“We have had enough!”

Anne Marie Waters was one of the featured speakers at the MARIAS anti-sharia rally at Speakers’ Corner in London yesterday. Our regular British commenter Phoebe sends the following report, via the comments on Saturday’s post:

Well done, MARIAS (Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia) for a sparkling debut at Speakers’ Corner.

Whilst being heckled all through the event by a particularly obnoxious individual who, with his crude insults to the ladies, gave the assembled crowd a first-hand example of the lack of respect for females by Muslim males, you gave some cracking speeches, some of which can be seen [in the following video].

CAVEAT: The speakers in this video are passionate in their opposition to sharia, and their language gets a little salty as a result:

More from Phoebe:

The crowd, of many diverse nationalities, was generally supportive to your message, although there was a rather nasty altercation towards the end of the proceedings when a ginger-haired convert attacked a middle-aged member of the crowd. The police stepped in immediately and two mounted police arrived at the scene.

The gentleman who speaks first is a lawyer, Charlie Klendjian, who is also a representative of the Lawyers’ Secular Society.

They have been prominent among the opposition to the Law Society concerning their recent issuing of “Sharia Succession Rules” Practice Notes.

The feisty blonde lady has been posting some very perceptive videos for some time under the name of “thedarkangel6661”.

The man who was attacked by a convert later showed up in the comments and said this:

Oh [expletive] I’m middle aged! What instigated the altercation was that I asked him if it was acceptable for his 50-something prophet to have sex with nine year-old Aysha, why would it not be acceptable for me (mid-40s actually) to have sex with his daughter (who apparently is also 9 years old). For some reason that suggestion seemed to completely outrage him and turn him into a red-eyed crazy violent idiot. The police were indeed very quick to react as were a number of people in the crowd.

Another video of the MARIAS event, with very muddy audio, is here.

Mr. Klendjian’s talk was refreshing and encouraging, but I was disappointed with some of what he said, including his assertion that Britain is the “best place in the world to be a Muslim”, and that it will continue to “welcome people from all over the world”.

Why should anyone be proud of providing the best place in world to be a Muslim?

Who says it’s a good idea to welcome people from all over the world? What if it isn’t?

What if it’s a better idea to let in, say, Canadians, Danes, and Australians than it is to bring in Nigerians or Filipinos?

What if it’s a bad idea to import massive numbers of foreigners, no matter what country they’re from?

Statements such as those are sops to the Multiculturalists, a sign that the PC Left still control the terms of the debate. They’re what Hesperado calls “tics” of residual PC/MC.

The vehemence with which “racism” is denounced or denied is another sign that the Multicult still dominates the conversation.

It’s time to say something like this: “We don’t care whether we’re ‘racists’ or not! The ‘racism’ game is a scam! It’s rigged against us, and we’re not going to play it anymore!”

Ah well… Baby steps, baby steps.

Those are minor quibbles. Overall, MARIAS staged an inspiring event, and they are to be commended.

5 thoughts on “Ave MARIAS

  1. Yes, the risible “racism” trope is a scam and must be rebutted, neutralized, deconstructed…dismissed! Debunked!

  2. “We don’t care whether we’re ‘racists’ or not! The ‘racism’ game is a scam! It’s rigged against us, and we’re not going to play it anymore!”

    Got it in one Baron. What is racism anyway?

  3. In my job I speak to many different people of ethnicity and one question that pricks their ears up is this,
    ” what would people in Lagos , Islamabad or Cairo think if 50,000 white British people moved to your capital?”
    One answer was ” that would be terrible”.
    It would never happen of course as these places offer us nothing but the question is a human issue and relates to all. Comman sense should dictate the discussion and by doing so you will soon find out who actually has none or who doesn’t care as long as it goes their way.
    By the way the tide is slowly turning. You can tell because many who were vociferous against you are now quiet. They don’t step in and argue anymore. They may have a snipe at you but they don’t attack in numbers or last as long on discussion threads.
    IS has been succesful in showing that the Islamic doctrine that I have spouted at them for years is true. I found out by reading. Others now have found out by watching their actions.

  4. The correct approach is to ignore epithets like ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi’ as they are utterly meaningless and are only trying to reframe the argument.

  5. At speaking events like this, people need to organize and surround the hecklers chanting “What race is islam?” Over and over, until they give up and leave.

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