Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion

“Calling Saudi Arabia the extreme fringe of Islam is like calling the Vatican the extreme fringe of Catholicism.”

I’ve never encountered Anne-Marie Waters before, but I like the cut of her jib in this Oxford Union debate.

Watch how adeptly she handles the young Muslim in the audience who just can’t help himself, and has to keep popping up to explain to her how wrong she is:

Hat tip: Don Laird.

30 thoughts on “Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion

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  2. Meh.

    Douglas Murray had to cancel. He had signed on to participate. Too bad.

  3. The Oxford Union passed the motion “Islam is a religion of Peace” by a considerable margin, despite the evidence. Some of those brain-dead will be running the UK in a few years. People really have to stop voting for the liblabcon party, the consequences of not doing so are too frightening to contemplate.

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  5. How sad, there are still lots of people, politicians in particeular, who don’t acknowledge Anne-Marie Waters grand argument.

  6. If you look at the Oxford Union YouTube site, the pro-islam side gets two videos from the debate, the anti- Islam side one.

    And watch the pro-Islam video by Matthew Handley, who can be seen interrupting Anne Marie Waters on several occasions. Pathetic water carrier. He makes Medhi Hassan look like Pamela Geller. He gets angry, just like a good, pro-Islam dhimmi does.

    • I have extensive experience as an instructor of the Islamic world, specifically Arabic nationalists. The Quran is not the issue. This book is not a holy book, nor should it be construed as such. Moreover, of all organized religions, I slam is the most divided. The root of the problem lies in the countries and origins of the Islamic development. The book is simply a prop and means nothing in terms of behavior. The violence and brutality does not stem from interpretation nor misinterpretation of a book. The severe problem lies within the overwhelming masses of nations that live in inner conflict, confusion, personal lack of control, selfishness, egocentricity, arrogance, and violence as the mainstream components of their respective cultures. Familiarity with the truth and dignified logic is at a decimal percentage minimal. The struggle due to corrupt government and unearned privilege lay foundation for disintegration in western society, as the value and belief systems are completely different. Rest the case on the fact that the book means nothing, the misnomers and misinterpretations run ramped, self-determined courses of action of the courses of action premise every move. The mere resemblance of an idea that does not suit this group of “Islamics” or “Muslims”, precipitates immediate forceful argument and violence, and the standards are doubled. No belief system is tolerated in their respective homelands that differ with their, yet they feel they can conquer the world, and are making vivid attempt via profound violence to likk anyone in their path. This is a n extremely dangerous group of people and their presence need be denied on the United States of America and every other remotely civil country in the world. confine them to their own countries and they can exert powers amongst each other while resorting to innate violent acts resulting in fatality and them killing each other. That would be the most appropriate resolution, rather than assuming they are decent and can be changed, They are what they are and they need be isolated to eradicate themselves. What a novel and very pleasant thought.

  7. Interestingly, Anne Marie Waters is seeking selection as a Labour MP candidate in England. But the socialists don’t like it one little bit, because of her views on Islam. The ‘Left Futures’ organsisation says:

    “I was recently horrified to discover that the anti-Islam extremist, Anne Marie Waters, is considered one of the front-runners to be Labour’s candidate for Brighton Pavilion, for the next general election.”

    And Socialist Unity says she is “the worst possible potential Labour candidate”.

    Looks like Anne Marie has strayed off the leftist/Islamic reservation too far for the commisars’ liking…

    • Thanks for that info. I looked up her Facebook page and figured from the little on show there that she was a lefty secularist and actually took it as a sign of great hope–the more lefties we get who can see the light, the better off we’ll be.

  8. She is good. Very impressive. Well informed and lucid. But, I fear she is probably a lone voice in Oxford.

    • Pantsuit and all!

      I thought she was rather ill prepared. Though, Im terrible at public speaking, so dont have much room to criticize on that score.

      • She may have been stumbling around like a pig in a thicket, but Anne-Marie had all the facts at her
        fingertips. The strange thing to behold was that in
        spite of the very strong case she presented, it was clear that the other side was totally ignoring her
        entire performance, including of course the facts. I
        got the impression that facts were NEVER going to
        be allowed to alter their position. This is what we are up against.

  9. 2013, MOTION: This House believes Islam ia a religion of peace.
    Yes’s: 286
    No’s: 168

    1933, MOTION: This House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country.
    Yes’s: 275
    No’s: 153

    “We have all seen with a sense of nausea the abject, squalid, shameless avowal made in the Oxford Union. We are told that we ought not to treat it seriously. The Times talked of the childrens hour. I disagree. It is a very disquieting and disgusting symptom. One can almost feel the curl of contempt upon the lips of the manhood of Germany, Italy, and France when they read the message sent out by Oxford University in the name of Young England. Let them be assured that it is not the last word. But before they blame, as blame they should, these callow ill-tutored youths, they must be sure that they have not been set a bad example by people much older and much higher up.” – Winston Churchill.

    • Le histoire se repete.

      Almost the same number of dumbass votes as on that other shamefull result. The one in 1933 which made Adolf so happy.

      Our enemy’s can be content. They are on the right path, again.

      286 voters not understanding what the concept; the house of peace and the house of war means. If you dont grasp that simple sentence!? How the hell can you be “studying” at Oxford?

      Mehdi- what’s in the name- Hassan and Dhimmie Dave Cameron. Two manipulators who will bring the UK down on its knees if we let them.

  10. This is a voice…….a magnificent, brave, clear, coherent, intelligent, truthful, rational and challenging voice…….

    and I suggest to you, to all of you……..we had better find ours…….and find them bloody quickly lest our voices be silenced with throats cuts by the love of Islam……..

    The choice is ours……the choice is yours……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  11. What is it about the Oxford Union? Why do we take students’ views seriously? They know almost nothing. Mostly, they haven’t worked, they haven’t raised a family, they haven’t known either poverty or wealth, they haven’t done anything, and they haven’t been anywhere except on holiday. They haven’t really had to fend for or defend themselves. Because of their all-encompassing lack of experience and their often low self-confidence, they can be easily manipulated, which is why campuses today are nests of brainwashed cretins with acne. Students are the most gullible of all the gullible idiots the hard left uses to push its causes.

    Frankly, I’d rather hear the views of the girls at my local Gregg’s. You know nothing about life until you have dealt with the cash-paying public.

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  13. Guys,

    Nevermind the results of the debate. Watch the other two speakers on the right side of the argument Daniel Johnson and Peter Atkins – outstanding performance!

    Eventually we’ll outmanoeuvre those islamist bastards.

    Best wishes

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