tell the truth. George Orwell wrote that freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four, and it is exactly that freedom that we are rapidly losing in Europe, and eventually the entire West.

A friend told me recently that during a conversation with a gay man, she informed him that he would be murdered for his sexuality if he were living in, say, Iran. His response? He called her a racist. This is not unusual, I too have experienced this. Simply pointing out the truth will almost inevitably instigate attack. This is the case not only when discussing politics in the local pub, but it is also the line taken by the mainstream media. If one points out that the masses of men now pouring through Europe’s “borders” are coming from countries where women are property, homosexuals are murdered, and dissent brings harsh punishment, you will simply not be heard. If you dare to point out that these men are likely to bring the ideas which are the norm in their countries along with them to Europe, you will be called a fascist and nothing else you say will be listened to — no matter how true.

The reality is that a global battle for free speech is now underway, and Western leaders and media are on the side of its enemy. Instead of acknowledging the potential damage to free expression that mass Muslim immigration may bring, our leaders have decided to increase the migration. Western leaders have therefore become the enemies of the West, leaving myself and others to fight for us instead.

The opponents of free speech, both the stupid and the evil, are dangerous and powerful, but we can still beat them with the truth.

Anne Marie Waters is the founder of Sharia Watch UK and a former UKIP candidate for Parliament.

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36 thoughts on “The State of Free Speech in Europe in 2015

  1. Threats of violence by barbarians should be allowed to cause events to be cancelled. Instead, the protective presence of law enforcement should be increased, and those making the threats — and especially those attempting to carry them out — should be arrested and imprisoned for long terms. Under no circumstances should the victim of this threatening behavior be punished — that’s just what the barbarians are trying for.

    • Oh wouldn’t it be lovely if we still had the world that my parent’s generation thought they were fighting for between 1939 and 1945.

      Instead our politicians have betrayed them. Why is a whole debate on its own!

      Most thinking people now need some reassurance that it is safe to speak their mind before they will open up on topics such as this. The history we are repeating is only 80 years old, for goodness sake!

      • If people wait until it is “safe” to speak their mind,then it is already too late – for those who need safety first, at any rate.


  2. Do you think you are the only one denied a voice? There are many of us denied work, declared “extreme”, “mad”, our views “Repellent” and ejected from political parties for our “Speech terrorism” as I was from UKIP. I have a death fatwa over me dating back 10 years. Many of us joined the fight in 2001 and I before that, seeing this Islamic activity in London University in the late 90’s-years before anybody noticed. Our names are “Legion”

    ‘Chris’, ‘Ann’, ‘Guy’, ‘Mike’, ‘John’ and many more unheard of. All lost work, lost most of their income, spent their private money in doing what the state and younger generations should have and long long hours studying and writing the background to this Mohammed Crapeau evil. All of us are more than familiar with the British State “Security”- a “State” that in my opinion fully intends our Islamification and is in the hands and money of corrupt financial City and Arab Oligarchs.

    Most of the plots-increasing by the day- affecting the globe were hatched in “Londonistan” and this Islmophilia has been driven by anti Semitics in the Foreign Office known as the “Camel Corps”, since the 1920’s. It is so serious. the CIA had to send undercover agents to investigate its own NATO ally in London.

    The Church is a ruddy disgrace. I don’t “dialogue” with evil and it has got me into severe problems. I am well known for my “Tell it as it is”..but “Mind over Matter- I don’t care and the “Offended” don’t matter. UKIP I was informed “Are playing a clever strategy to fool the Left so they can get into power”- A “clever strategy” that has facilitated our Islamification. No truth is, they are fearful of the PC Brigade and Islamic censure.

    When faced with evil the correct tactic is to aim for the jugular. Lord Nelson said “An English Captain can do no better than to attack the enemy at every opportunity and sink him”…..There is no dialogue or clever strategy with this evil. You seek out and attack with every literary and political artifice one can muster. But those days are gone now…..We are very close to real violence across Europe as the population realise the “refugees” are actually an invasion designed to overwhelm the defences of Europe- a Europe that deliberately bankrupted the borders of these southern states to facilitate this invasion “invited in” by Red Angela, whose own ministers are now resigning from in disgust. I also suspect a few coups will take place in s certain European states.

    As for Hate Not Hope and the UAF, nobody takes them seriously and you do yourself no favour by trying to defend yourself against them. They are so bad that even the real “Hard Left” revile them. There is a very deep well of growing resentment in the UK and drawing cartoons of their fake “Prophet” will only assist these in thinking their “religion” has any substance. In fact it is based upon pagan antecedents and a Christian heresy called Arianism and Docetism, that taught that Jesus was not co-existent with God the Father but “begat” by Him and fully human on earth but lesser than the Father- based upon statements in the Apostle by Paul in NT.

    You are brave to do what you do and attempt to do so but the State are desperate to take dissidents into custody and demonise us further. They are losing this war too and this sudden mass immigration has taken them unawares. We have seen nothing yet like the numbers that are on the way.

    Orban of Hungary reckons 35,000,000, thanks to Merkel’s “invitation” to all in sundry to come to Europe. Believe me the political roots are deep-very deep- and include EU relations with US A and the disgusting “Neocons” who are actually signed up 5th Column for a White-House run by the Moslem Brotherhood and its placed-man.

    I have no wish to upset you or be rude but we are well beyond drawing cartoons now and I suspect in a few weeks, months even days as the realisation “Penny” drops, public anger will be violent. We are now well beyond “Jaw Jaw” or even “Draw Draw” but “Politics by other means” as Von Clausewitz would say.

    I think a very real change is now coming over the populations of Europe, even if the oiks in the Metrosexual elite still peddle their lies. People are incredibly angry at what is being done to us and I for one see hope. The likes of Dopes ‘N’ Hate and the pig ignorant violent UAF will shortly be shown up for the irrelevance they are and running for cover from angry citizens….

    “Joe Public” is not stupid and they have seen and heard enough of Monsters’ Inc that currently sit in posh salons in Islington and Notting Hill. Have faith!

    • I hope you are right and that we’ve reached a critical mass because I’m not convinced that any amount of spreading the word is going to invoke the ire of Europeans than the actions of Muslims themselves and when the sheer number hits home. We’ve yet to receive the flow coming through south-east Europe in the UK yet, but when/if we do, then I expect a spike in concern, which hopefully manifests itself in public discourse and a willingness for the issue to be discussed openly and action taken accordingly. The fact that we are an island means that any large number entering the UK will have to have been given a green light by Cameron, which will only increase support for a British EU exit, which is necessary for us to get control of our borders.

  3. I wouldn’t blame Hate not Hope for the cancellation. Threats of violence usually intimidate event sponsors into backing out, regardless of the political cause. I don’t think the childish lies they tried to spread stuck, either–journalistically it was a very inept attempted sting. The real problem was the nature of the protest. I had doubts about it myself, and I am a not exactly on the immigration-friendly left. I greatly admire your work and your courage, but I don’t think seeking confrontation is the wisest policy in the present climate. Just keep telling the truth, loudly.

  4. Recent news is that Mohammed and Mohammad are now the first and fourth most popular given names in London. The names are gaining ground all over western Europe. Yet the names are not used of any characters in TV dramas, plays or whatever. There are often Muslim characters in the productions , reflecting the demographics, but the name isn’t used in anything I have seen. What is the risk here?

  5. My interest is in understanding why the British Political Elite, (charlitans, communists and chancers), and the British Masses, (identitists, socialists and dhimmis), are no longer their Birthright, (British, capitalist and entrepreneurs).

    My conclusion is Nye Bevan and the Welfare State.

    Breaking Matthew’s Second Law: Jump and the Angels will catch you.

    It is easy then to demand turning stones into bread and being seduced by promises of everything if you will just give up your soul to a charismatic peace-loving dictator.

    Without an eye, how can they see; but tear down those who can, to maintain the facade of their new saving Religion of hope and change.

  6. Between 2001 and 2005, the socialist government of the UK made 3 separate attempts to make it a SERIOUS crime to say something that offended a muslim. Part of this legislation was that if one accidentally said something which led someone else to commit an act of violence against muslims, one would face up to 7 years in jail. These 1st three attempts were introduced on the sly, as addenda to other pieces of legislation.

    Consider what this means: 7 years in jail for a crime with no mens rea, no intent to cause the outcome.

    On the 4th attempt, this law as passed in 2005. The worst extremes of this law were only defeated by a single vote. Only that anachronism the House of Lords managed to exert its will, over and over again, that such legislation should have a proviso defending freedom of speech. The totalitarian socialists who run the Labour Party, with their false faces of concern and their sharp suits were quite happy to destroy freedom of speech and the doctrine of mens rea, in order to protect a religion which is predicated on violence.

    Did the British media, the trade unions, the Church of England, the jewish organisations, “human rights” groups, etc mount a concerted attempt to stop this legislation? Not at all.

    We have already lost our freedom of speech. I am sure that Anne Marie Waters must watch what she says so assiduously, that it has almost become second nature to her. I know that it has become second nature for me.

    The cautionary works of Animal Farm and 1984 have come to pass. Despite Orwell’s warnings, those with power have been prepared to give up the very principles which they still hypocritically claim to believe and to uphold.

    The curtailment of free speech in the West has been extensively documented by Bruce Bawer (“Surrender”) and Mark Steyn (“Lights Out”). I don’t see any point in bemoaning this or trying to win a battle we’ve already lost. Most people don’t care about free speech. If they did, we would never have got to this point.

    We should move the fight onto areas which people do care about. And we should recognise that having been betrayed by those in power, we are in a post-dialogue world. Consider what that means.

  7. My interest is in understanding why the British Political Elite, (charlitans, communists and chancers), and the British Masses, (identitists, socialists and dhimmis), are no longer their Birthright, (British, capitalist nation of shopkeepers and entrepreneurs).

    My conclusion is Nye Bevan and the Welfare State stabbed the heart of the recovering country breaking Matthew’s Second Law: ‘Jump and the Angels will catch you’.

    It is easy then to further demand turning stones into bread and being seduced by promises of having everything if you will just give little bit your soul to a charismatic peace-loving dictator.

    Without an eye, how can they see? But enviously tear down those who can, to maintain the facade of their new savior Religion of Hope and Change. Walking the whispering corridors of Blasphemy Correctness, drawing from the bottomless pit of vainglory and blaming your previous personality(s) with confessions not being “minded” before the Piper – that owns you.

  8. The first casualty in war is the truth, this is a physiological war but still a war, keep on telling the truth Ann you are a gem. Under the circumstances you made the right decision regarding the cancelation, you will have some set backs in the war as happens in all wars. Keep up the good work. The truth will win, bear witness to the truth through your words.

  9. Good article and the last paragraph articulates the concerns we have which I’ve yet to hear in public discourse.

    PEGIDA are protesting in central London today and I would love to join a movement in opposition to the Islamisation of the West. However, from the contents of what some posters said and pictures I saw, there was too much blood and soil rhetoric and I got the idea that it attracts EDL, Britain First and NF types. I don’t want to be associated with them in any way. This lies at the heart of our problem in coordinating to protest what”s happening. If it was populated by well dressed, non-aggressive types who even in the face of Anti-fa abuse, reacted calmly and even offered used peace gestures, then it would demonstrate the respectability of our movement and attract more people. Those far right types do a disservice to our cause, because they let anger and emotion control how they communicate. With EDL, a lot are hooligans so it is to be expected, but they shouldn’t be the standard bearers of any resistance.

    • You are doomed.

      Waiting for the “perfect” group instead of teaming up with the “good enough” means you will never have anyone with whom you can join. You appear to have swallowed the lame media bait – hook, line, and sinker. Do you ever stop to think that government agencies infiltrate the groups you so disdain and raise a ruckus in order to make you afraid to join them? You, and many like you, are being played by people who are experts at the game.

      Tommy Robinson is the examplar of how to go on offence against the government bullies. But are you willing or able to make that level of sacrifice? They told him if he’d sit down and shut up they’d give him back his bank account, his car, etc…They’d leave his family alone; the persecution/prosecution/imprisonment would stop. But he refused and they made sure he paid the price, literally.

      The class rigidities in Britain are a perfect set-up for those who are tunneling through your country. All Tommy ever wanted is to return to English values – an irony, considering he’s Irish. But there are enough people who would rather be dhimmis than join with the chavs in saving their country.

      Worse than sad; it’s a moral implosion…what were *you* doing that Christmas Tommy spent in prison being spit on by Muslims and above ground, the respectable people went on with their usual plans? I kept thinking of Tommy, buried alive in there, separated from his small children, while the respectable Douglas Murrays, Ayaan Hirsi Alis, etc., went on their merry way.

      Here in the US we have the Tea Party. “Respectable” people won’t touch it…too loud, too white, too middle class – or not middle class enough, depending on what excuse one makes. Well, too bad. It attracts more and more people as they watch their cities and states surrender to the enemy.

      As Ben Franklin said, we either hang together or we’ll hang separately. Quit kidding yourself that there will ever be a group to meet your specifications. Admit it: you’re sitting it out because standing up scares the bejezus out of you. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Right now, you still have too much to lose…

      • A lot of [discourse which I deprecate] there. I don’t wish to be governed by those with links to Neo-Nazis just as I don’t want to be governed by Jihadis, so why would I stand shoulder to shoulder with people who have an ethnonationalist agenda. I don’t mind supporting ‘chavs’ if we share the same message, but it shouldn’t be rabid like those Islamist protests. If I’m wrong and they carry themselves well and not thug-like then I’m in. Otherwise they do a dis-service to any resistance because it deters far more than it will attract. I applaud them for their courage but how the message is delivered at this stage is vital if a movement such as PEGIDA is to see its numbers swell.

      • Take a bow, Lady D., I’ve often wondered about the Brits who ‘wouldn’t touch the EDL or Britain First, etc.,’ preferring to wait for, as you term it, ‘the perfect party’.

        Are the treasonous elites or their muslim thugs or even–let’s face it–the police, so perfect?

        There are also those who vow they will never ‘sink to the level of Government thugs or muslims’, but if the world’s sane people only fight by Geneva rules while the enemy abides by no rules—we are in trouble.

      • D:
        I agree, only if more people joined these organisation, they would displace the extreme types. Unfortunately, we feel the PC ‘ wrath’ of trying to keep up with the hopeless Joneses;

        otherwise go and create your own ‘neutral’ and see how far you’d get;

        i myself waited for the perfect party, no there isn’t one. Make do and try to stick out a bit from the media hype heaped upon the likes of EDL;

    • I agree with Dypmphna- It will soon come to a choice anyway. Tommy Robinson is a hero…..He may not speak “posh” but give me him any day over the UKIP and their “Clever strategy”. Tommy is actually highly articulate.

      • The political environment requires a more mainstream approach, a la UKIP, particularly given that Brits are averse to being thought of as extreme, even though there has been manipulation as to what is considered uncouth. Life is complicated, people need to do what they have to to get by and the shame approach from the responder to my first comment is unwelcome and pushes me away, because such a judgement of me without knowing me personally, my proclivities, what and with whom I work, is baseless.

        I am not here for an ethno-nationalist agenda so Im unlikely to stand side by side, at this stage, with those that do. Shouting ‘English and proud’ and such has no relevance in the battle against Islam or Islamism. Instead of nationalist flags, it would be better if people held aloft placards of Churchill’s analysis of Mohammedism, a list of our values as secular freedom lovers and try to bring in other groups, particularly Indians, the majority of whom are well aware and hostile to the threat of Islam. British or English flags are welcome, but the focus looks more like a nationalist protest than a protest against Islam.

        • Maybe you need to look further afield, there are Sikhs in EDL and other communities that have consider their place as being England.

  10. I’ve always been intrigued by the title ‘Hope not hate’.

    What’s the thinking behind it?

    Isn’t “hope not hate” just a cack-handed way of saying “hope and love”? If someone asks how I take my tea I say “Hot and sweet” not “Hot not bitter”.

    Why then does ‘Hope not hate’ say “hope not hate” and not “hope not love”?

    • If they can’t fit “Hate” into their title, then they can’t aim at the so-called “haters”. Love of any sort, including the kind of caritas you allude to, isn’t on their agenda.

      I like the name myself. It’s so easy to turn it around on them, to call them by their real name- i.e., Hate.

  11. Duh! Another error in a post of mine. Sorry folks.

    Last line from above should read:

    Why then does ‘Hope not hate’ say “hope not hate” and not “hope and love”?

  12. There are young Scottish guys in jail for singing anti catholic songs. Islam is not the only barbaric religion being protected by anti free speech laws.

  13. Europe is becoming like North Korea. Or closer to home, like the former East Germany. You have to worship the utopia of the multicultural society or you will pay a heavy price. I am sure that in the months to come there will be murders on critics of the multicultural society and the illegal mass immigration. The multicultural sect will do everything to make us, who have still not lost our common sense, shut up.
    Freedom of speech is absolute and no one should be protected from it. If something which is said is untrue or a lie, one can go to court. But everything can be laughed at and the fact that someone or a group is offended can never be a reason to limit freedom of speech because then the freedom becomes totally arbitrary.
    BTW, how on earth can someone “rev his car in a racist manner”? Can you also walk or ride a bike in a racist manner? I’d better be careful :-).

  14. First, thank you, Dymphna, for your great response to Kettle.  

    Now, onto this quote from the article…

    “…but we can still beat them with the truth.”

    Not if the majority or the ruling elite believes there is no “truth”.

    How about these maxims?

    “Strong evil beats weak good every time.”


    “You can be full of kindness and love but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog.”


    “Between moral idiocy and intellectual truancy falls the shadow of Islamic terror.”
    ~Dave Soloway

    Better this one:

    “Muerto el perro, se acaba la rabia.”  
    When the dog is dead, the rabies problem goes away.”

    Truth is surely the first casualty of war. When the war is won Truth can be re-established. This is an invasion and there will be some sort of war fought over it.  With no 2nd amendment anywhere in Europe I see no end to it. Just ongoing skirmishes for years to come.

    Here in the U.S. I see a *very* different picture indeed, Obama be damned.

  15. The right to freedom of opinion and expression is a core right of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It is both a civil right, in its capacity of protecting this sphere of life of the individual against undue infringements of the State, and a political right, in its capacity of guaranteeing the participation of the individual in political life, including that of State institutions. As such, the right to freedom of expression can be described as an essential test right, the enjoyment of which illustrates the degree of enjoyment of all human rights enshrined in the United Nations Bill of Rights, that comprises the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The respect for this right reflects a country’s standard of fair play, justice and honesty.

    Report of the Special Rapporteur, Mr. Abid Hussain, pursuant to Commission on Human Rights resolution 1993/45. E/CN.4/1995/32 14 December 1994.

  16. 84. In addition, criminal defamation laws may not be used to protect abstract or subjective notions or concepts, such as the State, national symbols, national identity, cultures, schools of thought, religions, ideologies or political doctrines. This is consistent with the view, sustained by the Special Rapporteur, that international human rights law protects individuals and groups of people, not abstract notions or institutions that are subject to scrutiny, comment or criticism.

    85. On this basis, and recalling the Joint Declaration issued by the International Mechanisms for Promoting Freedom of Expression in 2008: “The concept of ‘defamation of religions’ does not accord with international standards regarding defamation, which refer to the protection of the reputation of individuals, while religions, like all beliefs, cannot be said to have a reputation of their own.”

    Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Mr. Frank La Rue. A/HRC/14/23 20th April 2010.

  17. Furthermore, as regional human rights courts have already recognized, the right to freedom of expression is applicable not only to comfortable, inoffensive or politically correct opinions, but also to ideas that “offend, shock and disturb”. The constant confrontation of ideas, even controversial ones, is a stepping stone to vibrant democratic societies.

    Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Ambeyi Ligabo, A/HRC/7/14
    28 February 2008, paragraph 66.

  18. I’m really sorry that the Motoons event was cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing a new batch. I suggest that they have their next competition at one of the Muslim- free gun ranges. I’m disgusted that people would compare Ms.Waters to a radical – she wants to end the siege of radicals – Islamic radicals. It’s appalling too, that Catholics and Evangelicals are somehow now branded as radical fundamentalists. Heard alot about fundamentalist Christians on killing sprees lately? When will people get it through their heads that it’s the Koran ( and hadiths etc. ) – it’s Islam itself that causes the problems. People had better start speaking up because soon they’re going to have alot more to fear than losing their jobs. The politically correct toadies that kow- tow to Islam should get real too because when push comes to shove, they’ll be counted as kuffars too.

  19. Kettle and Others.
    If you act, you influence.
    If you don’t act, you influence.
    Also, we are only as good as the instittutions we create for ourselves and they are only as good as the people who administer them.
    Not joining a group because you do not agree with someones views is like
    to quote George Orwell, refusing to ride a bus because you dislike the conductor’s face. It’s called difference of opinion. If we can all unite over our disgust of islam then we can not be too choosey. The events of the last few weeks and the follow on effects to come are certainly going to put islam into sharp relief.
    Unfortunately we may have to sink to their level in repelling them.
    ATM I am thinking of the line from ‘Breaker Morant ‘. This is a new war for a new century.
    We can’t say we weren’t warned.
    If this helps, don’t divide Western politics into Left – Right, Liberal – Conservative divide or dichotomy ( These have had their day ) but a Totalitarian – Anarchy one.
    Brick bats or bouquets – you decide.

  20. The more I have thought of it today, I wish we had a recognized symbol and perhaps already we have subtle concepts that may have already started. It is how to burst it out to mainstream even if underground.

    During WW2 Winston had his well known fingers for peace sign for Victory.
    That also translated to music in as Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 in C minor, and coincidentally was V in Morse code dit dit dit daaah.
    Whenever it was heard or seen, it must have twisted the knife in the gut of the axis powers and the allies felt emboldened and uplifted that they had a common cause with real purpose.

    Whether the same or something new, but it all worked well for the “underground” “resistance” though one would still have to be careful as the Gestapo would do you in.
    At the first stage it is uncensored, and even just hummed or whistled, would make a connection.

    What I am also trying to come to is an anthem, with an underlying message (perhaps depending on the number of verses and which ones could be sung) with a unifying commonality, and with singing would sound peaceful, but still purposeful, and could be powerful in certain situations like at some stadium sports event when spontaneously sung, or during a march, or just lining the street watching something you do not like or to support someone/thing.

    Just how would a censor control that?… or the police enforce it,… as it could just be hummed or whistled. Would make interesting rulings from a judge if it went to court.

    In a march it would give the protesters something to concentrate on, as singing in harmony and with power, not just shouting would also be much more effective than just slogans. It would harness all the excess energy and make a cohesiveness. To be like a cat purring, sound happy, but the mouse does not know when or which way the cat will pounce., or to bring down the walls of Jericho.

    Sure I lean to traditional; like such as the Welsh anthem “Land of my Fathers”
    and it is interesting to see how it changed pace ( to suit large excessive groups singing) and eventually unaccompanied, and developed over time with a range of verses.
    This “anthem?” to be ,and signs (like the fish in Roman times)/cartoons will be subtle to start with and so develop in its own time.
    I am not capable of figuring this out, but others I trust others will find a purpose and and guidelines, a rejig, 2 steps forward, 1 back perhaps but purposely, rousingly onward, to make an universality of countering islam.
    With use it will polish up and improve. Another tool to be used.

    The problems between the 2 scottish teams with also sectarian rivalry went as far as a campaign of sending parcel bombs, though Scottish authorities are trying to increase penalties sort of “against provocation” and so may include song.

    Rangers, a traditionally Protestant and pro-British club, was fined £35,000 and its fans banned from the club’s next away game by the European footballing authority Uefa last month for failing to prevent its fans from singing bigoted, anti-Catholic songs at two Europa league games…………
    Scottish Police Superintendents, said the new powers would be useful but said policing large football crowds and trying to target individuals on crowded terraces was often “extremely difficult” and risky.

    Dam it, they should really come together against a common foe, though admittedly they do not recognize the dangerous ideology.
    As Annabellee Beidersee above says “it’s the Koran ( and hadiths [sira] etc. ) – it’s Islam itself that causes the problems”.
    Also some background history, of gates vienna, Andalusia which was said by Osama bin laden, to be returned to muslim control, then”the shores of Tripoli” as I discovered in the USA “Marines hymn” and the political disputes and years of war of those times, and European troubles with that North Africa coast line. We are forgetting our own history and being blinded by white-washings of current historians, that shows the inherent problem has not changed.

    Those “politically correct toadies,….when push comes to shove, they’ll be counted as kuffars too.” or will simply be trampled over if they do not get out of the way, as free speech is to be guarded, one of our greatest assets of Western Civilization

    “Long live free speech in all its many and varied forms”.
    Thank you for the posting B&D, and your essay, Anne Marie Waters.

  21. To our friends in Britain, we in the US are being sold out by our “leaders” as well. We must buck up and face the traitors down. These leaders are elected, what does that say about the electorate? I only hope that we are not too late as each passing day makes the cause of liberty harder to defend.

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