You Can’t Max This Out

Takuan Seiyo just sent us this ad. Hmm… As an Anglo-Franco-Celto-Germanic-American, I wonder if I qualify…?

“I sure love my Race Card! It comes in handy whenever I find myself in a mess I’ve made. I just bring it out and voilà, the mess is overlooked. In fact, there’s no limit on how many times I can use it! I highly recommend the Race Card. Don’t leave home without it.” – BHO

Coming soon: breakout introduction in Europe! Black, Brown and Muslim editions! Watch announcements in the news!

14 thoughts on “You Can’t Max This Out

  1. Who says Americans don’t do irony? (probably comes from the Anglo… etc, of course).

  2. Baron, As an ‘Anglo-Franco-Celto-Germanic-American,’ your race card has officially been declined. Ha!

  3. As a Slav-Austrian-Hebrew-adopted Japanese I am much more kosher than Monsieur le Baron, but a long time ago when I had an occasion to grow my California-based business and applied for a SBA (Small Business Administration) loan for that, a government clerk took pity on my innocence and explained that my skin pigmentation was entirely wrong and outside the government policy’s purview.

    • That’s disgraceful, Takuan, and I’m sorry to hear it. (Excuse trivial question, but what bloody colour are you?)

  4. I protest!

    As a member of a very small minority who has never been permitted to use the race card, I’m being deprived of my unequal rights!

  5. I put this out on my distribution list yesterday. Everyone from Brisbane, Birkenhead to Buriram is rolling in the aisles.

  6. Hey, he’s not that old…and I have saved those garish kind-of paisley mustard yellow shirts with the big collars to prove it.

    • I had a transparent lilac shirt c1968, worn (of course) with purple hipsters. Could be valuable now if I could live them down…

      • Those clothes Would be even more valuable if you can still get into them. That mustard yellow monstrosity was cut for the anorexic-appearing late adolescent who ate and ate but couldn’t gain weight -i.e. the Baron at 16. I think he could get into the striped bell bottoms if he still had them, though.

        He’s down to his mid-twenties weight and still losing. It’s that early-acquired visceral fat which will be the last to go.The other change was the broadening of his shoulders in the years he spent as a S.A.H.D. – those muscles appear to be permanent. I had to throw away his most of his larger clothes or he’d have kept wearing them just because they’re what’s at hand.

        When they come to take him to the Home I do hope he’s wearing that Carnaby Street shirt. Go out in style…the style of one’s youth.

        • NOTE: S.A.H.D.= Stay At Home Dad. I just read a reference to it in some MSM essay written by a SAHD, so it must be for real, hmmm?

          • A photo of what?? I’d love to have him scan a photo of his hippie daze, complete with long hair.BTW, he is a few years younger than you, Mark. It’s just his great wisdom which makes him appear so elderly ummm…wise. He can still take those stairs to his office two at a time. That’s what I envy most: being able to clippety-clop down long stairways. I never took the elevator if I had a choice.

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