Angela Merkel: “This Is Not My Country”

Yes, I know Mrs. Merkel said that as part of a dependent clause, with a conditional preceding it. But as far as I can tell, the conditions prescribed are now coming into effect, so it seems to be true: Germany is not her country.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   I just want to remind everybody again that the photos that went around the world
0:04   were not of my visit to Heidenau at the reception center ,
0:10   because there weren’t even any photographers there [translator’s comment: THREE photos of her holding the conference in Heidenau!],
0:14   but rather the photos that were seen around the world were of the citizens
0:18   who the morning after that decision welcomed these migrants in
0:22   Munich at the train station and elsewhere.
0:24   people who have without complaining helped the many thousands of refugees,
0:29   and that’s where the world said this is a very nice gesture,
0:31   and it came out of the hearts of the people who helped.
0:34   I have to honestly say that if now we have to start to apologize for the fact
0:38   that we show a friendly face in the presence of need,
0:43   then… this is not my country.

32 thoughts on “Angela Merkel: “This Is Not My Country”

  1. “I have to honestly say that if now we have to start to apologize for the fact that we show a friendly face in the presence of need, then… this is not my country.”

    It’s a laudable sentiment. The problem is that Merkel et al. are acting not out of a show of actual “need”, but out of pure sentiment. They are busybodies who are discontent in the absence of an dependent class to whom they can display their moral greatness. (It’s the same sentiment as when Bill Clinton deplored the fact that no great crisis had occurred while he were president.)

    Any realistic assessment would note that as many as 75% of the migrants are able-bodied young men, that most are not fleeing immediate danger but are coming from safe enough places all over the MENA, and that the displays already seen of hostility and ingratitude toward the emergency aid offered are evidence of a group of freeloaders openly seeking to dominate their hosts.

    • “Laudible sentiment”? What absent mindlessly destroying your own country?

      This type of “laudible sentiment” was a crime of sedition in WW2.

      • “Laudible sentiment”? What absent mindlessly destroying your own country?

        This type of “laudible sentiment” was a crime of sedition in WW2.

        Correctio. “mindedly”

        • We don’t disagree. My point was that compassion by itself is a virtue, but misplaced compassion is a vice. Those who are gentle when they should be harsh will end up having to be harsh when they should be gentle.

          • Well said! Compassion without a concomitant willingness to draw the line at certain behavior ends up in fearful silence.

            OTOH, the refusal to be bullied with an accompanying sense of compassion or fellow-feeling is not any better. One turns into a bully himself in the process.

            You have reminded me of a parenting class I used to teach. The opening question would always be this same conundrum: “how do I teach my kids to be kind without setting them up to be targets for the bullies on the playground?”

            I often proposed that the class keep in mind the ideal of the “mensch” – the fellow who would NEVER start a fight but wouldn’t back off if threatened. In other words, a tough compassion based on fellow feeling and on the self-confidence a kid got from his parents’ example. Now all we have is airy-fairy syrup for our friends and hatred for any who dare to hold a contrary opinion.

    • Need is not the issue. It should never be the issue.

      The only question should be “What do these people bring that Germany and Germans need?”

      • Nothing! , to answer your question.

        For the first time in my life – I’m 56 – I am ashamed to be a German! My government is destroying Germany and the whole continent of Europe for the 3rd time in the last 101 years. But this time it is for good. Irreparably. What is driving Merkel and her lackeys is an endless arrogance and an unshakeable conviction to fight for the right cause, regardless of the opinion of the rest of the world. Shame on you Hell’s Angie Merkel!

  2. You have to wonder what stinking hole Merkel and her ilk have climbed out of to plague the world with their “generosity” and “open mindedness.” Merkel is the distaff version of Obama, who wishes to see this country, the U.S., groan under the weight of countless Muslims and Mexicans in order to “transform” it from a civilized Western country into a political and vulnerable madness like Europe and Britain — as long as it’s not “white.” The next time Merkel speaks (and she may not, given the non-stop boo-ing from a large German crowd recently, a demonstration that drowned her out completely) Germans ought to adopt the time-honored Muslim practice of throwing their shoes at her, preferably ones with steel toe-caps. Maybe she’ll get the message then: Abdicate!!! Resign!! Get the hell out of our lives, and take all those rumble-ready male Muslims ready to wage jihad with you!

    • Our leaders, as you suggest, clearly do not have OUR best interests in mind.
      I agree with you and share your intense feeling about our traitorous governments; but I would add that the compassion being shown by Merkel, et al, is mere schtick intended to disarm her critics hypnotize the drones.

        • Harriet, it’s quite simple, as you well know. But who am I to lecture you–I made many similar errors years ago before I made myself READ the comment before posting, LOL!

  3. Future historians will be hard-pressed to rationally explain Mrs. Merkel actions and speeches. I guess they will simply say she was mentally unbalanced, like a 21st century Caligula.

    • I think mentally unbalanced is too superficial an explanation for her behavior. I suspect that Angela Merkel has been bedazzled by some very slick, sophisticated, and smooth talking Mohammedans, well practiced and perfected in the art of glowing mendacity, and who have captivated her faculties to the point where she now believes, falsely, that Islam and its adherents will bring a golden age to Europe and to Germany in particular as happened in Moorish Spain, Baghdad, and other like hellholes of Islamic absolutism and supremacism.

      • William, the world is chock-full of naïve people who actually believe the wonderful muslims had a ‘golden age’ in Spain, and while leftist teachers are still shoving that nonsense in kids today, a little thought should start people wondering why, if muslims were so learned and inventive in Spain, they reverted back to stone-age cretins and never invented anything after they were thrown out of Spain; and more to the point, were separated from the Christian and Jewish dhimmis who REALLY had the knowledge and inventiveness.
        Muslims have in fact contributed nothing to mankind.

    • She is clearly psychopathic, which does not exclude the possibility to beeing bought by the petro dollars. Hell’s Angie is both. And she is diabolic.

  4. “This is not my country.”

    Well, no it isn’t. Merkel’s country was the DDR: an Atheist, Communist, Stasi infested [abode of noxious effluvia]. I lived in West Germany in the 1960’s and remembered when the Berlin Wall went up. The DDR government treated its own people exactly as Hitler did and often worse.

    She was born in free West Germany in 1954 and her parents moved to Communist East Germany. Think about that for a minute. You have to be a true believer to do that. She was indoctrinated there and lived there. She swallowed all the propaganda. It shows. I simply don’t trust her.

    • Well said, you beat me to it. And, if she has her way, her future country will exist as a superstate of Eurabia.

  5. One other thing: She marries a Communist East German in 1977 in the DDR: Herr Merkel, divorces him, marries a guy named Sauer in unified Germany in 1998, has no kids and keeps the Merkel name. Why do that? Why would a new husband put up with that crap? Why would she keep the first husband’s name. He was a nobody.

    Sorry, but again, think about that and let it sink in. Never heard of a woman of any stature do that. I get Teresa Heinz Kerry. Heinz was a Senator and had zillions. Then again she is a fruitcake.

    I don’t trust Merkel. Maybe she is a Manchurian candidate.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more.
      At the re-unification of the two Germany’s the west made a huge mistake in thinking; “oh those easterners when they get to know our superior western way of life will quickly come around and abandon all that communist claptrap”
      Not so, by then many hard-core well indoctrinated “agents of influence” were already in place in the West or waiting. Merkel was one of them. Now she has risen to power in Germany and it’s payback time.

      In Merkel’s thinking;
      “You (the West) have destroyed my country, my home, the country I loved so much and worked so hard for. You have taken away my childhood paradise. Now I will take away yours”

      The Cold War isn’t over and communism is still alive and kicking.

  6. Here now! Since when is it her country. Does she have the title deed? What’s she doing giving it away? What part of Jihad by immigration doesn’t she understand? Or, worse yet, does she understand what she is doing? And by extension, who she is doing it for?

    OK, now that I’ve said what I really feel, I will go quietly. My maternal grandfather and great-grandfather were landed and titled and were allowed even by Bismark the appellative “von” in their last name. Maybe I should challenge Frau Merkel’s claim to ownership. 🙂

  7. Merkel has ethnic claustrophobia an irrational fear of her own that manifests in the desire to annihilate the “white” Europeans with bad or good immigration.

  8. Hitler showed us one way to destroy Germany and Europe,
    Merkel is showing us another, but I fear, more effective, and irreversible, way.

    Both ways are characterized by megalomania (the slogan today is ‘Wir schaffen das’), institutionalized racism, the enthusiasm of German industry for new supply of labor, and a final solution as part of the program (then the Jews and Aryans, today the ethnic Germans – Le Grand Remplacement/Voelkeraustauch). Both Hitler and Merkel have the notion of a future racial state, for Hitler it was the master race – an amplification – for Markel it is a vision of dilution. Both are creepy and ultimately sinister.

    So let me complete Merkels words (‘Wir schaffen das’) with those of Sarrazin (‘Deutschland schafft sich ab’)
    in order to reveal the true intent (visual version

    Wir schaffen das, das wir uns abschaffen.

    or to translate

    We will succeed in succeeding us.

    • I must object to your translation of;
      “Wir schaffen das, das wir uns abschaffen.”

      The words “schaffen” and “abschaffen” may appear to be similar but they are not.
      Originally those words may stem from the same root a long time ago but today in modern German they have two totally different meanings.
      A better translation would be;
      “We can do it…, to terminate ourselves”

  9. “turning a friendly face” is one thing, becoming a door mat is another! It’s difficult to believe the German people are putting up with this madness!!

  10. Let’s assume for just a moment and consider that Merkel’s explanation made earlier that Germany needs workers in the future to keep the country prosperous is in fact her main motive.

    To show she had Germany’s good in her heart here is what I would have recommended she say the first day the immigrant invasion turned into a Johnson flood. “Herr Citizens, for the next 3 months every TV set in the country is to be turned off on every ____ (pick a day) for purposes of a little koochy koo between husbands and wives [how one says that in German I have no idea] to increase our population of children and then adults by the year 2035. We will reevaluate how that has gone by surveying hospitals and clinics and consulting with medical personnel throughout the country. If necessary we will shut off television again and again until we have exceeded the birth replacement rate that is necessary to insure our productivity as a country, and to insure pensions for our then elderly.

    “And incidentally thanks but no thanks Saudi Arabia, we don’t need no more freaken mosques in the country. And hey why don’t you guys take in the refugees.”

    • Well we could stop eating MonSatan GMO’S which have been proven to sterilize all the lab animals they were tested on. That ‘might’ help…and then we could stop taking vaccinations (those have been proven over and over to cause sterilization)…and IDK maybe we could just stop letting them poison us with all manner of Pharmaceuticals and things like plastics (another proven group of chemicals that cause infertility).

  11. ust by winning a Time magazine front page does not make Merkel a benchmark for any Christian in the world. What lessons do you want the Americans to learn from her? It is too early to say that she has done a great job by becoming liberal towards Muslim immigrants. The results are obvious. Not only she put the lives of her own nation at risk but also the majority of the Europeans. The Paris attack is just the beginning. Who is responsible for those loves now? The media can play a lot of hide and seek games from the common public but when it cannot hide the truth for long. Europe is on the verge of collapse and the only people who are responsible are the likes of Merkel, Hollande and Cameron. They thought that they are the only humans on earth but forgot that we are not fools to alllow death into our house in the name of humanity. Sorry we don’t want to learn from Merkel. Let her get more such awards.

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