“No More Will We Tolerate This!”

As I reported a few hours ago, last Sunday, October 19 — yesterday, as it was then — Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia (MARIAS) rallied at Speakers’ Corner in London. Anne Marie Waters, who is standing for election for UKIP, was one of the featured speakers at the event.

In my post I referred to two videos of the speakers, one taken with a cell phone that had fairly good audio, while the other had better visual quality, but was very difficult to hear.

Thanks to the magic of modern video wizardry, Vlad Tepes was able to combine the two recordings of Ms. Waters, and enhanced the sound so that we can hear most of what she says.

She’s a gutsy woman. This is an inspiring clip.

Warning: There is salty language in this video:

16 thoughts on ““No More Will We Tolerate This!”

  1. Those Muslim fascist antagonists are just a hair trigger away from beheading that brave speaker. Like the speakers says, don’t waste your vote on Labor, who favor the Muslim fascist scum.

  2. The Muslim resorts to the tired old tropes of accusing her of being an agent of Israel, and is a racist who hates Muslims.

    Yes. Pretty much. Embrace it lady and do it with a smile, because you will have taken his ONLY debating weapon away.

    Finally, I’m glad to see the Brits stand up to this.

    What will happen when they lose their fear of being called racist?

  3. Hats off to her but I must be honest the video is really very hard to listen to due to the constant background chatter. I gave up after a minute as it was annoying trying to hear what she was saying.

  4. Did you see that annoying [generative organ] that was trying to hide behind his “hoodie” while yelling out his tired old rubbish at the lassie? I wish someone had kicked him right in the [goolies].

  5. Mind you, that shows them for what they are – yelling abuse at someone to try and override them instead of hearing what they are actually saying and coming up with a rational response to it. Like I said, if they want to behave like half-educated beasts then that’s ok – the minute they start that, they need to be kicked in the [goolies] and told to [silence themselves].

  6. She is a very brave woman, all credit to her for speaking out like that. I’m just surprised she wasn’t attacked, or arrested.

  7. This can only end in war. I now understand the Yugoslav war and Kosovo conflict far better. It will come to that in most European nations.

    It is now too late to stop it. ISIS will eventually be waging open guerilla warfare in Britain. It’s just a question of time. And they will be able to count on the material and moral support of hundreds of thousands of mohammedans countrywide. I suspect in the interim, many British politicians who were complicit in the attempted genocide of the British people are going to have to answer for their crimes to their people. THAT will make the Nuremberg hangings seem rather tame, in my humble opinion. If massive course correction does not follow in the next year, I think people like Cameron will simply not be able to live out their days safely in the UK. They will have to flee the country, as the mob tries to hunt them down.

    If history is any teacher (and she is a wonderful schoolmistress for those who will listen to her voice and learn) we will live to see (a) ISIS open warfare on the British people, and (b) former government apparatchiks who enabled all this being lynched by furious mobs.

    Unless something meaningful is done, and fast.

  8. Can anyone tell me a single positive thing that immigration of Muslims has brought to any country? To me they are like rabid dogs.

    • There isn’t one.
      “The only way for Muslims to integrate is to lapse as Muslims, or at least not to follow their religion too closely. Muslims are and will forever remain an alien -and typically hostile- element within any Western society.”

  9. Sort of consider islam to be a feminist ideology, doubt any ideology could function without the acceptance of the female portion or supporting whisper in the male ear.

  10. Apart from facist scum, other retorts to racist may include : random, Mornington Crescent, doublespeak unplus good, 53, have I offended you unintentionally, time of the month, please explain, please repeat, are you pleased to see me etc

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