Freedom of Speech and the Nauseating Hypocrisy of the Left

Anne Marie Waters is an anti-sharia activist who is standing for election for UKIP in the general election in May. Long-time readers may recall her spirited speech at a Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia (MARIAS) event at Speakers’ Corner in London last October.

A far-left researcher named Hilary Aked has decided to take down Ms. Waters. Her piece for the Spinwatch/Powerbase combo — which, as you may recall, worked hard to “expose” Fjordman, Gates of Vienna, ICLA, and all sorts of other “Islamophobes”, especially after the Breivik massacre — is crammed with dubious assertions. One prominent example — that Ms. Waters has been “deselected” as a candidate, presumably by UKIP — is false, as stated by the candidate herself. How many other falsehoods are embedded in this screed?

Our British correspondent Constable sends the following brief report on the hit job against Anne Marie Waters.

Freedom of speech and the nauseating hypocrisy of the Left!

by Constable

This particularly noxious article came to my attention today, a vicious personal attack on the founder of Sharia Watch, Anne-Marie Waters. The recently founded Sharia Watch is a welcome addition to the body of information about Sharia. The site highlights how Sharia is rapidly becoming embedded into the fabric of UK society to the detriment of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and is anathema to many of the laws and traditions long enjoyed by our nation.

A certain Hilary Aked, “NCTJ-qualified journalist & PhD student researching the pro-Israel lobby in the UK” (who funds that field of study, I wonder), takes it upon herself to launch a venomous personal tirade against Anne-Marie, her associates, her funding, her career, etc, in spite of the fact that the totally admirable raison d’etre of Sharia Watch is to protect the rights of in particular Muslim women, who find themselves unprotected by UK Law. As Sharia Watch states:

Sharia Watch UK is not concerned with the personal and private elements of sharia, which all people have a right to practice provided they do not break the law. We are concerned only with the criminal and political elements of sharia law, and we aim to inform the reader of what these are and how they are currently manifested in Britain.

Sharia Watch UK is particularly concerned with the elements of sharia law which are discriminatory and violent towards women and girls, and which endanger and threaten the democratic principle of freedom of speech. We are also deeply concerned about the attitude towards non-Muslims, Jews and others that is enshrined in sharia law and expressed through notions of Islamic supremacism.

We aim to demonstrate that sharia law is being utilised in Britain in ways that are deeply damaging to women’s rights and the rights of children. We further aim to demonstrate that sharia-adherent restrictions on free speech have been mainstreamed in the UK and the threat that this poses.

Finally, Sharia Watch UK will highlight and examine organisations in the UK which are promoting and extending the power of sharia law in Britain.

What is it about the above that Ms. Aked finds so objectionable?

Why is it that the Left allies itself so closely with Islamofascism?

Surely this totalitarian authoritarian anti libertarian supremacist religious creed is the polar opposite of what the Left is supposed to stand for! Why does Ms. Aked show such contempt for working class Britons who try and vocalize their concerns about how their communities are being destroyed and their daughters groomed and raped?

The followers of radical Islam happily murder gays, enslave women, attack Jews, deny basic human equality in the name of religious theology, all empowered and encouraged by the Left. What could be more wicked than that?!

It is high time that those on the left took responsibility for their warped and contradictory ideology. Or are they just crazy?

Anne-Marie has responded at some length to this attack. We await Ms. Aked’s reply with some interest.

33 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech and the Nauseating Hypocrisy of the Left

      • Irrelevant? She’s made her views very clear in public forums, and while you may regard them as too moderate (if I’m not putting words in your mouth), she’s not been prosecuted, unlike some we could mention.

        Gift horses, Edgar.

  1. What a disgusting, spineless collection of nihilists the Left are. Blood of our fathers, why is it that so many like Akers seek to dilute and betray you? SIII.

  2. Hilary Aked .. .. . . Can Hilary Aked research Turkish lobbies, Saudi Lobbies in Britain, America, indeed all western Europe. Those lobbies are effective and get things done as muslims want them to be done.
    Hey Hilary Aked go and research what the islamic bloc is doing to and in UN. And the whole world blame the nonexistent Israeli lobbies.

    And do you think any Jewish lobby will have one iota of impact on the world as long as Hussein Obama is in power?
    Do people know how Israeli officials are lighted by Hussein? Never are invited to lunch with Hussein as Mahmoud Abbas.

    Why does Hilary Aked not research how the islamic world has been emboldened by the western cowardly subservient stance towards islam. And giving muslims from time to time a message that the west is hostile to Israel.

    Why don’t we have some brains here in the west and observe what is happening under the surface and deal with reality.
    The west is being surrendered to islam.
    The west destroyed the EDL. They destroyed PEGITA . One at a time.
    Do you think muslims are not aware of the trend of things in their interest?

    We are doing all this to destroy Christianity. “They” and islam are natural allies.

    • “Diverted” does not mean destroyed. Those people have not been disappeared and done in. Except for Tommy Robinson…and he hasn’t quit. As long as he draws breath…

      • Glad to hear that, Dymphna. Our hope, my hope, lies on people like Tommy, PEGITA, Geert, Elizabeth, Weston, West, and a few others, who try tirelessly to waken the comatose west.

        Irony of life: Bad things can be done by anyone.
        Only martyrs can change looming crises, or reduce their impact. Why doing good things is so difficult for human beings?
        Yes those people who defend their country, people, home, wife, sister, children, family, neighbors, ARE indeed martyrs. A taboo word in the west.
        Unfortunately life works in a very strange complicated way. No matter how much knowledge we have we are not wise. And we cannot the emergence of situations where martyrs become revered as saints.
        The irony is that wisdom come from pain and crises. That’s why I am puzzled at this strange world.

  3. If they can target a reasonable & balanced, and in no sense “extreme” person like Anne-Marie Waters, then they can target anyone.

    • they can target anyone.

      That is precisely the point and they want to be sure you understand that. Completely understand it. They want you to see discretion as the better part of valor.

    • She’s not the first victim nor the last. Tommy Robinson was probably the most prominent of the anti-jihad movement to run afoul of the elites.

      They don’t care how decent or “balanced” of a person you are, all that matters to them is that you are opposing their agenda and they will try to squash you like a bug. These people are totally ruthless.

      What makes them particularly nasty is that they control the mainstream news outlets in Western nations and they become the club by which the elites bash the masses about with. So by controlling what people see, hear and read, well they can make the most disgusting and treacherous creatures like Milibrand or Cameron look good while demonizing some poor woman for speaking her mind.

  4. ” “NCTJ-qualified journalist & PhD student researching the pro-Israel lobby in the UK” (who funds that field of study, I wonder)”

    Hmmm. Respect/Socialist worker party supporters in their student bedsits? Or maybe trendy multicultural London “hipsters”? Somehow thought I don’t think so 🙂

    Can we have some funding to research the “roots, history and strategy of Islamic extremists”?

    • Don’t hold your breath. I don’t doubt there are people out there looking at this subject, but their findings will be quashed by the Mandarins. Which is why the smart ones, those with integrity, I mean – don’t bother wasting their time in trying. The fix is in. It has long been ‘in’…

      However, not a moment too soon the wonderful world of self-publication has begun to spread as a kind of samizdat channel of information. A permanent record to be pored over after the chattering illiterati have collected their pensions.

      An example I keep going back to: David Abbott’s “Dark Albion” is full of closely-observed scenes of immigrants out and about in Britain. Having no choice in the matter of public association, he has become a master of participant-observation, an ethnographer in his native Albion, now given away by the miscreants in charge. Shuddderingly amazing what politicians will do for votes. How did Britain manage to produce huge flocks of Judases?

      Mr. Abbott’s credentials? He was born the same day the first boatload of immigrants came ashore…

  5. This Aked should be thrown out of candidacy. She is no student. She is a polemicist and slanderer.

  6. This Aked should be thrown out of candidacy. She is no student. She is a polemicist and slanderer.

  7. ‘is crammed with dubious assertions. One prominent example — that Ms. Waters has been “deselected” as a candidate, presumably by UKIP — is false’

    A good source is :
    (Click and a spreadsheet of candidates and constituencies then downloads)

    She isn’t candidate in Basildon any more (I have checked listing for both Basildon & Billericay and the Basildon South constituencies).

  8. Perhaps it’s a nitpick, but I think it’s important. I object to the term “islamofascism.” I’ve studied Islam, even lived in a Muslim country, and I find nothing in Islam that Benito Mussolini would have recognized as “Fascism.” Islam, as defined in the Koran and the Hadith, is bad news for civilization. But tieing the word “fascism” to it, in an attempt to make Islam look even worse than it already is, simply drains the word “fascism” of any meaning. It turns “fascism” into a synomym for “bad.” We need that word to describe certain political-economic policies and practices. Depriving “fascism” of its meaning deprives us of the very ability to talk about those policies and practices. Let’s quit using the term “fascism” where it doesn’t belong.

    • Hamed Abdal Samad, ex muslim German thinker and writer has thought pretty deeply about this and does go with the term islamofascism though. He seems to know his stuff.

      • Fascism implies imposing one’s beliefs by force, destroying democracy and denying free speech. “Islamofascism” will do nicely.

    • How can the word “fascism” make Islam look “even worse than it already is,” when Islam has an uglier record of brutality than Mussolini’s fascism?

      Second: many people have already labeled any efforts to limit the damage done by Islam to European society as “fascist,” and they call themselves “antifascists.” That is an even more dubious use of the term. “Islamofascism” throws it right back in their faces, which is a good thing.

      My main objection to the term “Islamofascism” is the same as my objection to “Islamic extremism”: it suggests there’s a nice, reasonable Islam (unqualified) that’s been “hijacked” by a nasty minority.

      • Realized I was wrong on that last point: “Islamofacism” obviously denotes a kind of fascism rather than a kind of Islam.

    • >>
      I’ve studied Islam, even lived in a Muslim country, and I find nothing in Islam that Benito Mussolini would have recognized as “Fascism.”

      Perhaps this shows you don't know enough about islam or fascism.

      Mawdudi is credited with being the single most important muslim of the 20th century. Mawdudi was the inspiration for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Revolution. Mawdudi said "the islamic state is like the fascist state". And the "moderate" Muslim Council of Britain tried to take legal action against the BBC because they publicised these views of Mawdudi. Why would the MCB wish to stop this view of islam being known? Because almost every large muslim organisation in Britain follows Mawdudi.

      The founder of the Socialist Workers Party described the Muslim Brotherhood as "clerical fascism" (and he then went on to instruct communists that they must be the allies of clerical fascism).

      • On top of that: When the Nazis first appeared on the scene, some observers described them as “the new Muslims.” And Hitler, of course, had a higher regard for Islam than for Christianity.

  9. “We await Ms. Aked’s reply with some interest.”
    Me too but wont be surprised if it’s merely another hatchet-job.

    Powerbase a “venture initiated by Spinwatch”, claim to be”committed to ensuring the accuracy of articles” and if “a person believes that there are factual errors ” are offered a “right to reply”.
    I wonder if they’ll will be printing Anne Marie Waters rebuttal of the Hilary Aked piece?
    Will they allow her a chance to correct, what she claims are “several factual errors”.
    I’ll be surprised if they do.
    The all too familiar,absurd narrative of Islamophobia coming from naive,ignorant or willfully blind pro-EUrabians.
    Illustrated in such spectacularly naive statements such as Aked’s “It’s not ‘creeping Sharia’ but creeping Islamophobia that ought to worry us.”

    Soviet-style, pernicious and despicable tactics, that suffuse pro-EU/multikultist media, academia, NGO’s, politics and civil services in EU countries.
    Considering Marie Waters is one of the few Western feminists who stands against the codified inequality of Muslim women under Sharia law it is also counter-productive, unless of course Hilary Aked agrees with the treatment of women under Sharia law ?

    As Marie Waters points out, this kind of smear and run, can ruin perfectly decent peoples’ lives.
    According to the Powerbase website any “organisation or individual” who “feels they have been misreported on Powerbase”, should please “email melissa.jones AT”

  10. Not sure about the funding for Ms Aked, but Spinwatch seems to pride itself for its openness. It presents its funding sources, warts and all, and therefore openly wears its heart on its sleeve. From this information it is possible to at least guess its motivation for its disreputable activities.

    Of course, since it is the Communists, rather than McCarthy, that does the “witch hunting” these days, left wing outfits have nothing to fear from efforts to smear and demonize them. However, when they are engaged in the nastiness associated with their new patriotism of globalism, they should perhaps bear in mind the observation that Alexandre Dumas makes in The Count of Monte Cristo that “the difference between treason and patriotism is only a matter of dates”. Perhaps they should treat others today how they would have others treat them tomorrow!

    The treatment of Anne-Marie by Spinwatch is petty, nasty and laced with hypocrisy, and so in line with its usual mode of operation. Spinwatch seems pride itself on demonizing anyone whose opinions it disagrees with or who is in some way opposed to its real agenda. As such it seems to put clear blue water between itself and the normal conventions of democracy such as a belief in freedom of speech. With this in mind we turn to the sources of its funding.

    The page on which it parades its backers can be found here:

    In light of its backing from Friends of Al Aqsa the targets of its hate and spite should come as no surprise. Its principal sponsor, however, appears to be the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) which has contributed the sum of £31,000 in 2015. In terms of its priorities for providing grants they “anticipate that the majority of our funding will fall under one of the five priority areas” that are listed below:

    Peace and Security
    Power and Accountability
    Rights and Justice
    Sustainable Future
    Northern Ireland

    Of course there is nothing there that covers what appears to be Spinwatch’s principal activity – smearing and demonizing political opponents via targeted hate campaigns and politically motivated harassment. Perhaps JRCT has other “priorities” in addition the five above from its official image? Indeed it also seems to have given money to one of the architects of the cynical Islamophobia industry – The Runnymede Trust . As we know “Islamophobia” is a label of demonization designed to help police the sharia opposition to freedom of speech.

    It would be interesting to find out how the JRCT justifies its contribution to Spinwatch and whether it approves of Spinwatch’s campaigns of politically motivated harassment. JRCT puts its funding of public Interest Investigations/Spinwatch under the heading of Power and Responsibility (November 2010 and November 2013). This information can be viewed by searching for Spinwatch at for the period March 2010 to November 2014.

  11. “A far-left researcher named Hilary Aked ”

    Her last name indicates she’s more than merely “far-left” — she has crossed over beyond far left to the other side (to the Other who is at war with us). This is no mere quibble, but a point of political science precision. (I realize that the Gates of Vienna Circle considers the far left to be also literally at war with us, so perhaps my point will be pre-digested as moot…)

  12. Who cares what a defender of a Death Cult babbles?

    Aligning yourself with an historical monstrosity says it all.

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