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As reported here several weeks ago, an organization called “Sharia Watch UK” was recently launched in the House of Lords. Sharia Watch now has a website, as reported by
International Civil Liberties Alliance:

Sharia Watch UK Website Now Online

In April we reported that a new organisation, Sharia Watch UK, was launched in the House of Lords. We have now been informed that the organisation’s website is now online. As readers here are aware, the International Civil Liberties Alliance is an international organisation that focuses on human rights abuses associated with sharia. We welcome the emergence of Sharia Watch UK which will have a specific British focus. We would suggest that our friends and supporters in Great Britain engage as fully as possible with this new and important human rights organisation.

There are a couple of things you can do right now:

1.   First of all you can visit their website and find out more:
2.   Secondly you can show your support by following them on Twitter.

They are activity driven rather than “keyboard warriors” and have a section on their site entitled ‘ What Can I Do? ‘ which currently informs you about how you can contact your MP to inform them of their excellent report Britain’s Blind Spot’. Again this is something that we welcome and fully endorse.

We hope that we can work fully with them in the future, particularly in relation to our Victims of Sharia Action Network project. Indeed, the increasing number of human rights abuses, particularly with regard to freedom of expression and women/children issues, in that country makes a more dedicated British focus more essential than ever.

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10 thoughts on “Sharia Watch UK Website

  1. My ability to pay attention to Gates of Vienna has become very limited due to my increasing fatigue, which is due in turn to a variety of maladies, all too boring to list here.

    But this short piece grabbed me. The House of Lords is paying attention??!! They even have a website devoted to the inside takedown of Britain? A website that names names ?? Oh that it were the case here – i.e., that our senate would ever publish anything like this report:

    Some of this report will resonate with Americans. For example, the correspondence I noticed between an organization they cover, The Cordoba Foundation, and the attempt in New York City to build a Cordoba mosque (disguised as a community center) near the Ground Zero site. In fact, the NYC version was renting a building which had been damaged in that Islamic-generated hell.

    Islam never forgets and never stops pushing. Thus names/places/events like the Cordoba and Gates of Vienna and Tours are particularly “charged” for the jihad-minded since these are shameful reminders of their defeat. Allah says Islam will prevail, but history says otherwise. Thus the vengeful rage which festers in common memory…

    As the members of the OIC lose their petroleum wealth, Islam will falter and eventually fail. Its demise will not be pretty and it will include a lot of destruction of those they perceive to have caused Islam’s fall – never THEM, of course. I’d prefer a slow erosion via a low-level unrelenting pushback, but that’s probably not possible.

    When the demographic collapse comes in mid-century, my concern is with Iran’s eschatological crazies. The kind who will decide that since they’re doomed, we’re coming with them.

    In the meantime, kudos to the House of Lords for this endeavor.

    • I was invited to the launch but did not go.

      Many groups (including jihadis) use the House of Lords to launch their groups. It just means that some Lord is sympathetic to their cause, and books a room for them to lend some credibility.

      However, I’m reliably informed that when a speaker raised the prospect that, on current patterns, the UK faces civil war, some of the Lords present nodded their assent. That is quite significant.

      Bear in mind though, that one of the most prominent ministers in government for the last 4 years, himself wrote a book in 2006 which could have been the manifesto of the EDL. Since writing that book, he has never said a word about islam, nor has his government implemented any policies to avert the looming catastrophe.

      The main spokeswoman for Sharia Watch is now standing as a UKIP candidate in the elections. She used to work with the communist front organisation One Law For All. Typically, the communist-run One Law For All has turned on this woman, for daring to associate with a political organisation which is not a fellow-traveller of communism.

      Here you can see Douglas Murray savage the hypocrisy of the communist-run One Law For All. (This was in relation to the EDL).

      OLFA has been in existence for years. They were totally useless and ineffectual. As is normal, communists try to take control of every political organisation they can.

  2. I will give this a go, but I shall judge it by the quality – not the width.

    • I am judging it by its very existence. NO government body in the US would ever allow such an entity to stand in either legislative body.

      So, width, breadth, height, heft – whatever- Kudos to the House of Lords.

  3. Not often I praise our unelected Upper House (though having a revising chamber is a good idea, as I daresay US Senators would agree!) Today however I’m feeling quite proud!

  4. House of Lords aka Second Chamber and House of Commons aka First Chamber in England but In Holland the House of Lords is the First Chamber and the House of Commons is the Second Chamber.

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