Tonight’s Missile Attack on Sderot

Our Israeli correspondent MC (who is not in Israel at the moment) sends this report about the latest Palestinian rocket attack on Sderot.

Tonight’s missile attack on Sderot
by MC

I have checked with the folks back home, and all are OK.

The alarm took everybody by surprise. L was watching a movie and J was next door, the missiles struck (there were 2 explosions) as the alarm started. They got about four seconds warning.

There is no Iron Dome at Sderot at the moment; they are deployed elsewhere.

We can expect more missiles this coming week, as it is Yom Kippur and then Sukkot. The Muslims love to help us keep the feast days, with deadly displays of their latest hardware…

Not respecting Ramadan is Islamophobia, of course. Does anyone think that this stinks of hypocrisy?

Hey, Reykjavik, how about a comment on the illegal bombing of civilians?

From Arutz Sheva:

The quiet and calm of the Sabbath were disturbed in the city of Sderot in southern Israel on Friday evening, as shortly before 9:00 p.m. the “Red Alert” rocket siren was sounded in the area.

Shortly thereafter, a rocket fired by Gaza terrorists exploded near a home inside Sderot. There were no physical injuries, but a parked bus sustained damage from the rocket, as did the home itself.

This marks the first time since the Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 that a Gaza rocket landed inside the city.

However, Friday’s attack is the latest in a series of rocket attacks from Gaza, though quite a few of them have missed the mark and actually landed in Gazan territory. In one incident two weeks ago, Palestinian Authority-based media reported that one rocket exploded in the vicinity of a Gaza home, causing casualties.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

11 thoughts on “Tonight’s Missile Attack on Sderot

  1. Reykjavik and other similar cowards have no tongue to speak when it is required to direct their cannons against muslims/arabs. They are embarrassed as what to say if muslims are the culprits, committing the most heinous of crimes. They are licensed to destroy and maim with impunity: the world’s pets.
    If muslims hurl bombs and rockets at Israeli kids no one bothers to say anything. Their mouth is filled with ….

    • The PC people in Iceland are as bad as PC people everywhere. But I am happy to tell you there is an outrage against the city council of Reykjavik because of their utter stupitity. Hopefully the mayor of Reykjavik has to resign. Israel has a lot of friends in Iceland. Iceland was one of the first nations to recognize the state of Israel.

  2. I read in the news this morning that the Egyptians are pumping seawater into the Gaza tunnels. That sounds like a very effective way of solving a problem and providing a deterrent against future use of that strategy. I am wondering why Israel didn’t think of it first. If not seawater I am certain that there are water reclamation plants nearby that would serve just as well.
    I would prefer that they would live in peace in the land that was ‘given’ to them but I cannot make their choices for them.

    • I surmise that if Israelis tried that, the UN and the Obama administration would thunder at them for killing the poor Muslims in the tunnels. I would be willing to bet that it was the Israelis who gave the Egyptians the idea. There has been some level of cooperation between government officials since Al Sisi came to power.

    • The tunnels to Egypt are supply tunnels used to bring KFC from Al Arish (and other essentials) and are thus ‘known’ and visible

      The attack tunnels are not so obvious by definition, one could be under my home and I would not know about it until it was breakout time. That is when we all get murdered in our beds by the brave ‘commandos’ of Hamas, who having murdered the elderly, women and children, will then retreat before the IDF comes.

      The tunnels are built by children who are forced into slavery duties. So to flood them would be to give even more ammunition to those who believe that Israel murders Palestinians on a weekly quota basis.

  3. So Israel’s policy is that the poor are expendable? We have the same situation here: this is a poor rural county and any technology gets here last because we don’t provide enough of a profit to make it worth their while.

    This has always been the case. Our county, with a large population of blacks descended from the freed slaves who worked the land on the thousand acre plantations here, will never be prosperous. Its history is worth preserving though, and so blacks and whites work together to make sure that happens.

    We’re so far out from the cities that there was no electricity here until the 1940s. It would often take a black family a long while to save for the cost of having a line run from the road back to their home. There are still places without electricity or indoor plumbing but they are rare. And bit by bit, the regulators are making sure such places can’t be sold because they don’t meet the new “codes”. In the times that may come, that lack may be a blessing…

    That’s why we go off line more often than would happen if we lived in or near a city. Our internet connection now is a big improvement over the satellite dish we had previously, and that was a HUGE improvement over the dial-up connection we had in the beginning. But the current system has its flaws, as y’all have witnessed when we go offline suddenly.

    The phone company’s connectivity is still in beta mode but we’re glad to have it, warts and all. If the telephone system were still a monopoly, we’d not even have this because for sure Ma Bell would’ve seen no profit in coming out here to supply an internet connection.

    Poor Sderot. The most vulnerable because it’s the poorest. We know only too well how that works.

    • maybe the Israelis are busy surveying the area with ground-penetrating radar and setting the stage for a surprise attack that will go down in the annals as a ‘royal flush’ or at least a ‘straight flush’ and no, that is not my ‘tunnel’ vision for the future. My heart goes out to the children who are trapped as slaves to this demonic agenda.
      BTW, infrastructure is expensive, very expensive. You need to be able to recover your costs and pay dividends to your shareholders, otherwise they will serve your job and stock options to you. I have been involved in the appraisal of infrastructure. The costs are mind-boggling and the payback periods can be as much as 100 years. You should consider wind and solar for Schloss Boddissey.

    • And to think, that only for a handful of greedy men, we could all be living off a truly free system of energy. Even those who live in the outback and the boonies.

  4. It must be made very clear that the decision of Reykjaviks City Council to boycott products from Israel has been eagerly contested in Iceland . It is the left people in the city council that took this foolish decision. They have been forced to take it back. Anti-Semitism is evident in left people in Iceland as in left people across Europe. They call it anti-Zionism but it is in fact Anti-Semitism. Good luck has the left people in a minority generally in Iceland but unfortunately they have the majority in Reykjavík City Council.

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