Germany’s Future? The Infiltrated Republic

The following essay by Udo Ulfkotte is not new, but its description of the state of affairs in Modern Multicultural Germany is just as applicable as it was when it was written. Many thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Kopp Online:

Germany’s Future? The Infiltrated Republic
by Udo Ulfkotte
January 11, 2014

A CDU back-bencher tells us Germans quite plainly what his party intends to press for: After 2035 Germans will be a minority in their own country. Since January 2012, there has been a statement on the website of a CDU* politician which gives pause.

In just a few years — in 2035, Germans will become an ethnic minority in Germany. By the time a child born today completes his studies, Germany will be populated by a majority of foreigners. And a German then will be a “Future German.” No, that is not just a conspiracy theory anymore. That is the official statement of a CDU representative who intends to help make that happen. It is on the homepage of CDU politician, Martin Gillo.

There it is in boldface: “2035 will begin a new age in Germany.” And if you take a careful look at this page, you will recognize the words at the top: “Know what’s up.” So let’s take a look, because we would like to know where the CDU is headed. And here it is: “According to current calculations, people with an immigration background will be the majority of the population as early as 2035. That is less than a generation… A new age begins in 2035! It will be an age when we ethnic Germans become a minority in our country. How will we be treated then? Friendly, courteously and as belonging to the “Future Germans”? Or will we be satisfied to at least be tolerated as a protected minority?”

I just got sick when I read these lines. People coming here en masse and opposed by broad swathes of the population, shall henceforth — according the wishes of this CDU politician — be called “Future Germans.” You read that right.

German policy apparently intends to repeat the same mistakes already being rued by countries like Great Britain. The left-leaning BBC has in fact broadcast a documentary report describing how the problems with immigration were systematically downplayed. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung comments on this BBC report:

The respected BBC editor Nick Robinson, who researched the TV documentary, confessed over the weekend that his station had buried the public’s concerns because of the fear that they could cause new racism. That was “a major error.”

And the CDU wants to make these people, who are no longer wanted by large groups of Germans, into “Future Germans” and prepare us for a new age. beginning in 2035, when the unwelcome entry-card Germans will be the majority here.

So, for the future, the word is “poverty for all in the merry immigration barn dance.” That is the unadorned truth. Anyone who doesn’t like it is now officially — according to the CDU — a “true anti-democrat.” Is that acceptable?

Anything else about the allegedly glorious future with the “Future Germans” is propaganda. It is easy to see in the political and media propaganda initiatives about the strain on social services of Bulgarians and Rumanians. According to the government’s official reports, there are no poor immigrants.**

However, there are media outlets that precisely catalog the tricks of the Immigrating Paupers — I beg your pardon, Future Germans: How to get welfare in spite of a private fortune; How to rip us off by using “phantom” children. The majority of Germans are skeptical about immigration. 60% are afraid of the immigration from East Europe. That is how the police see it too. The police union expects a noticeable rise in the crime rate after the EU’s eastern expansion. That is the basis for ethnic Germans fearing “Future Germans.”

Of course, we don’t read all that on CDU backbencher Martin Gillo’s website. That is apparently not part of the worldview in which Germans will be a minority in their own land by 2015. In 1996, the world-renowned behavioral scientist Eibl-Eibesfeldt was interviewed by Focus, and commented on immigration to German-speaking territories: “It is not necessary to welcome our own repression.” Also: “If you should move a border marker a mere ten meters in Europe, there would be a terrible ruckus. But we are supposed to put up with a silent land-grab through immigration?”

This will end in civil war. It is clear at, any rate, that the governing parties are advancing nothing other than infiltration. And in the end there will be what the British have by now recognized: the counter movement.

*   CDU = Christian (not so much) Democratic (just about a much as American parties) Union has been the “conservative” party in Germany since the end of WWII. Angela Merkel — a consummate tactician — has moved it so far to the left that she has left the Socialist Party only a small corner in which to operate. Ergo, a CDU member taking this position is ominous, to say the least.
**   Article in Die Zeit, reporting the official view that Eastern European immigrants will add value to the country’s economy. Why does this sound familiar?

16 thoughts on “Germany’s Future? The Infiltrated Republic

  1. I’ve thought about it and come to the conclusion that only Americans and possibly Canadians will enjoy security from left-wing insanity and Islam in the future, and that all comes down to guns, guns and more guns. Keep up the good fight on that front. Unite, train and fortify your lands. Be like Jews in supporting one another.

    Western Europe is truly doomed. There will be no civil wars; no acts of resistance. No native peoples have ever been dispossessed with such ease as this. Only Eastern countries poor enough that diverse peoples won’t bother going there might have the chance to lock down once Britain, France and Sweden are sharia states.

    But even then, I expect the Polish, Romanian and Baltic left-wings to put up a terrible fight.

    I’m constantly amazed by how malevolent the left-wing is. They’re so… gentle and innocuous when the issue is gay marriage or helping the poor (to limitless public funds as they grow ever more dependent), but when it comes to propagating Islam and establishing an iron grip on the institutions and the government, they are truly the offspring of the Nazis and the Communists.

    I think it would be better to destroy the State entirely than to let these devils control its apparatus.

    • Sorry, I would be remiss in also failing to condemn the corporations that live in a symbiotic relationship with the governments of the world and are thereby granted tremendous power in determining immigration policy. It’s the gross irony of the invasion that it is supported by both left-wing globalists and right-wing corporations that will smash entire nations to turn a profit for the scum at the top.

      Hell has room for them both.

  2. Article in Die Zeit, reporting the official view that Eastern European immigrants will add value to the country’s economy. Why does this sound familiar?

    THis is a big lie. When politicians lie the voters are alert and quickly recognize what will that entail. So tomorrow at 9 am there will be a demonstration demanding the resignation of all political liars. They will all be dismissed. Another set of ministers and parliamentarian were sworn in. And by allah all of them started to lie.

    • Even if you had omitted ‘murad’ and ‘allah’, I would with some degree of certainty have diagnosed you as a case of incurable oriental fuzzy logic. What makes you feel this here the right type of forum for your kind?

      [Note from the Baron: Mr. Laudahn seems to be assuming that murad is a Muslim, because of the historic associations of “Murad” — a common Islamic name and one used by a number of Ottoman sultans — and his invocation of “Allah”.

      I find murad’s use of “Allah” ironic, and his antipathy for Islam has been evident in many previous comments. However, if he would like to respond to Mr. Laudahn’s challenge, it might help clarify matters.]

      • Michael Laudahn and Baron,
        You are perfectly correct Baron. And Michael Laudahn, you are wrong, with all due respect. And your comment:
        “. . . incurable oriental fuzzy logic. . . ” is a little bit off the trodden path. Not every oriental has incurable fuzzy logic. I find those fuzzy stuff quite appropriate to yourself because sorely your diagnosis was illogical and inaccurate, and appropriate to the western politicians who do not know what they are doing, and don’t know what is human nature, and don’t care what their policies of the last 50 years will lead. They have created EU to make wars impossible in Europe. Their policies are going to create wars in every single European emirate. Such darkness of mind and spirit that has beset the European continent and indeed the whole western world, is unprecedented in history. People resist occupation and invasion. They don’t encourage it. All EU countries are partying because they have so many invaders.
        As for Murad, the name means a remote goal. I thank the Baron and Dymphna for their vast knowledge and awareness of “Ottoman and Murad Sultans” But Murad is a neutral name. It is not like Ahmad or Muhammad, that are being born in Europe 3 every 3 seconds. Ask Swedes how proud they are of that.
        AS for fuzzy and oriental . . . that is really racism, associating every oriental with stupidity. I really hate parroting about racism because the Occidentals have self-flagellated themselves, long enough, as if only the Whiteys are racist, which is a myth of course created by deviated, fuzzy logic of western politicians.
        Power to your elbows Dymphna and Baron and God bless you for the tiring work you are doing: enlightening our minds and educating us, just like the great job Bat Ye’or was doing : Islam in Europe. She discontinued. I know she was/is tired. Now I am reading her kindle version of Eurabia. Read it and you will know why we are in this mess up to our eyes– in the west right.
        Don’t you feel pain in your stomach that after so many wars in Europe and corpses and blood, and suffering, equal to that of jesus, after all that and the magnificent Britain, Sweden, France, Spain, Norway . . . etc. are thrown so carelessly for dogs. How can a continent trasmogrify beyond recognition by the hands of those whom we elect and supposedly to protect us and the countries. Bless all those that moderate this site and bless those who read this site and absorb it and appreciate its sublime message, for Europe to change course of its perdition.

        • Bat Ye’Or has written a second book on the topic, it was published in 2011: “Europe, Globalization and the Coming Universal Caliphate”. It sums up Eurabia and provides updated information re European and UN politics/policies.

  3. As with Scandinavia, the situation is nowhere near as bad as people say. I am no friend of mass immigration, but most of Germany is overwhelmingly ethnic German, and will remain so for decades. It is only certain large cities that are at risk.

    One reason is linguistic–new immigrants struggle to master German, which rules them out of many jobs. Most who come to Britain, France and Belgium already know some English and French, and are ready to go. East Europeans too prefer Britain, because German is not much studied in their schools, while English is.

    • Then take back the cities if you have the nerve.
      Demand a high level of proficiency in any foreign language and most of the 3rd world immigrants will fail to find employment in Europe.

    • Germany is 80% ethnic German. 80% isn’t overwhelmingly German when mass immigration continues and the immigrants and their descendants have much higher birth rates. That 80% is projected to be less than 50% by 2050, and then it’ll eventually be 1%. That’s the simple truth if people don’t wake up.

      While we’re around, we will still have places in refuge(for us, I’m not talking about third world refugees) in our countries, that meaning majority native population towns/cities. However, what about our kids, and their kids?

  4. by the way: the author,Dr Udo Ulfkotte, has studied Islam,worked as an editor with the highbrow Frankfurter Allgemeine in Middle East countries too and has, up to a year or two ago, been permanent invitee at TV talks.Since then, I haven’t seen him again.He is being armstretched by the media for his straightforward attitude and his inquisitive manner with muslims.He wouldn’t be fooled by their taquiya,unlike the ignorant hosts.

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